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A standout amongst the most famous sorts of binary options at this moment is the 60-second binary trade. While the 60-second binary trade is alluded to as a \"sort\" of alternative, on the off chance that you\'ve traded different circumstances, you may consider it all the more unmistakably as a time span for a kind of trade.

60 second binaries are a trade with a 1-minute expiry period. That implies that in case you\'re taking a gander at the outlines, you\'ll be taking a gander at the 1-minute diagram or a quicker time span to spot trades. This sort of parallel choice isn\'t yet offered by all brokers yet is rapidly getting to be distinctly a standout amongst the most widely recognized components out there because of the request and prominence.

Which Brokers Have 60 Second Trades

  • 24Option – Added 60 second options in the late spring of 2012. Average of 70% returns. $24 least per trade. Wide choices of assets to trade
  • TradeRush – One of the main US trading destinations to offer 60 second options. 70% returns, just a $5 least for each trade
  • Banc De Binary – 70% returns average with extensive variety of assets
  • Not all representatives offer the 60 second options, including AnyOption. There are a lot of other trading sites who may offer 60 second options yet they either don\'t acknowledge US traders, or you presumably wouldn\'t have any desire to trade there in any case.
  • Why do as such many individuals trade the 60 second binary option?
  • The primary purpose behind this options sort\'s ubiquity is most likely the idea that you could hypothetically get rich fast trading it. Keeping in mind that is conceivable, flurry is a two-edged sword; it\'s additionally conceivable (significantly more probable, really) that you\'ll become penniless rapidly trading the 60-second option.
  • You can lose cash quick. Particularly in the event that you are fresh out of the plastic new to twofold choices trading.

So, you may ask yourself, is it conceivable to be productive making these sorts of 1 moment trading?

Yes, positively, however just on the off chance that you\'ve aggregated the experience you need and you have the correct mentality and identity to manage quick moving trades.

One of the benefits of 60-second binary option trades is that you can benefit from little developments on the diagrams. You additionally can at times go into 60-second binary trades with less cash as a venture than you can for different sorts of trades. You can trade these for as meager as $5 per trade.

Another preferred standpoint is that since you aren\'t in the review for longer than a moment, regardless of the possibility that you\'re given the choice to get out early you don\'t have a ton of time to second-figure yourself. A few people get increasingly on edge the more they\'re in a trade, which settles on them inclined to imbecilic choices they wouldn\'t make while backtesting. If so, you may do well on a quick time span.

The disservices of 60-second trades are the other side of the preferences.

While you can benefit from little developments, you can likewise lose from little developments. While you can go in gambling less, you likewise may get less as a result in the event that you win. What\'s more, since you\'re not going to be in the trade for long and you\'re working off of a quick moving diagram, you need to settle on trading choices on the fly. You don\'t have sufficient energy to think them through completely; you should be a specialist from an optimistic standpoint trade setups and passing judgment on them on the spot.

Figuring out how to trade value activity on the 60 second time span is difficult. Costs go here and there by such little augmentations over this time stick directing which way it is going takes cost and a decent judge of brief time period value activity.

Turning into a specialist brokers requires some serious energy and encounter, and the exact opposite thing you need to do is blow your bankroll all the while. Most brokers will be more gainful by beginning with longer-term trades activated by profession motions on longer time allotment diagrams. When you get to be distinctly adroit at what you\'re doing you can work your way toward the 60-second graph in the event that regardless you wish to do as such.

In case you\'re trading only for stimulation and not benefit, you can trade any sort of choice without stressing over advantages and disadvantages, and 60 second options offer you the most extreme amusement and potential for immense wins in the briefest measure of time. Look at for the least store and most minimal trade sums on the web. On the off chance that you are trading 60 second options for the sake of entertainment then exchange little sums and extend your bankroll. Exploit the greatest store reward you are OK with and have a ton of fun making (or blowing) cash in 60 seconds!

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A standout amongst the most ignored parts of trading binary options is brain research. You\'ll discover less assets devoted to this as of right now than essentially whatever else, which ought to inform you something regarding the mentality that many people approach twofold alternatives with. A great many people who trade binary options are card sharks who will blow their bankrolls overnight and be exposed to the harsh elements of reality the following day. In case you\'re not kidding about prevailing as a trader, be that as it may, will need to begin by looking at your own identity and attributes.

Consistency Is Key

A standout amongst the most imperative qualities you can create as a merchant is consistency. In case you\'re not reliable in your activities and decisions and the reason for those decisions, you\'re not going to make steady progress. You may make discontinuous progress, yet in the end you will lose everything since you\'re depending a lot on luckiness. Consistency requires that you concoct trade decides that have some particular premise; that you test those trade guidelines and perceive how they function before going live; and that you then keep on using those trade rules when you trade genuine living. Settling on subjective choices just outcomes in discretionary benefits and misfortunes. Modify your technique as required when the market changes, however do as such with particular reasons and testing behind your choice, not on the grounds that you\'re self-assertively evolving things.

Train And Motivation

With a specific end goal to trade reliably, you\'ll should be trained and roused to do a great deal of diligent work. Nobody turns into a fruitful trader overnight—not for the long haul. Would you rather have one gigantic win and afterward blow all your cash, or would you rather have a considerable measure of little wins which in the long run signify something colossal you can clutch? This will likewise take a great deal of tolerance. A great many people who trade effectively in any market take years to arrive—truth is stranger than fiction, years. When you see ads which say, \"Transform $500 into $50,000 in 1 week,\" those promotions are gone for individuals who are not going to succeed.

Genuineness Is #1

The most critical quality in a trader is likely trustworthiness. On the off chance that you can\'t be straightforward with yourself about your qualities and shortcomings, you have no real way to make strides. There is nothing amiss with betting only for stimulation, and planning your betting cash as diversion cash. There\'s additionally nothing amiss with choosing to trade genuinely and professionally with arrangements to do as such over the long haul.

There is an issue when you\'re a card shark yet you\'re letting yourself know that you\'re a star. That is the sort of thing that prompts to stupid budgetary choices, such as burning through cash which you have to get by on something which for you is at last a type of excitement. There is an issue when you let yourself know you\'re a market master and you\'re most certainly not. So begin by asking yourself for what good reason you truly need to trade, and in the event that you have sensible desires. Continuously comprehend what you need and what your genuine qualities and resources are before you begin contributing your cash.

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Binary Options have turned out to be one of the quickest developing portions of the budgetary Markets. They\'re easy to see, simple to exchange, and there\'s less vulnerability with respect to the measure of cash at hazard contrasted with other theoretical ventures. Obviously, the agreements have turned out to be progressively well known the world over, including all through Asia. Various Japanese double choices intermediaries have risen to take care of the demand.

Money related exchanges are observed by administrative offices in the host nation. Binary Options brokers handles that keep up workplaces inside the nation are liable to an indistinguishable level of examination from the organizations headquartered there. This page will concentrate on Japan. You\'ll realize which guard dog offices are accountable for checking Japanese binary options brokers, and the reasons many merchants set up operations outside the nation\'s fringes. We\'ll additionally give you a rundown of honest to goodness firms that welcome the individuals who are occupied with binary options trading in Japan.

Controls For Japanese Binary Options Brokers

There are two offices in Japan that direct the securities and trade Markets. The Financial Services Agency (FSA) – headquartered in Tokyo, yet with extra workplaces somewhere else – was built up in 2000. It is in charge of verifying that the monetary Markets in Japan stay stable, no little undertaking given the volume of exchanges executed every day. The organization\'s power really stretches out to saving money, protection, and bookkeeping. That implies it is entrusted with checking the whole budgetary framework.

Since the FSA\'s obligations are so differed, it depends on a moment administrative organization to supervise exchanges including stocks, bonds, monetary forms, and different securities. The Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission (SESC) was made in 1992, going before the FSA by about 10 years. It is responsible for guaranteeing consistence by all part firms and examining infringement. At the point when infringement in the securities Markets happen, the SESC forces fines and punishments. Japanese binary options brokers, particularly those with workplaces in Japan, fall under the locale of the SESC.

Why Some Binary Options Brokers Operate Outside Japan

It\'s a given that the guard dog offices in Japan, much like those in the U.S., Europe, and other created countries, implement strict standards for their money related Markets. As we noted before, dealers with workplaces in the nation must take after the principles nearly, and much of the time, uncover their exchanges. At the end of the day, they should subject themselves to oversight.

For little firms that do not have the capital of Japan\'s biggest banks and monetary establishments, adhering to these standards can be expensive. Doing as such likewise makes trading binary options more awkward than would some way or another be the situation. The standards make hindrances.

This is the reason a larger part of binary options brokers open to Japanese brokers work from spots like Cyprus, a little nation in the Mediterranean Sea. The directions that manage money related firms there are substantially more casual. Intermediaries can work without jumping through circles so as to address the issues of their clients.

Another reason binary options firms work from Cyprus is on account of there is more consistency. There is less shot that a subjective lead go by the administration will crush their plan of action. Differentiate this to the U.S., where a solitary stroke of the pen in 2006 (UIGEA) consigned online poker to a legitimate limbo. A comparable circumstance can without much of a stretch occur in other created countries, including Japan. By working in Cyprus, Japanese binary options brokers can keep their entryways open to dealers in Japan while minimizing their presentation to subjective directions.

It merits calling attention to that paired choices merchants rarely need to visit a physical office keeping in mind the end goal to determine issues. Everything can be taken care of flawlessly on the web (e.g. email, Skype, online visit, and so on.) or on the telephone.

Japanese-Friendly Binary Options Brokers

There are a lot of binary options facilitates that take into account Japanese brokers. A couple has workplaces in Japan while the greater part of the others works from spots like Cyprus. The most imperative things to search for are the three Rs: notoriety, returns, and unwavering quality. You need to work with handles that have a strong reputation; you need to exploit relatively significant yields; and you need to realize that payouts are conveyed on time, inevitably. Resource assortment, an instinctive trading stage, and exceptional elements, for example, Option Builder, are likewise vital.

Here are the 4 Japanese binary options brokers we as of now suggest…


  • Phone: 03-4579-0341
  • No sales office in Japan.
  • 1st Floor P.C. 3082,
  • Limassol, Cyprus

This brokers permits you to trade a few wares, more than twelve cash sets, and a solid rundown of stocks and records for as meager as $5 per trade. You\'ll have entry to regular binary options, for example, high/low and touch/no touch contracts. Traderush additionally has less basic instruments, including 60 second options. The profits for a larger part of the binaries are in the vicinity of 70% and 81%, with a little discount (under 10%) given for select out of the cash trades. Visit today, and begin with a low $200 least store.


  • Telephone: +(81) 34520-9224
  • No business office in Japan.
  • Estias 11B Ilioupoli Dali,
  • Nicosia, Cyprus

This firm keeps on being one of the most noteworthy appraised among its rivals. They offer strong client bolster, utilize their own particular restrictive trading stage, and give access to various distinctive binary options sorts. Notwithstanding high/low, touch/no touch, and 60 second options, you\'ll have an arrangement of range and high return contracts readily available. Rate returns normally move to 85% on most contracts with high return instruments giving generously higher returns. We suggest that you visit 24Option today. One snappy note: the representative offers a limited time half reward on stores of $2,500 or more. Conditions do have any significant bearing, so check the fine print.


  • Telephone: +(44) 20809-97262
  • No business office in Japan.
  • Estias 11B Ilioupoli Dali, .
  • Nicosia, Cyprus.

It just takes $100 to begin trading binary options at AnyOption. In the wake of making your underlying store, you can trade high/low and one-touch contracts, with payout rates in the vicinity of 65% and 71%. They additionally return 15% as a discount on out of the cash trades, making this broker one of the main firms to do as such reliably. One of the fundamental qualities of AnyOption is their gigantic rundown of benefits. Many stocks and lists are joined by a few cash sets and items. You can likewise exploit Option+, a component that permits you to offer binary options back to AnyOption after you buy them. Visit AnyOption today to enlist your record and discover more.

Banc de Binary

  • Telephone: 1-800-656-6163
  • No business office in Japan.
  • 40 Wall Street New York,
  • NY 10005 USA

Banc de Binary is reliably among the main 5 binary options brokers prescribed to new and experienced dealers. The firm uses its own trading stage (called Digital Options Pro), and gives brokers access to high/low and 60 second choices. likewise broadens an element called Option Builder that permits you to tailor trades to oblige your trading procedure. Few specialists offer this element. When you make your first store ($500 least), you\'ll be offered access to a supportive demo account. Utilize this record to get usual to Banc De Binary\'s trading stage. Visit and guarantee your half join reward on your underlying store.

The quantity of Japanese binary options brokers is developing. Programming supplier SpotOption as of late inked a couple arrangements to give the binary trading stage to Alpari and Option-Game, new contestants to the field. Furthermore, IG Markets keeps on making advances. Every one of the 3 firms right now have workplaces in Japan, setting them under the careful gazes of the Financial Services Agency and Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission.

We recommend beginning with a few of the brokers recorded previously. They are true blue firms that endeavor to give a positive affair to their clients. What\'s more, that goes far toward picking up our trust.

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Challenges Trading Binary Options Based on News and Reports

There are frequently tremendous moves in different Markets because of money related news reports and geopolitical occasions. These value moves can move you rapidly into cash quick in the event that you can exploit them. Conversely, they can blow your trading record and cost you a ton of money similarly as quick.

Whipsaws make for uneven economic situations and testing trading. Most traders will lose cash in the event that they attempt to trade news reports alone. Seeing precisely what a hidden resource will do in a general sense in view of later or breaking news is a greatly troublesome aptitude to ace. Because there is political agitation in the center east does not consequently mean the cost of oil will increment.

Numerous traders really make a special effort not to place trades that cover with critical occasions and news discharges.

One of the principle attractions of binary options to numerous traders is the possibility that they can profit when they trust they comprehend what\'s happening in the economy. In case you\'re really a business analyst, this isn\'t an unreasonable thought. In case you\'re not one (and the vast majority of you perusing this aren\'t), you ought to reconsider before you jump into trading basics. Trading news and occasions is very testing and stances numerous novel dangers. Before you begin, you have to frame a comprehension of those dangers.

The other real peril of trading news is that you most likely don\'t realize what you\'re doing. A great many people think they know much more about the way the world works than they truly do. This can turn into a matter of pride, however pride truly does cometh before a fall. It\'s alright to concede that financial aspects and worldwide moves are far more convoluted than you get it. At any one time there are various variables communicating to impact any stock value, money esteem, ware cost, or list. There\'s no disgrace in not seeing each one of those elements. The main disgrace is in setting flippant trades on things you truly don\'t get it. Every one of that implies is in case you\'re truly genuine about trading on essentials, you have a great deal of concentrate in front of you!

Since you\'ve been fore-cautioned, how about we take a gander at what you ought to know to begin.

Critical News and Fundamental Reports Watched By Traders

To kick you off, you ought to start finding out about monetary reports which move Markets.

The most powerful money related reports are generally the ones which leave the US, halfway in light of the fact that the USD remains the world\'s save cash (in any event at the season of this distribution!), and somewhat in light of the fact that the US has such a substantial economy.

Here are the reports that are probably going to bring about the greatest market moves:

Learn all that you can about these reports and the variables that drive their numbers. Additionally know that races, addresses, quarterly reports, shareholder\'s gatherings and numerous different occasions that impact organizations and nations can drive the market, however frequently in considerably more capricious ways. Something else vital for you to note is that the market regularly moves considerably more because of forecasts of occasions than genuine occasions. To be sure, ordinarily the market redresses when a report really is discharged. Do you perceive how confounded this can be?

Trading binary options utilizing central investigation is conceivable, and there are individuals who do it reliably and effectively, however they are a modest minority of every single binary options trader. In the event that you need to figure out how to do this, be set up for a difficult task. You aren\'t prepared to trade since you\'ve perused this presentation. Ideally you see now how fundamental it is that you put time and exertion into turning into a market master before you contribute your cash.

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While you\'re eating up books on binary options procedures and testing to get the most astounding win rate, what\'s one thing you won\'t not do? Adjusting trading with whatever is left of your reality. This is something or other you may not consider. While indolence is the issue for a great many people, for a few of us it\'s the different way. Is it accurate to say that you are a compulsive worker? Provided that this is true, it could negatively affect your trading the long haul.

Get Your Life In Order First

Before you can do well with trading or some other business, you have to see to the essentials of regular daily existence.

  • Do you get eight hours of rest a night?
  • Do you set aside a few minutes to work out?
  • Do you eat nutritious food?
  • Do you discover an ideal opportunity to unwind and enjoy a reprieve from monetary matters or business?
  • Do you invest enough energy with companions and friends and family?
  • Are there hours of the day where you aren\'t considering work or trading?

Regardless of the amount of a rush you believe you\'re into turned out to be productive, nothing can supplant having an adjusted way to deal with your life. On the off chance that you aren\'t dealing with your physical and emotional wellness, will take that irregularity and cynicism into your trading with you. You\'ll settle on poor trading choices in case you\'re restless or you haven\'t invested energy contemplating different parts of your life. Will probably settle on enthusiastic trading choices or poor cash administration decisions on the off chance that you\'ve turned out to be fixated on binary options trading and haven\'t set aside the opportunity to get viewpoint in your life.

Unequal Living Could Equal Poor Trades

Imbalanced living can prompt to enthusiastic trading, as well as to burnout. Nothing will make you abandon trading speedier than emptying the greater part of your vitality into it and accepting poor outcomes for your exertion. On the off chance that you need to keep going long in any business, including trading, it can\'t be to the detriment of your different needs and commitments. So in case you\'re feeling depleted and spent, take some time off from trading. Spend a couple days or seven days doing and pondering different matters. You may well find that your execution enhances when you get back, and that numerous profitable bits of knowledge originate from doing different things.

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Take a stab at hunting down data on the best way to trade binary options, and the majority of what you\'ll get will be tricks. Presently have a go at scanning for Forex, and you\'ll see the list items are a ton diverse. There are still tricks in the outcomes, yet a large portion of what you\'ll see will be intermediaries and news destinations. Regardless of this crevice, both binary options traders and FX dealers battle with the shame that they are players—presumably on the grounds that an expansive number of both are to be sure betting for amusement, whether they recognize it or not. There are experts in each market, be that as it may, and that incorporates FX and in addition binary options. Why then this colossal hole in the data for each? Furthermore, why would it be advisable for you to be keen on exploring Forex in case you\'re a binary options trader? By what method can money trading assets help you to enhance your binary options trading?

Utilize A Strategy To Be Profitable Long Term

On the off chance that you need to be a gainful long haul binary options trader, and not only a player, then will require trading techniques—or if nothing else one better than average one. You needn\'t bother with heaps of various strategies or markers, only one thing which works truly well for you. That technique may be basic or complex; it might include specialized examination, trading based off news reports, or value activity. Whatever technique you utilize, however, it should be solid, something you can illustrate, and something you can rehash time and for superb trading comes about.

Binary options trading permits you to trade various distinctive sorts of hidden resources. You may trade files, stocks, monetary forms, or products. Whatever you pick however, you require a technique. Furthermore, that strategy should be particular and reliable. It can\'t be \"Well, I\'ll quite recently oblige what every other person is by all accounts doing,\" or \"will conflict with the pattern and win.\" And while there are a considerable measure of flag administrations out there (some of which are most likely even great), a flag administration is infrequently a dependable, decent decision for another trader, either.

When you endeavor to discover binary trading strategies, the majority of what will observe will be items available to be purchased. Some of these are flag administrations, others are eBooks. Some aren\'t even techniques by any means, basically pages and recordings letting you know that it is so natural to trade and profit with no exertion, and afterward a connection to join on some dealer\'s site. Many broker sites incorporate constrained instructive assets, including pages that discussion about various sorts of examination, yet these pages cover just the most essential data; they\'re presentations, not real trading strategies. You can\'t adequately trade anything after you read them. They can point you toward what you ought to realize more about, yet that is everything they can do.

Forex Trading Communities Are Better Established

The reason there are such a large number of tricks for binary options as of now is most likely in light of the fact that it\'s the new popular thing and there are many individuals who will bounce into it without considering. The Forex trading group then again is much wealthier and better settled, so you can really discover more significant trading assets in FX people group than you can on binary option sites!

Be that as it may, how does figuring out how to trade FX help you figure out how to trade binary options? For a certain something, trading monetary standards on binary options is one of your choices. So techniques which help Forex brokers arrange their trades can without much of a stretch help you arrange cash trades. For something else, numerous strategies which work for Forex additionally are similarly relevant to stocks, lists and prospects, and you\'ll see there are huge amounts of cash dealers who likewise trade different resources utilizing similar systems they use for Forex. So strategies you learn on money trading locales may even help you to trade stocks, lists and prospects at a binary options site.

In what capacity can this work? Here\'s a case. You look for trading systems on a Forex people group which has a huge number of free trading strategies. You discover a value activity investigation strategy which was intended to chip away at GBP/JPY, however you understand a similar technique works incredible for different monetary forms and for prospects and stocks as well. Utilizing this technique, you scan for extraordinary trade setups on an expert trading stage like MetaTrader 4. You then check whether there\'s a binary options accessible with a fitting expiry time (utilize Option Builder to assign your own expiry period if it\'s accessible on your stage), and you enter the trade.

Another advantage of interfacing with the Forex people group is that you\'ll likely meet some more prudent merchants. There is couple of things more intense than a group of genuine, well meaning individuals who share a considerable measure of involvement and assurance. So don\'t utilize the absence of binary options assets as a reason not to figure out how to trade the correct way. You can utilize assets produced for cash traders to prevail in binary trading.

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Backtesting binary options are somewhat unique in relation to testing customary trades due to the way that the planning is set up. When you go into a binary options trade, you\'re typically given an expiry time by your agent. You may have the alternative of leaving your trade early (whether at a win or a misfortune) for halfway benefit. You likewise may have the alternative to augment your trade with rollover. In any case, if your trader doesn\'t give these instruments, you have negligible control over to what extent you\'re in a trade.

The main control you have is the choice to enter or not. This makes a few troubles when you\'re trying trades on verifiable information. This is a critical stride to turning into an expert broker.

In case you\'re trading for the sake of entertainment just, you don\'t should be so worried with back testing. On the off chance that anyway you really need this to end up distinctly a steady some portion of your salary, you totally should test your trading technique before you go live and put your cash on hold.

Anything you plan to do professionally should be dealt with as a business. Organizations test items and administrations before they burn through cash advancing them or hazard baffling clients. As a broker, you likewise need to test your strategies before you utilize them and hazard losing cash.

Step by step instructions to Back Test A Binary Option Trade

Generally, when you backtest trades, this is your main thing. You open your graphing program (think MT4 or and look back so as to some date before. Contingent upon to what extent you anticipate that your trades will a minutes ago, (hours, days, weeks), you may look back two or three days, months or even quite a long while.

When you come to the heart of the matter where will begin the test, you set up your graph the way you\'d take a gander at it when arranging trades continuous. This implies setting your support and resistance lines and whatever, if some other flags, apparatuses or guides you use toward trade.

Next, you advance the graphs one flame at once, taking a gander at the far right-hand side of the screen. Imagine you are taking a gander at it progressively. When you see an trade setup, you quit looking over, plot a passage point as though you wager now. Presently, begin looking forward once more (one bar at once), and afterward you exit in view of your trade rules (ie 60 seconds, 15 minutes, and so forth). Experiencing difficulty perusing a candle outline? Figure out how here.

At that point you look forward again and see if you\'ve won or lost. Check that down, and proceed forward. You ought to be productive over two or three hundred backtest trades before you even consider continuing to ongoing trading.

Why Expiry Times Pose Problems

Will you see where binary options trading makes backtesting somewhat cumbersome?

In case you\'re depending on your intermediary making trades with great expiry times accessible to you at the minutes you\'d get a flag to trade, you can\'t generally figure whether those open doors would have truly been accessible to you previously. This can bewilder your outcomes, making you think you would have been more effective than you genuinely would have been.

One way you can decrease this incorrectness is to choose a binary options broker appropriate from the beginning who will allow you to control the planning of your trades once you\'re in them. That way you aren\'t exactly as dependent on the dealer to set great expiry times. We like a site like Traderush or Banc De Binary as they offer early exit.

In the event that you didn\'t have rollover or early conclusion accessible to you to utilize, you\'d need to depend on the specialist to give you trade openings with perfect expiry times. You would prefer not to be launched out from a trade before it goes to benefit, however you likewise would prefer not to be caught in an trade which will betray you. It wouldn\'t do, for instance, to go into an trade you\'d hope to remain in for a few hours in backtesting with a one week expiry period. At any rate, that is the situation on the off chance that you can\'t control your exit. In the event that you would, you be able to can utilize early conclusion to get out before the trade is done.

There\'s another issue with utilizing early conclusion, notwithstanding, and that is that it will diminish your payout. Parallel alternatives destinations just pay out something like 65-85% on winning trades as it seems to be. On the off chance that you exit early, you won\'t get that rate. What\'s more, in the event that you leave every one of your trades early, you may normal half or less on your payouts. Which implies that you\'d need to have a high win rate to remain gainful after some time (conventional traders manage renditions of this issue as well).

Recommendations for Success

Locate a broker that gives you rollover and early conclusion (look at This will enable you to settle on critical trading choices. You can\'t totally depend on these devices to be beneficial over the long haul; in any case, unless rollover creates sufficiently expansive payouts frequently enough to compensate for the benefits you lose with early conclusion.

A few brokers let you pick your own expiry time. This is normally alluded to as the \"Choice Builder\" highlight. This is awesome, on the grounds that it disposes of the issue with the planning by and large. (once more, TR or BDB)

Think about trading as a wide assortment of money related instruments. In the event that you can discover a strategy which works entirely well crosswise over various resources that gives you significantly more trade open doors. This expands the chances that you\'ll discover ideal setups which incorporate ideal expiry times.

Demo test after you backtest. This will exhibit to you successfully whether will experience issues including expiry times or not. On the off chance that you do, you can make sense of what to do about them before you discover that lesson by losing genuine cash. Demo testing will help you acclimate yourself with your dealer\'s components and choose whether they\'re adequate to help you recreate your backtesting brings about genuine living.

On the off chance that you locate a specialist with the correct elements and you do all you\'re trying perseveringly, you ought to have the capacity to discover workarounds for the expiry time issues. The contrasts between binary options trading and different sorts of trading are no reason not to backtest!

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For those who have formerly been involved in trading stocks, than options that are binary will be a rapid learning procedure for you personally. A lot of the exact same rules that apply to stocks can also be combined with trading binary options; also, having an excellent understanding of the marketplace will allow you to make educated choices. There will also be many benefits while trading binary options includes a specific amount of danger. Here are the top 10 motivators to trade options that are binary.

1. High Return on Investment Possibility

Typical yields are normally between 60-90%.

2. You know up front just just how much you are going to gain in the event that you win the commerce and just just how much you might be risking.

There\'s absolutely no danger of leverage costing your more in relation to the quantity you risked on the commerce. Just your preferred quantity to danger on any specific commerce is in danger on such commerce. You understand just how much cash you are able to potentially lose should you win and how much just it is possible to maybe make. An individual pip in the cash is of the same quality as 50 pips in the cash.

3. Some Yields When You Lose

Although higher payouts are produced by binary options, the chance of those assets is necessarily greater than other investments. Many agents give you a little yield on the cash invested on a losing wager to simply help reduce this threat and make binary option trading appealing. As an example, on an alternative which didn\'t go in your favor, as an alternative to losing 100% of the first investment, you could possibly receive anywhere between 5-15% of the investment back. See our record of agents for more.

4. Binary option trading platforms have started to focus on investors that have little expertise trading this fashion of assets.

Therefore, sites are becoming very user friendly with attributes for example live chat attributes, educational videos and demo reports to answer any questions you could have while trading. You also simply produce a forecast correct out of two potential results. When binary trading you don\'t need certainly to worry with stop losses, influence and magnitude of cost movement.

5. Rapid Turnover Rate – Rapid Gains In Your Pocket

Some of the very most interesting variables of options that are binary is the truth that they will have for that reason an instant payout and an extremely fast turnover. Binary option expiry times are usually one hour or less, so although this could differ across different assets you possess the chance for more gain and so can trade more choices daily. Several of the binary option dealers that are day-to-day trade 15 or 30 minute choices. As well as the ones that basically feel like gaming trade the 60 second choices that are incredibly exciting. It\'s possible for you to see which agents offer the one minute choices on this particular page:

6. With the majority of agents offering free accounts, signing as much as commerce options that are binary has never been simpler

Take into account however, that so that you can be eligible to get a demo account, the absolute minimum down payment is required by many agents. Check to find out which agents allow even or smaller deposits free demo accounts. A credit of trial cash is subsequently given to be able to allow you to get an improved feel.

7. Assortment in the Forms of Assets Which Can Be Traded

You are going to soon recognize that there\'s a good amount of distinct assets which are accessible to trade as you find out more on the subject of trading binary options. This enables investors to restrain the quantity of threat and supplies an effective method to diversify risk they would like to take on in a time that is specified.

8. Along with the numerous various sorts of assets open to speculate in, binary options also enable access to kinds of stocks that will otherwise be too pricey for the common man to investors.

Binary options allow for this by not having a part of the firm, since you aren\'t investing in the stock but only within an entire forecast, so, you can buy the option at an affordable rate.

9. Simple For Newcomers To Get Started

Whether you happen to be an experienced expert as it pertains to a beginner or trading stocks and options, there are various kinds of options that are binary, each with a unique amount of problem and danger. Everyone can win and everyone can trade. In addition , there are more sophisticated alternatives with higher yields the seasoned specialists can trade for enormous risk, big reward paydays. Something for all.

10. Excitement Variable – As Much Money Can Be Made by You So Quickly – It\'s Exciting

The concluding reason behind trading binary options is the amount of excitement it supplies. On account of built-in unpredictability and the rapid rate, investors will find that, regardless of the high degree of threat, options that are binary supply an interesting and new substitute for trading that they\'ll use alone or just once every so often.

There you\'ve got it, whether you tend to be more interested in the entertainment aspect or the logical side, binary options have a great deal to supply.

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Regardless of where you are on the planet, you most likely have taken after along to some degree with the current year\'s US presidential race. On Tuesday, November eighth, the world was shocked when Hillary Clinton didn\'t win the appointive vote. She was broadly anticipated to win by both the media and the oddsmakers in Vegas. Truth be told, she was relied upon to win by a huge margin. So when Donald Trump took a stunning dominant part of the constituent school votes, the vast majority were genuinely astounded.

This is not going to be a factional post; I am not here to discuss legislative issues. Yet, I do surmise that there are a couple of lessons in this peculiar story for twofold choices brokers:

  • Some of the time the exact opposite thing anybody expects really happens.
  • Setting is unpredictable.
  • It is critical to escape one\'s own reverberate chambers.
  • Deciding the significance of market developments is a test.
  • You ought to dependably expect unpredictability when exchanging the news.

There is a considerable amount to say in regards to each of these, so taking after is my examination.

1. Some of the time the exact opposite thing anybody expects really happens.

I can\'t review the correct chances that I saw cited for the decision in the weeks paving the way to it, yet I appear to recall something like 6/1 chances for Trump. As such, for each $1 you wager on Trump, you could have won $6. In the event that you attempted to wager on Hillary, you would need to bet $6 just to make $1.

Fundamentally, the chances were with the end goal that it was practically silly to bet on Hillary. The bookies were so persuaded she would win that they set the chances to the point where it would be difficult to pull in a decent benefit on the off chance that you wager on her. They expected to dishearten individuals from betting on such a substantial top choice.

Obviously, any individual who really bet on Trump has pulled in a clean benefit.

Oddsmakers are keen individuals. They do a considerable measure of research when they set up their chances, since they have to attempt and structure them so as to benefit off of other people groups\' wagers. Be that as it may, even they couldn\'t envision every one of the potential outcomes.

Here and there in games wagering, punters discuss what they call a \"bolt.\" A \"bolt\" is a wagered which should be sure to the point that you can\'t in any way, shape or form lose it. Most punters would have called a bet on Clinton a bolt.

I talk a lot about searching for what I call \"A+\" exchanges parallel choices. These are exchange setups which so superbly meet your criteria that if you somehow happened to give them a review, they would get an A+.

Be that as it may, I never would call any exchange a \"bolt,\" even a flawless A+ exchange.

What occurred with the US race is an incredible update that \"locks\" don\'t exist—not in games wagering, not in world occasions, and not in exchanging.

On the off chance that you wager exclusively on A+ exchanges and overlook substandard setups, you are playing just your best hands, and more often than not, you ought to wind up winning your exchanges. However, no framework is immaculate, and now and again you will lose an exchange which ought to have been a champ. Here and there, thinking back you will have the capacity to recognize what turned out badly, yet different circumstances, you may never make sense of it.

All that really matters: A+ exchanges are dependably the approach—however every so often, you will lose one. So never underestimate anything.

2. Setting is unpredictable.

On that note, setting is greatly confused—and frequently that is the place we commit errors that cost us exchanges. We think we have an immaculate setup, however we are disregarding the way that the setup\'s area is not as much as perfect.

As far back as November eighth, savants and political investigators and the overall population have been attempting to make sense of precisely how Trump could have won—and in addition, how everybody could have been so mixed up about what was going ahead in the US and the world on the loose.

Clearly there are logical issues which were not completely comprehended, and still are not right up \'til today. To some degree, some of these have been sorted out in the time since race day. Be that as it may, to a bigger degree, the relevant variables encompassing the unexpected decision result are still baffling. Specifically, we are not certain how the US race fits into the more extensive worldwide picture.

In the event that you really are exchanging monetary occasions utilizing major investigation, a comprehension of the multifaceted nature of setting is a flat out must. Truth be told, a considerable measure of parallel choices merchants traded the race (for instance by taking a High/Low position on the estimation of USD, betting that it would go up or down in light of the result of the decision).

Numerous novice merchants specifically commit the error of imagining that they have a characteristic handle on financial matters, geopolitics, and the bunch different elements which can play into exchanging setting.

In any case, even world-class financial experts and political investigators neglected to see the full setting encompassing the US decision, and figured out how to call it totally off-base.

On the off chance that there is anything that ought to give you some point of view with regards to your own comprehension of the market, it ought to be a circumstance like this. On the off chance that world-class experts were not able comprehend the setting of the decision, why might you expect that your own particular examination would be finished?

This all applies (to a lesser degree) with different sorts of exchanging as well. Regardless of the possibility that crucial investigation assumes no part by they way you exchange, specialized examination and value examination still involve a comprehension of setting also. This incorporates (to some degree) your consciousness of world occasions, additionally the data which different lines and pointers on your graph are giving you.

Numerous brokers experience serious difficulties this. They may see a flawless value arrangement, however totally miss the logical pieces of information on their diagrams letting them know that this development may mean something other than what\'s expected than what they anticipate.

All that really matters: If we comprehended everything about the setting of the US presidential decision 100%, perhaps we could have anticipated the result. Be that as it may, the setting escaped even specialists, which shows how entangled financial and geopolitical circumstances can be. These settings influence exchange results also, and however solid you think your comprehension is, it is not entirely obvious out on what is truly going on.

3. It is critical to escape one\'s own reverberate chambers.

There is an expression which has been bandied about since the decision which you may have listened: \"reverberate chamber.\"

This is a media term, an allegory for the path in which our conviction frameworks are developed and fortified.

The most conspicuous case of this relating to the race concerns Facebook. Since the eighth of November, examiners have found that FB contains fake news in wealth, and that those fake news features spiked paving the way to the decision.

Many individuals get their news only through Facebook, and subsequently, never really observed any genuine news in the days and weeks going before the decision. This may have affected the vote.

There is another case of a resound chamber which I have not heard many people say in any case, and that is Donald Trump.

Trump has carried on with an existence of extravagance, and thus, his encounters have been isolated. In the event that you watched the open deliberations, you may recollect that him specifying a \"little credit\" from his dad. I have seen different figures cited, however most noticeable news sources appear to show this little advance was around $14 million.

It is difficult to state whether Trump truly trusts that $14 million is a \"little\" measure of cash or not, but rather his announcement reflects how withdrawn he is with the truth of the normal individual\'s life.

For a large portion of us, $14 million is basically a colossal measure of cash. But since Trump has lived inside the resound assembly of his own riches and benefit, he has no origination of what life resembles outside that air pocket.

As a twofold alternatives merchant, it is essential to break down the courses in which you may likewise be remaining in an air pocket. Here are a few things to ask yourself:

How do my suspicions about riches impact the route in which I deal with my cash? When I exchange $20, do I think about that as a \"bit\" or a \"great deal\" of cash? What may that same measure of cash intend to another broker? What does it speak to as far as potential? Do I ever underestimate my own particular cash?

Where am I getting the news that I use to investigate the business sectors? Do I get everything straightforwardly from my intermediary? Do I check just real media locales? Conventional daily papers? Specialty productions? How divided is that news? Am I getting the full story?

What are my suppositions about exchanging? Where did they originate from? Do I invest all my energy in a similar exchanging gathering or perusing a similar string? What is the foundation of my exchanging mentor? What are his reverberate chambers? Have I acquired his presumptions? Assuming this is the case, would they say they are helping me, or blocking my advance?

When we get to be distinctly persuaded of a specific conviction about the market, about the worldwide economy, about exchanging, cash, or even ourselves, we frequently don\'t mull over how that conviction advanced, or whether it holds up to nearer investigation. We keep on living inside our own air pockets, permitting echoes to design our convictions.

Despite your emotions about the result of the decision, one thing is clear: reverberate chambers restrict our more extensive viewpoint and comprehension of occasions. They cloud our perspective of setting, affecting our choices.

All that really matters: As brokers, we as a whole have our own resound chambers. Make sense of what your presumptions are and where they originate from. Provoke yourself to take a gander at new viewpoints and to expand your admission of data. It could make you a more gainful broker.

4. Deciding the significance of market developments is a test.

It has been an uneven ride in the share trading system this November. On the off chance that you take after stocks, you most likely recall that they bounced on November seventh when Clinton was cleared again by the FBI. This appears to demonstrate that Money Road was hopeful that she would be chosen.

On the night of November eighth nonetheless, when Trump was chosen, the share trading system plunged.

Be that as it may, what truly stunned everybody was what occurred after that. Under 24 hours after the fact, the share trading system recuperated, as well as it shut practically at an unsurpassed high. From that point forward, the market has kept on taking off.

So this offers a major conversation starter—or a few. What was the deal? Why was there such a snappy turnaround? On the off chance that Money Road was supporting Hillary, why are they now behind Donald? What does everything mean? Will it proceed?

A lot of speculations have flourished. The market\'s idealism may indicate a confident vision of Trump\'s administration. However, numerous specialists alert that the share trading system blast may have nothing to do with who won the race by any stretch of the imagination.

This has been the most argumentative US race in current history, and right now, there is an enormous measure of turbulence stewing under the surface of American legislative issues and everyday life. The polarization is extending, and from numerous points of view, there is a separation going through the masses. As it were, there are two Americas.

Therefore, it has been astounding exactly how easily the move has gone. Everything at first glance has had an appearance of commonality to it. The race was nimbly and quickly surrendered by Clinton, and Trump met with Obama in the White House.

For some individuals, this is a noteworthy alleviation. Despite the fact that the issues bubbling under the surface are still there, regularity is consoling. A great many people don\'t handle last details exceptionally well, and right now, they give off an impression of being tied off—at any rate for now. This feeling of determination alone could clarify money Markets rally.

So what does that mean for what\'s to come? As of now, it is too soon to state. The president elect is uncontrollably eccentric, so endeavoring to have expectations about his effect on the stock exchange at this moment would be extraordinarily troublesome. Once more, simply consider that it is so difficult to decipher what his actual effect is at this moment.

The main issue: Abstain from hopping to snap judgments about the importance of market developments. Various elements are having an effect on everything. The good and bad times of the market some of the time are a basic, coordinate impression of occasions, however different circumstances they reflect better subtleties of feeling. We don\'t yet comprehend what Money Road considers Trump, or what impact a Trump administration will have available. We just realize that Money Road acknowledges the smooth, general move of influence.

5. You ought to dependably expect unpredictability when exchanging the news.

At long last, this is an awesome minute to emphasize an essential update, which is this: huge occasions on the planet produce unpredictability. Frequently, that unpredictability is an impermanent spike or dive, trailed by recuperation in the market. In some cases another pattern is generated, while different circumstances the market combines. In any case, being made up for lost time in that underlying surge can bring about some insane capriciousness in your record.

On the off chance that you were really in an exchange on the night of November eighth, you may have been gotten in that impermanent fall. Contingent upon your position, you may have benefitted or lost. In any case, it happened quick.

Unless you played out a cautious examination and had a strong motivation to be in that exchange right then and there, you would have been playing with flame to have any position open that night.

A ton of merchants lost cash pointlessly that night, just by presenting themselves to that descending spike of instability. On the off chance that those merchants had basically held off until the following day to exchange, they would have ended up with a significantly more steady, unsurprising business sector.

This is the reason I suggest abstaining from exchanging news occasions unless you really realize what you are doing. What\'s more, as I have ideally clarified through this post, it is a significant test to truly comprehend monetary and political variables.

All that really matters: In the event that you don\'t have a strong handle on essential examination, basically hold off exchanging amid presidential decisions, financial report discharges, and other real occasions. Get back in the diversion when the market is more steady.

Conclusion: The World is Confounded … So Is Exchanging

Whether you were supporting Clinton or Trump in the 2016 US presidential race, you most likely were really stunned by the result. Regardless of what your political convictions and regardless of where you get your news, ideally this unordinary occasion in American history has given you point of view on some of your own resound chambers and presumptions, and helped you to acknowledge exactly what a perplexing and confounding spot the world can be.

Whenever you take a gander at your diagrams or a news feature and are enticed to take a gander at the surface, burrow further—you might be astounded by what you find. Furthermore, it could simply mean the distinction between a benefit or a misfortune.

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1. Binary options trading include Quick reward and Quick hazard.

The speed of which twofold exchanging happens is paced much snappier than conventional contributing. Exchanges happen truly as quick as 60 seconds (we clarify later). Simply realize that the pace of exchanges is far faster than customary exchanging. These stances mental difficulties to brokers in light of the fact that the appeal of enormous returns truly just minutes away are greatly enticing. This leads merchants into making some impulsive decisions and terrible exchanges that end up costing them cash.

2. Binary trading is more similar to setting an \"either\" wager

Binary trading is more similar to setting an \"either\" wager on an advantages value development than the genuine purchasing or shorting of a benefits stock. You never take any responsibility for basic resource. You simply anticipate it\'s value development. That is the reason you will hear double exchanging alluded to parallel wagering reciprocally. As the merchant, you \"wager\" up or down and make your exchange in like manner.

3. Size of value development is not a figure on your arrival.

On the off chance that you win by 1 pip or 20 pips it makes a difference not with parallels. What does make a difference is value development. To the extent figuring out whether your exchange finishes in the cash our out of the cash. Greatness of development does not change your arrival/payout. Win by a little or win by a great deal, with parallels it is important not.

4. Be careful With Rewards.

Binary brokers fiercely go after your business and they offer exceptionally appealing looking store extra offers. Be careful. They accompany terms and conditions that numerous brokers aimlessly acknowledge without perusing the fine print. Perused it. Most rewards require the dealers to move over, or exchange their venture and reward sum a specific measure of time before any withdrawal will be handled. On the off chance that you take a reward realize that you won\'t have the capacity to pull back until you meet the t\'s and c\'s.

5. Exchanging with a genuine dealer is basic. I cannot stretch this enough.

There are heaps of twofold choices dealers, and I utilize \"merchants\" freely, these are truly more like paired exchanging sites. The historical backdrop of exchanging paired choices online is covered with stories of maverick representatives, tricking, taking and appropriate out extortion. The uplifting news is that today, in the last a portion of 2012 there are a little modest bunch of genuine parallel intermediaries you can exchange with without getting ripped off.

finance, trading, binary, stocks, investment, options
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When you are exchanging binary options everything comes down to having the capacity to anticipate value moves and their ensuing length. This is not generally simple to do, on the off chance that it was, everyone would get rich off the business sectors. The best merchants get a kick out of the chance to exchange by an arrangement of guidelines that they have shaped by involvement, listening to others discuss demonstrated investigation strategies and seeing other expectation techniques really work. One hypothesis that never shows signs of change is to exploit a capable move in the event that you see one.

One might say that the most capable moves happen when there is a bullish pattern that is overwhelming its past highs or a bearish pattern that is surpassing its past lows. You definitely realize that a bullish or bearish pattern means the market is rising or falling. At the point when exchanging binary options it is best to place call options in view of the quality of the market and place put options in light of a powerless market.

Purchasing or offering at the highs and lows of the market is not without its dangers. Whenever Markets can and do switch their patterns; it is the very way of the market and the motivation behind why there are similarly the same number of washouts as champs when exchanging. It is likewise why numerous brokers have a tendency to abstain from exchanging close focuses which they feel could alter the course they drift at any minute.

Not everybody concurs with this hypothesis; some believe that if the market for a specific resource was sufficiently solid to achieve its past highs, then there is no reason it shouldn\'t keep on rising in a similar course. They urge you to purchase and get on board the pattern in light of the fact that the benefit is still sought after.

The inverse can likewise be genuine with regards to offering the lows and thus purchasing put options.

That is the reason it is imperative to figure out how to recognize these proceeding with patterns amid specialized investigation using continuation examples, for example, banners and flags.

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Disturb Trading Software 2.0 is another variant of a past trick software by the trick name. We saw a great deal of trick softwares think of another variant of the trick, attempting to offer individuals that this time it will work.

Neitherless to state that it\'s not valid and it won\'t work this time too. Disturb Trading Software 2.0 depends on a contemptible software from the past; that is itself a reality that we can\'t disregard.

How might one trust on another form of a similar software that made him lost huge amounts of cash only a couple of months back? It doesn\'t bode well.

When we ran over the way that Disrupt Trading software is going to dispatch another adaptation, we chose to make a move and let our perusers and devotees know reality about this trick software.

While we know for beyond any doubt that Disrupt Trading Software 2.0 is a trick, we are as yet going to apply our iBinary Scam Parameters, just to show you precisely why and how we finish up this strict decision.

Disturb Trading 2.0 SCAM Review - How can it Work?

Disturb Trading Software 2.0 is a completely robotized framework. This variant, as noted above, is another rendition of a past trick software that made a ton of dealers lose cash in a brief period.

These trick softwares are live for one month and vanish. All things considered, not precisely going, they turn out with new software, in light of the same fizzled exchanging innovation, under a redesigned name or a totally unique one.

That is unequivocally the case with Disrupt Trading software 2.0. Take a gander at different softwares, for example, CopyBuffett and CodeFibo. Both softwares are here far more than maybe a couple months. Why? That is diverse between real softwares to trick softwares.

Honest to goodness softwares have \"time span of usability\" that can keep going forever. Particularly in light of the fact that they all offer manual exchanging signals and not only a completely mechanized framework that intended to come up short from the primary spot.

iBinary Scam Parameter - False Claims

The main trick parameter is the same in all our trick surveys. The false claims, made by the trick softwares are not things you can\'t give yourself a chance to overlook.

Distrub Trading Software 2.0 SCAM REVIEW

For today\'s situation. Disrupt Trading Software 2.0, need to make you trust that they can make you over $12,000 in only one day! At this point, you should realize that it can\'t be valid.

For the most part in light of the fact that the software is offered for nothing and the underlying venture is recently $250. Once more, as we wrote in the past trick audit, on the off chance that you demonstrate to us how it should be possible, we will evacuate this survey.

iBinary Scam Parameter - Automated System

Completely robotized frameworks are not our most loved things. We urge individuals to get included and turn out to be more taught. That is the reason in our feelings, and really, in actuality, completely robotized frameworks are intended to fizzle and make you fall flat.

A completely computerized approach is the most ideal path for those trick softwares to profit on your back. You should be in some control. Take a gander at CopyBuffett or CodeFibo. They are additionally free and utilizing agents to get the commission off, yet the above softwares are likewise offering manual exchanging choice AND utilizing controlled representatives.

iBinary Scam Parameter - Same Software, Different Name

To wrap things up. As noticed various circumstances in this trick audit, Disrupt Trading Software 2.0 is a similar form of a formerly known trick software by a similar name.

That is a typical trick approach, as the time span of usability of a trick software keeps going, for the most part, up to one month. The con artists found another approach to continue going, and that is by \"rethinking\" their fizzled thought.

Disrupt Trading 2.0 SCAM Review - The Bottom Line

Our decision today couldn\'t be clearer than the accompanying primary concern. Onassis Alliance is a SCAM software you should keep away from at all cost.

Disrupt Trading 2.0 SCAM Review - Conclusion and Solution

As expressed above, we presumed that Disrupt Trading Software 2.0 is a SCAM!

On the off chance that you are searching for a quick auto broker arrangement, we exceedingly prescribe you Check CopyBuffett. CopyBuffett is one of quite a while well-performing softwares that gives you the choice to pick the precision of the gave signals! On a test we ran half a month back, we found that CopyBuffett conveys a normal of 87% win rate once a day. We recommend you read our

On a test we ran half a month back, we found that CopyBuffett conveys a normal of 87% win rate regularly.

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Selective research from Finance Magnates indicates the amount Israel stands to lose by removing the binary options industry.

The internet exchanging industry improves the Israeli treasury with more than 2 billion USD a year, speaking to just about 0.7% of the startup country\'s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), as per Finance Magnates gauges. Separating the numbers, we see that the binary options industry alone is in charge of 1.25 billion USD, the rest of from its parent forex industry. These businesses together utilize 8,000 Israelis in an extensive variety of limits.

Two patterns have propelled us to play out this exploration – the first is the continuous departure of binary options specialists and innovation suppliers from Israel lately, the second is the mounting administrative weight on the business.

As of late, an announcement made by the executive\'s office professedly encouraged an overall restriction on the questionable business. The tempest accumulated around the nearby binary options scene, with a prohibition on focusing on Israeli residents made by the Israeli Securities Authority last March.

High pay rates, a great many representatives

The Israeli binary options industry utilizes around 5,000 individuals. We assess that around 4,700 work for the 70 neighborhood dynamic intermediaries, while the other 300 work for binary options innovation suppliers. Up to 1.25 billion USD in charges and other aberrant costs enter the country\'s coffers exclusively from this industry, as the infographic underneath shows.

Working for the binary options industry can be exceptionally fulfilling, as month to month compensation ascend to 12,000 USD for maintenance chiefs, 5,000 USD for call focus move directors, and even low rank limits get paid around 3 – 4,000 USD month to month. To put this into viewpoint, the normal month to month wage in Israel is 9,669 NIS (around 2,500 USD) as indicated by the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics (Nov 2016).

Other than the 70 binary options representatives working from Israel, there are likewise two major innovation suppliers that contract around 300 representatives – originators, engineers, deals and advertising groups, and that\'s just the beginning. The innovation suppliers, we assess, advance Israel\'s treasury with 25 million USD yearly.

Forex assessment

Despite the fact that the ISA granted licenses interestingly to 6 forex representatives in September, there\'s a developing trepidation in the business that the awful press realized by the terrible practices of a couple of Israeli agents could prompt to an aggregate boycott of both forex and binary options totally.

On the off chance that that happens, we appraise that around 3,000 Israelis will lose their occupations as around 50 dynamic intermediaries and 8 innovation firms will be compelled to close down. We evaluate that forex dealers contribute around 750 million USD in assessments and direct costs to the Israeli economy notwithstanding the innovation suppliers\' commitment said before.

Here is the place to concede that our model has an essential imperfection – it expect that all intermediaries pay out of their net pay the 26.5% corporate assessment required by law, a supposition that we can\'t confirm.

Regardless, the above number represents the measure of cash that the state could possibly profit by ought to the binary options industry stay unharmed.

A little nation\'s wage

The potential wage from neighborhood internet exchanging is high – 2,000,000,000 USD. This is equivalent to the GDP of the Kingdom of Bhutan, which is positioned 4 puts above Belize and 16 puts above Vanuatu – themselves center points for forex and binary options seaward direction. Israel is positioned 35th on the planet with a GDP of 311,739,000,000 USD. The US holds ahead of everyone else with an amazing 18,561,930,000,000 USD.

Binary options,Israeli,finance,treasury,GDP,Israel,forex
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The ESMA has as of late overhauled its Q&A on bonus hones - how is the business going to handle the new

Half a month back, the sudden yet not by any stretch of the imagination amazing news that the European Securities Markets Authority (ESMA) has devoted a segment of its Q&A to the act of granting bonuses to customers hit the wires. The bonus prerequisites intended to urge customers to exchange more were the objective and it is currently time to expand on the manageability of the business in this new environment.

At the beginning of the binary options industry, businesses pulled in new customers by means of forceful bonus advancements. The technique paid off rather well and the business took off, but without direction. Customers needed to focus on some strict bonus conditions which included exchanging 20-30 times the estimation of the bonus keeping in mind the end goal to have the capacity to pull back the assets.

The math­e­mat­i­cal prob­a­bil­ity of with­draw­ing assets from trad­ing ac­counts was near zero

The numerical likelihood of pulling back bonus reserves from exchanging records was ascertained as being near zero. Customers would have expected to accomplish unbelievable precision keeping in mind the end goal to have the capacity to pull back their bonuses. Customers were educated about the prerequisites, however simply after they inquired.

Direction and development of the binary options bonus framework

With direction came duty and new development openings. The central controller of the binary options industry both then and now, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), has not been exceptionally quick to oversee bonus advancements and binary and forex financiers kept on utilizing the system. Customers turned out to be better educated with more noticeable bonus conditions, however that still wasn\'t sufficient to dispose of unsavory shocks for merchants and later for intermediaries.

The French fi­nan­cial reg­u­la­tor has be­come the primary fi­nan­cial reg­u­la­tor in Eu­rope to or­ga­nize a bi­nary and forex \'mys­tery shop­per\' cam­paign

A few specialists working in France have been especially forceful, in some cases promising up to five circumstances the measure of a customer\'s store keeping in mind the end goal to pull in more merchants. Be that as it may, as expanding quantities of customers lose the majority of the cash in their bonus-increased records, dissensions to neighborhood and European monetary controllers have been rising drastically.

With France being the most influenced nation, its controllers have been more dynamic on the scene and have been the most proactive administrative power in Europe. With regards to notice customers about unregulated handles, the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) has aggregated a rundown, and for directed facilitates, the power has turned into the principal money related controller in Europe to sort out a \'riddle customer\' crusade.

Individuals that have opened records for exchanging forex and additionally binary with Cypriot merchants have been having gigantic troubles in recovering their cash. The alerts were ringing, and not very many, assuming any, representatives were tuning in.

Bonus boycott over the European Union

As of late, ESMA distributed a rule that commanded national controllers to scrap the store bonus framework, successfully murdering the most effective instrument of the directed binary options businesses to pull in customers. With the news quickly influencing agents, we have seen different cutbacks over the business.

Some have gone along, others have agreed and opened unregulated brands to exchange their customers there and a minority has begun entirely conforming to the new direction and limiting bonuses for European customers, while inviting customers from outside of the EU.

Will merchants have the capacity to locally sufficiently available customers without bonuses?

The glaring issue at hand for the binary options industry is the way to locally available customers without promising that they can twofold their cash in the event that they store reserves. In the event that the necessity to turn over the store bonus 20-30 times is void, then the merchants may begin winning more. With current customer securing expenses being significant, that part of the binary options industry that objectives European customers may need to reexamine its core interest.

New techniques for maintenance and engagement should be actualized rapidly for all businesses that are quick to make due in this quickly contracting industry with regards to Europe. The greatest binary options exchanging merchants have a major preferred standpoint and the littler white names require access to quality leads outside of the EU keeping in mind the end goal to be productive.

Shouldn\'t something be said about the future for the binary options industry?

We realize that the binary options industry is significantly tested with regards to the current administrative business as usual in Europe. While expedites that have been utilized to considerable benefits throughout the years are rebuilding their operations and searching for new techniques to procure and hold customers, there is space for new industry players with creative thoughts on the most proficient method to installed customers.

The prohibition on bonuses will be the death of the handles that can\'t adjust to the new conditions and the recovery of rivalry with regards to new thoughts in regards to promoting binary options to European customers. With the greater part of the business depending on this market to locally available, the principle trouble will be consistence.

A portion of the main innovation suppliers in the business have officially reported that they are changing to a trade exchanged model. Be that as it may, the controllers will set aside their opportunity to analyze the new items and will probably nearly direct the execution of customer requests in accordance with the approaching MiFID II direction in January 2018.

All said and done, the new administrative system will convey both new victors and washouts to the binary options space. The everlasting fight between money related controllers and budgetary administrations suppliers to beat each other will proceed and we will see another era of items that need to guarantee the reasonable treatment of merchants and specialists alike.

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StockPair is fast becoming recognized as among the binary-option that is most effective on-line agents. It requires no time whatsoever to complete the easy enrollment form, create a downpayment and be creating binary-options deals that are effective.

It\'s simple to work with expert dealers created by system to supply most of the the equipment needed to get a dealer to reach your goals and also to be enlightening, instructional.

It makes terrific usage of 2 of the trading alternatives that are most popular: cost choices that are suspended and fixed-price choices.

Set choices that are set include investments that evaluate an advantage to its operation against yet another before-identified advantage. The cost functionality is noticed in the sell-by date to find out not or when the commerce was effective. The ROI to get a fixed-price alternative is as great as 82%. There\'s absolutely no dependence on the dealer to be concerned about what occurs before expiry using the asset cost.

Set choices that are flying are somewhat different. The asset cost will be monitored by them occasionally at pre-determined time-frames before the commerce termination. It may give a yield that is higher than set choices that are set.

As was said, these are a couple of the most used choices Stockpair has equally and as it pertains to trading binary-options. They\'re going to have the capacity to know and utilize these kind of alternatives with no issues in any way once a dealer gets utilized to utilizing the Stockpair system.

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We\'re planning to evaluate a fresh trading applications called Lexington Code now. Lexington applications is a fresh software from creators and the programmers of WikiTrader Computer Software.

For people who aren\'t comfortable with WikiTrader computer software, let\'s do a few fast re-cap.

A week ago WikiTrader Computer Software found to the community, but prior to the general public launch, we got the chance to market the beta-version of WikiTrader computer software. We allowed access to the program and attained the computer programmers.

Software is a fresh trading applications that got our focus from our equals in the business that is blogging. WikiTrader computer software is provided for free and yet needed an agent enrollment.

All of it depends on the agent given to you personally, agent enrollment is okay usually, as we published on preceding rip-off evaluations. If you\'re without slipping to the bonuses tricks of 90% of the agents out there, adding your cash, you\'re likely to be acceptable with taking your cash at just about any at any moment.

When you choose bonuses, the difficulties start, as well as the draw option is disabled before you achieve trading quantity that is specific. We were re-assigned to Industry Additional. We couldn\'t locate a regulator with this agent, therefore because we didn\'t choose any bonuses that are provided, we\'re able to have gotten our funds and keep to deal with our longtime agent.

On WikiTrader, we went on a evaluation; the outcomes were surprisingly large. We dedicated to the trading that was guide just while crippling the method that was automatic entirely. Along side with graph evaluation on our hands, we discovered a a system that was a strong to enhance our signs solutions that were trustworthy.

The tremendous success of WikiTrader produced us seem ahead to screening Lexington Code that was beginning. Lexington Code is a software created by the programmers and creators of WikiTrader as mentioned previously.

It is possible to observe clearly that Lexington Code is really comparable to WikiTrader when you start the application. It has the characteristics that are same, as well as the layout is, in addition, just about the exact same.

Generally, when a fresh start is seen by us from preceding applications, it typically comes in an issue of a scam that is remodeled. They emerge afterward with fresh applications, much like the outdated one which won\'t function possibly, when each of the cash that they may is being squeezed by cozenage programs from casualties that purchase that applications.

In Code instance, it\'s distinct. The reality the WikiTrader nonetheless operates while ready to go, there one Code for rip-off alarm, and worked the same as like no bodies business. The reason why we chose to examine Lexington Code on our very own, that\'s. Without further thanks, why don\'t we present your Lexington Code rip-off evaluation.

Lexington Code RIP-OFF Evaluation - How can it Function?

Lexington Code is a totally free trading applications that, in accordance with our expertise, according to a criteria that is successful, if using the trading that is guide signs right.

Related to WikiTrader pc software, there are a few matters that individuals didn\'t enjoy about Lexington Code, but the truth that it can produce outstanding outcomes on guide trading signs, as well as the truth that it also gets the guide trading signs choice, we made a decision to provide small fat to the disadvantages this moment.

We are going to begin with the issues we didn\'t enjoy about Lexington Code applications. You instantly observe a declare that as you are able to make around $126,000 monthly. when opening the home page You know it\'s trying to sell methods that are easy and that these promises have no bios in the event that you examine our preceding rip-off evaluations.

Lexington Code RIP-OFF REVIEW

It operates, although you will find issues we don\'t enjoy about Lexington Code Program.

Additionally, there\'s a time that operates on the home page, clocking the available places. \"that is\" farther down We don\'t enjoy it possibly as in the event that you retain relaxing the site; the places that are accessible unexpectedly will rise again.

The preceding are only section of the promoting techniques, which we offer small pounds in evaluate to the excellent outcomes in which Code computer software provides.

Today to the matters that we did enjoy in regards to the application program.

Lexington Code has manual alternative that is trading and both automatic trading alternative. This really is a superior chance for dealers to help make the selection that is appropriate.

Our suggestion was to steer clear of the program that is totally automtaed and always is. Here you\'ve been provided to be able to decide on, therefore ensure that you help make the choice that is correct by emphasizing the trading that is guide just and diableing the method.

The guide trading signs, along with some fundamental graph evaluation, could be extremely valuable for your trading profile. Novices at the same time as it can apply it can be component of dealers that are specialist trading program.

In the write-up that is next to morrow, we are going to post our first movie, investing by hand using the Lexington Code applications. We are able to let you know that for now - the effects are quite comparable to WikiTrader applications. It, secure that is steady and we wager this app will hang in there to get a a time.

Along with with the substantially-executing the designers ace it once more, WikiTrader.

Lexington Code SCAM The Bottom Line

Now\'s rip-off evaluation to summarize, make an obvious consensus and we shall need to consider in to decision all the preceding particulars. Our verdict, centered on success as well as our steady experience, is the fact that Lexington Code Applications is a PERHAPS NOT a SCAM!

We simply love how the applications might aid dealers that are fresh by giving quality signs which consists of guide method to develop their scheme.

Thus, our judgement in now\'s rip-off evaluation is the fact that Lexington Code Pc Software has everything that makes it valid.

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In fraud evaluation that is today\'s we\'re likely to concentrate on a fresh trading application named WikiTrader. We\'ve got numerous questions about that new trading application that people chose to take a look the moment possible.

Prior to the launch, we got the chance to deal the beta-version of WikiTrader application, although WikiTrader Application released towards the community a few nights before. We given use of the program and achieved the builders.

We went forward and examine out it simply because so much nonsense was produced by it around it before it got public. Not many programs have this traders and writers response, therefore for all of US, it had been a \'MUST\' to check on out it easily as you can. We curently have the very first outcomes for you, but before it is shared by us with you, let\'s inform several phrases about WikiTrader Application to you.

WikiTrader FRAUD Evaluation - how can it Function?

WikiTrader application is just a completely new trading application that got our interest from our friends within the blogging business as mentioned above. WikiTrader application emerges free of charge and yet needed a dealer enrollment.

Everything depends upon the agent supplied for you, agent enrollment is okay all of the period, once we published on prior fraud evaluations. If you\'re without slipping in to the bonuses barriers of 90% of the agents available adding your cash, you\'re probably to become okay with removing your cash at any period.

Whenever you consider bonuses, the issues start, as well as your choice that is withdraw is before you achieve specific trading volume impaired. We were reassigned to Industry Additional. We couldn\'t look for a regulator for this broker, therefore since we didn\'t consider any bonuses that are provided, we\'re able to have removed our first resources and proceed to industry with this longtime broker. wikitrader software fraud review.

WikiTrader Software website

The technique that is above mentioned is a great method to defeat on the machine while maintaining your application entry and proceed to industry together with your agent. Attempt to renew the WikiTrader system before you obtain a controlled agent should you don\'t possess a broker however. Make sure before doing this to cleanup your browser cookies.

Back to WikiTrader Application. On its website, we discovered lots like. A number of them would be the guarantees of the proven fact as well as earnings that an automatic program is offered by the program also.

But fortunately, manual trading indicators are provided additionally by WikiTrader application. That\'s the key reason we began our screening and went along. We instantly impaired the car trading choice so the application won\'t perform something on our account before we began our check.

We needed A - 100% handle on our consideration and become accountable for steps and our evaluation. Within the movie below you are able to view the entire program, where we got 4 deals that are winning in under 10 minutes of trading in AROW. The outcomes were $230.83 in revenue in a-10 minutes program!

The live program is the greatest evidence of why we USUALLY inspire one to pick the trading indicators within the automatic program and also the greatest instance.

We blocked signs that, centered on our graph evaluation, didn\'t complement our objectives while you can easily see within the movies. Error started the very first industry using the quantity of $1 in the place of $ 100 the entire revenue is not and $230.83 a 230.

We\'re extremely pleased for the time being with WikiTrader application. Once we could keep screening it during month and in a few days, we shall keep you published with potential outcomes. We were exceptionally amazed using the achievement of program that is today\'s since we included reduced expectations.

Your low objectives were claims that people think with, outcomes of how a website was created, aren\'t that correct. But once we mentioned above, the program is a superb illustration of just how to make use of the trading indicators choice to your benefit and beat the machine with your steps as well as fast evaluation.

We usually state that the programs that those like WikiTrader, function, are below to be always a good supplement for your general trading profile and certainly will educate you on lots of the way the marketplace works as well as in what path you much more likely wish to take a look at.

WikiTrader FRAUD Review - The Bottom line

We shall need to take all of the above facts and create a clear consensus in conclusion today\'s fraud evaluation. Your consensus, as currently published above, is the fact that WikiTrader Application is just a trading application that is genuine!

We simply enjoy how a application might help merchants that are new by giving quality indicators having its manual program to build up their technique.

Consequently, our consensus in today\'s fraud evaluation is the fact that WikiTrader Application has exactly what makes it genuine.

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Binary-option trading is really being a common investment option. Nowadays there are more than 400 option agents that are binary. It creates leads to a significantly smaller time period than purchasing other belongings along with shares. Several merchants prefer to discover if their expenditure options will work within the temporary in the place of binary-options trading and the long run is a superb technique to do this. Along side that\'s come car trading application like the BinaryOptionRobot\'s improvement.

Certainly a several explanations are why the BinaryOptionRobot would be chosen by an individual:

  1. Deals are made by it sometimes once the buyer perhaps performing other activities for example joining to household issues, operating and sometimes even asleep.
  2. It facets in the merchants technique and also information just; feelings are obtained totally from the formula.
  3. It\'ll keep producing deals till it\'s informed to not (switching it down).
  4. It retains a careful eye available on the market based on recommendations and the guidelines a applications involved with it.

The BinaryOptionRobot runs on the distinctive mixture of accurate binary-option trading methods: Fibonacci Retracement and three examined and undoubtedly the binary-option trading program that is traditional. If the traditional program is chosen by a broker then your same belongings are exchanged for that same quantities usually.

Fibonacci Retracement increases the total amount exchanged following a one and reduces the total amount exchanged following a lucrative industry. The Martingale method is simply Fibonacci Retracement\'s alternative; it increases the quantity that is developed exchanged reduces and after benefits the developed quantity exchanged after cutbacks.

The Binary-Option Software is definitely an incredible trading device that works on Microsoft pushed computers and Apple and it is readily available for pills and additional cellular devices. BinaryOptionRobot works with Banc - de - Binary.

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2016 continues to be an eventful year for all on the planet, as well as the options business that is binary is no exclusions. This year that was tumultuous introduced unforgettable occasions including binary-options agent relationships and several game-changers with sports celebrities and others, superb campaigns, agents purchases that were leading, progress in safety, trading outcomes that were astonishing fro a few of our top-recommended agents.

As the brand new year approaches, we have a look at these occasions to forecast what expect options that are binary trades in 2017.

  1. Binary-options regulating bodies like CySEC are getting an increasing number of expert, as we’ve found this year. This can be extremely good and clear for the sector, as trading using an agent that is licensed is better.
  2. In 2017, several agents attempted to compete by incorporating characteristics that were more intriguing for their programs. This comprised price alerts, trading, economic calendar, sophisticated reviews. We anticipate more of the transforms as the binary-options marketplace becomes more and more aggressive.
  3. Lately we\'ve seen the growth of digital options trading in Japan, Australia and several Asian nations, especially in fresh areas of the planet. That is likely to carry on in the long run.
  4. Signing relationship has existed for some time. Before, it contained additional sports as well as mainly foot-ball clubs superstars. We call mo-Re of these ventures enlarging their concentrate to include a variety of stars at the same time as these in 20 17.
  5. As we\'re much more and more on the go always, cellular telephone trading became an element that was vital for virtually any agent. Those that nonetheless don’t have such a thing to give in this are may rapidly catchup shortly.
  6. When we considered that no information is needed if you are an effective dealer occasions, are over. We would like to learn mo-Re concerning the marketplace and the best way to make alternatives that are make smarter. And what distinguishes an agent that is good from a lousy one is the may to prepare its dealers. Therefore informative materials will likely be accessible later on.
  7. Having the ability without worrying all about about your funds, to industry and identification security is crucial. Many binary-options agents have implemented fresh technologies to shield their dealers, yet the others will likely catch-up shortly.

Whatever 2017 delivers, one factor is without a doubt: we’ll be here to aid our visitors in producing choices that are great next year, while investing alternatives that are binary. By being continuously upgraded about present trends and novelties and understanding leading gamers on the market, you are certain to possess an increased opportunity of loving it more and gaining out of your trading expertise. Joyful Fresh Year!

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Now we\'re going to speak about an extremely old technique in the novel, but we are going to want just a little talk about the best way to con the scam that we have been just about to speak to you personally around before we evaluate the HFTFinance Team rip-off for the evening.

Firstly, you cannot trust these letter requirements such as the HFT that likely are a symbol of Large fund trading that isn\'t what it will or Large Financial Changeover.

In any case the movie in the web site reveals some one speaking about all of the time it required him to be abundant, other then he appears in a topoftheline workplace all luxury and sell you or prone to express toss you the purchase because of this rip-off fresh plan that will make you super-rich.

Besides that, you should remember that all the performers in this brain that is business wash option trading frauds that are binary are performers because the true fraudsters market you the plan with junk and charm and can\'t speak as you\'re watching cam. Most likely five are being formed by the man, and he could be possibly a great performer, and they compensated him more than twenty-five, when he was speaking superb bucks.

So be careful for those SCAMS away there, now why don\'t we review and proceed the HFTFinance Team rip-off that is fresh.

HFTFinance Team Rip-Off - How Can It Perform?

So no one understands given that they dont work, how the scams function. HFTFinance Team is simply a classic rip-off having web site and a fresh fantasy title. Bear in mind, you\'ll find nothing fresh in the vehicle dealers globe, it\'s always not and finished. in regards to the possessor funds that is creating the dealer which utilizes it.

They consider a business about the math behind the additionally the originator \"devised, \"nevertheless it will not see the the news headlines, plus many of the vehicle dealers away there are completely automated, it doesn\'t understand if there is a strange trip to wallstreet. It only deal! And that in which you utilize.

HFTFinance Team is no Thing but so, and also you must always remember that arbitrary facebook pictures of men and women that produced $2,000 away of a deposit and all these phony recommendations are 100% bogus.

Bear in mind that to get a respectable auto dealer along with an excellent applications that don\'t generate profits on individuals deficits however a band of dealers which wish to assist each additional and you must always consider the most effective options that are binary groups on Facebook which are largely full of folks that make funds.

The means to do it\'s by studying critique in sites which might be famous for his or her authenticity as well as for the genuine reviews they did before.

We are able to give you a hand if you still would like to get a car dealer, however, you do if to trust them not understand or maybe not.

The manner is you take a look at Lender assertions, Testimonies, three fundamental components as well as how the website appears.

Recommendations are almost always bogus, because you are unable to understand if some one produced them up or spend a person to compose these phrases that are wonderful.

To cause you to understand they have been fraudulent, also lender Statements are Photoshop, do you want to offer a screen shot of your bank assertion to us? We don\'t believe thus.

The website is somewhat tricky because we observed an outstanding website and we observed an area that is horrible and poor, and these were were equally legitimate. Generally, feel about about about this in the event the place was chatting directly in regards to the way in which the deals are made by it and really not what it is possible to purchase together with the cash.

HFTFinance Team RIP-OFF Evaluation - The Base Line

Now\'s rip-off evaluation to summarize, make an obvious judgement and we are going to need certainly to take in to decision all the preceding particulars. Our verdict, depending on success as well as our steady experience, is the fact that HFTFinance Team Pc Software is a SCAM!

Thus, our consensus in now\'s rip-off evaluation is the fact that HFTFinance Team Computer Software has everything that makes it No Thing but a RIP-OFF that is tremendous!.

Merely to cause you to sense risk-free, we\'ve got an app we are able to state it\'s legit and that we\'re utilizing for somtime

We simply adore how the applications will aid dealers that are fresh by supplying quality signs which consists of guide method to come up with their scheme.

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Another software joined binary options trading, and as you could\'ve guessed, it\'s nothing but a scam. Latest auto trading robot is called Tesler App, and it was developed by Steven Abrahams. Just by using this software, you\'re promised to become a millionaire within 6 months, earning couple of thousands of dollars per day. Due to email marketeres doing their job, and novice traders looking for easy money, this scam went quite viral, and therefore we\'ve decided to review this scam in order to prevent you from making the same mistake. Make sure to read our honest review, before even thinking about investing into this bogus system.

Mr. Steven is allegedly founder and CEO of the Tesler Investments. He has created this auto trading robot along with the help of computer programmers, engineers and expert Wall Street brokers. The Tesler app is supposed to be connected to stock exchange Markets, analyzing over hundred thousand signals and reports per day. Based on all of that, the software then provides 50 most profitable trades for you. Besides all of that, Mr. Steven claims that new members will be making at least $5700 per day, becoming millionaires within 6 months.

If you remember the Satellite Trader and Obcasio scams, then you already know who\'s in charge for this scam. Same scam artists, same money-making scheme. This is something we call \"hard evidence\". This should be more than enough for you to realize that we\'re dealing with a fraudulent system, but we\'ll keep providing more evidence for you.

If you visit their website,, scroll down and you\'ll see a picture of alleged millionaire who got rich using this Tesler App. However, we\'ve found out that it\'s just a stolen picture from the internet, representing fake identity that scammers made themself.

Besides everything we\'ve mentioned, the \"becoming a millionaire within 6 months\" is definitely a fake promise which many scam artists are promising. No matter what, you still have to learn how the financial Markets work, if you\'re willing to start winning more often than losing.

The Gorilla\'s Conclusion!

Unfortunately, there are plenty of scammers in every industry, and especially in BO industry. Because of that, you need to be very carefull and choose wisely whether you\'re going to invest into certain system or not. Luckily for you, we\'re here for you! This honest scam review was supposed to make you realize that the Tesler App is nothing but another lame attempt to rip you off. Therefore, we highly recommend you to stay away from this bogus system, keep reading our reviews, and always remember - trade safe!

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Spectrum7 Review: The Real Trading Scam

We all wish to earn great money by trading binary options, and that is something that can be achieved for sure, but the question is, how much time and effort we will need.

Still, it\'s quite hard recognizing whether a software is fraudulent or trustworthy. Therefore, we\'ve provided you a review of Spectrum7, and we recommend you to read it till the end.

Spectrum7: Why this trading bot can be so harmful to the trader

Allegedly, if you use the Spectrum7 app, you\'ll be able to earn up to $1560. However, you should be aware that when dealing with the binary options industry, you will be capable of earning money, but you won\'t be able to earn any huge amounts without the prior trading experience.

The Spectrum7 allegedly has number of beta testers who have tried out the software, and have managed to acomplish something. Still, trading BO is not an easy way to make great money. Another thing is that beta phase can\'t prove much actually. The point is that you\'re not quite sure whether you\'ve made a deposit to the system, or to something else.

Even though there are many badges on the Spectrum7 website, it still does not prove whether Spectrum7 is a trustworthy or bogus software.

They are promising you $200 just for watching the demonstration, but you have to give them email address in order to get paid. This is bad thing to do, since you\'re allowing them to flood your inbox. Another thing, if the Spectrum7 is a \"genuine system\" then there is no need to bait traders with the $200 bonus for just watching the video.

To be honest, a technique that Spectrum7 is using is quite lame and old. They are using the pop-ups saying \"Only three trading spots left!\", trying to make as much pressure as they can, so that the trader breaks and decides to invest.

Great way of realizing how good a software is, would be by trying out the demo, where you\'ll be dealing with virtual money only. Unfortunately, Spectrum7 is not offering such thing. There is even the FAQ section, but if you check it out, you\'ll see that they have only provided general answers, meaning that they haven\'t provided any relevant information, and that is really bad for a company trying to succeed. We don\'t even know who has developed the system. Those are just another reasons to avoid this fraudulent system.

The FAQ section not having any relevant answers is definitely a signal telling you NOT to trust this fraudulent system, and that you should search for a better software.

The video presentation is just talking about the profits, and not the relevant things. There are no information about the algorithm this system is based on, nor the live chat support.

We hope, for your own good, that you will never invest into such unreliable software like Spectrum7. You should put in much effort into searching for a good trading bot.

Deciding to use a auto trading bot can be good investment, but you should check out whether the desired software is reliable. The Spectrum7 is definitely unreliable, and we highly recommend you to stay away from it.

Verdict about Spectrum7

One of your best investments ever will be NOT investing into the Spectrum7. Make sure to stay away from this bogus system, and your hard-earned cache will remain safe!

binary options industry, trading bot, fraudulent system, Spectrum7
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We are aware that it\'s quite difficult dealing with scams within any industry, especially if you lose your hard-earned money to a scammer. We are also aware that for novice traders, easy-money is something they will all fall for very easily, and we quite understand that, but they should get to know how things work around in this binary options industry.

Since scammers are \"developing\" new scams quite often, you should always be careful and choose wisely whether you\'re going to invest your precious money into some system. Latest scam we\'ve ran into is the WikiTrader, and that\'s a software you should stay away from for sure! In order to realize why, keep reading our review.

WikiTrader: The negative traits that make this bot a bad choice

The alleged developer, Kelly Wallace, says that her auto trading bot is generating $8600 per day. Binary options trading is something that can provide you large amount of money, but not that quickly.

The bad thing with this WikiTrader is that it doesn\'t affect trader\'s abilities. Also, the website does not provide any overview of the software that trader is supposed to invest in. The website even has testimonials, but they are not helping the trader in any way. All traders, investors should know that they should never invest in a system like this one.

Testimonials are only there to make trader think that he\'s doing the right thing. Becoming a good trader is something you achieve by trading a lot, on your own behalf! Besides, you can\'t know whether a trading bot works as promised, unless you give it a try. Therefore, you should ask for a demo, but WikiTrader is not a company which will offer you a demo. Another reason not to trust them, right?

As they claim that their software is based on artificial intelligence, there should be a walkthrough along with the software, so that you should know what to do. Besides that, they should tell you how the software actually works, and that\'s kind of information they didn\'t provide us in their video presentation. They\'ve only mentionted that there are 100 spots open, and that the system is supposed to generate $12000 for you. Still, the video presentation is too poor, and it shouldn\'t convince anyone to invest into this software.

Another one of claims is that you don\'t need any previous experience in order to start making huge amounts of money using this software. Again, you should know that you do need to have experience, in order to become good at whatever you\'re doing, especially if it\'s binary options trading. WikiTrader is also supposed to be risk free, but you should be aware that there is no such thing as risk free trading robot!

WikiTrader is definitely a software you should stay away from! Keep looking for better options.

Next thing you have to do is to give them your email address. You should know that this means that they will start flooding your inbox with all kind of spam mails, and this is something you definitely want to avoid.

Trading BO can be lucrative, but also quite slow process, and it definitely requires some time and experience, in order to succeed. Another thing that is not provided with this system is the live chat access for the trader.

Because of the live chat missing from this system, you won\'t able to contact the support team when you encounter an issue.

Verdict about WikiTrader

Based on all the evidence and logical thinking, we can easily conclude that the WikiTrader software is definitely something you should avoid, in order to keep your money safe. Investing into this fraudulent system is just like sitting and watching your money burn, because it will not bring you any income at all. Always stay careful, and keep trading safe!

auto trading bot, binary options trading, fraudulent system, Kelly Wallace, WikiTrader
07.01. 2017 21:51  | 

Our latest reports are showing that there\'s been a new online fraud that\'s been launched into the binary options industry, of course aiming to drain your bank accounts. This time, we\'re dealing with the \"OneTouch Trade\" auto trading robot, that\'s been developed by Mr. Jeffrey Peterson, who appears to be nothing but a paid actor. With the help of email marketing, this bogus scam has gone quite viral, and therefore we\'re trying to notify you that you should NOT trust this fake service, and you should definitely NOT invest your hard earned cache into this system. Keep reading our honest review, in order to realize how fraudulent this system is.

If you\'ve seen the promo video for this software, you\'ve probably heard that you\'re supposed to earn $6k within few hours, after using OneTouch Trade software. Mr. Jeffrey Peterson claims that he\'s just one amongst many members who became rich using this software. Allegedly, he\'s earned more than $700k since the beginning of 2016. This software works on a complete auto pilot mode, meaning you\'ll be just sitting in front of your PC and watching money dripping into your bank account. Besides all of that, there\'s even an pop-up on their website, telling you that their company already has 12,428 users.

If you\'re looking for some hard evidence on whether they actually do have more than 12000 members or not, why don\'t you visit (the well-known domain age checker). If you visit that site, and search for, you\'ll find out that their webiste was registered on 2016-12-05. So, are you sure that they\'ve been able to gather more than 12k members within few days?

Please, stay aware that we\'re dealing with BO trading industry. The financial industry. Have you ever heard that anyone dealing with this industry, has been earning $6k per day? Stop kidding me. If you\'ve ever traded before, in Forex, CFD or any other niche in financial Markets, just take a look at your previous week incomes. You\'ll realize that, due to many political and economic events going on every day, the market is changing every second.

We are aware of how naive people can be, especially when it comes to newbie traders, who are seeking for easy money. Therefore, we just want to make you realize how bogus systems like these are.

The Gorilla\'s Conclusion!

Based on all the evidence we\'ve provided to you, we can easily conclude that the OneTouch Trade software is another bogus software, developed just to take your money away from you. Make sure to stay away from this software, and always remember - trade safe!

online fraud, binary options industry, auto trading robot, Jeffrey Peterson, OneTouch Trade
07.01. 2017 21:41  | 

Lexington Code Full Review!

Latest binary options trading software is the Lexington Code, developed by Mr. Michael Lexington, along with the help of computer engineers, programmers and experienced traders. Allegedly, as we\'ve heard, they are planning to launch their project today, and we decided to review it immediately in order to make traders realize the opportunity this software is giving them. Therefore, before you decide to make any action, make sure to first read our honest review!

Mr. Michael Lexington is allegedly co-founder and COO of the Lexington Code. He claims that they are going to recruit 25 beta testers to try out their Lexington Code software. Mr. Michael says that you\'re supposed to earn at least $500 per day, up to $5000 for advanced senior members. Even though the license costs $3500 per year, if you buy it now, you\'ll get it for life, without having to pay it every year!

This auto trading bot, aiming to dominate the BO industry, has been launched and working properly for past 9 months. To be honest, we haven\'t seen such successful auto trading bot in this industry yet.

You\'ll agree with us that many softwares, fraudulent or trustworthy, are connected with one industry only (for example, CFD, Fored, Binary Options), and that could be seen as an flaw. Lexington Code, on the other hand, is much better compared to many other trading softwares, since he\'s working with all the given industries! Give it a time frame, and he\'ll provide you with most successful trades within any industry! This is a good way to increase your monthly income.

Another great thing is that Lexington Code is a web-based software, meaning you won\'t have to download nor install anything on your PC. If you decide to take a chance, you should first register new account, providing your email and name, and after that, you\'ll receive login details for the software. We have to inform you that the interest for this trading tool is quite high, and they said that there are only 25 spots open, so if you want to get it, make sure you do it as soon as you can! Don\'t let this chance get away.

Why choosing Lexington Code? And what I get in exchange?

You should know that we have quite the experience with trading binary options and we are very familiar with the financial industry. After seeing and confronting with many things, we\'ve became able to recognize whether an service is reliable or not. Therefore, we can easily conclude that the Lexington Code is a trustworthy auto trading tool that will provide you amazing results for sure! Providing you different trades, with an expert team behind this software, you should know that you\'re in good hands. You can be sure that they will go public as soon as the beta phase ends.

The Gorilla\'s Conclusion!

No, Lexington Code is not another fraudulent system aiming to drain your hard-earned cache! This auto trading tool will increase your montly income big time, and since it\'s such a good opportunity, you should hurry up and take your place, as 25 spots for beta testing are fading soon!

All in all, this review is ment to make you realize that this software is something you should definitely try out! Whoever invests in this system, will be amazed by the results for sure. Go ahead and get your free license while you still can!

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Another money-making scheme has been launched to the binary options industry, and it\'s called Nasdaq Inside Trader. This fraudulent system has been developed by Mr. Alex Steele. This offer was launched last night, so we\'ve decided to review it as soon as possible. Keep reading our scam review so that you should realize that staying away from this software is your best current investment.

The voice narrator, Alex Steele, has claimed during the video presentation that he is the creator and owner of the Nasdaq Inside Trader. He also claims that he has developed amazingly successful auto trading software. Allegedly, there are 1231 members using the Nasdaq Inside Trader app, and they are, allegedly, generating minimum of $250 per hour. Besides that, Mr. Alex says that you\'ll be earning $180k per month, and if you fill in the registration form on his website, you\'ll get $2000 of welcome bonus. Also, traders who invest into this service are promised to receive auto trading software which is predicting trades with 100% accuracy.

Let\'s set things straight. Mr. Alex Steele is nothing but a paid voice narrator. There is not a single connection between the \"Alex Steele\" and binary options trading, nor any company that\'s related to BO trading. Just search on Google for Alex Steele, and you\'ll find scam reviews only!

Besides the fake claims of earning $250 per hour, $4500 per day and $180k per month, Mr. Alex is also promising that you\'ll be generating $6000 per day just by using the Nasdaq Inside Trader. So, will you be making $4500 per day, or $6000 per day? The information this \"company\" is providing us are strictly contradictory, and therefore you should not trust them no matter what!

Unless you\'ve just joined the binary options industry, you should know that there is no such thing as \"no loss\" trading software. There is no auto trading software that will trade on your behalf with 100% accuracy, as Mr. Alex claims. Simply, you need to realize that you will be winning trades just as much as losing them. Whether you turn out good or not, depends on whether you\'ll be winning trades more often than losing them.

The Gorilla\'s Conclusion!

The financial freedom is something we\'re all trying to accomplish, but that\'s not something Nasdaq Inside Trader will help you achieve! Based on all the evidence we\'ve provided, we can easily conclude that we\'re dealing with another group of scam artists who\'re trying to steal money from innocent newbie traders. Keep reading our honest reviews, and remember - trade safe!

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Mr. Dean Westhorpe has developed new fraudulent software, called Easy Daily Profits. He claims that you\'ll be earning $982 per day, for the rest of your life. Fortunately, one of our subscribers (Nathan) has told us that an suspicious offer got into his inbox this morning, promising him $30k per month. Therefore, we\'ve decided to review this scam, and we highly recommend you to read it first, before deciding whether you should invest into this system or not.

The alleged creator and founder of Easy Daily Profits, Mr. Dean, says that he became a millionaire using his auto trading software. Few months ago, as he says, he\'s come up with an algorithm. Using advanced setup of technologies and powerful servers, his software is supposed to quickly predict what\'s going to happen next, and therefore decides whether to PUT or CALL a transaction. You just have to invest, and this program will work on its own.

Thanks to that algorithm, the Easy Daily Profits software is supposed to work with 96% accuracy. This software even has the failsafe patent, meaning that even lost trades will be ending as breaks, so that you don\'t lose your money. Mr. Dean claims that his software will generate $982 for you per day, at least $30k a month, with 100% guarantee.

Sure, trading in binary options industry is a great way to increase your monthly income, but you should be aware that making $982 per day, or dozen of thousands of dollars per month is something that is not going to happen, at least not in this industry. Becoming a millionaire overnight is something only unreliable fraudulent services dare to promise you.

Trading binary options, Forex or anything else, is something that can increase your income, but it\'s not a 100% guarantee that you will succeed. Don\'t ever trust lies like \"you can\'t lose\", becaues you can and you will lose for sure - the question is only whether you\'ll win more than you\'ll lose. We\'re dealing with commodities, stocks, currencies; those things are often changing due to political and economical events, and therefore, you can never know what exactly you\'re dealing with at the moment, and nor can an software!

Mr. Dean at the same time claims that his software is working with 96% accuracy, and that it\'s an no-loss software. The 96% accuracy means that the software will win 96 out of 100 trades; Meaning that it will lose 4 trades. On the other hand, he claims that his software is a no-loss software. So, if it will lose 4 trades, how can you call it a no-loss software?

The Gorilla\'s Conclusion!

The Easy Daily Profits is definitely not a auto trading software that will increase your monthly income. We\'ve provided hopefully enough evidence for you to realize how fraudulent this system is. Make sure to stay away from this bogus software, and always remember - trade safe!

auto trading software, binary options industry, Dean Westhorpe, Easy Daily Profits
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Our subscribers have reported that they\'ve received quite promising offers, and so we\'ve decided to review them. Just like many others, this offer is promising thousands of dollars per day and many more unreliable things. Before you start thinking whether you should invest into this bogus system or not, make sure to first read our honest scam review, in order to keep your hard-earned cache safe.

The alleged CEO and founder of the HFTFinance Group is Mr. John Williams. This HFTFinance Group is allegedly a financial institute providing trading and educational services for their customers. Mr. John is offering membership lasting 30 days, for free of charge, to everyone involved with binary options trading, and to all interested online investors. After the 30 days of membership, they will charge you for 3% of your monthly income, every month. Mr. John claims that you\'ll be earning $30k-$50k per month, and that his software is based on an algorithm which generates 2500 trades per day, with 98.6% win rate.

Based on our BO trading experience, we can easily conclude that we\'re dealing with bunch of scam artists who are trying to rip you off. One out of many reasons why we think that this is just a fraudulent system and not something reliable, is that Mr. John is just a paid actor who\'s getting paid to lie in front of the camera.

Next thing we didn\'t buy, is monthly income of $30k-$50k. Just remember that we\'re dealing with binary options trading industry. Generating such money in this industry is quite unbelievable, especially not using some fake \"auto trading robot\".

Another thing they didn\'t think through, is that there\'s a header above the video frame, saying that members of HFTFinance software will be generating $15k per month. So, we\'re curious whether we\'ll be earning $30k-$50k or $15k per month?

Besides all of that, Mr. John says that he has gathered 500 beta testers for the past 12 months. You should trust us when we say that his software will not provide you with 2500 trades per day, it will not work with 98.6% accuracy, and you will not become a millionaire within short period of time. Based on all of that, we can easily conclude that you should stay away from this software!

Gorillas Conclusion: The HFTFinance App is a SCAM!

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Are you trying to acomplish something, but you\'re facing certain problems along your path?

Perhaps you\'ve dealt before with fraudulent systems, that were promising to be trustworthy money-making schemes? If you\'ve already chose the Brevan Invest, or you\'re thinking about choosing it, keep reading this review in order to realize why would that be a bad idea.

Brevan Invest: Exploring the negative traits

Major flaw for the Brevan Invest is that they don\'t have a promoting video on their website. The promo video is not only supposed to bait the traders, but also to provide informatioin related to the software users are supposed to invest into.

They claim that you can open a free account with Brevan Invest, however, there are 2 bad sides of it. First of all, you\'re supposed to provide your personal info, and that\'s quite bad decision, and secondly, every trading bot will ask for a deposit amount, which you\'ll be giving to a certain broker. The minimum you\'re supposed to deposit is $200-$250; This should already make you realize that this is a unreliable software.

Stocks, currencies, commodities and indices are mentioned, that\'s for sure, but nobody told us in which way are those things related to the Brevan Invest. Even though they have \"provided\" earnings of previous members, you can not actually trace those people, so how can you know whether those identities are fake or real?

Their website is quite bad, to be honest! There are no information about the algorithm that system is based on, and there is no demo available for the potential members. Those are major turn-offs for many investors.

There\'s a good reason why scam artists do not provide a demo - it\'s because then you\'ll be able to identify all the bad sides of the system. There are even news option and special offers on their website, but there is nothing on those webpages. This just shows how unprofessional they are.

There\'s another \"fake\" option on their website, and that\'s the \"trading room\", which just opens the interface. Besides that, they have the Trading tab, which if you click, will show you just general information related to binary option trading - nothing new nor specialized.

The interface has no use for the trader, because he has to enter his email address, select the asset, set the expiry, and choose whether he\'s going to call or put. Besides that, the looks of the interface is not impressive at all. They even promise a return of 75%-85%, if the trade ends in the money. Still, it\'s not that easy earning that money, using a scam trading bot. The Brevan Invest says that they are offering educational e-book for the traders, but you have to be registered in order to access the e-book.

There are only two ways to contact the support, and thats either by sending an email, or calling their support team. We\'re sure that you\'re aware that it\'s useless sending a email to the system. There is not even the live chat support, and that\'s something that should make you realize that you should avoid this offer big time! They even have badges on their website, but since they are not clickable, we can only conclude that they are not trustworthy. There is even no information about who created this system. This is a major minus for their \"company\".

There is not a single way that the Brevan Invest can prove that they are reliable option for traders. They have too many flaws, and actually nothing to bait you with.

If you are looking for a auto trading bot, the Brevan Invest is NOT a good option for you!

Verdict about Brevan Invest

You should spend more time searching for reliable trustworthy software, since running into Brevan Invest does not stop your search! Be very careful when deciding whether you\'re going to invest into an system, or not. Keep your eyes open, and trade safe!

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The Bahama Banker is an online scam that has reached binary options industry just couple of hours ago. Unfortunately, due to email marketers, it\'s gone quite viral amongst novice traders. Therefore, we\'ve decided to review this scam, and we highly recommend you to read our honest review, in order to keep your money safe.

The alleged creator and CEO of the Bahama Banker is Mr. Herald Beckman. He claims that he\'s been a private banker in the Bahamas for past 12 years, and talks about his clients a bit. Besides the politicians and respectable businessmen, some of his clients were involved with certain illegal actions. Also, he claims that large amount of BO traders are moving their accounts to the Bahamas. One of the claims that are supposed to bait innocent traders is that, by using this 100% risk free Bahama Banker auto trading software, you\'ll be earning minimum of $1250 per day.

Besides all the lies we\'ve heard so far, and the lies we\'ll be dealing with soon, they\'ve also built a fake website, which they\'ve filled with information that are not relevant at all. The \"member\'s area\" on their website is filled with fake identities and pictures downloaded from the internet.

Another one of lies is that this software is being used by more than 10 000 members, who\'re making at least $1250 per day. Now, let\'s visit the who. is, a well-known domain age checker, and seek for Bahama Banker\'s website, shall we? If you do that, you\'ll find out that their website was registered on 2016-09-02. So, you\'re trying to tell me that they have managed to gather 10 000 members within less than 3 months? No way!

Let\'s revise. They\'ve said that their software is a 100% risk free, right? If any of you have been trading binary options for a while, you should know that nothing will ever provide you the NO LOSS, no matter what you\'re dealing with, and especially not when it comes to the financial industry. Besides the realistic problem, you\'ll notice that CEO is first mentioning the 100% risk free software, and later he\'s talking about 96% winning ratio; not only that both claims are impossible, but they are contradictory as well.

The Gorilla\'s Conclusion!

Now, here\'s our conclusion. They are providing us fake identities, stolen pictures, unrealistic claims and bunch of lies. Based on all of that, we highly recommend you to stay away from this bogus software, unless you\'re willing to lose all of your hard earned cache in the blink of an eye. Trade safe!

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You have probably heard about bitcoin exchange arbitrage but may not be certain what it entails or how you can benefit from it. Well, it’s not as complicated as it sounds and if you master the concepts, you have the opportunity to earn more from bitcoin exchange. Arbitrage is essentially buying in one market at a certain price and selling in another market at a higher price in hopes of realizing a profit. Bitcoin exchange arbitrage therefore has to do with buying bitcoins in one market and selling them in another market at a higher price in order to make a profit.

How Bitcoin Exchange Arbitrage Works

Bitcoin exchange arbitrage is possible because bitcoins may be traded on different exchanges which may not be directly linked. Due to low trading volumes, price adjustments may not take place immediately which leaves a window open for trading at a profit. If you can identify these windows of opportunity, it is possible to realize gains from bitcoin exchange arbitrage. However, the process may prove to be challenging since it takes time to verify the transactions. This means that it is possible for price adjustments to take place before the trade goes through, effectively nullifying the arbitrage opportunity. Also, bitcoin exchanges charge transaction fees and withdrawal fees which may totalling or partially cancel any profits that you may realize.

To really profit from bitcoin exchange arbitrage, you need to become an expert at it. You are not likely to realize any significant profits from your first few attempts. But if you can afford and are willing to take a risk in order to realize greater profits, you may just get lucky enough to make some gains. Your best bet may be to allow an arbitrage exchange expert to handle your trading for you.

What You Should Know About Bitcoin Ponzi Schemes

Bitcoin trading has become more and more popular in recent times. However, the trading of bitcoins has fallen prey to Ponzi schemes in some instances, putting the investor at risk of losing his or her investment. A bitcoin Ponzi scheme involves the operators using the funds of new investors as returns that are paid out to existing investors. In other words, no real investment is being made and investors are scammed out of their money. The operators usually make promises of higher than normal returns in order to attract new investors. When these new investors come on board, some of the funds that they invest is used to pay returns to existing investors. At the same time, much of the new investments received is siphoned off into the pockets of the operators.

It is up to the investor to take precautionary measures to ensure that they are not scammed by Ponzi scheme operators. While there is some monitoring of bitcoin trading, it is limited and the regulatory oversight is much less than traditional trading platforms such as stock exchanges. For this reason, many investors get lured by the promises of high returns without realizing that they are actually taking part in a Ponzi scheme.

How to Protect Yourself from Bitcoin Ponzi Schemes

The best way to protect yourself as a bitcoin investor is to be on the look-out for operators that offer very high rates of return with little or no risk, investments that are unregistered, unlicensed bitcoin operators, complex or secretive fee structures, no requirement for investors to be accredited, issues with paperwork such as statement errors or inability to review written investment information, and difficulty receiving payments. All these are red flags that may indicate that you are dealing with a bitcoin Ponzi scheme.

Bitcoin Online Wallet Scams

Bitcoin online wallet scams is something that every bitcoin investor should be aware of and should take precautions to avoid. Due to the fact that the bitcoin industry is not as highly regulated as traditional financial Markets, they are susceptible to much abuse and manipulation. Unfortunately, unscrupulous operators have found ways to weasel innocent bitcoin investors out of their hard-earned money through trickery and deceit.

With bitcoin online wallet scams, what usually happens is that after an investor’s balance in an online wallet reaches to a certain level, the funds are siphoned off to the scammer’s online wallet. This usually takes place without the investor being aware that anything unusual is taking place. They will only discover that their funds are gone when it is too late and they have lost most of their investment to scammers. Unfortunately, recovery of funds is not usually possible. What usually attracts investors to these scams is the offering of a mixing service that promises high levels of anonymity for the investors.

Avoid Bitcoin Online Wallet Schemes

The best way to avoid these online wallet schemes is to avoid conducting business with operators who promise anonymity to investors. That is a huge red flag that all bitcoin investors should be aware of and should take steps to avoid. Usually, the operators of these schemes have access to sophisticated software programs that make it easy to keep the investor’s identity hidden. However, the real aim of the operation is to trick investors into trusting the scheme and therefore results in them making consistent deposits. It is always better to forego some amount of anonymity than to lose your investment to fraudulent operators. Along with Ponzi schemes, exchange arbitrage and bitcoin ATMs, bitcoin online wallet schemes should be avoided.

What is a Bitcoin ATM?

A bitcoin ATM is essentially a tool that allows for the buying and selling of bitcoins in exchange for cash. Similar to traditional ATMs, bitcoin ATMs provide a level of convenience for those who want to trade in bitcoins. These ATMs provide an alternative to online trading of bitcoins and even though it is usually more expensive to use, some investors choose this option for the convenience. They operate very much like regular ATMs in which the user provides identifying information, deposits cash which generates a QR code from an online wallet, and then waits for the bitcoins to be sent to the relevant address.

Fees for using bitcoin ATMs may reach as high as 5% but the tool is attractive for investors who may be travelling overseas and who may need to conduct transactions while on the go. This method of buying and selling bitcoins also provides a higher level of transparency and security for investors since operators must comply with traditional Know Your Client and Anti Money Laundering procedures.

Although bitcoin ATMs are convenient, there are a few drawbacks to using them. Firstly, many of these tools are unidirectional. This means that you can either only buy or sell bitcoins but you won’t be able to do both types of transactions. In addition, it may be difficult to find a bitcoin ATM near you since there are strict regulations for their operation. Thirdly, you won’t be able to trade anonymously using bitcoin ATMs since you must provide identification before your transaction can be processed. Nevertheless, this is also a plus since it means that there is a greater level of security to all investors. The chance of being scammed while using a bitcoin ATM is reduced in comparison to other methods.

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Binary options dealers in the United Arab Emirates take over eight times more cash than those in Kuwait.

Data concerning the withdrawal and deposit patterns of dealers reveals some great divergence by state.

With regard to first time deposits we can easily observe that precisely the same amounts are generally clustered round by the dealers in the area. New customers from Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon and Jordan deposit a mean of $250 to start an account.

Looking at withdrawal amounts the image we get is really distinct. At above $1688, binary options dealers in the United Arab Emirates take over eight times more cash than those in Kuwait with a mean of less than $205. The remaining portion of the area follows with amounts between $250 to $550. A potential explanation for the difference is the fact that dealers in the Gulf region that is rich can deposit more after they cash out using a larger payout and start an account.

Here is the most recent publication in the FM Indices – a fresh cross-sector standard created using a methodological formula that matriculates info from three primary sources: our database that is unique, insider information and technical BI applications.

In now’s business world, big-data access and evaluation to advice that is objective sources are critical to success. Sadly, until now it\'s been expensive and really challenging, if possible whatsoever, to locate any standards that are reputable for operations in CFDs trading and societal, FX, binary options.

Because of this, the Finance Magnates Intelligence Department has started a brand new job, developing some indices encompassing various facets of the internet trading business. These indices will provide distinctive data points collected by our analysts which will aid as a valuable knowledge base for the decision making to you.

Using information in the 3rd quarter of 2016 created each of the amounts.

The remembrance automation company Cpattern powered the evaluation and research work ran for preparing this index.

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Binary options trading requires you to have immense trading skills. It takes years to gain experience in the field. However, nowadays things are not as complicated as they used to be because there are many binary option trading services that offer signals to the traders. Thus, the traders are getting quite inclined to opt for trading bots and signal services, but the biggest problem is that many of the trading bots that are available in the market nowadays are scams and there are only a handful of reliable trading bots. Thus, it makes it a tough task for the trader to get his hands on a reliable trading bot. If the traders do intend to opt for automated trading bots that offer free signals, then it is essential to understand the concept of signals first.

Interpreting the Binary Options Trading Signals

Now binary option trading signals indicate the appropriate trading opportunity for the trader. They can be a great help if you are new to trading, but again you should only opt for reliable trading signals if you wish to get success coming your way. When you sign with a trading bot or binary options trading signal service, then make sure that you investigate the service first so that you do not get caught up in a scam.

Now most traders are misled by a misconception. They believe that if they get access to binary options trading signals, then they will not need the necessary trading skills. However, this is not the case for sure. Even if the trader intends to seek the assistance of trading signals, even then the investor needs to have a detailed understanding of binary options trading. The basic objective of the trading signals is to help you get success with binary options trading even if you have little experience.

Now if a trader makes a trade based on his research, then it will take him a lot of time. For example, you are new to trading then it will take you a massive amount of time to understand the market trends and then place your trades. The signals help to cut down on that research time, but as mentioned earlier you still need to have the basic understanding about binary options trading. You should not be blindly relying on the signals. They just give you an idea what the market is like. However, you can only get success with trading if you polish your trading concepts with the passage of time.

Types of Binary Options Trading Signals

If you intend to trade using binary options trading signals, then you need to understand the type of signals as well that are available. You need to go for the option that best suits your need and requirements. Free signals on discussion forums: Now you may be able to get your hands on free signals that the traders tend to offer on discussion boards. Now if you are a new trader then make sure that you use these signals with immense caution because there are times that these signals are just placed for advertisement purpose. Thus, you have no proof whether they will work for you or not. Your prime objective is that you should just try to interpret these signals to increase your learning curve.

Paid signal services: Now you can also get access to signals through paid signal services. Well, the paid services are often associated with investment firms. Now such signal services do not work for the new traders for the reason that at times the trades tend to be complicated or the price of the signals is quite high for a new trader. These signal services are meant for those investors who are experienced in the field of trading and make massive investments on a daily basis.

Trading software signals: Now here we are talking about trading bots. They also generate signals and trades are placed based upon the signals. Now these trading bots are a good learning opportunity for the trader provided the trading bot is authentic. These trading bots work well for the trader who first wants to get an idea of trading before taking binary option trading as a full-time profession.

The Key Features of Binary Option Signal Services and Trading Bots

Now that we have looked into the different types of signals available it is also essential to understand the features of binary option signal services so that you can evaluate their real worth. The stop loss feature: When you opt for a reliable trading bot then it has this stop loss feature. This means that you can set the limit of your daily losses. In such a situation, the trading bot will not require constant supervision on your part. Thus, this way you can prevent massive losses.

Free trial: When you opt for a reliable signal service provider then it tends to offer you a trial period so that you can check out whether the trading service works well for you and the signals are useful or not. During the trial, you can check the authenticity of the signals and this trial will also help you develop your comfort zone with the signal service or trading bot.

Thus, make your choices wisely. There is no harm in opting for signal services or trading bots, but you should not opt for these tools without understanding and investigating them. It is essential to invest time in deciphering the different trading strategies. The signals are just meant to give you push, and you need to understand this aspect if you wish to get success coming your way. You should remember the fact that chances for the scam are always there when you opt for signal services. Thus, you should investigate the signal service in detail before making your choice. This way you will not have to worry about the fact that you will have to encounter losses. This is the secret to successful trading so make sure that you remember the guidelines mentioned above.

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When you are a new Forex trader, you are reluctant to take the plunge into this field. You need the experience to come up with the right trading strategy, but this is the point where forex software can truly help you. However, you just have to ensure that you choose credible trading bots only. Now when you step in the field of trading as a Forex trader, the software can help you get familiar with the look and feel of Forex trading and that is what makes it the very best.

However, before exploring some of the best Forex Bots let us guide how you need to choose Forex trading systems in the first place.

How to Choose Forex Software

Here is a set of criteria that you need to follow to get hold of the best forex software for PC. The Forex systems should be secure: Now when you are selecting a forex trading system makes sure that it offers you security. This should be one of your main considerations when you decide to choose a system for trading.

The excellent customer offered by forex software: Now when you opt for a trading bot then you might be having a lot of questions so the best approach would be to opt for a trading bot that offers adequate support to you so that you can put up your questions to the platform without an issue.

Forex system interface should be simple: Now understanding the interface of the forex software should not be an issue for you. The software should be simple to use, and you should be able to comprehend it without any difficulty. The worst part is that if you do not have a clear perception of a forex system then you are bound to lose a lot of money, and you will surely not want this to happen to you by any means.

Explore the demo: It is preferable to go for Forex bots that offer a demo. This way you will get a fair opportunity to explore the look and feel of the trading bot and check out whether it works for you or not. Now if you decide to opt for a trading bot that does not have a demo, then you will not be able to get the essential details about the trading bot that you need to know before selecting the platform.

The Best Forex Systems

Here are some of the best Forex systems for you to choose.

  1. FXTM: Well, when you are choosing a Forex system you have to ensure the fact that it is regulated. Thus, the best selection in this regard is FXTM. FSB and CySEC regulate it. It has got about 400k registered accounts. The best part is that you can get hold of about 250 trading instruments if you decide to opt for this trading system. This trading system incorporates the Full ECN model. It is ideal for new traders who do not have a massive amount of investment. The reason is that the trader can simply start trading with a deposit of about $5.
  2. This is also a regulated forex software. It is regulated by CySEC. It has also got quite a reasonable trading deposit that is about $100. The best part is that the trader can easily get 367 plus trading choices with this trading system.
  3. XM: This is yet another trading software that you can consider if you are thinking along the lines of opting for forex trading. FCA and CySEC regulate it. It makes use of the MetaTrader 4 platform. It also has a minimum deposit of about $5. The best part is that this trading system offers a deposit bonus to the trader as well.
  4. Plus500: This Forex trading system is an excellent option for those traders who want to invest time first exploring the demo account and then want to take the plunge into trading. The FCA regulates it. This trading system allows multi-asset trading. There is no time frame restriction on the use of the demo account. The minimum deposit for this trading system is about $200. It is a bit on the higher side, but keeping into consideration the benefits it offers it is worth it.
  5. Trade360: CySEC also regulates this trading system. It offers the crowd trading tools that help to analyze volatility and sentiment changes. You will need to make a deposit of about $100 to make use of this trading system.
  6. Oanda: Now if making a deposit is a major issue for you then you can think on the lines of opting for Oanda because it does not have a minimum deposit amount. You can even make a minimum deposit of about $1 to the platform.
  7. EasyMarkets: This is yet another one of the best Forex trading systems. The best thing about this trading system is that the CySEC regulates it. Well, when the traders make use of this trading system then they can trade in options, indices, agricultural commodities, energy, metals, and currencies.

Exploring Other Options

Now you can also opt for automated trading systems. This is a good option if you are still working on your forex concepts and are unsure of your trading strategies. This system will be able to give you relevant help in taking your first step towards trading. There are several forex signals generating software as well. These trading systems provide a trader with trading signals. They also provide take-profit and stop-loss levels to the trader so that you can manage your losses and profits without an issue for sure. These software just assist the trader in making the decisions regarding trading.

Thus, make sure that you investigate the trading system that you are about to choose so that you do not end up with losses coming your way. This way you can turn forex trading into a profitable opportunity for you in no time.

forex software, forex platforms, plus500, oanda, xm,
18.12. 2016 19:40  | 

Swarm Intelligence is one of the latest auto trading softwares, launched into the binary options industry. It was developed by Dr. Steven Francis (make sure to check out, and before deciding whether or not you should invest into this software, make sure to first read our honest scam review. We have to be honest and notice that achievments that this software has made are pretty amazing, and we\'d like to provide everything we ran into, during our investigation.

For the past 15 years, Dr. Steven Francis who has a PhD in Animal Behavior, has done lot of research, studying the animals in a particular environment.

The Swarm Intelligence is all about groups. They\'ve found out what happens in nature, and concluded that a group can achieve much more than an individual.

Both Dr. Steven and Dr. Louis Rosenberg (CEO of Unanimous) find humans as beings who usually act primitively, figuring out things based on their own predictions and thoughts. This could be the reason why humans make mistakes.

He\'s helped them with their human swarm projects. Lately, he was part of the team involved with the Kentucky Derby, winning SuperFecta. This group was asked to answer questions as a Swarm. First of all, they had to pick 4 winners out of 20 horses. After that, they had to align those 4 winners like this: win, place, show, fourth place. Lastly, before finalizing their horses, they had to wait for the announcement of post positions.

Just a day before the derby, their Swarm Intelligence group gathered around, and they had quite accurate predictions of track and weather conditions. On the derby day, 142nd round was run, and horses finished in the right order, which human swarm predicted. Even though the chances were 540 to 1, they pulled it off.

Dr. Steven was also a moderator for the Academy Awards predictions. After asking 50 people to predict winners, people averagely got 6 correct predictions out of 15, while Entertainment experts got 9 correct out of 15. After that, he employed the Swarm Intelligence. Proof that this was a good call, lays in results, where the group got 11 correct predictions, out of 15. From 40% to 70% accuracy, by working as a Swarm.

After closing books, he started brainstorming on how to include Swarm Intelligence, into online trading.

He is quite passionate about trading. Three years ago, he started learning all binary options trading strategies. After some time, he realized that conditions actually determine which strategy you\'re supposed to use. He also realized that individuals can\'t be as successful at trading, since timing and speed have high influence on it.

And here is where the Swarm Intelligence has become an outstanding discovery in binary options...

Based on everything he learned, he had an idea to analyze different strategies simultaneously, selecting only unanimous choices made by the computer group. Everything was supposed to be based on predicting winning trades with Swarm Intelligence. The goal was to program successful strategies along with unique algorithms for each one of them. Only problem was finding a way to combine all of that.

Key for finding out how will the future events behave, lies in finding out how did they behave in the past. 3 analyzes were made - Mechanical, Technical and Fundamental. Based on everything, the software focuses mostly on mechanical trading.

  • Mechanical Trading is ratified in large amount of back testing of historical data. It\'s able to effectively choose best entry and exit points, without human\'s involvement.
  • Technical analysis supports Mechanical trading, and helps round up and define everything related to analyzing graphs. The Swarm Intelligence algorithm takes care of all kinds of charts, such as Heikin Ashi, Renko Candle chart and so on.

Currently, Swarm Intelligence has 10 computers which are using different trading strategies, Fibonacci, charts and so on, based on volatility and average oscillations. Still, each computer is using unique trading algorithm, which basically analyzes trades and generates signals. Those computers are all connected to one super computer, which helps with analyzing signals.

The main computer doesn\'t just analyzes trades, it also analyzes optimal strike rate. The algorithm which offered the signal, determines the strike rate, and then computer waits for the signal to reach that rate.

The Swarm Intelligence doesn\'t generate large amount of signals per day, but the ones it generates, are quite accurate.

Results of beta testing are showing an average of 84% winning trades, with 7 to 12 trades per day.

Company\'s Recommendations:

  1. Provide the information you\'re asked for, on the registration page, and after that, you can deposit with one of the brokers.
  2. If you go to Settings, you can set level of agreement amongst Swarm Intelligence computers, before placing a trade (this sliding bar is called Swarm). The 9 represents the default value, and it means that the trade will be placed only when 9 out of 10 computers are offering the same trade. Feel free to roam around those values.
  3. You\'ll be asked to select amount per trade, from $25 to $500. Our honest recommendation is $25 per trade.
  4. There is even a money management calculator. It\'s supposed to help you with optimal trading amounts, which vary depending on your account balance.

Summing up!

After the research we\'ve made, we can easily conclude that this is a proven auto trading software, and we highly recommend it, especially to newbie traders. Swarm Tech software will be making you sweet amounts of money!

binary options trading, auto trading software, human swarm, group success, Dr. Steven Francis, Swarm Intelligence
18.12. 2016 19:39  | 

The newest auto trading software, launched into the binary options industry, is called The Cash Loophole, and it was developed by Richard Sellars. This one is promising you millions of earnings within just few months (unlike others, right?), by earning dozen of thousands of dollars per week. The innocent traders and the ones who seek for \"easy money\", are falling big time for this fraud. Before even thinking about investing into such bogus system, make sure to read our scam review first, and realize that we\'re delaing with another lame attempt to scam people.

The alleged creator and CEO of The Cash Loophole software, Richard Sellars, claims that he has invented certain auto trading robot, with the help of programmers, computer engineers and mathematicians, that is supposed to dominate the financial market. This software is supposed to analyze thousands and thousands of market reports and signals every day, and by analyzing all of that, it provides you with 100 profitable trades in a day. Also, new members will allegedly be making $1987 per 3 hours, for the rest of their lives. Another thing Mr. Richard claims is that on the 3rd of January, 2017, his partner and he will release their new software, costing $1000 per license.

Trading binary options is a good way to sit at home and make money, but making $1987 per three god damn hours? Stop kidding us. Turning into a millionaire overnight is something you will definitely NOT achieve by trading binary options (it\'s hard to say that you will ever achieve something like that, overnight).

Our personal favorite, the claim of \"no loss software\", is by far the dumbest claim anyone can pronounce. When we\'re talking about trading binary options, Forex and financial industry at all, where commodities, stocks, currencies, political elections and economic events have the biggest role, you can\'t say that there is such thing as NO LOSS SOFTWARE.

Becoming a millionaire overnight is, we say it once again, something that is NOT going to happen, ever, especially not in the financial industry. Learning how financial market works is a good way to increase your incomes, but don\'t fall for tricks such as \"no loss auto trading software\", and so on.

The Gorilla\'s Conclusion!

Keep reading our honest scam reviews, in order to stay in touch with latest fraudulent systems being launched into the binary options industry, and keep your bank accounts safe - we\'re sure that you don\'t want some scammer to take away all of your hard earned cache, in the blink of an eye. With all the evidence we\'ve provided, we can easily conclude that The Cash Loophole is something we all should stay away from, because it has nothing to do with trading BO, and claiming that you\'ll turn into a millionaire overnight is pure lie. Keep trading safe!

auto trading software, binary options industry, Richard Sellars, The Cash Loophole
18.12. 2016 19:26  | 

Royce Code Scam Review!

One of the latest fraudulent systems that\'s been launched to the binary options industry, is the Royce Code, developed by Richard Royce, with an aim to drain people\'s money. Many scammers who\'ve been promoting other frauds, are promoting this one as well. Before even thinking whether this offer is reliable or not, make sure to first read our honest scam review, and keep your hard-earned money.

The alleged CEO and owner of the Royce Wealth Group, Mr. Richard, claims that his company has been active for the past 10 years, and it already generated more than 2 billion dollars for their users. For the past 18 months, they\'ve been working on the Royce Code project, which is supposed to trade on its own, based on their 10 years of experience in the financial industry. Besides that, they are also promising insured withdrawal system for their customers, which is allowing you to collect your daily profit within 24 hours, whenever you ask for it.

This alleged Richard Royce, promoting this Royce Code scam, has also promoted other scams such as Insured Outcome, and Zeus2.

As the CEO claims, during the past 18 months, they\'ve recruited 15 new customers who are complete newbies to the BO trading, and they\'ve been generating sweet amounts of daily money for those customers. If you seek for on (well-known domain age checker), you\'ll see that their site was registered on 2016-12-05 - so, how did they actually recruit their customers?

Besides the actor who promoted Insured Outcome, and Zeus2, we\'ve seen another actor who promoted Obcasio, who also claimed to be President, and so on. This time, the once-called President, represents himself as a newbie tradder, seeking for easy money with BO trading.

Remember how they promised to give you money within 24 hours, on your request? Well guess what, that is not how things work, at least not in this industry. You have to wait couple of days, 5 days max, to get paid by your broker. We want you to be sure that no broker is ever going to pay you within 24 hours, and especially not the one related to Royce Code software.

The Gorilla\'s Conclusion!

We can easily conclude that the Royce Code is another fraudulent system, developed just to take people\'s money away. Alleged owner and users of this software are just paid actors, and we\'ve already told you that there is no way to get paid from your broker, within 24 hours. With all the evidence above, we are closing this case, and reminding you to keep reading our honest scam reviews, in order to keep your money safe.

fraudulent system, binary options industry, Richard Royce, Royce Code
18.12. 2016 19:26  | 

Latest scam launched into the binary options industry, as alleged auto trading software, is the Wall Street Focus Group, a.k.a Cobra5 software, which was developed by David Lombardi. We want to ensure that you won\'t rush into investing your money into this bogus service, at least not before reading our full scam review. Unfortunately, this scam has gone quite viral amongst innocent traders, with the help of social media and email marketing. Keep reading this review, in order to find out all the evidence we\'re going to provide for you, such as paid actors and fake promises, in order for you to realize that this is just a lame attempt to trick people.

Jimmy Russo, who has allegedly hired David Lombardi as a head project manager for the Wall Street Focus Group, had a nice idea. Mr. David was supposed to hire 75 people to trade with the Cobra5 software, for 90 days, free of charge, making them think that they are beta testers for the Wall Street Focus Group. They claim that the Cobra5 software was developed over the past 10 years, by some of the best financial analysts on the Wall Street. They claim that this software was developed at the NASDAQ Stock Market Index, with an intention to make auto trading software. It\'s supposed to increase the overall index average, by winning more and more trades.

In the video presentation, we\'ve heard that this Cobra5 software can make from $381 to $796 per day, winning at least 84 out of 100 trades, on a daily basis. And regarding the story of 90 days working as beta tester, after those 90 days expire, you\'ll be forced to start paying $997 per month, in order to continue using their software.

Another one of the lies we\'ve heard, is that the software is supposed to be the \"No loss trading software\" - providing you trading with 100% accuracy! Besides that, they are promising an income of $381-$796 per day, using the software on a auto pilot mode, meaning you won\'t have to do anything, and you\'ll be earning money (perhaps tomorrow will rain money, or something like that). More of the lies to come, Mr. Lombardi says that you can trade in the financial market for 24 hours per day, 7 days a week; Even inexperienced traders know that stock Markets are up only 5 days a week.

It doesn\'t matter whether you\'ve started trading yesterday, or you have years of experience behind you, you should know that you can\'t generate dozen of thousands of dollars per day. Therefore, don\'t fall for Lombardi\'s lies about earning $20k per month, as a \"beta tester\" for some fraudulent company. Be assured that we\'re dealing with a bogus software that has nothing to do with binary options trading.

The Gorilla\'s Conclusion!

David Lombardi, Jimmy Russo, Wall Street Focus Group, Cobra5 - this is just bunch of NOTHING. Typical scammers inventing \"auto trading softwares\", in order to just take away your hard-earned money. Nothing we haven\'t seen so far! We are definitely not dealing with \"no loss software\" that will, allegedly, generate $20k per month for you. Make sure to keep reading our scam reviews, in order to keep your money safe!

auto trading software, binary options industry, Jimmy Russo, David Lombardi, Cobra5, Wall Street Focus Group
18.12. 2016 19:18  | 

Latest \"auto trading software\" that has been launched into the binary options industry, is the Satellite Trader software. Even though this software is going viral amongst innocent inexperienced traders, due to email marketing, this is something you should definitely stay away from, in order to keep your money safe. This \"auto trading software\" is nothing but a busted scam, and if you want hard evidence for it, keep reading our scam review.

Binary options industry can be represented as a sea, with plenty of fish in it, where fish represent scammers. It\'s quite pathetic how scammers keep making those fraudulent systems on a daily basis - how do they not get tired? Satellite Trader is definitely not something you should invest your cache in. The alleged founder and creator of the Satellite Trader, Richard Heffner, is just another paid actor. If you\'ve seen the video presentation, lasting 27 minutes, we\'re sure that you\'ve noticed how he kept repeating \"GPS Trader\".

Here\'s what this software can offer us - earning $850 per hour( $20.000 per day), using auto trading robot, and all of that is allegedly 100% risk free. This should be more than enough for you to realize how lame this attempt to scam people is. More of their trully pathetic claims which you can find on - instant withdrawals direct to your bank account, making 27 random people millionaires within past 3 months, and so on.

Earning $850 per hour, in the financial industry, is by far the most unbelievable thing. Just ask any experienced trader, and see for yourself whether anyone can confirm that you can earn that much money just by trading binary options.

Trading is a process in which sometimes you lose, and sometimes you win - therefore, you shouldn\'t trust nor invest into anyone or anything that claims to work with \"no loss\". Anyone who claims that they can provide you trading without losing, is either someone who has no idea how trading works, or someone who\'s just trying to rip you off.

The Gorilla\'s Conclusion!

Our honest opinions are that scammers who make fraudulent systems like this one, should sit behind bars. Lying to people, promising them unbelievable things and stealing their hard-earned money is something that shouldn\'t go off unpunished. Satellite Trader is based on an old, long-time exposed system, called GPS Trader, which has nothing to do with trading. After reading all of this, and realizing that becoming millionaire overnight or earning $20k per day is NOT something that is ever going to happen, we really hope that you are going to stay away from this vicious scam.

automated trading software, binary options industry, Richard Heffner, Satellite Trader
18.12. 2016 19:14  | 

This Obcasio software is nothing but a lame attempt to steal all of your hard-earned money. Scammers behind this software haven\'t actually developed a software that will make you money - they developed a software that will trick you and anyone else who invests into it. If you have a desire to keep your cache safe, make sure to stay away from these fraudulent systems, and keep reading our scam reviews in order to stay in touch with latest frauds, and evidence proving why you should stay away from them!

binary options industry, auto trading software, Michael Watson, Obcasio software
18.12. 2016 19:13  | 

Profit Replicator App Review!

One of the latest fraudulent systems that were launched into the binary options industry, is the Profit Replicator App, developed by Mr. Michael Griffin. Just like other bogus systems, this one has nothing to do with binary options trading, and its only goal is to empty your bank account. Social networks and email marketing helped this scam go viral, and unfortunately, many people have fallen for it. Before even thinking about investing into this \"auto trader\", make sure to first read our scam review, in order to realize that this is just another scammer\'s lame attempt to rip people off.

The alleged founder and creator of the Profit Replicator App, Mr. Michael, claims that he\'s developed auto trading software, that will never lose a single trade (providing you 100% win rate on a daily basis). Another one of the claims is that you\'ll be earning $7250 per day, and if you don\'t succeed at that, the PayPal will pay you $2000 out of their pocket (yeah, and it might start raining money as well). Also, Mr. Michael has said, during the presentation, that he\'ll turn you into a millionaire within few months. He and his team of programmers, traders and statisticians have created and refined their Profit Replicator App, in a way that it knows exactly what is going to happen with the trade, even before it actually happens.

Here is more of the evidence. If you visit their website, and enter your email address, you will be redirected to another page, where you can scroll down and see pictures of alleged creators of this app. If you take a good look at those pictures, you\'ll realize that those are just fake identities and stolen pictures.

Here\'s what the voice narrator has said during the demonstration video - new traders are supposed to make $7000 or even more, per day, becoming millionaires within few months. We can\'t seem to figure out how come people are falling for something like this! Not even experienced traders who\'ve been in the binary options industry for many years, can\'t earn that much money, nor had they became a millionaire within few months.

Trading BO is a good way to increase your monthly incomes, but you should know that you can\'t have 100% win rate using ANYTHING, and especially not using a fake auto trader software.

The Gorilla\'s Conclusion!

This is just another scam that has gone viral thanks to email marketing, and the new trader\'s lust towards easy money. Still, that is not a reason for you to believe into it! We\'ve provided more than enough evidence for you to realize that this is definitely a pure scam, developed with an aim to take away people\'s hard earned cache. Promising things like earnings of $7k per day and such things, is something that you should NOT believe it, no matter what! Keep reading our honest reviews in order to stay safe while trading online!

binary options industry, fraudulent system, Profit Replicator App, Michael Griffin
18.12. 2016 19:11  | 

One of the latest scams going viral amongst new innocent traders, called \"Jarvis Formula\", is represented by no other than \"President\" Paul Jarvis! This software is promising you earnings of $278.430,62 within less than a month. Keep in mind that this software has nothing to do with binary options trading. Email marketers have helped this offer go viral, sending bogus invitations to pretty much everyone. Because of this, we\'re going to provide as much evidence as we can, in order to assure you that this is just another lame attempt to rip people off, and to make sure that you won\'t spend your hard-earned cash like this!

The alleged President claims that this Jarvis Formula is a automated software, created within past three years by team of computer engineers, mathematicians and algorithm programmers, with an aim to rule the BO marketplace. This \"auto trading software\" is claimed to have an amazing 100% winning ratio, on a daily basis. Also, new traders, who decide to invest into this system (that would be the worst decision of your life), are promised to earn $278.430,62 within less than a month, becoming millionaires within such short time.

If you think this promise is lame and ridiculous, keep reading.

Mr. Jarvis is well-known between traders, since he\'s already promoted a fraudulent system like this one, called Drexel Code, which took money away from innocent and inexperienced people.

Knowing all of that, we can easily conclude that this alleged CEO, Mr. Jarvis, is just another scam artist, also known as Fiverr actor, who\'s getting paid to talk whatever he\'s being told to. Before annoucing that this Jarvis Formula is definitely another fraud, we\'ll expose more things related to this bogus system.

As the \"CEO\" claims, they\'ve had 50 beta testers over the past three years, who tested Jarvis Formula softawre. Mr. Jarvis says that all of the testers have become millionaires. If we seek for on (well-known domain age checker), we\'ll see that it was registered on 2016-10-11. If the site wasn\'t available three years ago, how did the \"beta testers\" apply for beta testing?

We can\'t figure out, besides promising hundreds of thousands of dollars per month, how come they didn\'t promise few Ferraries and a penthouse along with it? It\'s ridiculous thinking that someone will believe into lies like these, and it\'s pathetic how some people are actually falling for this! Stop thinking that anyone will ever make something that can provide you a \"100% win rate\". We\'re dealing with financial market here, for God\'s sake. Commodities, stocks, currencies, econimic and political events - those are all the things that have high influence on the financial market, and because of that, sometimes you\'ll be winning trades, and sometimes you\'ll be losing them. That\'s just how it works - make sure that nobody assures you in something different than this.

The Conclusion!

Based on everything we\'ve provided to you, we can easily conclude that the Jarvis Formula is nothing but a lame scam, aiming to drain people\'s accounts. This is definitely not a \"auto trading software\", and it definitely has nothing to do with actual binary options trading. Don\'t forget that the alleged CEO is actually a paid scam artist. Keep reading our honest scam reviews, in order to keep your money safe!

binary options trading, auto trading software, Paul Jarvis, Jarvis Formula
18.12. 2016 19:07  | 

Crack Brokers Scam Review!

Latest money making scheme launched to the binary options industry is the Crack Brokers, which was developed by Mr. Thomas Mallon. This scam was supported by Fiverr actors, who are getting paid in order to talk whatever they\'ve been told to talk. There are chances that you\'ll be receiving offers for this software via email, or even via social networks, so it would be a good idea to first read our honest scam review, in order to realize that this is just another scammer\'s lame attempt to rip people off.

The alleged CEO of the Crack Brokers software, Mr. Thomas, claims that his \"auto trading robot\" is based on a algorithm that provides winning ratio of at least 98.8% accuracy. Besides that, he also says that he is offering this software to just 15 new members, and if you leave their page, you\'ll lose that opportunity. Mr. Thomas has also introduced some of the \"successful\" traders who used his auto trading robot, and earned loads of money.

If you check out their website, , you\'ll be able to see faces of people whose identity is hidden, and the profits they\'ve achieved on the current day. If you visit it on, for example, Sunday, you\'ll see people\'s profit on the current day. Mind if we ask, how come they\'ve earned something on that day, if Markets are, as we all know, closed during the weekend? Transactions are available only from Monday to Friday. Besides this lame story, if you google those pictures representing alleged users of this software, you\'ll realize that those are just stolen pictures from the internet.

Watching their video presentation, you could\'ve noticed at the end of it, that we\'re dealing with bunch of paid actors, so called Fiverr actors, who represent \"traders\" using this Crack Brokers software. They are being paid $5 per 50 words, where they are saying whatever you pay them to say.

Mr. Thomas has mentioned few times that you\'ll be making $2500 per day, using this auto trading software. Keep that in mind. On the other hand, if you go to their website, fill the registration form, and go to next page, you\'ll encounter a title saying \"Complete The Form To Register Your Account And Start Making $22.005 EVERY DAY\". So, will you be making $22.005 per day, or $2500 per day? These scammers today can\'t even agree with themselves.

The Conclusion!

We\'ve provided enough evidence to prove that we\'re dealing with another money making scheme, and therefore, make sure to stay away from this Crack Brokers app, in order to keep your money safe. This software has nothing to do with trading BO, and is surely not going to turn you into a millionare within few months. Keep reading our honest scam reviews, and trade safe!

binary options industry, Fiverr actors, money making scheme, Thomas Mallon, Crack Brokers
18.12. 2016 19:00  | 

Aurum Tech Scam Review!

Latest \"auto trading software\", launched into the binary options industry, promising to turn you into a millionaire overnight (just like every other), is called Aurum Tech, and it was developed by Marco Shoemaker. Unfortunately, this scam app has gone viral amongst new and innocent traders. This scam review is supposed to help you, by providing you evidence against this lame scam attempt, in order for you to keep your money safe.

The alleged head developer and CEO of the Aurum Tech app, Marco Shoemaker, claims that he\'s, along with his team of engineers, former Wall Street employees and programmers, developed a trading tool for the financial market. The software allegedly analyzes commodities, and wins trades every day on your behalf, providing you with profitable trades every day. Also, new members are promised to earn thousands of dollars per day, for free.

The alleged Marco Shoemaker, is the Mr. John Harrison, who advertised a scam called \"Mirror Trader\", who also promised to turn users of his software into millionaires overnight, and so on. Even though exposing something like this should be more than enough for you to realize that we\'re dealing with another fraud over here, there is more evidence we can provide for you.

If you check out their website,, and if you scroll down, you\'ll see picutre of a guy who\'s alleged user of their software. If you take another look at it, you\'ll realize that it\'s nothing but a stolen picture, and just an unreal identity, used by scammers to trick people into believing that this is something real, making them invest in this bogus system.

When it comes to binary options industry, there is one thing that we all know for sure - you can NOT become a millionaire within few months, no matter what. Trading regularly, analyzing the trades, Markets, commodities and so on, will help you become better at what you do, and will eventually give you higher win rate - but there is nothing that can make you thousands of dollars per day, with you just sitting and doing nothing.

The Conclusion!

Unfortunately, currently there is no industry which involves money, which is not related with fraudulent activities - and that is something we all have to learn to live with. Because of that, you need to pay more attention to all of your online activities, especially ones including money - therefore, before even thinking of investing your hard earned money into some bogus system, make sure to first find out more about that system. We have provided more than enough evidence for you to realize that you should stay away from Aurum Tech app, which was developed with a single goal - and that is, taking all of your money away from you. This so called \"auto trading software\" actually has nothing to do with binary options trading, and is certainly not going to turn you into a millionaire overnight. Keep reading our honest scam reviews, and keep your money safe!

auto trading software, binary options industry, Marco Shoemaker, Aurum Tech
09.12. 2016 11:23  | 

Latest money making scheme, that\'s been released to binary options industry few hours ago, is the Plentitude Formula, developed by George Ackerman. Because of an unknown reason, this vicious system is going quite viral amongst unexperienced traders, who are getting tricked by email marketing promotions. Before making any investments, make sure to read our full scam review, in order to realize that we\'re dealing with an obvious fraudulent system.

The alleged creator and CEO of the Plentitude Formula, Mr. George, has launched new auto trading robot which is supposed to produce $10k - $70k per day, promising you that you\'ll become a millionaire within a month. Other than that, there wasn\'t any actual information about this Plentitude Formula to prove the story behind it.

Don\'t fall for this Mr. George, as he is just a paid actor, who\'s getting paid to tell lies to the camera. All they want to do, is to redirect you to another page, where you\'re supposed to invest money into your \"brokerage account\". The rest of their presentation was as lame as that - no relevant information given, and all we could hear were lies. Promising $70k daily income, and becoming a millionaire within a month - come on, this is not lottery. Unfortunately, this isn\'t the end of their lies.

During the presentatioin, some people \"revealed\" their testimonials, in order to trick you that they have actually acomplished something using this Plentitude Formula software. As you could predict, those are just bunch of Fiverr actors, who are getting paid $5 per 50 words. You need to realize that we\'re dealing with people who are, above all, lying to you, and second, they don\'t have any clue about binary options industry, marketing, or anything like that.

Besides fake \"millionaire\" promises and paid actors, we don\'t have any relevant information on how does the Plentitude Formula work, on which algorithm was it based, and so on. We shouldn\'t trust any unreliable system, about which we have absolutely no information.

The Gorilla\'s Conclusion!

Even though actors have been calling this software a \"auto trading robot\", talking about binary options industry and so on, that is actually not what this is all about. We\'re talking about scam, that unfortunately went quite viral, due to email marketeres. We have to remind you one more time, that making $70k per day, or becoming a millionaire overnight, IS NOT something that\'s going to happen. We can easily conclude that we\'re dealing with dangerous bogus system, which you should stay as far away as you can.

binary options industry, auto trading robot, George Ackerman, Plentitude Formula
09.12. 2016 11:21  | 

Jed Onasis has created one of the latest app traps, called Onassis Alliance. He says that you\'ll be making $7,500 per day, for the rest of your life, on a complete auto pilot mode. Alfred, one of our subscribers, has told us that he\'s got a message claiming that he can become a millionaire within few months, making none less than $625 per hour. Don\'t fall for this \"promising\" trap - check out our scam review in order to save your hard-earned cache.

The alleged founder and owner of the Onassis Alliance, happens to be a \"millionaire\" thanks to his auto trader. As he claims, few months ago, he figured out a money-making system, based on computer algorithms, which can predict by fraction of a second the way an asset is going to move - helping it determine whether it\'ll call or put transaction.

Onassis Alliance app is supposed to place a series of trades, on a complete auto mode, with an 97.4% accuracy. Also, the app should treat losses as \"breaks\", meaning you won\'t be losing any money (ending up with a tie). Mr. Jed also says that his app should be making $625 per hour, at least $7,500 per day.

Let\'s get straight to the facts!

This industry we\'re talking about, binary trading options, represents a very classy and profitable way to earn money, but it\'s not nearly as easy as people assume. Making $625 per hour is quite ridicilous, and it\'s so not going to happen. Another thing - becoming a millionaire overnight - really? Everyone can agree with us that this app is a very bogus system.

We can promise you two things - first of all, you won\'t be generating nowhere near that amount of daily money, and second, using this system will only make you lose money.

Besides, there is no such thing as \"no loss software\", especially not in the financial industry. In the binary options trading, we\'re dealing with commodities, stocks, currencies and so on, meaning we\'re dealing with something risky. On top of that, there are many political and economic events that are affecting the stocks - no one can control that! Once again, the \"no loss\" auto trading robot, called \"Onassis ALliance\" is nothing but a foolish scam.

Another thing we\'d like to explain is - \"97.4% win rate\". For all new traders, the winning rate means the ratio between your won and lost trades. Therefore, trading with 97.4% accuracy means you\'ll be winning 97 trades out of 100 trades in total - only 3 lost trades. So, what happened to the \"no loss software\" that Mr. Onassis is talking about? Can this software lose, or not?

The Gorilla\'s Conclusion!

If you\'ve ever doubted, even for a second - stop! This Onassis Alliance app is not an millionaire-making financial tool. It\'s more of a money-draining tool. We highly recommend you to keep your back accounts safe,and not let anyone fool you and take your money. We can easily conclude that this Onassis Alliance is nothing but a fraudulent system, made by scammers who tend to rip you off.

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09.12. 2016 11:18  | 

One of the latest scams in the binary options industry is the Crude Profit System. This fraud is focused on the parts of the World in which people speak German - so this review is made to warn our German readers.

We are going to expose enough evidence for you to realize that this is just another unreliable fraudulent system, that you shouldn\'t trust no matter what.

Why Crude Profit System is dishonest?

First of all, we can hear bunch of promises, but without any proof, especially without the proof that we\'re dealing with Steffen Schwalm. During the video presentation, we\'ve seen few snapshots, allegedly belonging to this person, but the name was floating in the air - quite suspicious, don\'t you think?

How the software works?

Besides talking about stocks and commodities, they haven\'t actually mentioned the most relevant thing - how does their system work? Not mentioning thing like this, places a large doubt on the system.

Testimonials behind this service?

Alexander Unger, from Berlin, claims that he\'s generating €10,500 with initial amount of only €500. We\'ve searched a bit for his picture, and found out that the actual person on the picture is Clive Owen, the famous English actor.


From the beginning, everyone had exclusively negative reviews about this software. Every blog is warning you about this bogus software, so you should stay away from this service no matter what.

Crude Profit System Review - The conclusion!

We can easily conclude that we\'re dealing here with the bogus scam system. Their website was build to rip you off, so stay away from it. The reason why you shouldn\'t be involved with this service is because you\'re going to lose all your money as soon as you register and let the \"broker\" manipulate your account. Another way they are baiting you, is by promising bonuses and forcing you to invest more money, in order to reach that bonus. No matter what you do, you\'re going to lose your money without any doubt. Therefore, we want to make you realize that you should stay away from this bogus fraudulent system!

online scam, fraudulent system, Steffen Schwalm, Crude Profit System
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Mr. Jacob Adams has launched new software designed to rip off people\'s hard-earned money, using \"Self-Made Millionaires Biz\". One of our subscribers have recieved suspicious invitation to their inbox, saying \"here\'s your chance to become a millionaire with a trustworthy system\". Doesn\'t matter if you have received same offer, or you\'re about to, you should know that these unknown email marketeres aren\'t doing anything good, but helping out scam artists to fool you. Check out our full scam review, in order to realize why this \"auto trading robot\" is something you should stay away from.

As usual, bunch of paid actors are \"revealing\" their testimony using the \"Self-Made Millionaires Biz\" for the last couple of months. And of course, they claim that they have achieved great success, heightening their daily profit. Jacob Adams is the alleged founder and CEO, claiming that new traders will be able to make $1k per day along with $10k of welcome bonus. Also, Jacob says that, over the past few years, they have been working on \"secret trading formula\", and have developed it to fully functional system, ready to be released. Also, their software was allegedly created to analyze and monitor financial market, in order to keep trading on your behalf.

Unfortunately, we have to tell you that none of the people who showed their \"honest\" testiominals, are actual users of this software. They are Fiverr actors, who are getting paid $5 per 50 words, saying anything you want them to say. You should be aware that we\'re dealing with bunch of scam artists, doing everything they can in order to fool you and make you deposit your money, losing it to this fraudulent system. was, thanks to (domain-age checker), registered on 2016-02-09, and activated on 2016-10-03. So, if their website was launched a month ago, how can anyone trust their hard-earned money into an bogus vicious system like this one, that\'s only been up for a month, while promising great success?

Do you remember the promising welcome bonus, which goes up to $10k? Well, first of all, you should know that broker is managing your trading account, meaning that if you invest in that account, it\'s going straight to the broker\'s wallet. What\'s actually going on, is that as soon as you accept this \"bonus\", your account is getting restricted, making you unable to withdraw from it. Of course, they do give you option to \"get\" your money, but only if you complete few turnovers, which are matched to 10 times of your initial deposit. All in all, you\'re losing your money no matter what, instead of getting it.

The Gorilla\'s Conclusion!

We are definitely not dealing with successful auto trading robot here. Their presentation is based on Fiverr actors whose job is to speak whatever they\'re told to speak. It\'s 100% clear that people who \"invested\" in this system, have actually lost the money. We can easily conclude that we\'re dealing with another scammer\'s attempt to trick innocent BO traders, who unfortunately often fall for \"easy-money\", which is promised by this \"millionaire system\". Stay safe!

online fraud, auto trading robot, binary options industry, Jacob Adams, Self-Made Millionaires Biz
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Julia and Harold have developed one of the latest \"automated tools\", called \"Click Money System\". Similar to others, these scammers are promising to turn you into a millionaire by the end of this year. Their software has, as they say, never lost a trade, and is able to make $14k a day, on auto pilot mode. Unfortunately, this scam is going quite viral, tricking many people into investing their hard-earned money to this bogus fraudulent system. Check out our scam review, in order to be sure that this is just another scam going online, and that you should stay away from it.

The alleged founders and creators of the Click Money System, Julia and Harold, claim how their auto trading robot has one of the most accurate results, in the binary options market. Julia is claiming that they are looking for regular people from all over the world, to try out their system and afterwards become millionaires by the end of this year. Also, during the beta testing stage, their software hasn\'t lost a single trade.

Even though they have made one 30-minute long video presentation, and two additional videos, they haven\'t actually provided any information on how does their system work, for how long did the beta testing last, and why is their Click Money System so much better than the others.

Before we say anything else, we\'d like to start our \"investigation\" by asking you - do you really think that there is anything on this world that can make you a millionaire overnight, especially in the financial industry, with all the commodities, stocks and whatnot? Don\'t be ridicilous, nothing can turn you into a millionaire, not even within a week or anything like that. This is just another bait technique, developed to scam innocent unexperienced people who will fall for any kind of \"easy money\".

Without further ado, we keep exposing facts to you, that should help you realize that you should stay away from this software. Earning $14k per day, with some automated trading robot for which by the way you have no idea how it works - isn\'t going to happen.

Julia and Harold keep saying that they have recruited couple of unexperienced traders, who were new to the binary options industry, during the last year. If we check out the (domain-age checker), we can find out that Click Money System\'s website was registered on 2016-08-31, which was 3 months ago, and not a year ago.

The Gorilla\'s Conclusion!

Binary options trading could represent quite a profitable business, but you need to realize that you can not become a millionaire overnight, or anything like that. Especially not with this kind of scam system, made by people who\'s only goal is to rip off innocent people, taking their hard-earned cache away from them. Even though those scam artists are offering their \"auto trader\" for free, you shouldn\'t fall for it, if you want to keep your money safe. Based on our detailed scam review, we can easily conclude that we\'re just dealing with another money making scheme - so stay aware!

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6 Figure Method Scam Review!

The 6 Figure Method software is one of the latest fraudulent systems, which was made by anonymous group of scammers. Email marketeres have done their jobe this time as well, tricking many innocent traders into getting their accounts drained. We highly recommend you to read our full scam review, in order to keep your hard-earned cache safe.

So-called owner of the 6 Figure Method, Ray Fisher, is promising earnings of $23k per month, meaning $276k a year, using his auto trading robot. Allegedly, Mr. Ray\'s software has never lost a trade, since it\'s based on a risk-free system. He also claims that he is giving away 300 free spots, to random people all over the world, because he likes helping others. Wow, that\'s a first one.

\"Ray Fisher\" is just an made up identity, aiming to fool people. The \"testimonials\" we\'ve seen by alleged members, are just faked and stolen photos. Those identities have never placed a put or call orders, and also, the people we\'ve seen in the video presentation, are just Fiverr actors, who are getting paid $5 per 50 words. This is just another way to manipulate innocent traders.

The only thing you can acomplish by joining the 6 Figure Method service, is losing all your money. We have proven that we\'re dealing with scam artists who have absolutely no idea how does the financial market works, or anything like that. They even hired Fiverr actors, in order to promote their \"auto trading\" software. On top of that, you should know that there is no such thing as \"no loss software\" - so don\'t fall for foolish story on how his risk-free program has never lost a single trade. There\'s no single tool that can have that kind of accuracy, at least not in the financial industry.

Latest news are that Donald Trump has won the elections, becoming the president of United States of America. Things like that occur quite often, and those are kind of things that affect Markets very much. Because of all the influences, you can never have unbeatable winning strike. Things like that are just not possible.

The Gorilla\'s Conclusion!

This \"auto trading robot\" is nothing but a money-making scheme, made to rip you off. We can easily conclude, based on everything we\'ve exposed, that this is just another bogus fraudulent system, and you should definitely stay away from this software, in order to keep your savings protected.

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In Islam, there are too many versions of halal haram about a thing. There are so many Islamic scholars with each knowledge sources. Because of the reason itself, the doubt of halal haram is endless, for many things. Often when you say that something is halal, your friend say it is not. Many times it ends with debates.

There are always two sides that say something is allowed or not. For example is Forex trading. Many people say that Forex trading is haram. Hence, the job of trading currencies is not allowed. However, we cannot merely look on the surface. When you get deeper, actually there is variable in Forex trading which makes Moslem is able to do it. So, in this post, you will learn how to do the Forex or roughly halal gambling.

Halal Gamble

So, is there any game which is halal in Islam? Actually, the term of gamble is a bit inappropriate. Even that in Forex trading, there is speculation included, it is not purely gambling. The Islamic Forex trading does not include the interest fee. Since the interest or also called as riba in Islam is forbidden, the Islamic Forex brokers have the non-swap option.

The interest-free is included in Shariah rules. The shariah rules stress on the interest-free in any kinds of business included in banking. the main concept is, it asserts that there is no something in return when you are giving or receiving something. An example of interest fee is the rollover fee. The rollover fee is a payment that is made when the positions open. This kind of payment is prohibited in Islam because it is a kind of riba. And riba is the name of interest in Arabic.

Actually, the Forex trading is till on debate among the Islamic scholars all around the world. The scholars who allow it, give some conditions. Therefore, you can still do the Forex trading. The best way is finding the Islamic brokers.

Halal Forex Trading

The Halal Trading can be the option for those who wanna join. Furthermore, it is the advantage for those who need to open the account overnight. However, although it is halal, before you join, you need to know some conditions. The halal Forex has a higher rate of minimum investment. furthermore, there are some conditions for doing halal Forex.

First, you need to apply the spot trading. It means that the sell and purchase need to do in a day. Second is the transparency. The transaction should be fairly sent to both accounts. Furthermore, remember that it should be interest-free. The last, there is no installment for the payment.

Although the Islamic scholars said some conditions like above, there would be still debates. People will insist they are right and the others do so. Frankly, say, it is difficult to say whether a thing is yes or no. We have so many views about halal and haram in many things. When you logically think that it is halal, you can get it. Yet, first, you need to find the base of reliable reference to say it is halal or not.

The debates about halal and haram in Forex may not stop. There is no best idea for this. You just need to follow what makes you sure. It is not the matter which side you stand on. Everyone has their own reasons. As long as you can respect others opinion, it is okay. The main point is that, as a Moslem, you need to follow the Islamic rules.

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The topic about halal haram is always sensitive. Up till now, the arguments about halal and haram can be different for individuals. There are many opinions as references. An opinion can say that a thing is halal while another is haram. Therefore, when an issue is arisen up, the government will quickly state officially whether a thing is halal or not.

Actually, the state of halal or haram in each country can be different. It is because they refer to the different source. Then, the matter about halal and haram can back to individuals only if there is no official statement from the government.

Talking about halal and haram, there is a topic that still being arguable. That is Forex. There is still questions and argument whether is it halal or haram. Then, why don‘t we talk about it now?

The types of currencies trading Forex is the place where currencies are traded. This market is the biggest currencies market in the world and operates 24 hours. This market has no center, which means the trading can happen in all over the world. Then, what are the types of currencies trading?

There are 4 majors of currencies trading in Forex. Those are:

  1. SPOT The spot is currencies trading in which the sale and purchase happen at the same day. Therefore, the risk of such method is bigger.
  • FORWARD It is the trading which the sale and purchase are determined now, yet legitimate for the next 48 hours up to a year.
  • SWAP It is the currency trading in which the sale and purchase using the spot and forward combination.
  • OPTION The options trading is the right to sell or purchase currencies with the flexible price and time period.

    Halal Forex

    Forex brokers commonly give you two options of trading. There are swap and non-swap. The main trouble here is, swap trading is still arguable. It is because some opinions say that it contains speculations. The trading thing that is still under speculation is considered haram in Islam. It means that trading something unclear. However, people who are still in doubt about halal or haram can use the non-swap trading.

    Ironically, there are people who don‘t understand what is Forex actually and make the false assumption about the harm Forex. Although it is clear that in hadist, Islam forbids the trading of thing which is still unclear about its halal and haram, now there are brokers offer Islamic trading account. The Islamic trading is simply provided people the Forex trading facility which still concerns the Islamic rules. The Islamic Forex gives you the interest-free trading. Therefore, it also means swap free trading. The interest is forbidden in Islam, whether you receive it or you are the side of giving it.

    So, why is trading with interest forbidden? In Islam, the interest is forbidden because people should not give something in order to get something. In Islamic term, it is called as riba. Moslem is not permitted to do any kind of riba. Furthermore, when you sell something involving ribaI, the profit will be haram.

    Therefore, if you want to do Forex in an Islamic way, you need to find the broker that gives you the option of swap and non-swap trading. If you cannot find the non-swap option in your country, you can search for foreign brokers. Fortunately, now the Islamic Forex brokers are started to grow. You can find the Islamic Forex brokers by searching the internet.Hence, do not doubt to involve in Forex trading.

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    Many people are interested in forex trading and even betting, the ways they can gain profit by making use of the careful examination of the market. If you are a newbie in this activity, probably the profit you get will not be that much yet it does not really matter. The broker like ETX Capital helps you to develop your sense of the right time to sell or buy. And once you reach your success, there is a big chance for you to do it over and over again. The question is that, is this the right thing to do? Aren’t you afraid of scam? ETX Capital scam has been reviewed by some people and they agree that they should not do any business with it. Well, it is up to you whether you are going to believe it or not but the thing is, you need to know about this.

    Some people say that ETX Capital scam is not true that it does not deceive you and steal your money, making you become at loss or something like that. The broker is registered and also regulated by British Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) thus there is no way for you to be cheated. However, when there people say the other way around, you should think of it too as there must be reasons behind the suspicion. Let’s see some of the views saying that ETX Capital is (really) scam.

    Being taken out from the trade

    There are some complaints from the users of ETX Capital platform that they have been taken out from the trade that is still far from the Stop Loss. The broker has the right, or probably it is its job too, to save the traders from loss. But it should be done transparently and logically that there are good reasons for taking the out from the trade. We basically do not know why ETX Capital do so and why the people think that way. Yet suppose the broker needs to do the withdrawal, there must be clear explanations on that.

    Price gaps

    Each broker set different price for the trading which traders have to accept. If they do not like it, traders can go somewhere else; it is as simple as that. However, it seems that some people are not satisfied with it that they expect ETX Capital set the price in a certain level they think satisfying. In other words, they think the price can make them broke and that is way ETX Capital scam sounds real for them.

    Frequent slippage

    Besides the two things, ETX Capital scam is due to frequent slippage especially when the market condition is volatile. Unstable. For those who do not have the business in this field, the fluctuation and even failure in making profits are just normal. We cannot always do our best all the time, and so does a broker. Yet, this is different when talking about people who trade using the broker’s service. The slippage or other forms of failure bring loss to them and therefore, they lose their money. Although there is logical and acceptable explanation for this, still ETX Capital scam is thought to be true.

    Those three things are the reasons for ETX Capital to be considered as a scam. The broker endangers the money traders have put in the account and when bad things really happen, it makes them lose a lot. Hopefully you never experience the bad luck. Always be careful and keep monitoring your account so that you can detect every single change or anything that may harm you.

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    When you’re checking out the broker sites, there are many things that you have to be attentive on. Things like age and experience don\'t necessarily guarantee that you are in the good hand. There are many sites that even though not on the high risk, but they’re not as good as they appear to be. And is one of them. In general, stock trading is risky business. You’ll never know what will happen and the industry may change anytime. Even having years of experience still can’t guarantee the continuity of your profit gain. And in that case, a good support from your trading website would help you to know the next steps to take. What you should

    Waste of Money

    Being one of the well-known names, offers three types of membership that you can get. Even though they sound very tempting, as they should be, but you have to be careful on choosing them. Let’s be honest here, what do you expect from investing something as low as US$100? Yes, that amount is the minimum amount to start trading on this site. If you’re a beginner or just started to dabble in this area, you might want to take their basic account with the minimum deposit. Of course, you don’t have many options on that amount. Less option also means less money you make. Whether you like it or not, you’re going to stuck with a set of stock or bond until you can start gaining profit. Also, this basic package doesn’t have what the other two have such as a direct-to-phone message for any update. You will only have an account manager that will help you to get things started.

    Slow Turnaround

    Compared to other websites, they can be considered as quite slow. But again, this heavily depends on whether you’re invested in bonds or stocks or another type of investments. Each type offers a different time of turnaround. Some may be a lot quicker than the other. You have to know your next five steps before you take one. Keeping yourself in check and updated on the recent news might work most of the times. But how much you make and how still depend on the broker you use. Read carefully on how much percentage you can take as your profit and the money transfer methods that supported by the website. Depositing is easy, but withdrawal can be a problem since you need to meet the minimum amount. This mean you need to manage your finance well and prepare some contingency plans in case you can’t cash them out as fast as you want.

    Most beginner brokers will want to disperse their investments to see which is more profiting in the first couple months. But this isn’t always a good way to follow. If this is your first time investing, you may be very tempted to take the basic package with such small first deposit. But keep in mind that not only you can’t venture much. You also will have a very small profit gained. That is if you’re making any. Profit gain is the main purpose for all business to keep them running. The amount of initial deposit or capital fund will determine how much profit or loss you’re getting. The Bigger number may give the illusion of much bigger profit, but it also possesses an equally huge risk on losing it. You can divide your assets as a starter, but again, it means you need to have started it with a large chunk of money to invest on.

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    Always Be On High Alert

    There are some issues about OpsiyonTurk that you need to be aware of. First of all, this website is mainly dedicated for Turkish and Spanish speakers. While you may take this as a very trivial matter, but your general satisfaction during your trading experience may rely on this. A miscommunication with a customer service operator is something all companies want to avoid. Without disregarding the employees, but you might prefer a binary trader website that is more globalized and more to English-speakers oriented. There are some other things you need to pay attention to like the bonus turnaround and their other offers.

    Forget Your Quick Bonus

    Another thing that you can forget is to get a quick and large payout. Starting at US$ 250 for the deposit sure doesn’t sound so bad. But when you’re investing on something, that amount won’t buy you much. Or perhaps, even nothing at all. Of course, you have to deposit more than that minimum number. Starting with a large number means you have to be ready for anything that can happen. However, there have been some complaints about the withdrawal process. It’s not quite user-friendly and the minimum withdrawal is something that you can’t get easily. Unlike other websites that have a wide and more diverse varieties of bonds, insurance, and stocks you can invest on. OpsiyonTurk only has somewhere around 100 to 150 variants. This number sure limits your investment and the chance, as well as the amount, of the profit that you might get.

    Referring Some Friends

    If you’re a first-time investor or a pure beginner, then you may find this feature good to motivate you. They offer a bonus for your friend who joined using your referral ID. The amount varied depending on their initial deposit. Later on, you will get a small percentage of their profit when they make it. This system is quite similar to a pyramid scheme. If you could get your friends to join you, you can benefit from their gain. But is this the reason you start brokering? Don’t you actually want to feel the thrill of trading stocks and bonds? Despite the fact that it’s a small bonus to what you’ve been doing but this is a pyramid scheme. It means that when your friends managed to refer more friends they will add a more passive bonus to you. Don’t get your hopes up though since the bonus you may get is only about 5% of their initial deposit.

    Just like another trader website, this one also offers a mobile app and personalized service for members with a specific amount of assets. Of course, it only means that you need to have at least twice the initial deposit from their minimum to get all those privileges. And there’s always been the language issue. So far, the website is only available in English and Turkish. Again, unless you’re living or trading directly with the Turks or have mastered the language, you may want to look at other traders instead of this one. Look for one that really keen on giving their services and not selling a pyramid scheme to get more members. Mind you, this scheme is illegal in countries like USA and UK. You have to read carefully every small print to make sure that you understand your liabilities. Aside from the regular debit and credit card option for the initial deposit, they also use some electronic money services like Skrill and ukash. But really, for a trader with only 130 assets to offer, asking US$250 minimum deposit is a bit too much.

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    Instaforex is an online forex broker who offers “instant forex trading” as well as online trading services to its customers worldwide. According to Instaforex’s website, it has been in business since 2007. It claims that it has 300 new traders opening accounts with them every day.

    Who they are? Who regulates them?

    In the “About Instaforex” section of its website, the company claims that it is an ECN broker. This means that it is a member of an Electronic Communications Network, through which the company executes trades. It also states that it is a part of the Instatrade investment company.

    Speaking about regulation, Instaforex maintains that it holds licenses in Capital Management Services, Dealing and Brokerage from the Russian Federation, which means it is regulated by the Russian Federation Federal Financial Markets Service. Instaforex’s website also lists 4 long numbers, which correspond to their licenses.

    What the former customers say

    Again, according to their website, Instaforex has garnered a number awards for best broker. However, the list of accolades, the boasting about their services and the attention they give to their customer contrast with numerous online forum posts about poor service that they actually provide.

    Moreover, the two terms that come up most often in online forums in reference to Instaforex are “bucket shop” and “re-quote”. Both of which are clear forex fraud red flags. And as you might’ve guessed, the overwhelming majority of forum posts are complaints from Instaforex’s customers, sometimes filled with occasional five-star reviews written in broken English, which most likely come from a “partner” of Instaforex.

    According to one of the forum poster, Instaforex was “the worst broker they ever experienced.” They continue by saying that Instaforex always quotes wide spreads with their fills are 5-6 pips away from the market, consistently. Also, lots of people complained online of getting re-quotes constantly, especially when the market was active.

    It is a recipe for disaster when your broker needs to re-quote the market repeatedly when the market is moving. And yes, usually it will cost the traders money as the broker will generally fill an order if the market goes against the trader.

    Instaforex scam

    Instaforex offers a $200 welcome bonus to the new customers. However, many online posters say that either they did not receive this $200 bonus or they claim it was used in a scam by Instaforex.

    In short, Instaforex scam worked something like this:

    • First, the bonus would be awarded. It will appear in the account.
    • The trade, who received the bonus, then makes some successful trades using the bonus, resulting in a profit.
    • After that, both the bonus and the profit will disappear from the account.
    • Instaforex then accuses the trader of obtaining the bonus fraudulently. This is a justification for rescinding the bonus as well as keeping all of the profits the trader had made with it.

    Stay away from it

    Obviously, Instaforex is just one more highly questionable forex broker who takes advantage of the lack of regulation in the forex market and people’s reluctance to go to the trouble of getting back their money.

    Unless you want to lose your money or are a glutton for other forms of possible forex fraud punishment, stay away from Instaforex. Avoid opening a live account with Instaforex. There are many other more reputable online forex broker who offers better service as well as more effective regulation. You would be much better off dealing forex through them.

    Remember, if something is too good to be true, it probably is. Don’t be tempted by the welcome bonus that Instaforex offers.

    online scams, frauds, instaforex, online trading, trading platform,instaforex
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    CherryTrade Scam

    CherryTrade is considered as one of the most popular trading companies in the world. However, they are not licensed. The minimum deposit needed for the basic account type is $200, with return on investment up to 85%. CherryTrade has a modern approach for trading activities as they offer an online-based platform and a mobile trading app. The problem is, they don’t offer the possibility of opening a demo account.

    What is CherryTrade?

    CherryTrade is a trading company, founded in 2014. CherryTrade uses the SpotOptions software. The minimum deposit begins at $200. In recent years, CherryTrade gained popularity thanks to its service and user-friendly platform.

    However, CherryTrade does not offer the trader the opportunity to open a practice account. This is, of course, disappointing. Especially, for newbie or beginner traders. After all, newbie or beginner traders will need a demo account. It offers a great educational value without having to lose real money.

    As a new trader, in most other trading websites, you can try the real platform by going through a practice account.

    What the customers say

    There are a lot of negative reviews from the customers. Here are some comments from the customers about CherryTrade scam.

    On one online forex forum, a CherryTrade customer said that the company closed their account, lied and threatened them by saying that if they don’t call the company, something bad will happen to them.

    Another said that the company took $35,000 from them. The customers then emailed the company and the company replied that they had made a mistake by selecting cc instead of bcc. In the end, the customers didn’t get the full amount of money that the company took from them. Most of these people took a risk-free or bonus and then lock up their money. The company gave them some bad advice, resulting in the customers losing their money. These customers even ask other victims to join him in a lawsuit.

    Be aware

    If you already invested your money in the company, you should consider to withdraw it. Keep in mind that some binary options brokers, including CherryTrade, are not regulated and already flagged as scam brokers. After all, these companies are not connected, affiliated or supervised by any of the regulatory agencies such as National Futures Association, Financial Industry Regulatory Authority Securities Exchange Commission or Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

    So, for all traders, be cautious of the dangers of trading with those companies.

    If you want to trade, make sure you trade with licensed companies. While CherryTrade is quite popular and some even considered it to have a good reputation, the risk of being scammed is always there. Remember, they are not licensed. You may or may not be scammed, but, the risk of being scammed increase when the said company has no license. No license means that they are not connected, affiliated or supervised by the regulatory agencies, which is a bad thing.

    Other unfortunate things are, if you came from USA, Canada, the UK, Australia or New Zealand, CherryTrade will not accept you, either. At CherryTrade, you will not be able to open a demo account as well, which is very important for the new traders alike.


    So, in short, here are the disadvantages of the company:

    • CherryTrade is not licensed
    • CherryTrade is not a social trading platform
    • CherryTrade does not accept clients from USA, Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Yes, if you are from one of these countries, CherryTrade will not accept you
    • CherryTrade doesn’t offer the possibility to open a demo account. This made many trades disappointed by this broker
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    The Capital Markets Board of Turkey is regulatory of financial and supervisory agency in Turkey. It is directly appointed by the Turkish Finance Ministry. The CMB established in 1982 with the passing of the Capital Markets Law (CML) in 1981. This was followed by some further laws and decrees that stretched its functions and responsibilities. The most important of these changes was Law No. 4487 which was passed in December 1999.

    It caused in a set of amendments to the Capital Market Law expanding the duties and the scope of authority. It includesincreasing the consumer protection and changes to allow dematerialisation of stocks and other changes. The purpose is to make Markets more flexible and be able to use information technology. In the other words, it can be said that the Capital Markets Board of Turkeyis the main regulatory in thefinancial market in Turkey.

    Get to know well Capital Markets Board of Turkey

    As the official regulatory of financial and supervisory agency in Turkey, the Capital Markets Board of Turkeyhas some important responsibility in the Turkey government system, especially in the financial market scope. It has the main responsibility to keep the stability of the financial market, protect the consumer and supervising participants in the stock market.

    Being the most crucial part in the Turkey government system, the CMB have a specific mission to be completed. The main mission of the CMB is to make the innovative regulations. Another mission they want to establish is to perform supervision with the goal of ensuring justice, effectiveness and transparency in Turkish capital Markets.

    The main framework of theCapital Markets Board of Turkey

    As the important part of the financial regulation, of course, the CMB has some specific frameworks. It will help them to focus on the main subject and keep them producing some wise regulations. Empowered by the CML, the CMB is authorized on the areas:

    • Regulation and supervision of the securities of Markets and institutions within the scope of the CML
    • Determine the operational principles of the capital Markets
    • Protect the rights and interests of the investors

    By focusing on those three scope areas, the CMB will help the capital Markets stable. Not only keeping it stable the CMB also has the main responsibility in protecting the consumer in the capital Markets. By ensuring the consumer, Turkey government give a special service to the people to feel safe in the capital Markets. By doing this action, the national finance will stable and help Turkey develop as a country.

    Why should we know the CMB?

    It is very important especially for Turkish to know well their financial regulatory and its policies to make sure that as the people they know that they feel completely protected by the government. Especially for businessman, knowing well the financial regulatory will help them feel safe in the stock market in their own country. Of course knowing well is not enough to get a full protection from the government.

    As a smart citizen, we need to support the regulation that the financial regulatory has made. By supporting the regulation and the policy we can do business safely. It also becomes the main goal that the CMB want to make it real. To protect the consumer and feel safe in doing a financial market business in their own country.

    By supporting the regulation, the businessman will be protected by the legal law that the CMB has. It can avoid the illegal transaction that may cause a problem for them as a businessman. By supporting the regulation of the CMB, we can contribute to developing Turkey as a progressive country.

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    The Federal Financial Markets Service was a Russian federal executive body which regulated Russian financial Markets including securities issuance and trading and supervision of exchanges, issuers, professional market participants and their Self-Regulatory Organizations; the Russian Federation Pension Fund; the State management company. A major social role of FFMS was to promote public understanding of securities laws and their practical application.

    Talking about the financial Markets service in Russia, knowing the fact that the FFMS was not operating anymore, some of us may wondering what kind of financial Markets service that Russia has nowadays. And more importantly the status of binary options trading in Russia.

    The status binary options trading in Russia afterFederal Financial Markets Service

    Binary options trading is a form of investment in Russia, but there is as of now, no official regulation of this market in Russia. Many of Russia’s wealthy put their money in offshore investments, and binary options trading is no exception. The main issue for the Russian government is that offshore investments are out of the reach of the taxation laws in Russia.

    The increase in capital flow out of Russia is asignal that most binary options traders prefer to transfer their investments out of Russia to offshore binary options brokers.So what is the update status of binary options trading in Russia?

    • Binary options are not locally regulated in Russia.
    • Binary options trading in Russia is not illegal.
    • Trading proceeds from binary options done with companies locally based in Russia are subject to taxation.

    So in the other words as a businessman in Russia, doing the binary options trading in Russia is legal. Because of the absent of the regulation in the market in Russia you can do this trading legally.

    Tips in binary options traders in Russia

    Binary options traders will be faced with a lot of hard choices. The traders will now need more money to open accounts with offshore brokers. Trading with offshore brokers must be done more carefully.Along with aselection of the brokers to use now a matter for careful consideration.It may be better for binary options traders in Russia to carefully choose brokers who are in countries without the hardline stance of the EU and the US in terms of sanctions, and where their investments are a lot safer.

    What will happen to the binary options traders in Russia?

    The Russian economy has experienced many changes in recent years. It can be considered from as an emerging market to political concerns over Crimea. Getting engage in the binary trading is the best way for the traders to take advantages of changes in themarket of global and Russian assets. Russian traders have followed other traders worldwide in trading binary options to take advantage of the profits it can provide. If you decide to jointhis trading in Russia you’ll be able to develop a strategy, taking binary trading signals to execute your trades.

    One of the best parts about binary options trading is that you will learn a lot about the Markets. The traders from Russia have found the tools we provide traders that very helpful in detecting binary options signals. They are daily and weekly market reviews, magazine articles as well as our downloadable eBook. This can help you detectbinary trading signals about your chosen assets.Later on, this can lead to profits in the short and long-term.

    Knowing all the fact of the binary options traders in Russia, now you can decide either you can join in this tempting market or not. As long as you know well the regulation and do it legally, you can get the best market in Russia.

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    In Islam, there are too many versions of halal haram about a thing. There are so many Islamic scholars with each knowledge sources. Because of the reason itself, the doubt of halal haram is endless, for many things. Often when you say that something is halal, your friend say it is not. Many times it ends with debates.

    There are always two sides that say something is allowed or not. For example is Forex trading. Many people say that Forex trading is haram. Hence, the job of trading currencies is not allowed. However, we cannot merely look on the surface. When you get deeper, actually there is variable in Forex trading which makes Moslem is able to do it. So, in this post, you will learn how to do the Forex or roughly halal gambling.

    Halal Gamble

    So, is there any game which is halal in Islam? Actually, the term of gamble is a bit inappropriate. Even that in Forex trading, there is speculation included, it is not purely gambling. The Islamic Forex trading does not include the interest fee. Since the interest or also called as riba in Islam is forbidden, the Islamic Forex brokers have the non-swap option.

    The interest-free is included in Shariah rules. The shariah rules stress on the interest-free in any kinds of business included in banking. the main concept is, it asserts that there is no something in return when you are giving or receiving something. An example of interest fee is the rollover fee. The rollover fee is a payment that is made when the positions open. This kind of payment is prohibited in Islam because it is a kind of riba. And riba is the name of interest in Arabic.

    Actually, the Forex trading is still on debate among the Islamic scholars all around the world. The scholars who allow it, give some conditions. Therefore, you can still do the Forex trading. The best way is finding the Islamic brokers.

    Halal Forex Trading

    The Halal Trading can be the option for those who wanna join. Furthermore, it is the advantage for those who need to open the account overnight. However, although it is halal, before you join, you need to know some conditions. The halal Forex has a higher rate of minimum investment. furthermore, there are some conditions for doing halal Forex.

    First, you need to apply the spot trading. It means that the sell and purchase need to do in a day. Second is the transparency. The transaction should be fairly sent to both accounts. Furthermore, remember that it should be interest-free. The last, there is no installment for the payment.

    Although the Islamic scholars said some conditions like above, there would be still debates. People will insist they are right and the others do so. Frankly, say, it is difficult to say whether a thing is yes or no. We have so many views about halal and haram in many things. When you logically think that it is halal, you can get it. Yet, first, you need to find the base of reliable reference to say it is halal or not. The debates about halal and haram in Forex may not stop. There is no best idea for this. You just need to follow what makes you sure. It is not the matter which side you stand on. Everyone has their own reasons. As long as you can respect others opinion, it is okay. The main point is that, as a Moslem, you need to follow the Islamic rules.

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    How is Forex in Islam?

    The topic about halal haram is always sensitive. Up till now, the arguments about halal and haram can be different for individuals. There are many opinions as references. An opinion can say that a thing is halal while another is haram. Therefore, when an issue is arisen up, the government will quickly state officially whether a thing is halal or not.

    Actually, the state of halal or haram in each country can be different. It is because they refer to the different source. Then, the matter about halal and haram can back to individuals only if there is no official statement from the government.

    Talking about halal and haram, there is a topic that still being arguable. That is Forex. There is still questions and argument whether is it halal or haram. Then, why don‘t we talk about it now?

    The types of currencies trading

    Forex is the place where currencies are traded. This market is the biggest currencies market in the world and operates 24 hours. This market has no center, which means the trading can happen in all over the world. Then, what are the types of currencies trading?

    There are 4 majors of currencies trading in Forex. Those are:

    1. SPOT
    2. The spot is currencies trading in which the sale and purchase happen at the same day. Therefore, the risk of such method is bigger.

    3. FORWARD
    4. It is the trading which the sale and purchase are determined now, yet legitimate for the next 48 hours up to a year.

    5. SWAP
    6. It is the currency trading in which the sale and purchase using the spot and forward combination.

    7. OPTION

    The options trading is the right to sell or purchase currencies with the flexible price and time period.

    Halal Forex

    Forex brokers commonly give you two options of trading. There are swap and non-swap. The main trouble here is, swap trading is still arguable. It is because some opinions say that it contains speculations. The trading thing that is still under speculation is considered haram in Islam. It means that trading something unclear. However, people who are still in doubt about halal or haram can use the non-swap trading.

    Ironically, there are people who don‘t understand what is Forex actually and make the false assumption about the harm Forex. Although it is clear that in hadist, Islam forbids the trading of thing which is still unclear about its halal and haram, now there are brokers offer Islamic trading account.

    The Islamic trading is simply provided people the Forex trading facility which still concerns the Islamic rules. The Islamic Forex gives you the interest-free trading. Therefore, it also means swap free trading. The interest is forbidden in Islam, whether you receive it or you are the side of giving it.

    So, why is trading with interest forbidden? In Islam, the interest is forbidden because people should not give something in order to get something. In Islamic term, it is called as riba. Moslem is not permitted to do any kind of riba. Furthermore, when you sell something involving ribaI, the profit will be haram. Therefore, if you want to do Forex in an Islamic way, you need to find the broker that gives you the option of swap and non-swap trading.

    If you cannot find the non-swap option in your country, you can search for foreign brokers. Fortunately, now the Islamic Forex brokers are started to grow. You can find the Islamic Forex brokers by searching the internet.Hence, do not doubt to involve in Forex trading.

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    What do you think when you have been working out so hard in binary options and then you think also of stock trading? There are many people that discuss stock trading versus binary options, but there are still many things that people misunderstand about that. The first thing we have to know is about stock trading and what is that? It is one of the best ways to invest in a place where a trader can find the return or better result from their investments. In a situation where a bank of central has to maintain the rate to keep it near to zero, there is a traditional approach that can make you invest in a safe place following the government obligation. Although, there is no risks regarding with this, it tends to less in the return and that is why many people still think of the investment they have tried. For example, in Swiss or Denmark, there are negative rates, but the fact tells the awesome thing that investor keeps paying to get the local statement of the obligation. Even, in a country that has a high rate, investor tends to be interested in stock trading because the market offers high price but with better return also.

    Way to invest

    In the basic level, company that wants to have a better return, they have to do something like expanding their market and developing the product whether it is market expansion and getting involved in stock trading. After there are some evaluations, then the company will register to be in stock trading so there will be outstanding and the investor will buy the stocks from the company that has registered. There are many levels of investors from the basic up to high. When you are going to invest in stock trading, you have to look at the return offered. It could be in huge variation because there are many companies that are on the list of stock trading. What makes stock trading is not interesting is the label price that could too high and sometimes could be too low. That is why there is a binary option. What makes it different from stock trading? Here are our explanations on the difference between stock trading vs. binary options.

    The difference

    The first difference is based on the transaction.In binary options, it is more derivative, and it means that when there is contract option used, there is physical security. Meanwhile, in stock trading there will be actual taking over the stick and in another word, in stock trading, there is actual transaction like a direct transaction. The second difference is based on terms. When the investors in binary options are optimistic, they will use call, and the opposite is PUT. In stock trading, when you are optimistic, you choose BUY and when you are pessimistic, you choose SELL or Protect. In binary options, there is famous tagline like \"all or nothing\" It refers to constant risk. When you got it all, you maintain having a good return, and in stock trading, there is always a risk in investing your money.

    If you are asking which one is better, we have to look based on the perspective. Some people only need dividend in their investment, and that is why they sometimes don’t think about the return. Stock trading will be the right choice for a person like that. If you want high return with minimalist investment, you have to look at binary options that have a higher return in many areas. Moreover, when you got it all, you will keep getting it all unlike when you are investing in stock trading that always has risks in many areas.

    binary options trading, stock trading, online trading, online markets
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    Who does not know gambling? This is a fun way to double your money. There are various ways to play. It starts from horse racing to virtual sports betting. Yes, technology has taken gambling to a different level. Since the first virtual casino, there are many options for the gamblers. When you do not have the chance to bet on the real game, you can bet on online sports gaming. Surely, they are just the same with the real one. They have the players and the rules within their game. You would never get bored with this new generation of gambling games.

    Some Advantages of Virtual Sports Betting

    As mentioned above, virtual sports betting have no difference with the real one.You will have the same atmosphere as gambling in the real sports betting. Furthermore, you can have some advantages of choosing the virtual betting. Do not you want to know? Here you need to know all of them. Let’s start from the accessibility factor. When you are playing the virtual sport, you can bet on various sports at the same time. This is something you cannot get from the real sports betting. Just click your mouse and access various sports betting. You have the higher chance of winning since you put your bet in several places.

    Next, you would not find any difficulties in playing virtual sports betting. Everyone can master the game. There are many tips and tricks to try. Moreover, you can learn the online betting without paying the lessons. Read all the strategies from the websites and forums. Some experts are kind enough. They give their tips and tricks for the newbies. It is the best thing ever. You can learn from the experts. Definitely, do not waste your time. Absorb the guide, strategy, and tips from the best players all over the world. As time goes by, you can reach the higher level.

    You are training your intuition when you are playing virtual sports betting. Yes, this is the advantage of taking part in the virtual betting. Entering the arena of the virtual betting is fun.You come and take the opportunity that is not offered in the real betting. You might meet the players with badass skills. Do not think twice. Just play and train. Otherwise, you are going to lose the chance of winning.In addition, you can steal the techniques from the experts. When you are playing the real sports wagers, you can use the batting strategic.

    There is not time boundary in playing virtual sports betting. You can play whenever you like. The virtual betting is available for twenty-four hours. Therefore, you can choose the best time to play the favorite sports betting. It can be in the morning or in the middle of the night. You are the one who decides the time. In addition, you do not have to attend any places to take part in the game. As long as you have the device and the Internet connection, you can access the virtual betting. What is better than this? An unlimited access to sports betting is such a good deal.

    The virtual sports betting also bring the joy and amusement for the players. Both the graphics and the actions within the game are awesome. You will not get bored at all with the virtual sports. There are various virtual sports to choose. Each of them comes with their own characteristics. Surely, the avid sports lover can appreciate the game. Who does not want to take part with the online betting? It enables you to get some money and an enjoyable time at the same time.

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    Talking about the Market

    Nowadays, playing Forex is not a rare thing to do anymore. The foreign exchange market becomes the biggest playground for the traders. It literally has everything you want. It opens twenty-four hours and five days a week. No wonder, people can dig their profits without hassles. The most active market in the world facilitates the traders to the max. However, the traders should not let their guard down. Even though the foreign exchange is called as the most volatile market, it is also the hardest place to predict. That is why some people keep asking the question: Is Forex trading or gambling?

    Yes, this is the truth. You cannot avoid this kind of question. Most people out there consider Forex as gambling. They think the traders are a bunch of people who play the foreign exchange and rely on their luck only. Is it the truth? Is Forex trading or gambling? Surely, you will face some troubles during your journey in the exchange market. Bear in your mind that playing Forex is not that simple. You can hardly say that your income is based on luck. In fact, education is the key to successful Forex trading. You cannot play your game. If you know nothing about it, you should get more information.

    The Differences

    You cannot generalize the characteristic of Forex and gambling. Here is some prominent characteristic of Forex. You will be able to see the differences between these two industries. Do not ask ‘is Forex trading or gambling’ anymore. First, you should look at the amount of money within Forex market. Absolutely, you cannot compare the amount of money traded every day in the Forex market to the gambling market. We can say it is incomparable. It is possible that the traders play about two and five trillion dollars daily. The amount of money in the gambling market is not as huge as the one in Forex market. They are not in the same league.

    The players in the Forex market are different with those in the gambling market. You can see the one who backs up the market. They are the most important and the most powerful financial institutions from all over the world. The traders do not trade with the bank. They are playing with the retail market, which is on the higher level of legitimacy than the gambling market. This is the reason why Forex is legit and free from legal issues. Instead of hesitating and asking ‘is Forex trading or gambling’, it is better for you to put your money in the right market.

    Next, you should master the tools before opening a position in the Forex market. You do not depend on your luck to win the battle. There are strategies and technical analysis to maximizes your profits and minimizes the risk at the same time. Those strategies do not exist in the world of gambling. Technology also plays animportant part. You can have applications and the other supporting tools to play Forex. As mentioned above, education is the key to playing Forex. The beginners can have Forex training while the gamblers cannot. Have you ever heard about training for gambling?

    The last aspect that differentiates Forex and gambling are the emotion. We know that gambling causes addiction. Once you start gambling in a casino or online casino, you will have the desire to make more money. When you cannot fulfill your ambition, you will try continuously until you have nothing in your pocket. That is the cycle of gambling. In Forex, you do not play based on your emotion. You should trade objectively. Set your goals and stick to the plan. You do not crave for more rounds when you lose your money.

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    CFD Trading Vs. Binary Options

    When it has come to investment, and you are supposed to spend your money to invest in a right place and time, you may have known about stock trading, CFD trades and binary trading. The three trading have been popular for years ago. If you have known about stock trading that needs long analysis to choose the best place for investment, you may also get any risk, and it does not have to be always in a good return. Stock trading lets the people have superb brave for many reasons. Unlike binary options, stock trading also always has a longer process for buying and selling the stock. Binary options win many aspects. So, what is CFD? It stands for Contract for Difference that has been famous since the 90s in England. It was appearing due to the request of trade institutions.

    There are also many services corporate that want to sell the stock without getting fund and big fee involved in the investment. CFD comes to replace that big fee and fund in investment. CFD is a product of derivative from other existing instruments. The unique characteristic of CDS has attracted many investors then. It went differently when it has come binary options trading that has more flexible adjustment from the investors because it offers many options that every investor can make it right to their options and goals. Some people claim that binary options are better, but some just say same because CFD also offers binary options, but there are still some differences that make the people split into two parts, CFD trade, and binary options. What are the differences between CFD vs. binary options? Here are the answers.

    The difference

    Although there is a huge gap between CFD vs. binary options, there are still similarities that you could rely on one. Make sure that you highlight the similarities and differences to ensure which one that could fit you. Both CFD and binary options are running small startup capital, and that is why both of them don’t need a huge amount of money to get into trading. Some people say that CFD and binary options are short term trading or investment. That is why also there are huge gaps between them. Some traders are stuck with CFD because it does not need high investment especially in term of the fund. It does not need a huge fee for the contract. It is far different from the stock trading. That is why many people move from stock trading to CFD and in the next round, some people that have been CFD move into binary options trading.

    That is such a long journey for those who just spend more times in analysis of the trade. So what is the difference? It is more pronounced. Binary options have more constant risks, and there are no possibilities between you got all, or you got nothing. In BO, you will get all you want or just simple you lose all. You got all or nothing. In CFD, the risk is more opened and it allows the investor to use leverage sometimes it can be double punches for any investor that tries to get into the trading. Another thing that makes CFD different from BO is the close distance between the CFD and expiry. Anytime, CFD can be so closed and in Binary option, there has been fixed expiry. It is indeed in your hands, and that is why you can choose CFD or binary options. It depends on what you believe that will give you good return or not. That’s all the difference and similarities between CFD and binary options. Now you have your answer which one is better for you.

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    How to Get BaFin License

    If you are thinking about doing financial business in Germany, keep in mind that you have to deal with the Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (BaFin) license. Also known as the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority, having the license will prove your credibility in doing the business. Keep in mind, though, that the license only gives you the right to do the business in the financial sector – nothing more.

    Understanding More about BaFin

    BaFin is the set up to replace three already existing agencies in Germany: Bundesaufsichtsamt für das Versicherungs¬wesen, Bundesaufsichtsamt für den Wertpapierhandel, and Bundesaufsichtsamt für das Kreditwesen. This is the German national financial regulator whose responsibility is to monitor and observe all financial activities in the nation. It is also responsible for monitoring and overseeing insurance organizations and all banking systems.

    In short, the main duties and obligations of BaFin include:

    • Banking supervision. As it was mentioned before, BaFin will be responsible for monitoring the banking system and institution in the country. Its main job is to protect depositors as well as to promote financial condition and stability
    • Securities supervision. The organization is also responsible for monitoring all Markets in financial instruments, including in securities
    • Insurance regulation. BaFin has an ultimate power to supervise all German insurance agencies

    BaFin oversees these organizations: insurance companies, brokers and stock exchanges, banks, financial service companies, and credit institutions. Basically, BaFin has the main responsibility to make sure that the financial sector stays stable while at the same time preventing any attempts in money laundering in the country. In the banking sector, BaFin is also responsible for issuing banking licenses (under the national and federal German Banking Act) and then making sure that all of the institutions will obey the law. In most cases, these institutions or organizations will have to provide financial statements and audits, including monthly reports and also retails loans in details so BaFin can regulate and standardize the regulation. Moreover, BaFin also monitors insurance firms and companies by making sure that they all get approval from BaFin – if they want to be able to work as a legal institution and considered valid and legitimate.

    Getting the License

    In the event that you want to get the license, you can always ask for a professional service that can manage things for you for a price. This is completely legal and you don’t have to worry about a thing. However, in the event that you want to do the arrangement by yourself, you can do it too – provided that you know the requirements.

    The basic requirements are:

    • An institution or organization should have enough financial capital, depending on the nature of the business itself. For instance, an investment bank should have at least €730,000 for the initial capital. A CRR credit institution should have at least €5 million to be considered worthy of the license. Contract brokers, investment broker, investment advisers, or trading facilities that are representing clients but not authorized to get the possession of the fund should have at least €50,000
    • Any financial and credit services that are authorized to get the possession of the clients’ fund should have two executive directors or senior managers (at least) and they should be considered fit and proper for the position.
    • The applicants should include the information about the holders taking part in the organization’s investment, including the amount of their investment. The holders should also be considered proper for the structure.
    • The applicants should include a business plan that includes planned internal control system, the structure of the organization, and the nature of the business itself.

    The overall process is pretty complicated and difficult but it doesn’t mean that it would be impossible.

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    Every stock exchange market within a country has its own regulations and rules. They may share the same implementation in doing the trades but how they can operate, what kind of brokerage firms to take part in the trade, and such thing alike is different from one country to another. If you want to be a professional stock or Forex broker or trader, be sure that you know the rules and policies in your country.

    The AFS (Australian Financial Service)

    If you want to be a professional broker or trader in Australia, be sure that the company you are working for has the AFS (Australian Financial Service) license. Your company can apply for such license, provided that you have met all the requirements. But what is it about Australian Financial Services license regulator that you should know?

    You see, you need to have a license to do business. In this case, when you have business in financial services, you need to own the AFS. Having an AFS is a must unless you are appointed as the AFS representative your case is an exception. In case there is another person is holding the AFS license and you are representing him, the license is also valid to you.

    What kind of business that requires the AFS license?

    • A business where you provide advice and suggestions to clients regarding a certain financial product. Your job is clear: you provide professional suggestion or advice concerning a financial product to your clients and let them decide.
    • A business where you are dealing with the financial product. If you buy or sell stocks as the representative of your clients, you need to have a license.
    • A business where you are making a market for a certain financial product. For example, when you quote prices regularly so people can do trades on a certain product.
    • A business where you are operating a registered and planned scheme.
    • A business involving depository or custodial service. Your job is to hold a financial product for a client.
    • A business providing traditional trustee service, such as preparing and managing the estate management functionality.

    Keep in mind that the license is crucial from the day one of your business operation. There are such things as limited AFS license or even the short term license but you need to do a further research on that matter and look further for information. The AFS license will be assessed by ASIC as a part of their regulatory role in the financial service field.

    Consumers should also know that having a license only means that it validates the legitimate condition of the business itself, not the employees or the owner. It gives you legal rights in doing business; nothing else. If you see a company having an AFS license, it doesn’t always mean that the owners or the employees are all credible or trustworthy – the license is only a legal proof that the business has the right to operate, regardless the quality of the service itself. That’s why a license shouldn’t be considered as a major element in determining the quality of the service.

    The financial products themselves can include superannuation, life insurance, bonds., stocks, shares, general insurance, margin and derivatives lending facilities, and so much more.

    The Application

    Getting an AFS license isn’t difficult or complicated because those who want to get the license can apply online. They can go to the official website and use the provided app to submit the application. Later on, the AFS board will review the application and decide whether the applicants are competent for the business, whether they have enough financial resources, and whether they can meet the requirements and obligations, including things like compliance, training, dispute resolution, and insurance.

    stock market, stock exchange, regulations, rules, afs license
    03.12. 2016 13:52  | 

    You are probably interested in doing the binary options trading but you are wondering about the taxation. A binary options trading isn’t exactly a clear financial source of income that is confirmed and exact. You are probably able to get some profits one day but you may lose some on the others. You don’t really know how the binary options taxation is applied and regulated. So, what’s with it?

    Binary Options and Tax Issue

    You will have to understand that all financial activities will be taxed. However, how much should you pay the tax and how it is arranged depends greatly on the area of your living. Some countries may not require the traders to report the tax from the trading but some countries require such thing. If you are hiring a broker to do the trade, remember that it is you who is completely responsible for keeping the record related to your tax loss or profit. Your broker doesn’t have the obligation to do such thing.

    Binary Options Tax in America

    In some of the major countries, such as America, Canada, and American, the tax from binary options is considered as the capital gains because they have different kinds of tax forms, like gaming tax or income tax. Since the brokers of the binary options aren’t casinos, they don’t have to issue tax form. In case you are earning small, you can declare your winning as an extra earning. However, if you win big, you need to state it as the capital gain.

    Whether you want to file your income (from the trade) as a self-employment or business income, it doesn’t matter – you still have to pay the tax, anyhow. Any profits you earn from the trade are considered a capital gain on your part and report it in your tax year is a must.

    Dealing with Deduction

    In America, if you are dealing with the loss, you are given a slack for a $3,000 deduction. Let’s say that you make $15,000 profits from your trade and you need to declare the $15,000 tax. In the event that you lose $15,000, you can deduct it for as much as $3,000. The remaining of your $12,000 will be kept and rolled over in the future years. It is allowed to use various types of expenses for the binary options tax deduction. Keep in mind, though, that you should be able to show the proof that your purchase is used only for the trading.

    In America, there are two different income tax forms – and they are applicable for the situations where your balance is more than $10,000.

    • Form 8938 is used to file the income of $50,000 within the last days of the income tax filing or when the money reaches $75,000 within the tax year
    • Form 114 FinCEN is used to file the income of $10,00 within the tax year In the event that your income is not up to $1,500, you will get the marginal rate taxation. If it is more than that, you will be taxed 20%

    Binary Options Tax in Europe

    Taxation of the binary options trade depends on the country where you live – whether it is considered a gambling or a capital gain. Traders in Europe should do the check with the local authorities to see whether they have to pay the tax or not. It is possible, though, that the European Union will make a sudden change about it. It is highly possible that they will issue a uniformed decision where all traders should pay the tax for their binary options trading.

    Nevertheless, it is always a good idea to keep track of your transactions – including every win and loss. Not only it is good for your learning progression, it can also be used to show your legal and valid transactions.

    binary options trading, legal, transactions, taxation, income tax
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    Binary Options Regulators: Things You Need to Understand

    You want to invest your money in doing stock trading or Forex trading, especially. You are interested in doing the binary options and then people start saying that you only hire a regulated broker only so you won’t lose your money or you won’t be scammed by them. How important is it to use the regulated broker and what is the role of binary options regulators in this, anyway?

    Binary Options and Fraud

    The online system of the binary trading is fairly new to the financial world; it existed around a decade ago. At that time, though, such trade was considered a gambling type than a financial investment tool that can be used to manage the money. Well, if you understand the nature of the practice, it does look like a gambling but it isn’t. It takes a careful approach, meticulous calculation, and other careful measurements that are important to make the decision.

    A decade ago, most of the brokers were doing business and trades from the common offshore tax havens, such as Cyprus. Because there was no regulation, the business was witnessing various mischievous acts like frauds, locked-up funds, withdrawal difficulty, and malpractices. It was a big deal because people started having problems with their money. And that’s when regulations were started made and regulators would be responsible for overseeing and monitoring the overall process and procedures. Authorities from countries such as Russia, England, South Africa, Australia, America, and others start to take strict action so the binary options trading can be operated under legal jurisdiction.

    It is also a must that brokers get a license from the regulators in order to operate a business. And this is why you need to hire and consult only the regulated brokers – just to be on the safe side. All countries have their own regulators. The examples above are just the major ones. You should be able to know and understand each country’s regulators and specific regulations. There are online websites that provide good sources of regulators’ lists around the world.

    Getting a Full Understanding

    Does it mean that you will fall into scam if you don’t use the regulated broker or service? Well, not necessarily so. There are many brokers who operate under the radar so they don’t have the license and they can still perform well. However, you can’t really take their words for it, can you? What if they go away with your money? What if your funds are locked and you can’t withdraw it? There is so many ‘what-ifs’ situation that you will have to deal with when you don’t choose the regulated service. It is more about your peace of mind and the safety of your funds, really. Of course, you are free to hire any broker that you want but in the event that you choose the unregulated one and you are scammed, don’t come crying.

    Filing for a Complaint

    In the event that you are being the victim of foul play, don’t just stand there and do nothing. You need to complain. Aside from filling the complaint form, you will have to own proofs. Make sure you have them.

    • In the event that your broker is very aggressive in using the sales tactics, you can record the conversation or even better, take the emails’ screenshots.
    • If you are the victim of a scammed practice or you can’t withdraw your money, collect the evidence. Make sure that the practice is against the Terms and Conditions. This is why you should always read the Terms and Condition section carefully to the fine prints.
    • If the account manager is making trading without your consent or even being instructed by you, report it. Collect the evidence. In some countries, it is even illegal to act alone without the client’s consent.
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    Metatrader Indicators and Features

    Metatrader is a leading forex trading platform suitable for all levels of traders. The Metatrader 4 platform is especially designed to help forex traders to analyse the financial Markets, and enhances the trading experience through the provision of trading signals, and access to professional trading experts. The experts serve as advisors and guides for those who may desire such service and support.

    Whether you are new to forex trading or not, the Metatrader platform can support your trading efforts efficiently. It assists users with various tools such as technical analysis, and algorithmic trading. The platform is highly flexible and allows for the addition of services such as signal trading and market expertise trading. With signals trading, investors are able to mimic the trades of other successful traders in order to improve their rate of trading success. On the other hand, expert advisors are available for those who want to learn trading best practices while retaining the ability to trade. Technical indicators serve to further guide traders as they seek to increase gains through forex trading.

    Metatrader 4 is easily available via download and may be accessed through a variety of devices including personal computers, smart phones and tablets. The software is supported by the Mac OS, Linux and Windows operating systems as well as iphone, ipad and android devices.

    Metatrader 5 is a fairly new desktop application that is available via the internet. The advantage of using the Metatrader 5 platform is that it allows users to create demo accounts. This feature means that new or inexperienced forex traders can test out the system and learn the ropes without having to invest any actual funds. Once they are comfortable with the system and how it works, they can easily open an actual account and begin trading.

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    Tradologic Advantages and Features

    Tradologic is a financial trading and gaming platform that boasts a high level of technologically advanced software features. The company is among the leading online trading platforms in the world, largely due to its advanced offerings. Brokers tend to gravitate to the Tradologic platform because of its simplicity and the fact that the API is easily integrated into an operator’s own system.

    This convenience is a highly desirable feature in the online trading marketplace where time is synonymous with money. Tradologic also provides white labels to the best binary options trading brokers.They work closely with these brokers to help them increase their client base and to build better relationships with customers.

    Apart from the web-based interface, Tradologic also offers access through mobile devices and desktop applications. The Tradologic platform is able to support multiple currencies. multiple browsers and multiple languages. In addition, traders can trade up to 500 assets offered by more than 80 exchanges across the world. This makes it easy to accommodate a wide range of traders from all over the world. For those traders who are trading for speculation, the platform is fully able to support them as well.

    The Tradologic platform allows traders to choose from among several different payout and payback structures. The option types available on Tradologic include high/low, touch/no touch, touch up/down, range boundary (in/out), binary 100, turbo, multiX and matrix. To enhance the trading experience of users, Tradologic also offersa full range of trading tools including close, extend, double, insurance, and re-strike. Users can also opt to trade automatically or by knock-in, leveraging, signal trading, using advanced charts, 24/7 trading or tournament which allows traders to compete for overall prizes. Value-added widgets help traders to improve their conversion and retention rates. This feature attracts those looking to make substantial gains.

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    Spot Option Advantages and Features

    Spot Option is a binary options platform provider that offers white labels to online binary options brokers. The Spot Option platform has been touted as one of the best trading platforms available today. Despite the fact that this platform is still fairly new, it has gained tremendous recognition and appeal to brokers as well as to traders. Spot Option offers a wide variety of features that are designed to enhance the trading experience of investors and traders.

    The Spot Option platform comes with several innovative features specifically designed for binary trading including One Touch, 60 Seconds, Option Builder, Algo Trading and Ladder. These offer variety to the process of trading so that several styles of trading are catered to. This platform is suitable for both novice as well as seasoned traders. For those who may not be ready to start investing due to lack of experience, the Spot Option platform offers users access to a demo account. This account allows novice traders to learn the ins and outs of binary options trading without the need to invest actual cash. Then as soon as they feel comfortable with the process, they can open a real account.

    Technologically advanced platforms are important in binary options trading and this feature makes the Spot Option platform stand out from other platforms. In addition, the platform is highly secure and provides a high level of confidence among users. Since the Spot Option platform is web-based, there is no need for users to download any software. To top it off, the company offers a mobile app that makes it easy for traders to trade at their own convenience. This means that at any time of the day or night, traders can trade without any difficulties or without the need for human intervention.

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    How to start with peer-to-peer loans investing

    Peer-to-peer lending has become quite popular over the past years. Gone are the days when one had to resort to a bank in order to get a loan, no matter how small it was. Peer-to-peer lending has also been viewed as a great way for investors to diversify their portfolio. Peer-to-peer lending is carried out through a platform, which is run by an online company. Here, borrowers and lenders get in touch and establish the peer-to-peer loan they will be creating.

    The borrower gets the benefit of getting the extra cash quickly, and even if his or her credit score is not that good. The lender, will be able to get a decent return in terms of interest rates. There is no need to invest a lot of money to start with peer-to-peer loan investing and there are various reputed sites which you can utilize for this. Some sites may only be open for accredited investors though, so make sure to go over the requirements that are set by the site which you want to invest through. Then, once you are accepted, all it takes is to create an account, and set up your profile. Start filling your investment portfolio with notes, which are essentially parts of loans which you will need to buy to start investing. Then, when borrowers pay off their loans, as an investor you will be getting a return every month.

    Peer-to-peer loans investing is neither difficult nor risky. There are various sites you can use, and the potential borrowers get screened. So you can basically sit back and allow the online platform to manage everything for you.

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    Long term versus short term stock trading

    It is important to know how to invest your money, and how to develop a trading strategy that will enable you to reap profits from your investments. There are various stock trading strategies one can opt for. In the case of stocks, the two main ways are short term stock trading and long term stock trading.

    Short term stock traders have a strategy that revolves around a manoeuvring of their stocks. Such traders will be constantly aware of what is happening in the stock Markets so as to stay on top of both current as well as historical prices. Then, they make decisions as to when it may be best to enter a stock position, or close it. Short term stock trading is undeniably risky, but it can also be very lucrative. It is important for short term stock traders to be experienced as it is easy to make a loss. In time traders will be able to learn investing patterns and stock market trends, and will thus be better able to make well informed decisions.

    On the other hand, long term stock trading tends to be less risky. Since the decisions are made over a long term, investors will be more certain of their moves. Such investors prefer to stick to their stocks, and then get a good return from them in the long run. With long term stock trading there is less risk, but at the end of the day, the return may not be as good as with a well-made short term stock trade.

    stock trading, trading strategies, earn online, stocks
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    How to earn money by selling stuff on eBay

    Making money by selling things online is one of the most straightforward way to get some cash rolling. There are various sites where you can list products for sale. However none seem to be as popular and as wide ranging as eBay is. This site has been around for several years and there are literally hundreds of categories where you can sell any item you could possibly imagine. From selling things you no longer need, to using it as a base where you can sell stuff that you create or produce yourself, eBay is just great!

    Many sellers use eBay to act as their platform when they sell at wholesale prices. It is important to consider the shipping rates and the prices that you intend to charge so as to make sure that you are competitive as well as profitable. When creating listings on eBay it is important that you are as accurate as possible, both in the description, as well as in the photos that you place in the listing. You also need to make sure that you are marketing your items well. You can set up a store on eBay too, and this is definitely the way to go if you intend to have a good range of products and a considerable inventory available.

    It is generally best to start small, and build up your stock as you go along. Make sure you offer great customer service so as to increase your chances of gaining positive ratings and feedback from customers. Besides this will also enable you to get hold of some loyal clients, who might also recommend you to others too.

    earn money online, selling stuff online, ebay
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    The benefits of a home office as an employee

    Being able to work from home is a dream many people share. Considering how much time many employees spend in traffic, and traveling to and from the place of work, is already enough reason to consider the possibility of working from a home office. Not to mention the costs involved for fuel or transportation fees. Besides, when working from home one will be better able to set his or her own schedule, and this allows for more flexibility to deal with other errands and chores.

    However to make it more official, it is best to set up a real home office. You could use a spare room as an office, or convert your garage into an office. Having a home office will enable you to relate that workspace with work. This will help you to concentrate more, and reduce the possibility of having your mind trail off to other things at home, or the tendency of going for a coffee or a snack every few minutes because you are working on the kitchen table.

    Having a home office set up will enable you to stay away from disruptions from other family members. For instance, if kids are watching TV or playing, there is little room for concentration. On the other hand with a home office you will be able to have a secluded and quiet space for yourself as you work. This enables you to be more efficient.

    Having a home office is definitely the way to go in this day and age when most jobs can be carried out merely by having a computer and internet connection.

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    How to make money by playing games

    If you are a gamer your dream is to earn money while playing. Often you just cannot afford to play as much as you like as you need to work for a living. But what if I were to tell you that you can actually make money by playing games? That would be the perfect scenario for you right? In reality, you can do this.

    This is not about the possibility of being a professional gamer and taking part in those competitions where the winner claims a large financial reward. That is a bit farfetched as you have to be simply awesome at that particular game. However, there are other ways to make some extra cash while playing games in the comfort of your own home.

    For starters, some games allow you to take part in in-game auctions, and you can make money from this. Another good way to make money by playing games is to consider writing an ebook which serves as a walkthrough for a certain game. To do this you will need to be really good at that game as you will need to give a step by step guide, as well as tips on how to play it. You may also earn some money by recording videos as you play a game, post the video on YouTube and then try to monetize it. In the case of ebooks and videos, there is no need to state that the more complete and engaging they are, the better you can hope to do.

    Then, you could consider looking up a job as a game tester. There are various large video game companies that employ video game testers with the aim to try playing games while they were being developed so as to report glitches.

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    How to begin tutoring students online

    Tutoring online has become one of the most popular ways to make extra money from home. Online courses are being widely sought after by students who want to learn a foreign language, or to improve their knowledge on a particular subject. Online tutoring is also a great way to learn something new, and to improve one’s skills and possibility to sit for exams. And, to cater for this demand, there has been a significant surge in the online tutors available. Truth be told, when tutoring students online one can make a good income, and apart from a good knowledge of the subject and some experience in teaching, there is really nothing to stop you from offering this service.

    There is also the added benefit that you can set your own rates. Obviously, you will need to be competitive and so it is a good idea to check what other tutors for that same level of tutoring and subject are charging. You will also be able to set your preferred working hours, although when a student gets in touch about tutoring, you may need to adapt your tutoring hours to fit his or her needs. However, all in all it is a very good and flexible online work opportunity.

    You could advertise your online tutoring services on various sites. You can also check out some sites which focus specifically on online tutoring jobs. On such sites you will need to set up a profile where you specify your experience and qualifications, and you may also be required to submit a resume. Such sites act as a very good platform to help you reach out to prospective students, and are thus one of the best ways to begin tutoring students online.

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    Working from home on

    Working as a freelancer is no doubt one of the best ways to make money online. However it is not easy to find prospective clients. You need to be visible online in order to expect people to learn about your services, and often this is not easy. You may have a website of your own and you might invest in some online adverts, but to improve your exposure it is best to advertise your services on a well knonw platform or marketplace. is one such option. It is a reputable global freelancing platform which has been online for several years. It was formerly known as Elance-oDesk, but in 2015 it was rebranded and named Upwork. Thousands of professional freelancers from all over the world use to connect with prospective clients.

    Earning money on is simple. Just create a profile where you explain your skills and experience. Then, you can start to look forward to getting hired as many people use to buy services. Some of the most popular fields on include graphic design, programming, virtual assistance, data entry, writing, translation, proofreading, market research, social media consultancy, accounting and bookkeeping, to mention just a few. is literally an online workplace where you can hope to connect with people who need your services, and apart from making money you will also be improving your online reputation. There are millions of registered freelancers and clients on, and millions of jobs are posted every year for freelancers to apply on. You can really make money here, and the more skills and experience you have, the better you will do.

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    How to earn money with paid surveys

    You must have often thought about opportunities to make money online. One of the most popular methods is by completing surveys. There are several sites that help you earn money with paid surveys, and the best thing about this is that you neither need to spend a lot of time to do this, nor have any particular skills. It can actually be a fun way to earn some extra cash, and it is not too time consuming. Actually, it is quite effortless and uncomplicated as in most cases you are merely giving your opinions or feedback.

    There are several research companies who offer rewards or cash payments for people who fill in their surveys. There are also various sites who work on behalf of leading companies who need opinions from the public.

    However, you need to make sure that they are legit, so as not to waste time and end up not getting anything in return. There are quite a few online survey sites that you can trust. Checking reviews about such sites before registering is always recommended. Most of these sites will offer a limited number of surveys each month. These will generally depend on your demographics as in some cases you may not qualify to complete a survey, either due to your country or age, for example.

    You cannot expect to make a living out of online surveys, but you can hope for some extra cash. Considering that it does not require much time or effort, it is quite worthwhile.

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    How to make money by blogging

    Setting up a blog so as to share your views about things that you are passionate about has become quite trendy. Those who like to share their knowledge or opinions, and who love to write, make perfect bloggers. For some blogging may be considered as a hobby, but in reality, it can also be a great opportunity to make money too.

    The key is to set up a blog that is regularly being filled with engaging content. In time you will be finding readers and followers who will be keen to read the newest posts you share on your blog. Over time you will be building engagement, and once you feel that you have reached this point you can hope to move on to monetizing your blog.

    There are different ways to make money by blogging. The most obvious one is to benefit from advertising income. As your blog following and reputation grows, you can expect to find advertisers who will be willing to pay so as to have adverts published on your blog for your readers to see. You can make direct deals with such advertisers or else opt for ad networks such as Google AdSense to act like a middleman.

    Another way is to generate affiliate income through affiliate promotions. Another great way is to start selling products or services like ebooks, courses or merchandise. You could also consider scheduling an event from time to time, although this may be dependent on where you are based. As you can see there are various great ways to make money from blogging, and it is both fun and simple as you are earning from something that you are passionate about.

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    10 Secrets to Finding a Legitimate Work At Home Business

    Technology has revamped the approach towards business, giving the liberty to earn a steady pay-check right at the comfort of your home and at your own convenience. Though the entire idea of home-based business might seem to be fascinating, but there are tons of mistakes that people tend to commit which ultimately ends with potential failures.

    The good news is: \"if you aspire to succeed with your home-based business then there are endless legitimate opportunities that will allow you to do so\". However, for that you should be aware of the 10 secrets that will lead your path towards them.

    1. Understand Your Passion, Skill and Expertise

    Realize that a home business cannot be based on almost any idea that you are going to come across. For example, if you take up the work of a web designer yet are not passionate about then you will never be able to come up with the desired results. So, the first and simple secret is to understand what you really love to do and then work for the same. Common skills include writing, web development, 3D designing, content marketing, tutor and a lot more.

    2. Take a Word With The Experts

    Once you are aware of the business idea that you want to pursue the next step is to identify various legitimate opportunities which encompass that particular sector. For this, you can take advantage of genuine job listing platforms, where employers are typically in the lookout of talented individuals who can work from home.

    3. Know The Options

    Working from home requires disciple, motivation and the required level of expertise, so that you can complete the projects to perfection. So, before taking up any job, measure your abilities and then shortlist the options that you think are going to be ideal for you.

    4. Project Your Talent At Reputable Platforms

    This is yet another interesting way to grab legitimate jobs effortlessly. Here, all you need to do is discover a reputable platform and then mention the skills, passion and work that you have done before.

    5. Examine The Opportunities Thoroughly

    Despite of the guarantee that most of the platforms come up with, examining the legitimacy of the jobs that are offered to work from home is essential. Research about the credibility of the job and be aware of any form of scam alert.

    6. Take Help of Recommendations

    If you search online about work at home, then you will be able to witness several success stories, where individuals have achieved new heights of success. Most of them share their mantra through tips, suggestions, guidelines and advices that can be of immense help.

    7. Be Careful From Opportunities That Are Too Good To Be True

    A secret that should be taken as the golden rule of thumb is that, stay away from those offers that are too good to be true. Such type of jobs often guarantee high income and even state that there is no sort of experience required. Combination of these two aspects can never be possible.

    8. Have Search Engine For The Rescue

    After getting a fine job to work from home, if you still have a sense of uncertainty in your mind then make the most of search engines. With this you will be able to retrieve the list of legitimate jobs and what do others have to say about them.

    9. Patience is The Key

    Search for legitimate work at home does not have to be a daunting task, you must be knock on the right doors and be patient about it.

    10. Set Up Your Own Online Business

    If you want to start something whose framework will be based on your idea, capabilities and creativity then try setting up your very own online business which can be a website, blog, advertising campaigns or any other option of your choice.

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    How to make money with a YouTube channel

    YouTube is the perfect platform for those who love to create videos. However, it is not just about sharing videos and seeing how many people like them and what they comment about them. In reality YouTube videos could help you to earn money too!

    All you need to do is create a channel and enabled it for monetization. Connect your channel to an AdSense account so as to monetize with ads, and you are all set to go! All you have to do from then onwards is to keep creating great videos for people to watch, and since ads can run on your videos, you will be making money when viewers watch ads. It is important to note that monetization is unfortunately only available in certain countries, so make sure to check if you are eligible. It is also a good idea to familiarize yourself with the policies and guidelines that apply.

    Once you feel you have an established audience you can move further. For instance, you could start having merchandise made so as to strengthen your brand. You could also consider crowdfunding to generate more income from your fans and followers.

    The key to being successful on YouTube is to make sure that you do not focus too much on the money, but rather make sure that you are creating a really great channel where your audience’s preferences are put first. Otherwise, you are not going to be successful at all. Focus on attracting followers through great quality videos and keep them engaged. Then and only then can you expect to start making money with your YouTube channel.

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    Binary Options: Fence Trading Strategy

    If you want to improve your income through binary options trading, but wish to minimize risk, consider the fence trading strategy. This method involves purchasing both the \"Call\" and \"Put\" on the same asset. Essentially, you will be covering both sides of a particular market. These purchases build a fence around the prices and gives you a higher chance of profits without assuming more risk. When you buy two option contracts, there is no need to speculate about whether the market will go up or down.

    #1 Fence Trading Strategy – Sometimes the best way to learn is with an example. Imagine you buy a \"Call\" contract for $500 with a 15 minute expiration time. This shows that you expect the price to go up in that time period. You watch the charts and are happy to see that the trade price of the asset is going up as you predicted. All of a sudden, something happens and the price goes down. If you sit there staring at the screen and taking no action, your investment will decline and leave you with no money. However, if you use the fence strategy, you would be able to lock in profits and not end up out of the money (OTM) at the end of those 15 minutes.

    If you also bought a \"Put\" contract $500 at the beginning of this transaction period of 15 minutes, you still have the chance to earn even if the price goes down. For example, if this asset was trading at an 80 percent payout, and it expired somewhere between the original $10 and $15, you could collect on both the \"Call\" and \"Put\" contracts and earn $400 for each.

    #2 Fence Trading Strategy –Still using the above example, the type of profit outlined above is only possible if the asset expires above the initial cost. If, however, it expires below $10, both the \"Put\" and \"Call\" contracts lose their investment. Instead, a \"Buy\" contract would be in the money. Using the fence trading strategy makes it so your possible losses can only go up to $100 because you will always get the $400 profit from each initial buy-in.

    One of the major problems with this strategy is that the \"Call\" contract and the \"Put\" contract will expire at slightly different times. If the price of the asset when the time expires is below $10 or higher than $15, you can have a situation when you will lose all of your original money. The only way to lessen the chances of this is for you to be very sure of your binary options trade skills and study and analyze the market correctly.

    As long as the particular market you are interested in aligns correctly, the fence trading strategy is an excellent option to minimize risk for binary options traders. In order to determine if the market is appropriate at any given time for this method requires considerable background knowledge about it and careful attention to its changes.

    We hope you will consider using the fence strategy in your binary options trading and realize a lot of profit from it. People who are new to binary options should know that an EU regulated broker is necessary for trading. We have compiled a list of the best brokers for you to consider. Also, we recommend a professional signals service such as Mike\'s Auto Trader or one of the other options on our Trusted Services page. With the right tools and strategies you will be able to increase profits and enjoy all the benefits of an expanded income.

    binary options trading,fence trading strategy,Mike\'s auto trader
    02.12. 2016 18:40  | 

    Binary Options Trading: Fundamental Analysis Explained

    When you are involved with binary options trading, you will quickly come to realize that there are disagreements over whether fundamental analysis or technical analysis should be used. To help you make the decision for yourself, this article will explain the basics of fundamental analysis as it is used in binary options trading.

    Fundamental analysis gets at the heart of a particular asset by studying everything that can affect its price. All factors, both internal and external, should be taken into account. These can include a wide variety of data sets such as international economic news to data about the asset\'s controlling corporation. This analyzation technique accepts that many things in the financial world are interconnected and can affect prices of both assets and asset groups.

    Of course, it is humanly impossible for even the best binary options trader to keep ahead of all the financial news all around the world and figure out how it all pertains to a particular asset you are considering. Once you make a decision about one or more assets to purchase, the online binary trading community makes it much easier to research. Although staying in tune with international economic headlines and information about various companies, narrowing your fundamental analysis down to a particular asset or assets allows you to involve yourself with binary trading without long hours of exhaustive work.

    Your fundamental analysis efforts should include:

    1 – Natural Disasters and Weather Events Affect Your Fundamental Analysis

    Many different assets, such as corn, sugar, soybeans, and oil, are affected by extreme weather and natural disasters in certain parts of the world. Recognizing the fundamental financial rules of supply and demand help you choose assets that should raise in price. For example, extensive flooding in the Midwest United States can ruin corn crops. Less corn on the market will make it more expensive. Colder weather than usual in Europe can decimate the tourism industry, which in turn leads to higher unemployment and lower spending overall.

    2 – Fundamental Analysis Includes Political Tensions and Actions

    Some political events are akin to natural disasters in their intensity and effect on different Markets and assets. War always affects the economy. The oil industry, for example, is particularly volatile as strife in the middle east intensifies. Increased tension with Iran, the fourth greatest gas and oil producer in the world, can directly affect supply if they use their production levels as a political pressure point. Besides tension and conflict, government decisions about financial matters and trade can also affect the policies and the possibilities that surround the assets currently bought and sold in binary options trading.

    3 – The Fundamental Analysis of Public Sentiment and Mood

    Another large part of fundamental analysis is determining the overall optimism or pessimism of a particular market. These feelings are usually driven by overall economic trends and also the types of events or political mood spoken about in the first two points above. When the public is feeling optimistic and their sentiment is high, they spend more money. This, in turn, gives the entire economy a boost as everything is interconnected. It more pessimistic outlook may be driven by fear. Whether because of weather events, political wrangling, or new regulations, investors who are afraid of what might happen in the Markets in the future can actually affect them. For example, the 1% drop in Euro value in July 2012 was driven by Spain\'s every-increasing debt. This made the EUR/JPY plummet to its lowest level in over 15 years and the EUR/USD lower more than it had in two. Conversely, Euro-friendly candidates being voted into office in Greece pushed the Euro up almost 2 percent over a 24 hour period.

    Sign up for a free trial account today and start learning more about binary options trading!

    4 – Economic Data Helps Fundamental Analysis

    Various assets are frequently influenced by economic data released by national or state governments, corporations, and research studies. Some will barely cause a blip in and asset\'s worth, while others will have a much more drastic effect. It is very difficult for a binary options trader to keep track of all these changes and to determine which news is helpful and which will hurt. All of these options make an economic calendar a very useful tool for binary traders. These calendars will not only tell you what happened and when but also allow you to track the actions and changes of the market up until the time when the shift in the asset price occurred.

    Virtnext 2 -- Thank you so much for taking the time to read our guide on fundamental analysis in binary options trading. If you wish to succeed and realize great profits, we feel this trading tool is an essential part of your arsenal. We also recommend as a trusted resource for the worldwide changes that can affect economies and Markets. If you want an EU regulated broker, which is an excellent idea for beginners and experienced traders alike, we suggest To make the process of transactions and trades in the binary options marketplace easier, consider an automatic trader like VirtNext. Please visit our Trusted Services page to read more information and reviews from satisfied users.

    binary options trading,fundamental analysis,political tensions,natural disasters
    02.12. 2016 18:26  | 

    Binary Options Trading: Using the Scalping Strategy

    Fans of old Western movies may consider scalping to be an evil practice, but when used in association with online trading, scalping describes a strategy that Forex or binary options traders use to drip feed themselves profits. A quick definition of the scalping technique involves opening and then closing a position in the market after realizing just a tiny amount of profit. This does not result in quick earnings, but the best traders can have a very high rate of success and make thousands over time. Because of this, brokers are frequently not pleased with scalpers and their methods. Traditionally done in Forex Markets, scalping is now becoming more popular in binary options as well.

    If you understand scalping in Forex trading, you should have a good grasp of how it works in binary options as well. The main difference is that Forex necessitates closing the market position actively by the trader while binary options close automatically when the contract expires.

    Scalping Binary Options Time Frame

    The shorter time frames the better for scalping with binary options. Ideally, traders for 60-second options, but also seek out any others that will expire very soon. Not all brokers offer one-minute options. Always contact your broker first to find out if your strategy is feasible.

    If you cannot find Any Options with 60-second time frames, your next best bet would be 15 or 30 minutes. As mentioned above, the shorter the better. If you are able to use an Option Builder trade, you will be able to pick your own expiry time, which gives you more control over the scalping process.

    Sign up for a free trial account start learning more today.

    Available Scalping Tools

    After choosing the length of time for your trades, you need to find the appropriate tools that can help you take care of business. Scalpers in the know often use technical indicators, candlestick charts, and price action analysis. Due to the short timeframe they deal with, chart pattern analysis will not help with these quick transactions. Any charts that give data for one minute up to 15 minutes may help you create a plan of attack for your binary options scalping. The shorter amount of time covered by the data you use, the more accurate it will be for your intended purpose.

    Virtnext 2 -- Thank you for taking the time to read what we have to say about binary options scalping. Although we might have made it sound quite simple, this strategy for making money is quite speculative. Practice helps, learning more is essential, and you must accept the risk involved. We offer free trial accounts so you can practice before you jump into risking real money. Also, using old information and out of date strategies to trade binary options without automated signal service makes earning money more difficult. I recommend Virtnext auto trader to everyone interested in getting the most out of scalping binary options. There are others to explore on our Signals page.

    binary options trading,scalping strategy,scalping tools,Forex
    06.11. 2016 15:14  | 

    Latest scam system has been released to the binary options industry just earlier today. New software is called \"Profits Eternity\", and it was developed by Jane Creswell. Unfortunately, people keep falling for this latest trick, so unless you want to lose all your hard-earned money in the blink of an eye, check out our full scam review and keep your trading account safe.

    The alleged owner and CEO of the Profits Eternity, Jane Creswell, claims that her software hasn\'t lost a single trade for the past 3 years. She also says how she\'s generated $9 million in the last year, while new traders will be earning $12,000 per day on full auto pilot mode. Jane\'s promising you luxurious life, as long as you accept her offer and sign up for the auto trader, that will turn you into a millionaire within a few months.

    Keep reading our guidance, in order to realize why you shouldn\'t make a deposit and waste your money on this bogus system.

    First of all, Jane Creswell is just one of the Fiverr actors (people who\'ll say whatever you tell them to say, in exchange for some cache). Unfortunately, many people are falling for this trick, mostly because of the way their inbox looks like. Many people are asking us whether this system is reliable or not. We recommend you and everyone else to delete invitation from this bogus fraudulent system; and in case you\'ve already deposited your money, try to contact your broker asap in order to get your money back.

    So, why actually we are saying Profits Eternity is a scam over and over again?

    It\'s sad having to watch so many new inexperienced traders, and even expert traders, losing their money to this fake offer. There is not a single automated tool that can make you $12k per day. We\'ve got enough experience in the binary options trading industry, in order to know that earning that kind of money is an unreachable goal.

    So, lets re-examine. This so-called AutoTrader has been launched 3 years ago, and hasn\'t lost a single trade so far. What fool would fall for this kind of trick? Have you ever heard, in any field, that someone has been winning over and over again, without a single lost? Nothing like that can ever happen, especially not in the binary options industry, where we\'re dealing with high volatility of the Markets. Also, let\'s not forget about the current US presidential election, that\'s affecting stock market big time.

    Let\'s check out when was Profits Eternity website initially registered, shall we? Just go to the (popular domain age checker), and assure yourself that their website was created about a month ago, and not 3 years ago.

    The Gorilla\'s Conclusion!

    Becoming a millionaire overnight is something that every scam artist is promising you, but do you actually know someone whose destiny has gone such way? You don\'t, because that hasn\'t happened so far, nor it will in the near future. Trading binary options could be key for the success, but there are lots of things you have to watch for; and be sure that there is no automated tool that can beat luck, environment and other trader\'s tactics. In order to beat scammers and of course save your money, please stay away from unreliable bogus softwares like this one.

    binary options marketplace, automated trading system, online fraud, Profits Eternity, Jane Creswell
    06.11. 2016 15:00  | 

    New unreliable system has been released into the binary options industry. It\'s been presented by voice narrator, and as you probably expect, we didn\'t get any information about him nor about the owner or company. Unfortunately, we keep getting quite amount of complaints from traders who\'ve lost their hard-earned money to this bogus system. In order to keep your money safe, don\'t accept any \"invitations\" you might\'ve gotten from their email marketers - check out our full scam review, and don\'t let this dangerous \"money-maker\" scheme rip you off.

    One out of many promises is telling you that you\'ll earn $700k in less than 4 months. On the other side, if you scroll down, under this \"promising\" video, you\'ll see claim that you\'ll be earning $1350 per day, with an amazing 93% winning rate. If you do the simple math, you\'ll see that $700k in 4 months and $1350 per day don\'t match, not even nearly. This is just another criminal\'s attempt to trick you into investing into their software (their wallet).

    During the video presentation about the Zen Trader software, they didn\'t provide us any information about them nor about their company. Only thing we were listening about is money making. Because of that, we decided to do something about it, so we ran a bit of an investigation on our own. The results were predictable - we couldn\'t find any information matching the combination of keywords zen, trader, software.

    Would you actually think that software promising even $1350 per day (or even worse, $700k in 4 months), whose owner is unknown, is a system you should trust? Only thing that could bait your attention could\'ve been picture of a guy \"making thousands of dollars\" in their video presentation, but guess what, that\'s just an Fiverr actor (kind of people who\'d say any 50 words for $5). Don\'t fall for this cheap trick.

    The Gorilla\'s Conclusion

    The Zen Trader software is just another scam system amongst all other unreliable \"money-making\" schemes. Based on unrealistic promises related to high earnings, and the fact that we have no information about the owner and developer of this so-called auto trading software, and the irritant Fiverr actor, we can only conclude that this is nothing but another attempt to steal innocent trader\'s money.

    binary options industry, auto trader, online scam, voice narrator, Zen Trader
    06.11. 2016 14:51  | 

    XpertSignal Scam Alert!

    The XpertSignal software is just another scam trying to go viral amongst innocent traders. There\'s no actual difference between all the scams we\'re dealing with - they all have one goal, and they just keep changing names and colors in order to try to \"trick\" you.

    In order to realize what\'s going on this time, keep reading our review and assure yourself that you should stay away from this kind of fake offers.

    You shouldn\'t forget that offers like this one have scammed many people all around the world - so be careful!

    Why the XpertSignal software must be avoided?

    This software should be working like this - once you register, you should start getting benefits of the signals provided by the professional traders who are running this service. We\'ve encountered few problems related to this:

    1. The trading platform we\'re talking about, isn\'t actually a signals provider. It\'s just an trading algorithm, ment to steal your hard-earned cache. If you don\'t believe us, go and register a free demo account, or simply keep reading to see what we have to say about the demos.
    2. Their official webiste doesn\'t introduce any professional traders - so how can we be sure that there are any professional traders behind this system?

    Who are the people behind this service?

    There\'s still no answer to this question. Their presentation page isn\'t providing us with any of the information. Because of that, we don\'t know who is the one we\'re supposed to trust and give our money to?

    How the XpertSignal Software works?

    Just like every other, this one as well claims that it\'s using a sophisticated unique combination of some well-known indicators.

    • Trend - no one has ever heard of such indicator, so we can only assume that it measures trend movement.
    • MACD, Williams, RSI, CCI, Stochastics - they\'re all measuring the momentum of the oversold and overbought Markets. Traders usually use indicators like these as triggers. Since those indicators are pretty similar, we don\'t see the reason why this bogus system should use so many similar indicators.

    We have tested every possible combination of these indicators, and we haven\'t achieved anything; meaning that those are just buttons which aren\'t doing anything even after you turn them on or off.

    In addition to those indicators, you can choose 1 out of 3 types of trading methods: Classic, Martingale and Fibonacci. Martingale and Fibonacci are allegedly best methods for this service, but they also come with double the danger - meaning, if you lose trade, you\'ll lose double, in order to lose your capital faster. Only difference is that Fibonacci will follow the numbers 1, 1, 2, 5 and so on.

    What about the demo of the XpertSignal software?

    Applause for the creators of the XpertSignal demo - it seems very tempting! Once you register your free demo account, you\'re \"guaranteed\" to earn money no matter what. If you make 10-20 traders, they might seem real, but if you check out real charts and compare them - you\'ll be shocked. This demo robot is not actually connected with real charts - it\'s all just a fraud.

    You\'ve guessed it, that\'s how they trick people - make them believe that your service is actually doing something, and they\'ll start falling for it big time. As long as you don\'t move to the real demo account, your investments are safe.

    There\'s more! What are you going to do, once you lose your money? How are you going to complain on an anonymous company?

    XpertSignal Scam Review - Conclusion!

    It all started in the 2015, when Option Robot started this \"auto trading software\" overrun. Every single one of them had the same goal, slightly different approach than the previous one, and unfortunately many victims - Dual robot, iRobot, Automated Binary robot, etc. As long as you stay away from bogus fraudulent systems like these, your money will be safe.

    online fraud, auto trading robot, signals provider, XpertSignal
    06.11. 2016 14:32  | 

    Don\'t become one out of many people who have fallen for the Electoral Profits scam. The developer, Daniel Walters, says that you\'ll earn $120k by 8th of the November, which happens to be exact date of the presidential election in the US. In this scam review, we\'ll expose as much details as we can, and share them with you, in order for you to save your hard-earned money.

    The alleged owner and creator of the Electoral Profits system, Mr. Daniel, says that he has rounded up a team of best engineers and programmers to develop the perfect risk-free software. It should be based on the presidential election in the United States, as an most profitable automated tool out in the binary options industry. Also, it should be making you at least $120k during the election, while new traders will be earning at least $6500 per day. He also claims that his software is working even during the weekends (generating winning trades 24 hours per day, 7 days a week).

    First of all, can you actually trust a voice narrator saying that you\'ll be earning $6500 per day? There is no such thing as trading with a free-risk robot that\'s winning trades on your behalf, nor earning thousands of dollars per day, at least not in binary options industry where it\'s totally common to lose trades, as it is to win trades.

    Here are some more lies we exposed during our investigation. If you\'ve watched the entire Electoral Profits presentation, and the end you\'ve seen few people with their \"honest\" testimony on what was their experience with this auto trader like. If you take a good look, you\'ll realize that we\'re dealing with group of Fiverr actors (who are getting paid to say whatever you tell them to). As an successful owner of such \"no loss\" auto trader, why do you need paid scam artists to promote your software, and not real traders with real experience? Perhaps because you\'re a scammer?

    The Gorilla\'s Conclusion!

    This Electoral Profits app is another well-exposed attempt to steal innocent and inexperienced trader\'s hard-earned cache. Another reason why you shouldn\'t trust this money-stealing scheme, is the fact that market trading is closed during the weekends (meaning you can\'t make any transactions during the weekend, as Mr. Daniel claimed you can). Don\'t fall for this cheap trick, no matter how tempting it may seem. We\'ve gathered enough information to conclude that this is just another unreliable system you should stay away from, in order to keep your trading acount safe.

    online fraud, automated trading program, binary options industry, Daniel Walters, Electoral Profits
    03.11. 2016 22:12  | 

    Just few hours ago, we\'ve received reports on new dangerous software. This time, James Christian (who we all know as an scam artist who\'s pulled off many frauds during last year) has released the Cloud Track Trader system. In this scam review, we\'ll crack this case wide open, in order to help you realize it\'s just another fraud. Make sure you read our full scam review, before you think about losing money to this system.

    James Christias has, allegedly, rounded up some of Wall-Street\'s best market programmers and analysts, in order to come up with idea on how to crack the code of making money with binary options. Owner and the CEO of the Cloud Track Trader also claims that you\'ll be earning $1250 per day. Besides that, he says that he launched his system 2 years ago, which hasn\'t lost a single trade for 1231 of his users. Of course, why wouldn\'t we believe him?

    The allegedly CEO, James Christian, appears to be nothing more than a paid actor, who is actually helping criminals who started in order to take money from innocent, inexperienced traders.

    We all know that there is no such thing as trading with 100% accuracy, or things like that. Not only that trading is situated in very variable environment, but it\'s also well-known fact that in order to succeed, you need to lose sometimes as well. Knowing all of that, it\'s pretty obvious that the Cloud Track Trader, a.k.a the never-losing trader, is nothing but another fraud.

    If you check out, you\'ll find out that the Cloud Track Trader(so called $1250 daily-maker) is registered on 2016-08-31, and not 2 years ago, as their CEO claims. If someone lies like that, how could you ever trust anything that he says?

    The Gorilla\'s Conclusion!

    The most important thing that you should remember is that you will not always win trades. Nobody is capable of doing that - that\'s just how things work. Therefore, don\'t expect for long time, that anyone is going to make any 100% trading accuracy software. Becoming a millionaire overnight, as Mr. James Christian claims, is not possible. We don\'t want to let people keep losing their money to these online scams, so in order to keep trading safe, make sure to check out our reviews regularly!

    online scam, automated trading robot, binary options trading, Cloud Track Trader, James Christian
    03.11. 2016 22:11  | 

    Orion Code Scam Review!

    Ths is a good one, you need to check this out. If in the past, you\'ve heard of The Quantum Code, then you already know what The Orion Code is. Everything is the same, including videos, script and so on, the only thing they\'ve changed is that they\'ve hired different actor, named Edward Robinson. Unfortunately, people seem to fall for this scam, big time. We have got some information from our subscribers who got invitation to this \"fair chance to make great money, today\", but we still can\'t realize why people believe in it. Before you make the same mistake that many people did, make sure to read our full scam review and keep trading safe.

    Allegedly, Edward Robinson is the CEO and founder of the Orion Code. He claims that his software will make you $100,000 in the next 30 days, and if that doesn\'t happen, he will give you $5000 straight out of his wallet. His software is being called \"the no loss software\", since apparently it\'s system works so fast that it is always one step ahead of other services, allowing it to generate huge amount of money in no time.

    Mr. Edward also claims that he has turned 350 members during last year, into millionaires. His system is based on the NQS technology whose accuracy reaches 100%. Newcomers are promised to earn $10,000 per day - sounds delightful, doesn\'t it?

    Since we have already made full scam review for the Quantum Code (which you can check out in order to compare and realize how videos and everything else is the same, except for the different actor), we really think that there is nothing more we need to say in order to show you that this is nothing but a copied fraud system.

    Software that is promised to turn you into a millionaire overnight, is nothing else but someone\'s idea to take away money from new traders who have no previous experience, and will believe into anything that promises them easy start.

    If you search online for The Orion Code, you\'ll find nothing but the reviews exposing this scam. Also, if you check out when was their website created, using, you\'ll see that it was registered on 12-sep-2016, meaning it\'s up for only a month. This information doesn\'t actually match owner\'s words about how he turned 350 people into millionaires, during last year. No matter how much this software is advertised all over the web, it still won\'t fool us into believing into it.

    The Gorilla\'s Conclusion

    Do you actually think that someone or something can turn you into a millionaire overnight? We care for you, and because of that, we don\'t want you to fall for this old trick. We have already showed you that The Orion Code is exactly the same as The Quantum code, and therefore it\'s only left to conclude that this is money stealing software that you should stay away from.

    online scam, auto trading bot, NQS technology, The Orion Code, Edward Robinson
    03.11. 2016 22:11  | 

    1000 Dollar Secret Scam Review!

    Be careful! Since yesterday night, new manipulative and dangerous software has come to the binary options market. It\'s being promoted by email marketing and ads on social media. We highly recommend you to check out our warning scam review, so that you can stay safe in this world full of scams that can take away your money in no time. After talking to certain people who have, unfortunately, already lost money using this software, we\'ve got enough information to expose this scam. If you were going to try out this software, you should first read our full review, before making any further decisions.

    First of all, we are going to share all the details we noticed from their presentation video. After you watch the video, you\'ll see how voice narrator claims that if you use 1000 Dollar Secret app, you will be making large amount of money every day, that could reach up to $250,000 or even more, per month. Also, the narrator said that this automated robot does trades on your behalf - meaning that you just have to sit and watch money rolling into your wallet.

    We\'re not sure whether it\'s pathetic or hilarious how people keep creating websites like this, without any common sense. During the video presentation, we weren\'t able to hear the company\'s name, nor the owner\'s name. All we could hear is how this \"automated service\" will double or even triple our money within short period of time. On the other side, he said that all we have to do is choose on which asset to trade. The definition of an \"automated robot\" is that it works automatically, otherwise it\'s not an automated software, as they claim. They just wanted to manipulate beginners with no experience, thats all.

    No matter what, you really shouldn\'t believe that there is anything that could make you a millionaire in short period of time, at least not for now. Especially not in the binary options industry, using some software which nonexistent narrator promoted.

    If you\'ve watched entire 1000 Dollar Secret video, you\'ve seen Fiverr actors who were talking about how they made huge amounts of money without doing anything. Fiverr actors are getting paid $5 per 50 words, and they will say whatever you tell them to say. Even if you check out testimonials, you\'ll notice how their website is using stolen images from the internet, and identities of people who don\'t even have idea what binary options trading is.

    The Gorilla\'s Conclusion

    So, lets review. Earning $256k per month, becoming millionare in no time, Fiverr actors, fake identities - is there anything else we need to show you, in order for you to realize that this is nothing but a lame attempt to take money from innocent people? We hope not! We kindly recommend you to keep your eyes closed and think about everything you do, because in the binary options industry, there are too many services we can\'t trust just like that. Read reliable reviews that are based on the facts, and you shouldn\'t be afraid of losing money to a scam.

    binary options market, online scam, auto trading robots, Fiverr actors, 1000 dollars secret
    03.11. 2016 22:00  | 

    For the last 24 hours, a pretty obvious and low-budget scam is going viral. This time, the Turbine XO software, developed by Andrew Fisher, is draining people\'s money faster than ever. In order to keep your trading account safe, check out our full scam review, so that you could see how pathetic this scam is.

    The so-called CEO of the Turbine XO, Mr. Andrew Fisher, claims that he has gathered some of the best binary options programmers and analysts over the past two years. He also says that he\'s come up with an Wall-Street algorithm during last year, which allows his software to have an amazing 94% accuracy level. Also, software has allegedly made $1500-$5500 per day, to 1000 of his beta testers.

    We have a good reason to believe that this is more of a comedy show, than an actual software. At the beggining of presentation, so-called CEO says that he\'s started and registered his company two years ago, and after few minutes, he\'s talking how he started Turbine XO in 2015(last year). Really? Just another lame attempt to \"crack the code of making money with binary options\".

    Besides humorous CEO\'s show, we\'ve investigated on ourselves when was actually registered. Guess what? shows us that the website was registered on 2016-06-17, only 4 months ago, and not two, nor a year ago.

    Andrew Fisher keeps talking about certain \"Wall-Street algorithm\" that brings him such enormous accuracy. We\'ve asked around, and came up with the information that there is no such thing as Wall-Street algorithm. Because of the name, inexperienced traders might think it has something to do with fund firms, many banks and other trading opportunities, but it\'s nothing but a scam.

    The Gorilla\'s Conclusion!

    At the end, we can conlude that Turbine XO software can not make you $5500 per day, especially not in the binary options trading niche. This is just a 4-months old software that has been marketed by cheap actor and lame presentation. If you want to keep trading safe and maintain your hard-earned money, make sure to regularly read our full scam reviews so that you can stay away from unreliable systems trying to rip you off.

    binary options trading, online scam, auto trading bot, Turbine XO, Andrew Fisher
    03.11. 2016 22:00  | 

    Just like every other scam is supposed to, this one also promises huge amounts of money in no time. The Algo Trading Robot (a.k.a the Oracle Auto Trading Robot), allegedly developed by Stanley Nash, represents one of the latest traps for new traders who have no experience and will believe into almost anything. Before you dive into losing money to this fake software, we suggest you to read our full scam review, in order to save your money and trade safe.

    The Algo Trading Robot is a automated robot that\'s programmed to predict happenings on market before they even happen, based on an algorithm that Mr. Stanley has invented. The uknown actor has revealed that Mr. Stanley is actually a applied mathematics professor, at Oxfor University. If he says so.. He also claims that the software has an amazing win ratio of at least 88.7% on a daily basis, and that is because of the analysis they\'ve done and the data they\'ve gathered. They\'ve tracked direction of stocks, currencies and financial indicies, making the autotrader so \"unbeatable\". The unknown actor also says that the autotrader has lost only one trade during last 4 years, and apparently it can make you $2600 of pure profit per day, just by investing $250.

    Sounds good ah? Think again...

    If you visit the Algo Trading Robot\'s website,, you\'ll see how this automated software is, allegedly, released 4 years ago and so far, it has lost only 1 trade. We can asure you that this is nothing but a big lie, using two proofs:

    1. is a pretty popular service using which you can check out when was certain website registered. Using that service, we can see that was registered on 2016-10-19, and not 4 years ago as Stanley Nash claims. Pretty hard proof, don\'t you think?
    2. For second proof, all you need is basic knowledge of math. Algo Trading Robot should be producing 88.7% win rate, right? On the other hand, that software \"has lost only one trade in last 4 years\". If his accuracy actually was 88.7%, it would mean that it wins almost 89 trades, out of 100 trades in total. Losing 11 trades out of 100, isn\'t quite the same as losing 1 trade in 4 years. There, we\'ve shown you that this was just another lie, and we did it using basic math - you don\'t need to be an experienced trader in order to realize that his is nothing but a scam.

    After realizing that there is no such thing as \"winning all trades\", we\'ve got another thing to mention. Earning $2600 per day, just by investing $250? Come on, stop messing with us.

    The GOrilla\'s Conclusion!

    After examining informations we\'ve gotten, we are 100% sure that Algo Trading Robot(a.k.a Oracle Auto Trading Robot), is nothing but a money making scheme. There is no way you can make $2600 per day using this auto trading tool. Just like that, there is no way any tool can have accuracy of winning all trades except for one, during 4 years. Therefore, we highly recommend you to stay away from this tool, and make sure you use pure logic and also read our regular scam reviews, in order to keep trading safe.

    binary options trading, online fraud, Oracle Auto Trading Robot, Algo Trading Robot, Stanley Nash
    03.11. 2016 22:00  | 

    StockBit Scam Review!

    Couple of days ago, Daniel Watanabe released latest auto trading bot to the binary options marketplace. Don\'t waste your money before reading our full warning scam review. This software made pretty silent entrance, since it was promoted by many email marketeres and other advertisers. Noah Hastings, a Silicon Valley investor, tried out this automated software and held a presentation about it. Make sure you go through our guidance to realize why we think it is better for you to stay away from this dangerous software.

    With the help of programmers and traders, Daniel Watanabe developed the StockBit bot and promised it would make $900 for you, every single day. On the other side, after we\'ve seen the video demonstration, only thing they said is that you\'d be getting 7% of the daily returns, which might go off to 9% of the daily returns. Nobody mentioned any real money there. Suspicious, isn\'t it?

    They presented Daniel Watanabe as an trading expert who developed StockBit software to work on automated mode. He also allegedly registered his firm a year ago, and recruited more than 14000 users who make lots of money each day, using the StockBit software. He claims that the software uses refined technology that tracks how market behaves, based on trader\'s sense. Daniel also said that StockBit has an amazing 70% accuracy, winning at least 7 out of 10 trades in total. Too much, perhaps?

    Everything about the StockBit looks really nice and convincing, meaning they\'ve done good job, trying to bait as many people as they can. Still, don\'t let those actors make a fool of you. We\'ve got proven facts that will help you realize that StockBit is a scam! First of all, if you go and visit (the service that checks age of the domain) and check out their website, it will show you that it was registered on 2016-08-04, just two months ago, while Daniel Watanabe claims that he started his company a year ago. Nice try.

    During the presentation, Daniel and Noah haven\'t actually spoke about the amount of money you\'d be making, but only mentioned the 7% daily revenue and possible growth to 9% until next year. Daniel even said that StockBit robot generates at least 70% ITM performace. They didn\'t mind saying how you\'ll be earning $900 per day, on complete auto pilot mode.

    Let\'s see what would happen if, for example, you deposited $250 - $500 as initial investment. Daniel sais you should be making 7% of the daily returns. If you actually think about it, now matter how you do the math, you won\'t be making $900 per day for sure. We conclude that this is just another fraud, in which someone tried to make fools out of innocent people who have no previous experience in financial market, since they represent the easiest target group.

    The Gorilla\'s Conclusion!

    Besides having good promising video, StockBit is nothing. This service is based on lies and details which we\'ve already proven are false. Make sure to always trade safe, and try to stay away from these kinds of frauds that will only take your money away. We have tried our best to make you realize that this is just another scam system and lame attempt to empty your account very quickly.

    binary options trading, online fraud, automated software, auto trading bot, StockBit, Daniel Watanabe, Noah Hastings
    03.11. 2016 21:59  | 

    Same criminals who were standing behind the Amissio Formula and the Orion code, have started new money drainer. This time, Mr. George Coleman has developed Automata Formula software, which is supposed to make you an extra income. Before temptation overcomes your logical thinking, make sure to read our full scam review, in order to save your hard-earned money.

    The so-called founder and owner of the Automata Formula software, George Coleman, claims that he is actually ex Wells Fargo banker, who made over $12 million dollars in the last year, using his software. Also, Mr. George says that new members will be earning at least $950 per hour; total of $20k per day! All of that beucase of his \"creation\", which is based on a secret loophole in the financial market, that he has allegedly discovered.

    Proof #1: Amissio Formula Scam:

    Apparenlty, this \"George Coleman\" must\'ve had some sort of a discount in his Gig, since everyone keeps hiring him to promote lies. He is just another paid actor, who\'s unprofessionally promoting other scam sevices, like the Amissio Formula, and the Orion Code, which we already cracked wide open. Based on that, you should be sure that this Automata Formula is nothing but another attempt promoted to you by cheap scam artist.

    Proof #2: Orion Code Scam:

    If you\'re one of our blog subscribers, you should already know that there is nothing that could ever (in any near future) turn you into a millionare overnight. Knowing that, it\'s easy to realize that the Automata Formula would just drain your account in no time.

    Allegedly, Mr. George has recruited his first beta testers for his software, two years ago. Here\'s our chance to show you another proof that you shouldn\'t trust this software! First of all, (domain-age checking service) is showing us that the was registered on 2016-09-06, meaning last month! If that one is not good enough for you, just think whether there is such thing as \"unbeatable software\". You must realize that you\'re dealing with buying and selling assets in the financial Markets - meaning that sometimes you will lose trades for sure. Knowing that, it\'s easy to understand that this is just a scam software. In order to become successful, you need to do your best at reducing amounts of lost trades, and improving your winning ratio.

    The Gorilla\'s Conclusion!

    At the end, we conclude that Automata Formula is not an auto trading robot that is going to make you thousands of dollars per day. This system is actually going to rip you off! If you fall for it, of course. All details we\'ve mentoned in this scam review should be enough for you to NOT fall for this kind of fraud system.

    auto trading program, online fraud, binary options trading, Automata Formula, George Coleman
    03.11. 2016 21:55  | 

    One of the latest \"auto trading robots\" in the binary options industry is the Zeus 2. Few hours ago, thanks to two of our blog subscribers, we found out about this new scam going viral. This new software, developed by Matthew Harrison, is supposed to turn you into a millionaire within less than 181 days. This scam review will help you realize that this is nothing but another lame attempt to convince innocent inexperienced people to deposit their hard-earned money into unreliable, scam service.

    Alleged CEO and owner of company \"Zeus Investments\", Mr. Matthew, claims that his company\'s worth reaches an amazing $673 million dollars in pure revenue since it\'s creation 2 years ago. During the Zeus 2 presentation, Mr. Harrison says that he\'d already turned 74 random people into millionaires within 181 days, and that he\'s planning to do the same with 50 new members.

    One of things that have been also said during the presentation, is that the newbie members will be making $10,000 a day ($605 per hour), using the Zeus 2 auto trader. Also, Mr. Harrison has said that any Zeus 2 member would be making $5500, meaning $240 per hour. We can\'t forget that Mr. Matthew has said that trading is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and that the Zeus 2 has never lost a single trade, due to \"bare metal servers scattered around the globe\".

    First out of many unbelievable things is - not losing a single trade. Even newbie traders are aware that we\'re dealing with the currencies, commodities, stocks and so on, so losing is the key for success. Everything in this world is changing so fast, due to high volatily economic and even political events. Therefore, you need to realize that nobody has ever made the \"no loss software\", meaning Zeus 2 can\'t be one of them!

    Well-known thing with the financial Markets is that they are open 5 days a week - from Monday to Friday, meaning that you can\'t make any transactions during weekend. Knowing that, it\'s easy to conclude that Mr. Matthew\'s claims on how financial Markets are up and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - are a total nonsense.

    Besides all of that, there is one thing we still can\'t figure out. Will Zeus 2 users be making $10,000 per day, or $5,500? Here is the answer - they won\'t earn anything! All that\'s going to happen is that you\'re going to lose all of your hard-earned money in the blink of an eye. Since alleged owner can\'t figure it out for himself, would you really trust him and his \"money-making system\"? Mr. Matthew is nothing but a paid actor who\'s promising you amounts of money which btw. no one is able to make in such short period of time.

    The Gorilla\'s Conclusion!

    We can easily conclude that this is just another money-stealer. The Zeus 2 is another unreliable auto trading bot, made by criminals who\'ve been trying to scam people and rip them off. Make sure to trade safe and keep following our blogs so that you can read our scam reviews and keep your bank account safe.

    online fraud, auto trading bot, binary options industry, Zeus 2, Matthew Harrison
    03.11. 2016 21:51  | 

    Few days ago, new auto trading software was released into the binary options industry. It\'s name is \"Quantum Cash Machine\", and it was developed by Chris Barnes. Allegedly, just like every other \"money-making software\", it should be making thousands of dollars per day for you. Unfortunately, this scam is going viral just because new traders and online investors will believe into anything that promises easy money. This made us mad, so we decided to quickly make full scam review, in order to prevent people from losing their hard-earned money to this unreliable software. Therefore, read our review and get to know why this is just another attempt to scam people.

    The so-called CEO of the Quantum Cash Machine software, Chris Barnes, claims that his automated program is connected to the entire stock market. Because of that, it analyzes more than 900,000 signals and reports per day, and as a result, it provides you with at least 30 most profitable trades, in a given trading day. Also, new members will, allegedly, make $1500 - $2700 per day, for the rest of their life.

    We have found out that Mr. Chris is actually Mr. Douglas Ward, who advertised a scam called \"Profit 4 Patriots\". He\'s been making same promises about becoming a millionaire overnight, and so on. Even though exposing something like this should be enough proof for you to realize that the Quantum Cash Machine is nothing but another pathetic attempt to steal innocent people\'s money, we will continue proving you why there\'s no doubt that we\'re talking about total rip-off over here.

    If you check out their website,, at the bottom you can see picture of guy who allegedly makes tons of money using Quantum Cash Machine. If you take a good look again, you\'ll realize that this is just stolen picture from the internet, and that they guy who\'s on the picture is actually paid Stock picture with an unreal identity.

    Besides all of that, just thinking you can make thousands of dollars per day and becoming a millionaire overnight, is ridiculous. There is currently nothing that can help you make easy money. If you\'re in the binary options industry, you need to realize that sometimes you\'ll win, and sometimes you\'ll lose trades. That\'s how things work, and you should be fine with it. If you are ready to risk your bank account, in order to make a significant change, do it - but make sure you\'re not wasting your money on some unreliable system.

    The Gorilla\'s Conclusion!

    Since we still haven\'t heard of any TRUE money making software, you should stay away from the Quantum Cash Machine, and any similar unreliable software that offers millions without actually having to do anything. After we\'ve exposed everything we could, we can freely conclude that this is a vicious system, nothing but a money making scheme that\'s been gathering money from inexperienced traders.

    auto trading software, online scam, binary options industry, Quantum Cash Machine, Chris Barnes
    03.11. 2016 21:49  | 

    Latest scam software that\'s been released is called Gemini2, and it was developed by Brandon Lewis. If you are interested in checking out Gemini2 review, then keep reading this article in order to find out why Brandon\'s testimonials didn\'t impress me.

    This is going to be my first review of this software, so I\'ll do my best to expose as many facts as I can, in order to help you realize that this is nothing but another fraudulent system.

    Gemini2 Scam Review - Should You Trust Or Not?

    Honest advice is to keep up with latest automated trading softwares, in order to always know whether a new system is reliable to trade, or not. Here are few lines about Gemini2 app.

    The CEO of Gemini2 software, Mr. Brandon, claims that you\'ll be earning $200 - $800 per hour; meaning that you\'ll earn $48,000 to $19,200 in just 10 days. No one promises you that kind of money, except for fake claimers.

    Gemini2 team has made pretty good testimonial video, that unfortunately successfully fools innocent and inexperienced traders to waste their hard-earned money into this bogus software. Testimonial video is made in such way that it shows unrealistic money making shows, expensive cars and bank checks. Nothing new, same old trick every cheap scam artist has been using in order to trick innocent people.

    Gemini2 is a Bogus Software - Not Reliable Trading App At All:

    You should avoid this unreliable system big time, in order to keep your money safe. Let me show you what are my observations related to this Gemini2 scam software.

    More than $12k every day!!

    Only reason Mr. Brandon has managed to trick new traders, is because they represent target group which is well-known for their lust to make easy money; which Brandon Lewis is promising them. Earning $12k every day, by almost not doing anything - sounds attempting, but only if you don\'t use your pure logic.

    Most people hardly even have $12k of monthly income, so when someone promises you to earn such amount of money in a day - makes you realize how foolish that sounds.

    Who is Mr. Brandon Lewis?

    Thanks to testimonials video, we can see that Brandon Lewis was an alleged ex-engineer of Google. Yeah sure! First of all, why did you resign from Google, hm? And second, why can\'t we find any information about you?

    CEO of such \"successful\" project, and an ex-engineer of Google should be a person whose information we can easily find, don\'t you think? There is no sense that anyone should invest into this software.

    Fake Bank Pay Orders To Trap New Honest Traders:

    If you visit Gemini2 software\'s website, you\'ll see people showing their bank cheques, which aren\'t so believable.

    Even though Gemini 2 was registered on May 5th, 2016, on their website you can see that every single cheque\'s date is December 4th, 2015. Little bit too obvious, don\'t you think? They are just trying to bait new traders with those fake cheques, but we\'re warning you, don\'t fall for this cheap trick!

    100% Winning Rate - Oh Readlly!!

    Allegedly, as long as you use this software, you\'ll be winning all of your trades - amazing 100% accuracy! Almost too good to be true, right?

    We all know that binary options trading is platform where winning is as common as losing. No one is ever going to promise you such unbelievable thing, unless it\'s a scam or scammer. With all of this evidence, it should be clear that we\'re dealing with pure scam here.

    Pressurize You to Join Gemini2 With Remaining Spots:

    Upon entering their website, you\'ll see five spots remaining for your region, decreasing to 1 spot after every minute. Even after few hours, it\'s still going to show you the same spot remaining. Lame and old trick.

    Almost as if it was begging me to join them. Don\'t fall for this kind of tricks!

    Gemini2 Review - Final Thought:

    These next couple of things should be enough for you to trust me when I say that Gemini2 is just another software trying to rip you off. Their website is full of details which are totally not relevant for binary options trading. Nobody can find any information about the alleged CEO, and he also hasn\'t given us any certain information on how his system works. So, to conclude, in order to keep your hard-earned money safe, stay away from this \"money-making software\".

    binary options trading, automated trading software, online bogus scam, Gemini2, Brandon Lewis
    23.10. 2016 19:09  | 

    Ultimate4Trading is a binary options signal software which is designed to predict high/low options or 60 second options. But it is not an automated trading software. The users need to keep monitoring the fresh signal then make a trade by themselves. The site membership cost is free. The minimum deposit is $200. It is open to worldwide.

    For those who have heard about Ultimate Trading before, you may question about its credibility. Well, to shorten your time to research, I come up with an answer, it is not reliable service. Why? Find out here.

    A Report About 60 Seconds Option

    A user from a binary option forum revealed his personal experience when depositing his $200. His username is Bill. Bill lost his money, and never get the profit. So, this is what happened. He chose the 60 Second Option. Then there was a signal said “Buy A Call on Gold”. And this option didn’t last for 60 seconds, but much longer period time, an hour. That does not add up, doesn’t it?

    The Scam Starts from Winning Demo

    When testing the demo account, Bill claimed that he got the profit from his trade. Bill stated that he forgot that demo mode is not a genuine live trade. So there was possibility that the site manipulated the result. Just like the other demo account from different binary options software provider, it gives an idea of how their software is operated. So it does make sense that there is no accurate signals as well. Of course most users will profit during the demo trade. This is where the scammers try to convince their victims to join the program.

    The Author Credibility (?)

    It is no different than other tons of scamming binary options. You have probably seen a lot of these. Jim Cross, as the mastermind of the Ultimate Trading is to be found nowhere on the internet. I tried many keywords like “Jim Cross”, “Jim Cross Ultimate Trading”, “Ultimate Trading Creator”, and so on. There is no single legit page which shows the credibility of this person. Perhaps he is an actor? Or perhaps someone else using different name? I don’t know. But one thing for sure, Jim Cross who develops Ultimate Trading does not exist. If an author of a program does not exist, how come we believe that the program exists?

    No-Copyright Video Presentation

    When you visit the main page of Ultimate Trading, you will see there is background video played behind the phrase “Trading enters the 21st Century with this unique tool. It’s the cutting-edge algorithm.”. Well that what made me laugh. Actually, I have seen the video before. It is no-copyright video which is sold on online marketplaces like Fiverr, SeoClerk, PPH, and so on. I have seen this video before. And I am indeed sure that Jim Cross is not there. After all, he does not exist.


    I tried to nudge the support with some questions. Hmm…. Until now (3 weeks), I don’t receive any reply. I checked my inbox as well as spam box, there is none. That comes so fishy. How come that claimed “big” business does not have customer support to response the inquiries from visitors?

    Piece of advice, don’t waste your time and money to try this software. It is pure scam.

    online scams,binary options trading,trading software,frauds,ultimate4trading,ultimate trading,jim cross
    23.10. 2016 19:00  | 

    We’d like to take this unique opportunity to introduce you to Dual Robot – your #1 choice when it comes to getting a powerful solution that makes Auto Trading Binary Options an easy, quick and effortless process.

    We pride ourselves in our highly qualified team of professionals who made the Dual Robot one of the most reliable, secure and user – friendly Binary Options Trader available on the market!

    Get Dual Robot today – sign up now, it’s available on all devices including smartphones, PC’s and tablets.

    Questions? Contact us today, our Customer Support team will be happy to help you.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    dual robot,binary options,financial markets,trading robot,auto trading
    23.10. 2016 17:45  | 

    K% D%

    Traders can now assist with.trend based strategies to generate trading signals and anticipate price changes through the help of the stochastic oscillator. This tool has become invaluable to many traders over the years. You too can make out time to familiarize yourself with the tool that is if you follow a trend based strategy too.

    What is the stochastic oscillator?

    It is also known as K%D and it is a momentum indicator. This tool predicts turning points in the movement of price by comparing trading range to the current closing price.

    The idea is behind this stochastic oscillator is simple: there is a certain speed each trend follows. The trend determines whether it rises or falls. The closing prices are closer to the upper end of the trading range, in an uptrend, while in a downtrend the closing prices are closer to the bottom end of the trading range. Although there are times that the prices move outside this trading range. Sometimes, the market is not able to keep up with the accelerated movement and the prices eventually move back into the trading range. This useful tool can assist you profit from such events by finding the trend.

    Continue reading the article below the table…

    How does the stochastic oscillator work?

    There is the %K line and the %D line found in this tool.

    The %D line is the second line and it can be calculated in two ways: the %D line is created by using a 3 period moving average of the %K line. This is known as fast stochastics. to generate a smoother line, most traders create another 3 period moving average of the %D line and this is known as the slow stochastic, the signals generated are more reliable. The version you choose for your trading depends on your risk tolerance. The slow stochastic are mostly used by the risk-averse traders while the fast stochastics are mostly used by the risk-tolerant traders. It is also mapped in a diagram and it forms a second line.

    The current closing price in relation to the total price range for a specified time period is measured by the %K line. The result is plotted into the diagram after being converted into a percent value. When the value is 0, it has a low closing price. But when the value is 100, it means it is high. Any value below 20 is considered significantly low while a value over 80 is considered significantly high.

    The tool delivers excellent results when used with daily, intraday charts and weekly charts, which was what it was originally designed to do. This tool is mostly used over a time period of 14 periods.

    How to trade the stochastic oscillator

    The divergence between the %D line and the price movement is the most important trading signal while the %D line is in an overbought area generated by the tool. When prices reach a new top or bottom, the event occurs. Look at the picture above, you can see an example of such an event. During the development of the second top, the tool has a significantly lower value as prices double top. This is known as a bearish divergence and can be used to invest in falling prices.

    There are traders that wait for the %K line to cross the %D line before they invest because this adjustment is meant to create better refined signals. Both techniques are valid as you can see in the picture shown. Depending on how you want to trade the signal, is up to you. The crossing of the both lines should be traded in shorter time while divergence trading needs a longer time period.

    trading tools,online trading,stochastic oscillator,trading signals
    23.10. 2016 17:36  | 

    Perhaps you have heard Modern Profit from somewhere else. If you are wondering whether it is legit or not, you have come to the right place. In the world of binary options, people are easily scammed by scam artists. It is indeed that you can never be too careful. To give you a proper mindset, Modern Profit Professor or Professor is indeed a scam scheme. I have prepared the proofs to show. But in the end, it is you who make the decision.

    For those who haven\'t known about Modern Profit Professor yet, it is a binary options trading software which is authored by Marco Adessi. I am sure that you have seen similar program many times before. And many of them are scam, including this one. So, let’s go straight forward to the proofs.

    Marco Adessi - Is He Even A Real Person?

    As mentioned before, the Professor is authored by Marco Adessi. There are 3 things that I would like to emphasize. His words about his status as millionair and expert stock trader just does not match with his appearance in the page. Do you think he is a real millionaire? The second thing, I couldn’t find any information which proves that he is the real person. I couldn’t find any of his profile in legit websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and others. Then it gives me conclusion that he is fake. There is no one named Marco Adessi, who created the MP Professor. And it is possible that he is a paid actor. And you can see as well in the sales page of MP Professor. Rather than professional photos, he used photo that seems like to be taken from a video screenshot. If he is a true millionaire, he will present something more exclusive and credible, right?

    Marco Adessi Backgrounds

    It was said that he attended Pierre and Marie Curie University and studied the computer science back then. I was not searching his profile because it would be bothersome. But after watching the video of his statements, I found a ridiculous lie. In the video, he said that he has no higher education or so. Then who was attending the Pierre and Marie Curie University?

    The Sad Story

    The other one that does not add up is his sad story. Marco Adessi told that he learned the stock trading from a great mentor. And now the mentor is dead. Marco returned the favor by giving his software to people just like the mentor did. This 10-minute long video is not convincing at all. Well because it is fake.

    Poorly Edited News

    To convince his victims, he shown that MP Professor was featured on news. But what I can see is just poorly edited news along with images. I bet Adessi hired cheap priced photoshop service for this one. But, really?

    Fake Reviews and Testimonials

    Why are they fake? Simple. Because I noticed one or two guys whom I met on marketplace named Fiverr. They offer Fake Testimonials service in their gigs. Well, it becomes so clear that all the testimonials are just act.

    So, is Modern Profit Professor A Scam?

    By looking at those facts, I can conclude that it is a pure scam. Since the person is fake, it has nothing to do with legit works or so. There is no reason why you need to join this.

    online scams,binary options trading,trading software,frauds,modern profit professor,marco adessi
    23.10. 2016 17:27  | 

    If you are wondering how legit is Millionaire Trader System, you don\'t have to waste your time to research. You have come to the right place. And I can assure you that it is a pure sam. So before you get robbed by the scammers, I suggest you to avoid it at all cost.

    To briefly prove the scam methods, I believe many people agree that light evidences can’t be counted as convincing evidences. These will of course leave most readers with questions but can’t help to be tempted because of the amazing promises.

    So Millionaire Trader System is actually another scam options trading software. The creator of this software claimed that it can help their users to make huge profits in no time. Oliver Miller is the one who claimed as the owner of Millionaire Trader System. The users can watch his video on the main page of the official website. He claimed that his software can make one over $50000 a week.

    At first, I am completely shut from this because I can’t confirm the credibility of the author and the company. Oliver said that Millionaire Trader is a Russian-based finance company. I tried to search this name on my favorite search engine but I found nothing. In the video, he also tells vague facts about the system. Instead explaining a bit about the Millionaire Trader software, Oliver only gives promises and promises. I’ve seen many modus operandis like this. It is a pure scam tactic used by scamming artists. It is not entirely new for me.

    After 2 minutes watching the video, I began to realize that Oliver is not even an “Oliver”. I believe he has different name and different profession. He is not even the owner of the Millionaire Trader System. Well, let’s think about it. If he is the real person who is really proficient in what he is doing, he will at least told us about the details of the app and explain it in the most friendly approach. Instead, he only explains the promises, which we don’t need exactly.

    The other thing that I’d like to highlight is the fake testimonials made by paid actresses and actors. I take one example. There is a lady named Ashley. She explained about how the program could bring her some fortune. Perhaps you have never seen her. But I did! I found her on different site, doing the same thing for different program. Is it a coincidence? Or is it just purely staged? I believe that was lie since Ashley, which is not a real name, is just a fake profile.

    But she is not the only who is fake. It seems that Miller, as the creator of this software is also fake profile. He is a ghost with no valid information about himself. I can’t find basic information such as where he live, what he is working now, and other details. I am pretty sure that he is not available as well. People will have difficulty to reach him and get his autograph. So, diehard fans of this program will never see their star. Before going further, check the website by yourself. If you are smart, you will avoid joining this program.

    online scams,binary options trading,trading software,frauds,millionaire trader system,oliver miller
    23.10. 2016 17:23  | 

    Fast Cash Club

    Fast Cash Club has been there for a while. Many people discuss this in many online forums. Many people ask whether it is legit or not. Fast Cash Club, as many others said, had brought such tremendous results for successful people joining the program. The problem is that none of their identities are confirmed.

    This program sounds very promising, but don’t get trapped with this scam. It is a pure scam program which its real objective is to steal your money. Now I am going to share you the result of my assessment about fast Cash Club.

    I did my personal investigation on this program for about a week. Aaron Martin, as the creator of the program seems very credible in the eyes of the starters, but not me and other advanced users. You must understand why Fast Cash Club is not safe. I will explain the reason briefly below.

    Just like in other scamming sites, the main page will be filled with engaging messages show the proofs, clickbaits, and so on. And I was looking at Aaron Martin messages. I was like “What the…”. Yes, because it is impossible that we can make at least 3000 dollars on daily basis with most sophisticated trading software. Even professional traders see this as complete bogus.

    Aaron Martin proudly claimed that Fast Cash System software have made around 97 millionaires in three months. Although it is less than 100 people, it is a big number for an online opportunity. Amongst those 97 people, at least there will be 10% who will share their success story and all confirmed. But there is no valid information about their profiles and proofs. If this program really gave such result, I am pretty sure big media like NY Times or Forbes will interview the creator, or at least the millionaires who used the software.

    And the other silly thing is the voiceover done for the video which is definitely a different voice. The narrating voice-over is not Aaron Martin. It can be someone else hired to do so simply because his voice is better than creator himself.

    When I tested a website’s credibility, I always tested their customer support. In the sales page, readers are persuaded that Fast Cash Club has great supportive customer standing by for the technical issues. And the users are promised to get advice from professional advisor named David Brooks. You know what? I was laughing when seeing his picture. He is not David Brooks. I have seen him on Fiverr. Unfortunately, I forgot his username. But I am sure I saw him as an paid actor. Well, this actor, without a doubt, has gained some bucks from his dirty business. I also saw him in other scamming site with similar niche.

    The other proof that it is scam is that the silly text in the webpage saying that the opportunity is the “final” day. If the users don’t register at that time, they will have to pay $997 for setup fee including $59 monthly membership. That does not make sense at all.

    All I can say is that you need to avoid Fast Cash Club scam. Don’t accept any email invitation, don’t even try.

    online scams,binary options trading,trading software,frauds,fast cash club,fast cash,aaron martin
    23.10. 2016 17:18  | 

    Copy Buffett

    In this occasion, I’m going to reveal lies behind Copy Buffet. It is another auto-trading software scam which you need to avoid at all cost. Regardless its popularity for the last few weeks, you should not get trapped with this scam. Fortunately, I am not the only one who claimed that it is completely bogus. There are others too. In case you have not found any signals yet, I am here to share you the proofs.

    At Glance Seeing Fake Content & The Video

    Briefly explained, I could see the lies within seconds. When I visited the main page of Copy Buffet website, I saw few things which are completely bogus. They are fake awards, fake testimonials, and a staged video which is clearly casted by paid actors. The old guy who presents the video is look like James Spader in Blacklist series. But that is not my point, exactly. That guy is definitely an actor.

    So in this explanatory video you will see Jeremy Fin, which claims to be the representative of the Copy Buffet software. He is the creator. So, I just pinpoint his most tricky statement. He said that Copy Buffet software, as the name suggest, is the replica of Warren Buffett\'s brain. It is an artificial brain that will copy Warren Buffett’s behaviors so that all users of this software can act and think like Buffet. This would make you win a lot of money. Well, is it possible? If you love Sci Fi movie, I believe you won’t believe in this sh*t.

    Abusing Warren Buffett

    Poor this old man. His name is used and abused by irresponsible creator of Copy Buffet. Before going further, I asked you if you have heard about “ As Seen on Oprah” making money program. If you have heard before, the scam artist used the same abusive method as that one. Back then in 2007, folks were drawn to the Chain Letter scam program like “As Seen on Oprah 20./20”. Oprah herself didn’t feature that program. Now I just get yucked by looking at this abusive method. As I said before, poor that old man. His name is involuntarily used by this scammer. One thing that you perhaps don’t know yet. Warren Buffett never opted binary options in his life.

    Fake Logos

    When I scrolled down the page, I found something funny. It looks like the web owner just randomly inserted sort of legitimate logos which don’t look like legitimate at all. The second left bottom logo has text “Top 5 Finance Software”. Well, that’s a week claim. Top 5 based on what? Top 5 in what site? Then random logos like SSL or security are also added. They are not very convincing to me. Besides, the real ones should be linked to the actual security sites. In fact, Copy Buffet site is not secured at all. That’s a joke!

    I don’t have to explain a thing like insane number of daily profit promised by the program. This is definitely a “get rich scheme”. Don’t even be bothered to check the page by yourself.

    online scams,binary options trading,trading software,frauds,copy buffett,jeremy fin
    23.10. 2016 17:08  | 

    3 Huge Bitcoin Trading Strategies You Must Try

    If you are interested in trading Bitcoin, you should know that it isn\'t an easy pill to swallow. It takes a lot of time, skills and knowledge to make most of your investing. Nowadays, Bitcoin has emerged to a global trend and every time the price rises, there are new investors and speculators that want their fair share of profits.

    However, Bitcoin\'s main idea is and will remain simple - the global network that makes sending crypto currencies easy to and from any location. Just because of this low entry barrier, it has been one of the most blooming investment sectors over the past few years.

    But how to make the most of your Bitcoin daytrading and earn as many crypto currencies as possible?

    We are listing 4 awesome strategies that will give you the experience and arbitrage you need to earn Bitcoins and make the most of the BTC/USD exchange.

    1. Find An Exchange

    The first thing you should know is how to find e great exchange. What defines \'great\' in this meaning is an exchange you can trust, one that is regulated and one that accepts payments from your country. Also, you have to make sure that there are no big fees and that you can always exchange and withdraw money or Bitcoin (liquidity).

    For that reason, we recommend Bitfinex, Bitstamp, OKCoin and Coinbase - all of which great platforms for Bitcoin exchange in terms of the BTC/USD trading volume, reputation and authority on the market.

    2. Learn The Rules Of Supply & Demand

    The most important principle out there is the one dominated by supply and demand. In other words, the higher the demand is - the price goes up. The higher the supply is - the price goes down. Lower demand equals lower prices and lower supply equals higher prices.

    These are basic economy rules that you can apply to your Bitcoin profit daytrading.

    3. Exploit The Price Differences

    Also known as arbitrage, this strategy is all about buying and selling between two or more platforms. The price differences in the currency are the ground that lets you make money - and make full-loop arbitrage plays, pocketing the difference of BTC/USD on two, three or more different exchanges.

    We hope you will be able to put these strategies to practice and start making the most of your Bitcoin trading!

    The Bitcoin Trading Robot That Builds Your Own Trading Strategy

    If you are a fan of daytrading or are doing it as your main job, you probably know how devastating it can be at times. All the sleepless nights in making the same moves over and over again, hoping to make money on the price differences, buyouts and sellouts are definitely a pain in the back.

    But what if we tell you that as of now, you can build your own Bitcoin trading robot that summarizes your strategy and moves - and puts them to play every day?

    The Power Of Algorithmic Trading Through Bitcoin (Ro)Bots

    Yes - from now on, that\'s a reality. You can build your own automated Bitcoin trading robot that starts trading when you decide and stops in the same time you want to stop.

    The truth is, algorithmic trading is something that has been rumored to be \'the ultimate money making machine\' of the future. If you are still skeptical about these Bitcoin bots and want to know how they work, read below.

    Basically, a Bitcoin trading robot is a program that talks directly to the financial exchanges and makes orders on your behalf. You can buy, sell and trade seamlessly through this robot - who will make sure to watch the market\'s price fluctuations and make a move according to your predefined rules.

    There have been many cases of trading robots that made people tons of money. While some were taking liquidity as their best feature from a market where it was present to one that had no liquidity at all, others just made the most of the exchanges through their established practices.

    Practice Makes Trading Robots Perfect

    Although the world of Bitcoin daytrading including crypto currencies has changed over the years, the algorithms have also been improved. One example of such robot is Butter Bot, a platform that offers online trading directly from your Google Chrome window!

    There are numerous strategies that can be applied to a Bitcoin training robot - but starting from the basics is what experts recommend in this case. After all, trading is not necessarily linked to technical analysis only - but also rumors, market fluctuations and industry trends/changes.

    So, Should You Try The Bitcoin Trading Robot?

    The bottom line is that this solution is not for everyone. While it has a variety of advantages, there are still people that trade with emotion. However, if you have all the strategies, plays and tricks in hand and you want to apply them over a long period of time, using a Bitcoin trading robot is definitely a strategy you should try.

    bitcoin,trading strategies,trading robot,online trading
    23.10. 2016 16:53  | 

    Trading Strategies

    For your binary options trading, strategizing your investments is very important. all traders ought to master the dynamic art of applying the right binary option strategy. Knowing how this is done will lead to maximum trading flexibility minimal financial risk. Below are some trading strategies used by traders today. Click on the site:, to find out more on the different strategies.

    Understanding about the financial Markets behaviour is linked to a better control of your binary option trades. You will have a higher probability of your trade being successful, as you apply and follow these trading strategies.

    Binary Hedging/Straddle Strategy

    Binary Hedging/Straddle Strategy consists of features of risk management, goes a long way in preventing total loss of the invested capital and the increases the opportunity to make profit. The logic behind this principle is: ‘’what goes up, must come down\" and it works as follows: decide on a “Call” or a “Put” option.

    Based on your earlier decision, select your asset and invest.

    The trading strategy tip: you make an opposing investment when the price of an asset increases.

    Traders ought to know that the potential threat of a continuous shift of the financial asset\'s direction surrounds trades despite the positive turn of the trade. Making an opposing investment is the accepted solution.

    If your general direction leads you to invest in a “Call” option in step 1 then in step 3 you will invest in a “Put” option. This minimizes the risk of losing on both options, and increases the chance of gaining from one of them since you are now trading both “Call” and “Put” options.

    This is the finest form risk management, because this strategy guarantees you will end up “in the money’’ you can also benefit from the two trades, at the end of the trade and the market price of a financial asset between the striking price of both your investment.


    The USD/JPY price for a potential “Call” option is represented in the table below. Assuming the price is going to cross the descending trend line.

    The price breaks the trend line and is retesting it before moving upward. Following this trading strategy, you invest in a “Call” option at the retesting point.

    The Explanation of the Hedging/Straddle Strategy

    As displayed on the chart above, if you invest $200 in the USD/JPY option and 85% is the asset\'s return, you either lose your $200, or if you use the trading strategy, mentioned above, the trade ends up with one the option expires “Out of the Money” and you gain $170 “In the Money”.

    If all being equal, applying this trading strategy will bring about different results to your trade. You can take this investment to a new level by investing in an opposing “Call” option, if the price movement is in your predicted direction and you\'re “In the Money”.

    There are 2 possible outcomes to this specific scenario:

    The trade ends in “Out of the Money” for one option and “In the Money” for the other option, that is if at the end of the trade\'s time frame, the market\'s price rises or falls over the striking price of the “Put” or “Call” options, this means you lost $200 with the loss of $30 and you made $170. There will be a gain of $340, that is if the market Vale is between the “Call” and “Put” options.

    Correction Binary Strategy

    The principle of the Correction Binary strategy is founded on the Correction rule. The rule is that a gap appears between the current and previous price of the asset if the asset\'s rise and fall, before correcting itself, and return back (close the gap) to its previous price.

    Assets tend to undergo unexpected upwards and downwards surges during the beginning and ending of round hours. In order to apply the Correction binary trading strategy, these surges are exactly what you should look for because they occur prior to, during, and after important market announcements.

    There is a possibility that you can use this knowledge of this and how it affects an asset market price. You can identify price gaps, using the trend line that appears in technical analysis or the graphs\' resistance lines and support lines. Once such gaps are detected, execute an opposite direction binary option trade.

    Open your own trading account and test the effectiveness of these strategies.


    Learn more about our services and get answers to all your questions. Contact our support team; we are looking forward to hearing from you.

    Technical Analysis

    By analyzing earlier prices\' charts, you can predict price through Technical Analysis

    Risk Warning:

    Trading Binary Options has a high level of risk that may not be suitable for all investors and it is highly speculative. All or some of your invested capital might be lost; so avoid speculating with the capital you cannot afford to lose. There are many risk associated with trading Binary Options. Please read our full Risk Disclosure Statement.

    trading strategies,binary options trading,investments,hedging,straddle
    23.10. 2016 16:44  | 

    Fundamental data strategies

    Forex traders and binary options traders use fundamental indicators to trade both longer expiry options and new events. The release of fundamental data is very vital to traders because it generates both direction and volatility within the market, even if the information released is for a specific/ single company or general to the economy.

    If it has been foreseen by market speculators and the nature of the data determines the length of the effect of the fundamental data.

    Both traditional market investors and binary options trades take advantage of the large swings and spikes in price caused by the unforeseen.

    Using the heavyweight data releases to trade the news

    The key economic indicator is the general economic data releases which traders follow to look for trading opportunities. It determines the market direction for a long period of time because of their strong influence in economic performance of commodity, stock Markets and currency. Binary options traders may choose to trade the key economic indicator as short-term news opportunity or choose to direct them in the direction of long-term binary option. In anyway, it is used to look for shocks and to decide the fundamental market health and short-term opportunities during their release. Analysts create their own predictions of the outcome and constantly assess the market’s expectations. This is important to note especially for those expecting to trade the news prior to the key economic indicator becoming market knowledge. This assessment is useful for traders to determine if the data is above or below the market’s expectations.

    Momentum trading with fundamental data

    Unexpected results in GDP figures, employment, interest rates are all key economic indicators that will lead to high levels of volatility in a short time following its release. Purchasing options during this period is a binary options strategy that can be done by traders who want to jump on board immediately the data is released and traders who set orders to catch the swings which are generated in the following hours.

    This strategy greatly depends on the investing trader and whether they will simply trade with the momentum of the market or they have the ability to speedily analyse the data. However, this technique is the most risky because of the high tendency of potential for sharp reversals and false-breakouts. the momentum trading on the release of data is advised for quick traders but for traders that prefer a more rational basis may look at longer expiry times for such news trades.

    Taking advantage of Range and One Touch binary options tools

    Setting orders to trigger when price reaches a certain threshold is a longer binary option strategy for trading a data release. Note that the average daily range of a stock, index or currency, these entries shows a high probability of a intra-day trend order.

    The most important issue for binary options traders is timing. The underlying trend for a short period of time can result to a significant increase in price following a data release. The Range and One Touch trade options come into play when news is considered dull, creating a highly volatile, range-bound or sideways Markets, moving between higher or lower levels and offering significantly rewarding options, this is for those looking to trade data releases differently.

    binary options trading,forex,data strategies,financial markets
    23.10. 2016 16:34  | 

    Amissio Formula

    Amissio Formula has been around for a while. The creator of this program claimed that it is the most effective and easiest way to generate profits without a catch. That means the users are expected to gain profit without any skills and large capital.

    Craig Phillips, is arguably the founder of Amissio Formula. He claimed that it is the best robot that offers 100% automated trading. The creator of this formula claimed that it is the most sophisticated tool which guarantee the users to achieve successful binary options result within seconds. Well, it does sound good. But looking at the feedbacks in many binary options forums, this program seems do not legit. I will explain why in details.

    Scam Artist

    When you look at the sales page. There is Craig Phillips presentation. I searched him in google. The result is zero. There is no Facebook account, LinkedIn (which is a must for internet marketer), and others. That explains a lot. First thing that I’d like to emphasize is that when we can’t track down or confirm the identity of the creator, then it is possible that the person is an actor hired to present the program. He is hired to be the face of the Amissio Formula, which is non-sense if he create this program by himself. The second thing, I bet there are a lot of people get emotionally involved after seeing his presentation video. It is clear that the “genius” behind this program hired an actor to convince the readers to get the Amissio Software. To conclude, Craig phillips is not a real person and definitely not the owner of Amissio Holdings because this company does not even exist (explained further later). If he is a real person, at least one of thousands members would keep in touch with him. But so far, there is no single one member who can reach him.

    Amissio Holdings Does Not Exist

    Besides the scam artist, now we have the scam company. I did a thorough research in every search engine, there is no Amissio Holdings company. It is not registered company or even something even close to it. If it is an individual firm, there should be any official profile on social networking sites or official sites to prove the existence of the company.

    Quick Scheme - Too Good To Be True

    The program promised that the users would get up to $6000 after 4 hours. And what users need to invest is just $250. Well, that is not sensible. There is no one scenario where the binary options give such massive result. If there was, it would be recorded in guinness world record list. This is actually a fact promise. In reality, you will not get as good as that amount.

    90% Winning Rate?

    Craig claimed that he had tested the program 2 years prior to the hard opening of his website. He claimed that many of the members had become millionaires within short weeks. He also said that the winning rate is 90%. But here is the weird thing happens. He also said that in the last 2 years, the software has not experienced any single losing trade. Does it make sense? Even students in elementary school can smell something bogus.

    24/7 A Week? Is He Insane?

    The formula is claimed to trade 24/7 a week. That means the system will not stop when it is holiday or weekends. In Forex market for instance, the market only open on Monday - Friday. So, is it possible to trade 24/7 a week?

    Judging from those facts, there is no reason why you should join Amissio Formula. Avoid this program at all cost.

    online scams,binary options trading,trading software,frauds,amissio formula,craig phillips
    22.10. 2016 21:18  | 

    Investing in Index Funds Is a Good Way to Spend Your Money

    My father is a businessman. But since the decline of the economic status, it was very hard to profit from selling our products in the market. So before anything bad happens to our business, my father decided to look for other ways in which he can earn. Investing in index funds was a thought that came to his mind, and it was also coincidentally suggested by his business partner. At first, he was reluctant to do so, since he was not that knowledgeable with regards to making an investment. He started to study it first and know the risks that will be taken by the one who wants to invest. After a couple of weeks he was convinced that investing in index funds is a great way on how you can earn money. Today, my father is still continuing with the old business but at the same time making worthy investments as well.

    investing,index funds,financial safety,worthy investments
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    Investing in Index Funds for Your Family

    Investing in index funds now may help secure your families future tomorrow. Do you ask why? The answer is simple. Purchasing these funds today at these current prices, it is very likely that in the future, when your children are in their 30\'s, these same funds will probably be worth a lot more and may (or may not) have a higher value. So go and get this done today and make sure that you place them in a safe deposit box and make sure that your spouse knows how to access it, just in case you are sick. Also, you are not only giving your family financial stability but you are also giving them a piece of Xerox or Microsoft for your money. I don\'t think there is anything else that can secure their future like this. Your family will forever thank you for it and you will be at peace knowing they are taken care of.

    investing,index funds,xerox,microsoft,financial safety
    22.10. 2016 21:09  | 

    Why Should You Investing in Index Funds

    Financial reports on investing in index funds in many stock Markets show that this is a more profitable venture than that of buying shares piece by piece on the trading platforms of stock brokers. There is a higher chance of getting more profits on the overall stock market than in any other business. However, very few companies invest in index funds as not many people understand the performance of the Markets. The rate of investment by the bigger players in consolidated funds is also dismal as very few of them have been able to invest largely of diversify in index funds. Investing in index funds is cost effective as you are able to save a huge chunk of money and invest it as a whole thus generating profit in whole some rather than having a million and one small businesses that are bringing in small profits. This also means that business transaction costs reduce and the extra money can invested.

    investing,index funds,stock markets,financial safety,buying shares
    22.10. 2016 21:05  | 

    Investing in Index Funds Will Give You Xerox

    Investing in index funds allows you, the common person, to actually have a piece or share of Fortune 500 or Xerox so that you can rest assured that the fund will not be going away. You can count on them just as you could with the tax man coming every April 15th. So having this gold level standard fund is a stable rock solid gift for a lifetime for you and your family after you are gone. But with these funds your children, grandchildren and great-grand children will have financial safety nets to secure them through the good and bad times. So be sure to write it in your will that they are not to sell this fund at all, unless there is a real emergency such as an earthquake, and not for buying a motorcycle for their cousins. This will help them to practice restraint as well. Invest now for a bright future ahead of you.

    investing,index funds,xerox,fortune 500,financial safety
    22.10. 2016 20:57  | 

    How to Go About Investing in Index Funds

    It\'s very easy to come with an investment plan in investing in index funds as all you need is to decide on which if the two investment platforms you will use. There are two main investment options that one can channel their savings into the business. It\'s can either be through exchange trade funds or through mutual funds. The exchange trade funds are sold just like other stocks in the market and can be tracked and managed like other stock. The returns from both the investing platforms are the same and it\'s hard for any investor to differentiate which of the two is the best in performance matters. There are however some things that could be done to sway the profits into one side. However, in most money Markets there are more chances of investing index funds than in exchange traded funds. Investing in index funds with some brokers will require you to open an account to run your operations.

    investing,index funds,financial stability,stocks market
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    Tip on Investing in Index Funds

    Many people would love to know how to go about in investing in index funds. This is a booming market in the United States and it\'s now attracting more customers than before. It involves owning of shares in some of the biggest companies and it\'s a very simple way of investing. Investing in index funds is buying of portions of stock that is represented by a number to show specific indexes. The stock portion represents a certain amount of leading companies in the said industry. For example it can be stocks of 100 leading companies in the milk industry. When you buy the stocks of the 100 leading companies then you become a major owner in these companies. The current stock market is vibrant and needs one to invest in the best and most successful Markets. Investing in index funds means that you will be able to get good returns from the overall profits of the companies.

    investing,index funds,financial stability,stocks market,profit
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    Investing in Index Funds Today

    Do you want to own a piece of McDonalds? Then you better start investing in index funds today. What is that, you ask? It is a portion of the most popular stocks of the stock market. Since they are portions of the main stock they are called indexes, so when you invest in the given funds of these indexes, you are therefore investing in McDonalds and Xerox, for example. And another advantage of investing this way is that it is cheaper than the traditional way of buying stock. So, no, you will not be a major player such as Warren Buffett, but you will at least get a glimpse into what his real job is. So by dabbling in the market it will also give you a chance to secure your family\'s future. Buy enough of these fund stocks and will them to your children with the possibility that they will be better off as a result of your actions.

    investing,index funds,mcdonalds,warren buffett,stocks
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    Opportunities for Investing in Index Funds

    There are many opportunities of investing in index funds and one is spoilt of choices on which ones to buy. Some index funds however have a minimum amount that you cannot go beyond when investing. The minimum investment amount is determined by the market control or management. Technology has also made things easier as you can be able to use the automatic investment platform. You can be able to check your funds online and choose the type of investments funds that you wish to purchase. Most of these companies also provide guidelines and tips on the best of the funds and which will be more profitable than the others. You can be able to send money to your online company every month and be able to make investments with each changing month. One can be able to invest in index funds through the mutual fund directly, family funds or through brokerage accounts.

    investing,index funds,safe investment,financial stability
    22.10. 2016 20:45  | 

    Investing in Index Funds Is Fun

    Investing in index funds is a great way to be introduced to investing and the stock market for the novice investor. With the index funds, you are actually investing in popular firms such as Pepsi, Coke and Xerox. These are considered blue chip stock and they are the types of stock that will be here for the long term. Acquiring these stocks and holding unto them is the best approach. And since they are in funds you cannot find an easier way to acquire them, it\'s all laid out for you. The ground work has been done for you and all you need to do is buy and keep them for your future generations. See how simple and fun that is? You also have to exert very little effort as well. So what are you waiting for? This is the way into Wall Street that you were looking for. And most importantly your family will be thanking you for generations to come.

    investing,index funds,pepsi,coke,xerox,little effort
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    We’d like to take this unique opportunity to introduce you to Dual Robot – your #1 choice when it comes to getting a powerful solution that makes Auto Trading Binary Options an easy, quick and effortless process. We pride ourselves in our highly qualified team of professionals who made the Dual Robot one of the most reliable, secure and user – friendly Binary Options Trader available on the market! Get Dual Robot today – sign up now, it’s available on all devices including smartphones, PC’s and tablets. Questions? Contact us today, our Customer Support team will be happy to help you. We look forward to hearing from you.
    binary options trading,trading software,dual robot,auto trading
    18.10. 2016 19:13  | 

    Multiplexer System is nothing more than just another classic online scam which is created by people who want to commit a fraud over your back. This software, presented by \"Richard Ewing\" is supposed to earn you 20.000$ per day, but instead, it drains all the money from your account as soon as you deposit it. Nevertheless, many people were tricked by these people and lost their hard earned money. This is a honest review in which we will be exposing all the lies behind this system so if you don\'t want to fall into this trap, we recommend reading the full review.

    About Multiplexer System:

    As we have already mentioned, Multiplexer System is a new auto binary options trading software and Richard Ewing is it\'s creator and the CEO of this system. He claims that he had already changed lives of 43 lucky people in the past 6 months who are now millionaires thanks to him, and he is looking to do the same for 20 new individuals. According to his statements, Multiplexer System is the best on the market with a 100% ITM rate and profits of over 20.000$ per day, every day, until the rest of your life.

    Why Multiplexer System is Not Safe?

    In the paragraphs below you will be able to find evidence that support my claims about this system not being safe at all.

    No Explanation about the Algorithm

    Presenter from the promotional video is talking about the same thing over and over again. He never mentioned anything about how the software actually works and this is very suspicious. How can you invest your hard earned money into something for what you don\'t know how it works?

    Registered 10 Days Ago

    If you go to and do a research on you will learn that this domain was registered on October 6th, 2016. The question is, how did Mr. Richard made those 43 people millionaires in the past 6 months if his software was released less than a month ago?

    Poor Website Design

    It is obvious to everyone that creators of this scam didn\'t have a large budget because it\'s website is very lame. They did quite a poor job while making it. You can\'t find any live chat, customer support nor any contact at all.

    Bogus Video Presentation

    All you can see in the presentational video is bunch of paid actors who are supposed to stan in front of the camera and feed you with lies. There is no real explanation on how the software works, no contact information, nothing. Alleged owner only keeps talking about how his software is the best. Disappointing.

    Fake Owner

    As we have previously stated, \"Richard Ewing\" is an actor who is saying everything he is paid to say. When we did a research on Richard Ewing we couldn\'t find a single information about him or his system on any of social networks, Wall Street magazines, etc.

    Unreliable Information

    On the FAQ section, there is a answer to some question and at the end of answer, creators wrote \"support is offered by us on call 24/7\", but there isn\'t any number on which we could call them.

    No Testimonials

    There are no testimonitals from real traders anywhere on the site. No information about the system at all. In the middle of the video we are presented with the list of 43 millionaires but chances are this list is fabricated like everything else.

    Final Words:

    After all the evidence we have provided above, we can say nothing else but - this system is a big scam. Multiplexer is just another fraud which is created to steal your money. It is completely unreliable software and we recommend staying away from it.

    online scams,binary options trading,trading software,frauds,multiplexer,multiplexer system,20.000 per day,richard ewing,43 millionaires
    17.10. 2016 19:32  | 

    SnapCash Binary is a SCAM? Fully Detailed Software Results Review!

    We have a new member in binary options trading community. A software called SnapCash Binary is created by Austin Ford and released a couple of days ago. In this honest review we will be exposing pros and cons of this software and provide you with all the information we have regarding it. We suggest you to read this whole review before you make any decisions and deposit any money.

    SnapCash Binary Software?

    Austin Ford is a french binary options trader who came out of the shadows and decided to learn programming in order to create a new automated trading software for personal use only. His auto trading robot is able to predict winning trades in all market\'s conditions from common ones all the way up to the extreme changes. He gave a try with his software to people who decided to join him a year and a half ago. His robot became very popluar among this small group. Needless to say, all of them have a very nice, steady income of around 1000$ per day. All this thanks to a outstanding 90%-96% success rate!

    Okay! It sounds great, what next? Why should I trade with this offer rather than other trusted and tested robots?

    Well, this really is up to you to decide. SnapCash Binary is a definately promising brand new software in binary options trading industry. It is not a fraud which would harm your financial situtation. But again, there are other already proven softwares like CodeFibo which can also provide you with a high and steady income.

    How does the software work?

    Fortunately, SnapCash is made to work on a fully automated trading mode. This is not all, beside these we have other good news, it works with an amazing 90%-96% ITM performance!! However, for the more experienced traders who want to trade on their own, there is a manual trading feature too.

    So, the SnapCash Binary is not a scam, right?

    To be perfectly honest, we were very suspicious about this software like you are probably, right now. This is why we have decided to take our chances and try out this system. The results are amazing! They match Mr. Austin\'s claims almost perfectly. This software isn\'t a scam, in fact, it\'s quite the opposite! It is very possible for everyone who uses this software to reach daily profits of over a thousand dollars.

    The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

    Nowadays there are just too many scams and online frauds. Especially in binary options trading niche. However, we can fairly say that SnapCash Binary is not one of them, for sure. Mr. Austin\'s claims are true. We tested them and the results were amazing. We are not so often in a position to encourage you to create an account and start trading with some automated trading robot because 90% of them are scams. This time it is different and we are very glad to be able to recommend joining the SnapCash Binary\'s community to all of our readers.

    online scams,binary options trading,trading software,frauds,genuine software,snapcash,snapcash binary,austin ford
    16.10. 2016 19:03  | 

    Instant Cash Club the Catastrophic Scam

    Loses in binary trading options industry frustrate you? You are angry because there are too many online scams nowadays? It doesn\'t have to be like that. Before you make any big decision you should first do a research about the software you want to use. Fortunately, my job is to do these researches for you and help you by saving your time. In this review I\'ve put up all the information I have regarding Instant Cash Club system. If you look up for newest online scams, you\'ll find Instant Cash Club among the first results. It is nothing more than a big fraud and I will prove this in the next few paragraphs.

    Instant Cash Club: What makes it a bad deal

    For all of those who have big expectations from Instant Cash Club, you are in for a big dissapointment. During the video the presenter welcomes one of the alleged users of the system who earned tons of money with this software. However the presenter failed to explain how the software actually works and this is a very suspicious thing. Another thing that is telling us this is all just a big fraud is the presenter\'s statement in which he claims that everyone who uses this auto trading bot is going to earn no less than 5.000$ in the next 8 hours. Now, if you get back to the reality and use your common sense you\'ll figure out that this is a pure nonsense. Even if you use one of the best approved auto trading bots you won\'t be able to earn more than 900$ per day. Presenter lied to us again when he said that he will give copies of Instant Cash Club for free. Think with your own head, why would anyone who put a lot of effort and money into making this kind of software, give it then for free? He won\'t. It\'s simple. So if you don\'t want to lose your hard earned savings, don\'t fall for this lie. When we talk about classic scam strategies, creators of this system are using the push strategy by stating that there are only 30 free spots left for the copy of the software. This way they want to put pressure on the investors and traders in order to convince them to sign up for the system and deposit their money. Customer Support is a feature which is usually considered at the very end of making a decision by the trader. All genuine and verified auto trading bots have Customer Support whilst fraudulent ones almost never do.

    Verdict about Instant Cash Club

    If you don\'t want to ruin your financial future, you shouldn\'t ever sign up and make Instant Cash Club account. Why? Because this system is nothing more than a money-making scheme which is going to take all the money from you as soon as you deposit it into your account. Our recommendation is that you stay away from this software and ignore all the invitations in which you are asked to join Instant Cash Club.

    online scams,binary options trading,trading software,frauds,instant cash club,cash club
    16.10. 2016 18:18  | 

    Shepard SDP is a SCAM Program! Don’t Fall For This Fraud!

    We have another online scam released few days ago and it\'s called Shepard SDP. This system is allegedly created by Perry Shepard and it is supposed to have a 100% success rate and make you tens of thousands of dollars per day, every day. In this honest review, we are going to provide you with all the information we gathered during our research on Shepard SDP, so it is highly recommended that you read the whole review before making any decisions. According to Mr. Shepard claims, he is a millionaire who started a small company two years ago that goes by the name of Shepard SDP. SDP stands for Systemized Digital Profits. Programmers hired by this company are making amazing trading softwares for binary options trading industry. Shepard SDP allegedly has a 100% success rate which means it can never lose a single trade. Mr. Shepard also mentioned that there are only 50 free spots left for the software\'s copy and he is planning to fill those spots with 50 random people from all around the world. According to his statements, everyone can use Shepard SDP because there is no need for trading skills or experience. Anyone who starts using this system will be making tens of thousands of dollars per day. Now, let\'s get back to reality and see why all these statements are nothing more than lies, shall we? First thing\'s first, Perry Shepard claimed during the presentation video that his company Shepard SDP was created two years ago and has been providing traders with it\'s software since then. But, if you go to and check Shepard SDP\'s domain - you can clearly see that this domain was registered on 07.07.2016 which was only 3 months ago. There you go, first lie exposed. Also, if you Google the name of the company, all you\'ll see on the first 3 pages are scam reviews and negative feedback. Another thing, 100% success rate software? There never was such a thing and there won\'t ever be. Why? Well simply because this is a financial Markets trading field. In order for someone to win, someone has to lose. This is how it works, so it is obviously impossible to have a 100% risk free software. No software nor human can only win and never lose for a long period of time.

    The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

    Shepard SDP has all the elements of a classic scam. Unreal promises, imaginary company and it\'s owner, lack of information regarding how the system actually works and so on. You can see that we have pointed out all the details above, and we can fairly say that this system is nothing more than a money-making scheme which will drain all the money you deposit on your fresh-made account. It is our recommendation to stay away from this bogus company and it\'s fraudulent software.

    online scams,binary options trading,trading software,frauds,perry shepard,shepard sdp,sdp,shepard,thousands per day,100 percent success rate
    15.10. 2016 15:07  | 

    Is OptionBot 3.0 a SCAM? Trusted and Tested Review!!

    So we have a new service in binary options trading industry - OptionBot 3.0. It\'s created by the same people who have created it\'s previous versions OptionBot 1.0 and OptionBot 2.0 as well as XE Trader. Previous versions of OptionBot were successful but they don\'t operate anymore due to their obsolescense. The newest version of OptionBot looks promising and if it is going to be successful as OptionBot 1.0 and OptionBot 2.0 than it would be great. But before jumping to any conlcusions we are here to share our experience with you, provide you with all the information we have regarding this softare and then, finally decide whether this software is worth your time and money or is it just another big scam. If you want to find the answer to this question, read the whole review. OptionBot 3.0\'s creators wanted to make a innovative software which can compete with today\'s best systems. Previous versions couldn\'t keep the pace with the new softwares due to their old age, so their creators decided to re-develop a new program which would be a serious competitive even to the strongest bots in the industry. OptionBot 3.0 is not a fully automated program which you will start up, sit back and to nothing. It is rather semi-automatic that provides you with a list of trades from which you can decide what trade is good for you. Beside this it has a few new features. One of them is Economic Calendar which can be really helpful in monitoring your trading statistics and thus making better decisions. Another cool thing is that, unlike other trading softwares, OptionBot 3.0 offers minimum investment per trade of only 5 dollars. This is a very good feature especially for beginners because they have opportunity to explore the market and get experience without investing huge amounts of money. As we\'ve mentioned before, OptionBot 3.0 isn\'t a fully automatic trading system which is supposed to be based on some complex algorithm in order to work day and night just to earn you money. It is developed to scan currency pairs Markets and to find support and resistant levels. Then, it provides you with 6 available signals of 60 seconds period each session. With this methodology you are able to choose which signals you want to trade and which ones to skip. Semi-automatic trading never was attractive to us because you have to spend all the time in front of the monitor and this prevents you from doing other things during the day. However, we have tried the demo version and had a 75% success rate. This is a okay result and no more than that.

    The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

    All in all, OptionBot 3.0 is a good system, but not what we are looking for. It is semi-automatic and thus very time consuming and a lot more complicated to use than fully automated bots. You have to be quick and decide which trades are good for you in 60 second period. And with all this hard work you get only 75% success rate which is not that good. We thought that we\'ll be able to earn a lot more than we did with this tool, but unfortunately, compared to automated softwares, profits are a lot smaller.

    online scams,binary options trading,trading software,frauds,semi-automated software,optionbot 3,option bot, optionbot 1,optionbot 2,75 success rate,xe trader,5 per trade
    14.10. 2016 17:25  | 

    Polygraph Millionaire App is a SCAM!! Lie Detector Millionaire is Back!!

    If you\'ve watched Polygraph Millionaire promotional video, you can see that it is almost the same as the one of an old scam called Lie Detector Millionaire by Daniel Wilkins. This half-year old scam was reviewed by us and put on our black list. It is obvious that Polygraph Millionaire\'s creators didn\'t even bother to try and be inovative, come up with new ideas. Instead, they have copied an old scam and just changed the name. But surprisingly, as we hear from our subscribers, this scam is going viral in the last few days. Many people have recieved invitation mails and unfortunately fell for scammer\'s lies and signed up for this fraudulent system. If you don\'t want to be one of those people we recommend you to read this whole review in which we will expose all information we have regarding Polygraph Millionaire App. As we have already said, Polygraph Millionaire App is exactly the same as an old fraud called Lie Detector Millionaire. Not a single different feature. We have already exposed all the lies that Lie Detector Millionaire carried with itself but we will do the same for the Polygraph Millionaire App anyway. Again, according to the storyline, Daniel Wilkins is a millionaire who decided to help people and provide them with his groundbreaking software. Allegedly, his software is able to predict winning trades and place them. Everyone who starts using this trading tool will be able to earn from 700$ to 28.000$ per day, and at least 500.000$ every month. The reason is that this robot never loses. Now let\'s see what\'s wrong here. First thing\'s first. You have all asumed that Daniel Wilkins is a imaginary person. Guy in a video is a paid actor who will serve you with any lie in exchange for money. Second, profits of 28.000$ per day? This is just too far away from reality. It is a complete nonsense. Even if you use certified, trusted binary options trading software you can earn 900$ a day tops! Third, there is no such a thing as software that never loses. In trading, someone always loses in order for someone to win. This is how trading works.

    The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

    This is just a ridicilous try of a group of scammers who have created Lie Detector Millionaire to steal more money with the same strategy. They have just changed the name of a old scam in order to commit a fraud over your back. This is nothing more than a money making scheme which is created in order to drain all the money that you deposit on your account. You should ignore all invitations in which you are asked to join this system!

    online scams,binary options trading,trading software,frauds,hoax,daniel wilkins,28.000 per day,lie detector millionaire,polygraph millionaire app
    14.10. 2016 13:20  | 

    Profit 4 Patriots is a SCAM Software!! P4P Method Trusted Review!

    Another online scam released is Profit 4 Patriots, also known as P4P. It is created by Douglas Ward who allegedly wants to change lives of the users of his system for the better. With 8 years of experience in trading, Mr. Ward is an expert in this field of work so he decided to use his knowledge of trading and put it into this brand new system. P4P was released recently and it is spreading very quickly due to his creators putting a lot of effort in email marketing. We will expose all the false claims made by Douglas in this review so we recommend you to read it before making any decisions. Alleged creator of this software, Mr. Douglas is, according to the storyline, a multimilionaire who\'s career started 8 years ago when he was working as a financial analyst in the New York Stock Exchange. He dealt with people who could predict whether the economy is going to rise or fall even before it happened. He is so caring that he decided to offer his P4P software to the wider public for free without any obligations. Another claim made by this person is that with his system even a child will be able to earn over 1500$ in just 15 minutes.. If you visit, the official website of P4P you will see more lies. For example, winning ratio of over 76% on a complete auto pilot mode, earnings of over 100$ thousand every month and so on. Now let\'s see why these are lies. Success ratio of only 76% means you will win 3 out of 4 trades. And we didn\'t consider you making any mistake. If you make some mistakes, which is normal even for experts, you will win less trades than you lose, and with this calculation everyone can see why it is impossible to earn 100$ thousand per month. On the website you will be able to see \"real-time transactions\" leaderboard. On this leaderboard among other data there are dates. And you can see some trades were executed during weekends. This is also impossible because financial Markets are closed during weekends. They are open 5 days per week.

    The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

    After all the details we\'ve pointed at above, you can clearly see that Profit 4 Patriots or P4P is just another lame online scam. It\'s creators didn\'t even try hard to make it look real. There are too many false claims and too much nonsense. For example the one in which you are told you\'ll earn 1500$ in 15 minutes with a 76% winning ratio. We recommend you to stay away from this fraudulent system because it is obviously a big scam which will take all the money from your account as soon as you deposit it.

    online scams,binary options trading,trading software,frauds,online hoax,p4p,patriot system,profit for patriots,profit 4 patriots,douglas ward,1500 in 15 minutes,76 win rate,76 success rate
    14.10. 2016 12:00  | 

    Optical Signal Trader is a SCAM!! OST App Honest Review!

    The number of automatic trading softwares in field of binary options trading has increased. We have a new software called Optical Signal Trader. It is also known as OST and it\'s created by Dominic Shepherd who claims that every new member of his system will be earning at least 3000$ a day using a fully automated trading mode. This scam has gone viral since last night so we decided to upload our honest review as soon as possible in order to protect our subscribers and traders around the world. Now, according to Dominic Shepherd, the boss of \"Live The Dream Life\" club and the creator of Optical Signal Trader software, his system is a innovative automated robot which uses otpical data transferred from one place to another by super-fast servers scatter across the globe in order to generate huge income. An income of 3000$ per day, every day until the rest of your life. Before we jump to any conclusion let\'s mention some of other lies said by \"Dominic\". In the presentation video the owner himself claims that his software is 100% risk free which means it never loses a single trade. Everyone with a common sense know that it is impossible for you to sit down and do nothing and again earn 3000$ per day, every day. It is not reality, it\'s just one of many lies told by the presenter of Optical Signal Trader software. Another thing, 100% risk free software? There isn\'t such a thing. There wasn\'t such a thing, and there won\'t be such a thing. Because if there was such a thing as 100% risk free software than everyone would always win and only win. No one would ever lose and that is not how Markets function. In order for someone to win, someone has to lose. It is how it goes. Optical Signal Trader is a classic scam. It has all too-good-to-be-true elements. Even if you scroll down on it\'s website you\'ll see some quotes of popular magazines like New York Times and BBC. After a short investigation we came to a conclusion that OST is a nonexistent company and that none of these magazines would ever recommend collaborating with a fraudulent and imaginary company. Those quotes are bogus and edited by the site owners.

    The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

    All the details and facts we have put out above should show you that this OST is just another big scam. It has all elements of a fraudulent software. Too good to be true offers like 3000$ per day, every day, 100% risk free software, etc. Paid actor who claims to be Dominic Shepherd, fake millionare. Bogus testimonials edited by the creators of this system. It is obvious OST was created in order to steal your money. People who have created it are vicious and ready to take your hard earned savings from you in a blink of an eye. Staying away from this software is what we recommend.

    online scams,binary options trading,trading software,frauds,dominic shepherd,optical signal,optical signal trader,signal trader,ost,risk free,3000 per day
    14.10. 2016 10:38  | 

    PrePaid Profits App is a SCAM!! Real Warning Fraud Review!!

    PrePaid Profits is another automatic binary trading options software which is supposed to make you financial future a lot easier. However we strongly believe this software is a big scam!! During the promotional video, it\'s creator didn\'t even bother to mention his/her name so we don\'t know who made this system. According to many queries made by our subscribers in which they ask us to blacklist this system, we can come to a conclusion that this system has gone viral in the past few days which means a lot of people have been tricked. If you don\'t want to be one of those people we recommend you to read this whole review. PrePaid Profits according to the presenter from the video who, by the way, never revealed any information about himself, is a 100% riske free software. What does this mean? It means that there is no risk at all if you use this software. It allegedly wins every single trade and loses none. The voice narrator also mentioned that PrePaid Profits member\'s community grew up to 10 million people since the beginning of this year. Now, let\'s review these false statements. First of all there is no such thing in binary options trading as 100% risk free software. Don\'t ever forget that this is TRADING. Everyone, again, everyone loses sometimes. There isn\'t any software nor human that has 100% success rate for a long period of time, it is simply impossible. For those who have watched the video, you know that there is a presenter who is supposed to teach you how to trade with their 100% risk free software, and as a part of his session, he lost a trade. How is this possible if it is risk free software with 100% accuracy??

    The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

    In binary options trading, beside a risk of losing a trade there is, unfortunately, even bigger risk of getting tricked by scam softwares made by vicious people who tend to commit a fraud over your back and drain all the money you deposited on your account. This is why we do our job. We review all the softwares and systems we can, and than make a honest conclusion. Speaking of PrePaid Profits it is nothing more than a big fraud which is supposed to lead you into a trap. We highly recommend you to ignore all the invitations regarding this system.

    online scams,binary options trading,trading software,frauds,online hoax,prepaid profits,profits,prepaid,risk free software,risk free,10 million users,10 million members
    11.10. 2016 23:00  | 

    Charity Profits App is a SCAM!! Don’t Fall For Megan Sanders’ Trap!!

    When talking about online scams, we have another dangerous one. It\'s called Charity Profits and it\'s created by Megan Sanders. Charity Profit is a money-stealing scheme which is supposed to help you make some profits online but instead it drains all money from your account as soon as you deposit it. If you don\'t want to fall into this vicious trap, we recommend you to read this whole review. In the presentation video, alleged owner of Charity Profits, Megan claims that she is a multimilionaire. She became one by working as a financial analyst in one of the biggest banks in Europe. So, with her expertise in analyzing financial data she programmed this new software which allegedly never loses a single trade. She also claims that over the past year Charity Profits software generated over 1.7 million dollars for her. Megan guarantees that every beginner trader who starts using her system is going to make over 4000$ per day and if he/she doesn\'t earn money in the next 24 hours she will pay him/her 5000$ out of her pocket. Another thing she guarantees is that her software works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Now let\'s review all her claims. First of all Megan is just an actor who has been paid to stand in front of the camera and feed you with lies. Her promises about earnings of over 4000$ per day are false. It is one big fat lie. Even if you use one of the most popular and trusted binary options trading softwares you can\'t earn more than 1000$ per day. Another thing, everyone who trades through various softwares know that financial Markets are open only during working days, they are closed during weekends. So how does her software work 7 days a week?? Last lie we are going to point out is softwares accuracy. Megan claims that her software never loses a single trade. Everyone with a common sense is aware of the fact that trades are places on financial Markets and that in this kind of business there isn\'t such thing as 100% accuracy. No software nor human can maintain 100% success rate for a long period of time.

    The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

    Unfortunately this is just another online fraud which is based on classic scam strategies. It\'s creators didn\'t even try to be inovative. They have copied all the lies from other popular money-stealing systems and even promised unreal amounts of money for everyone who starts using their software. After so many ridiculous claims we can fairly say this system is a vicious trap from which you should stay out of.

    online scams,binary options trading,trading software,frauds,hoax,megan sanders,charity,charity system,charity profits,100 accuracy,24 7,4000 per day,4000 a day
    11.10. 2016 15:07  | 

    Financial Freedom System is a SCAM!! Indisputable Honest Review!

    In an ocean of online scams, from this morning there is a new drop - Financial Freedom System. This system also known as FFSystem is created in order to drain all the money from your trading account as soon as you deposit it. Because it is still freshly launched, in the search results you can find a bunch of reliable information regarding this system and therefore people are falling for this scam in great numbers. Before you take any further action we highly recommend you to read this whole review in which we will be exposing all the information we\'ve got from our FFSystem research. When you go to you will hear a voice narrator while exploring the website. He claims to be named William Griffin, the owner and creator of Financial Freedom software. He also claims that his system is able to make over 2000$ per day for those who use it. Creators are using classic pull strategy by saying that there is only 45 free copies of the software left and that those are supposed to be given to 45 random people from all over the world. After that, each copy of the software will be sold for 1999$. According to \"William\", he and his parter both worked for a huge successful bank and they\'ve came up with an idea of how to make a lots of money during crisis. They\'ve let a small group of people to test their algorithm and the results were amazing. Every single individual earned over 6 thousand dollars in the first week! This nonsense wasn\'t enough so William kept going. He said that after some major improvements of the software, it is now able to make even more money for it\'s users - 2 thousand dollars per day or 14 thousand dollars a week. For our readers who have no experience in binary trading we will explain why this is a big fat lie. In binary options trading, financial Markets are open 5 days a week. During weekends they are closed. So by stating that FFSystem users will be making 14 thousand per week because of 2 thousand per day, they are lying. Simple math. If you scroll down while on FFSystem\'s website you will find some photos of satisfied users. These photos along with William Griffin\'s are stolen stock photos! Considering this and the fact that the voice narrator is paid to do his job we can come to a conclusion that William Griffin is a imaginary person along with other \"satisfied customers\".

    The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

    As you can see by yourself, online scams are everywhere! FFSystem is one of them. It is based on lies, unreliable statements and stolen photos. It\'s purpose is to commit a fraud and steal all the money you deposit to your account. We recommend you to stay out of systems like this one if you wanted to keep your savings with you.

    online scams,binary options trading,trading software,frauds,hoax,financial freedom,ffs,ffsystem,william griffin,griffin,william
    11.10. 2016 14:24  | 

    AVOID The Dream Catcher Scam Software!! Matthew Warner Who???

    New binary options trading software brought to our attention by one of our subsrcibers, called Dream Catcher is another online fraud released. So before you deposit any of your hard earned money you should read this honest review first. Matthew Warner, alleged owner of this system, presented it on it\'s website He claims he is a 49 year old very successful Wall Street trader and a multimilionaire. He said that he is looking for 15 random people from all around the world to help them become millionaires like him, over night. Why would he do that? And more important - how? It\'s not possible to become millionaire over one night. But according to Matthew\'s claims, everyone who starts using his software will be making at least 4250$ per day! This nonsense wasn\'t enough for the creators of this software. When you visit the website throught the mentioned URL, you\'ll see those creators claiming that every registered user earned over 150$ in pure profits over the last month. Another lie you can see on the website is a trade history spreadsheet showing only successful trades which were executed on October 1st. Why is this a lie? Well, everyone who has at least some experience and knowledge in trading knows that financial Markets are closed during weekend. Guess what, October 1st was a Saturday. The last lie we are going to expose is their 7000 thousand real and active users. If you check this domain on (well known domain-age-checker), you can see that was registered on 28.09.2016, which is about two weeks ago. So how did they manage to get over 7000 satisfied users in such a short period of time??

    The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

    After some research, we weren\'t able to find any information regarding Matthew Warner. We have tried networks like Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and nothing about this person could be found. If he was such a successful Wall Street trader and a multimilionaire, don\'t you think it would be pretty easy to find some basic information about him? This proves Matthew Warner is a imaginary individual made up by the creators of The Dream Catcher in order to fool you and steal your money as soon as you deposit it into your account. Stay away from this money-stealing scheme if you don\'t want to loose your hard-earned savings.

    online scams,binary options trading,trading software,frauds,the dream catcher,dreamcatcher,matthew,matthew warner,4250 per day
    11.10. 2016 00:34  | 

    FinTech LTD Software Is Nothing But A Lousy SCAM!!!

    A group of scammers with a obviously fairly low budget hired a paid actor \"Daniel Roberts\" who claims to be the owner of FinTech LTD to stand in front of the camera and feed you with bunch of lies. In this review we will be focusing on facts about Fintech LTD and the nonsense told by it\'s creators, like the one in which they claim anyone who starts using their software will earn over 875$ per hour!?? FinTech software isn\'t released officialy yet, but due to our hard work we have managed to find information about it even before they start ripping people off. Now let\'s go over a few things Daniel Roberts claimed during his presentation of FinTech software. First anoying thing was the pop-up in wich creators promise you earnings of more than 875$ per hour and don\'t let you leave their site easily. Daniel claims he was a boss at a successful technology company wich specialises in analyzing data, so he and his 3 analysts created this software which is totaly free in order to gather more data for their large database. The more data they have, the more accurate the software will be and thus everyone will be earning more money. We\'ll start with FinTech LTD. As we already believed it is a nonexistent company invented in order to steal money from people who join this system. If you simply search for the FinTech LTD keywords with Google you won\'t be able to find any actual results. All you can find are negative reviews and claims that FinTech LTD is nothing more than a vicious scam! The biggest nonsense of all are famous 875$ per hour. Everyone who has at least some experience and knowledge in binary options trading knows how hard it is to earn this amount of money even on a few-days basis. It is only fair to say this is one big fat lie.

    The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

    After all the evidence provided above, we can say for sure FinTech software is a fraud. FinTech LTD is not even licensed company, it is not real nor are profits of over 875$ per hour. This system is created to drain all the money you deposit to your account in the matter of hours. We highly recommend you to stay away from this software.

    online scams,binary options trading,trading software,frauds,hoax,fintech,fintech ltd,daniel roberts,875 per hour
    10.10. 2016 23:59  | 

    BinaBot Review – A Free High-Performing Money-Making Machine

    Today you can find many many different automatic trader softwares online. Some of them are scams, some are genuine. One thing is for sure, BinaBot is definately one of the most popular ones. In this review I am going to focus on BinaBot and try to clear things up, answer to the big question - is it a scam or not?? Troy Everett, a former engineer of a successful trading company created the BinaBot couple of years ago. It is based on the best trading techniques and strategies.

    What is the BinaBot?

    Behind the BinaBot there is a uniqe complex algorithm which performs two main tasks: analizes the market and taps into data from millions of Android users for finer signals. Most of binary options trading systems only do the first task. This is not enough and that\'s why BinaBot is much more efficient than other systems. It\'s second function is basically fundamental. With this function it can add more factors to it\'s calculations, for example it can consider new events and other traders investments, thus provide more precise results.

    Why Do I Recommend BinaBot?

    One of the things which differentiates BinaBot from all fraudulent, vicious systems is it\'s support team. Most of the times when you use some scam software if you need some support you send an email and never get any response from it. With BinaBot it\'s different. It\'s support is high-quality and promt. I\'ve personaly tested it!

    The BinaBot Platform

    BinaBot\'s platform is amazing. It is very simple and user-friendly. One click of a button and your auto trading feature is on. You have 3 risk options - low, medium and high. When set on low, auto trader places 2 trades, medium - 4 trades and high - 8 trades. Each trade\'s minimum investment amount is 25$. It has manual trading feature too, but it is recommended for the use of experienced traders. Beside these two it has Reverse Trading feature (trades in the opposite direction of what it would normaly trade) and a Economical Calendar in which you can check your results in certain period of time.

    Real Traders’ Comments and Testimonials

    If you do a little bit of research you will be able to find many good reviews on BinaBot software. Simple Google search will provide you with a bunch of positive feedback on the results page.

    How Much Will I Earn?

    Put simply - the more you invest, the more you earn. Minimum deposit amount is 250$, with this amount you will be able to earn around 20$ per successful trade on average. For example if you deposit 1000$ you can earn up to 80$ per trade!

    My Experience With The BinaBot

    I have started using BinaBot a few weeks ago. My strategy includes trading at medium risk once or twice a day. Last time I checked my account balance was around 1300$!

    How Do I Join The BinaBot?

    Very simple. Go to, enter your name and email and press Join Now. You will be redirected to a new webpage and prompted to enter your last name, phone number and password. After that deposit a minimum of 250$ and you are good to go.

    Final Verdict: BinaBot is NOT A SCAM!

    As you can see BinaBot is not one of those scam systems. It is an actual money-making machine. After you sign up you are provided with it\'s team\'s full support and you can withdraw your initial deposit at any time. Highly recommended software.

    online scams,binary options trading,trading software,frauds,binabot,troy everett
    09.10. 2016 18:39  | 

    Cash Formula Software is a SCAM!! Tim Stafford is FAKE!!

    Unlike other teams who have invented many online scams, creators of Cash Formula had a big budget and they spent it on a high quality website, designers, actors, luxury cars, yacht, villa and so on. Now you have to think for yourself. If they spent so much money on those things just to fool you and convince you to join them, how much money do you think they expect then?? More than they have invested, for sure, and they have invested a lot. How do they make their plan succeed? Through your deposits of course. If you want to find more information about Cash Formula scam, continue reading this review. There is no doubt this online automatic trader is one of a kind with it\'s high quality website. Many people have probably already fallen for this scam due to lack of information. We will expose some details to reveal the fraud behind this sophisticated website. Main actor from the video claims to be named Tim Stafford and beside the fact he is a millionaire he is also a co-founder of Cash Formula, allegedly. Classic story, his mentor gave him a flash drive few years ago and the Cash Formula files were on it. After getting his hands on the Cash Formula he spent few year helping random people from all over the world to become millionaires like him. He promises profits of over 20.000$ per day for those who start using this software. This is simply a nonsense. Besides, during our research we weren\'t able to find any infomation online on CF files and Tim Stafford and his Cash Formula which proves this is nothing more than money making scheme.

    The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

    Unfortunately nowadays there are many people looking to earn their money over your back. They don\'t have any morale and they\'ll do anything just to get some cash out of it. You always have to be careful and not let people like those fool you no matter how hard they try. If you want to become binary options trader you should do a lot of research first because there is a huge percent of fraudulent softwares.

    online scams,binary options trading,trading software,frauds,hoax,cash formula,tim stafford,20.000 per day
    09.10. 2016 17:26  | 

    Make Money Robot is a SCAM!! MMR System Review!

    Make Money Robot alsko known as MMR is just another vicious scam released online. It\'s creators used classic strategies in order to fool as many people as they can. We came across this system when some of our blog subscribers contacted us and told us how they got tricked by it. Continue reading this review in which we will provide you with more information. The voice narrator in the promotional video has claimed to be named Michael Williamson. He said he should be remembered from 2013 when he created groundbreaking automatic trading system back then with his partner Felipe. Now, those two persons along with their third partner Louis are offering their new system MMR which is supposed to earn no less than 1200$ in profits per day for you. According to their website they have over 340.000 registered users with almost 3 million dollars in profits. This system is supposed to have four main features - Autotrading, Social Trading, Signals and Live Seminars. But people who have tried it claim that only one feature actually works and it is Autotrading and it drains all money from your account in just a few days. We couldn\'t ignore the fact that creators of this system were obviously focusing on making the promotional video decieving. It is supposed to make you excited and eager. But unfortunately, people from the video are just actors from who are paid to feed you with nothing but lies.

    The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

    Make Money Robot is definately a big scam! It is supposed to earn you over a 1000$ in profits every day but actually it drains all the money from your account in just a few days once you deposit it. We highly recommend you to stay away from this fraudulent system.

    online scams,binary options trading,trading software,frauds,hoax,mmr,make money,money robot,make money robot,michael williamson,michael felipe louis
    09.10. 2016 15:57  | 

    Code Fibo Review – CodeFibo Is 100% Profitable Software!

    If you are looking for a honest, objective CodeFibo review you came to the right place. Now, you\'ve probably read about many fraudulent systems in binary options trading area. And that\'s true. Most of automatic trading softwares are scams. But not this one. If you are looking for a trusted software that will secure your financial future, CodeFibo should be your choice.

    What is Code Fibo Software?

    CodeFibo is a unique, genuine trading software invented by professor Matthew Lewis and his friend Cary Leazy. Matthew is the CEO of this system. His friend Cary is a skilled computer programmer so they decided to mix up their expertise and create this groundbreaking software.

    This is Why Code Fibo is Genuine?

    Code Fibo has Winning Rate of 85%

    Unlike other softwares, CodeFibo isn\'t claiming to have 100% success rate and to be risk free. It has 85% success rate due to the integration of the Fibonacci Arbitrage Strategy and Gold Numbers.

    Based on Fibonacci Strategies and Gold Numbers

    CodeFibo software is based on complex algorithms which are responsible for such a high success rate. After 5 years of research, professor Matthew made an equation of Fibonacci numbers and created CodeFibo along with his friend Cary based on that equation. Bassicaly only thing you need to know is that Fibonacci numbers have a huge impact on the financial Markets.

    Code Fibo Helps you in making $1000 Per Day

    Creators of this system never claimed that it will make you a millionaire in short period of time. Instead, they promise some real numbers. TO be more precise, up to 1000$ profits per day. This amount is based on many factors, some of which are ITM rate and initial deposit, so it can vary. We have tried it ourselves and after a week of trading our account balance increased from 250$ which were initial deposit to amazing 7200$! Our friends who tried it also had impressive results as well. This backs up creators humble claims.

    Genuine Customer Care Support

    Customer Support is a very important feature which can help you decide whether system is genuine are fake. So we wanted to test their Customer Support and we were very satisfied. We have asked some questions regarding Fibonacci Numbers and how those can help us in generating profit and the Customer Support Team responded quickly.

    Software is Absolutely Free for First Three Months (90 Days)

    One more great thing about CodeFibo is that you can use it for free for the first 3 months. It is totally free for the first 90 days, and after that, when the trial period expires, if you decide to continue using it, they will charge you 600$/month which is totally reasonable because you will already be earning thousands per week!

    Genuine Initial Deposit amount of just $250

    To start using CodeFibo you have to deposit an initial amount of 250$ to your account. Don\'t get this wrong, this isn\'t a fee charged by CodeFibo, it is your trading money. You use it for trading purposes only. Great thing is that you can withdraw it whenever you want or add some more money if you like.

    How to Create Account on Code Fibo:

    Visit, fill out your name and email adress in the form and click on Register Now, input some more of your personal details (last name, number, password) and click Register Now again, select your broker and make an initial deposit of 250$. You are good to go.

    Verdict – Code Fibo is 100% Trusted Software

    After all the information we provided you with, we can honestly say we didn\'t find a single thing which would proove CodeFibo a scam. It is a genuine software which can helpu you rais your monthly income. Go ahead and try it out. Be sure to share your experience with us!

    online scams,binary options trading,trading software,frauds,codefibo,code-fibo,professor lewis,matthew lewis,cary leazy,fibonacci numbers,gold numbers
    09.10. 2016 14:53  | 

    Is this just another scam or is it worth trying? Ultimate4Trading is semi-automatic software and according to it\'s owners John Cross and Abbey Walker, it is a revolutionary new system that will change your life and secure your financial future. The domain was registered in May 2015, however, this system has gone viral in December 2015. During our investigation we have registered and tested the software. Some suspicious things were found during our investigation. Sit back and read this whole interview if you want do get more information about Ultimate4Trading.

    Ultimate4Trading Scam Review, The Details!

    To be completely honest, we think Ultimate4Trading is one big scam! However, when we searched it on Google, bunch of good reviews came up on the first page. This is a plus, but only if those reviews were done by reputed blogs and websites. In this case they\'re not. All of those positive reviews came from domains like,,,, and so on. This is all a part of the big scam. The creators of this fraudulent system tried to fool new traders with writing positive fabricated reviews by themselves. Beside this fact, Ultimate4Trading is using only one broker - EZtrader, all we will say about it is that it is not very popular among traders, it has bad reputation. Now, let\'s talk about alleged creators and CEO\'s of this system - John Cross and Abbey Walker. According to the story they are two young successful persons, which is perfectly normal. However we couldn\'t find any information about them, they are totally unknown, and this is one of many things which make Ultimate4Trading software very unreliable. If they are so successful and their system is based on groundbreaking, life-changing software, how come there aren\'t any information about them, nor any news on some of the most popular blogs or websites? When you go to you can enjoy it\'s easy to use page. If you scroll down you will find testimonials section. There you can see feedback from users who already tried this system, and all that feedback is, you can guess, positive. But, unfortunately this is all fake because those aren\'t real people! What you see there are some stock photos attached to some random names.

    Ultimate4Trading Scam Review, Our test drive with this trading system.

    As we\'ve mentioned earlier, we have tried the system ourselves. Mr. Velev made 3 videos of him trying the software. He deposited 500e and after his first session he made total of 28 trades, 17 wins and 11 loses. It is around 60% success rate and his balance decreased from 500e do 448e. You can\'t evaluate system\'s legitimacy based on one session experience, but if it doesn\'t support their claims (success rate of over 75%), you get very sceptical.

    Ultimate4Trading Scam Review, The Conclusion!

    After all the evidence and information we provided you in this review you can clearly see there are many fake things surrounding Ultimate4Trading system. This is why we don\'t recommend anyone using it. Their website and story look tempting, yes, but it is only a deception along with all the fake testimonials from fictious people. This is a classic over-promissing scam.

    online scams,binary options trading,trading software,frauds,ultimate4trading,ultimate trading,john cross,abbey walker
    08.10. 2016 19:24  | 

    Amissio Formula Scam Exposed

    Amissio Formula is a brand new trading software with 3 main features: automatic, manual and compound. In order to use it you don\'t need to have any previous trading experience nor financial market knowledge. According to the claims made by softwares owner - Craig Phillips, your life will change as soon as you start using it. This sounds really good, but is it true? After watching the presentation video we found so many \"too good to bre true\" promises which repealed us. Continue reading this review for more information.

    Amissio Formula Scam Review! Breaking the hidden details shell!

    According to the owner, Mr. Phillips, Amissio Formula software didn\'t lose a single trade for the last two years. This is a complete nonsense and after this we can already be sure that this is nothing more than a fraud. Nothing can maintain 100% success rate, it is impossible due to many different factors. But, for the sake of our more sceptical readers we will continue reviewing this system. In the video Craig showed us his magical system in live action. To be more precise, he ALMOST showed us his magical system in live action. All he showed us were fabricated results of only winning trades.

    Amissio Formula Scam Review! Who is Craig Phillips the CEO and Founder of Amissio Holdings?

    According to the storyline, he was one of the best financial analysts working for one of the biggest banks in the world. After the crisis in 2008 he and his 4 colleagues decided to quit their jobs and start their own business - Amissio Holdings. They\'ve created Amissio Formula back in 2014. You can google Amissio Holdings, and you will find it, but this is not a proof that it is not a scam. It is just a fake company which is set up to give authority to this fraudulent service. Craig Phillips is also fake, it is imaginary person who is only related to Amissio Holdings, there is no information about him anywhere else. One thing made us sure this is all a big scam, the statement in which the creators claim that the trading is done 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Every real day trader knows that trading is done 5 days per week only!

    Amissio Formula Scam Review! The endorsements!

    All the testimonials you can find on Amissio Formula\'s website are fabricated. It is all bunch of actors and it is all fake. Here is why: many of the testimonials were given by \"beta testers\" to whom the Amissio Formula was given back in 2014. But, search revealed that domain was registered in january 2016, so how is it possible that it was used in 2014? On top of this, we weren\'t able to find any positive reviews regarding this software.

    Amissio Formula Scam Review! The Mighty Conclusion!

    With all the evidence provided above, we can say for sure Amissio Formula is a dangerous scam. Do not fall for it\'s creators\' lies. They are using all kinds of strategies to pull new traders just so they can drain money from trader\'s accounts. We highly recommend you not to use this fraudulent software.

    online scams,binary options trading,trading software,frauds,formula,amissio formula,craig phillips,mr. phillips,100% success rate,only winning trades
    08.10. 2016 18:47  | 

    4* Copy Buffett Review – Legit Software; NO Scam : Find Out Why!!

    Many people find it difficult to trust in binary options trading due to large number of fraudulent systems nowadays. However, today we are going to review one of the best trading systems available.

    Copy Buffett Software Review

    This software is created by Jeremy Fin. In many previous articles we have reviewed lots of money stealing softwares - scams. This one is different. You are probably wondering why? Continue reading this review and we will provide you with all the information you need.

    Who is Behind Copy Buffett?

    As we previously mentioned, Copy Buffett is created by Jeremy Fin, successful software developer. After doing some research we found out he is also a math genius, thus has experience in creating complicated algorithms. He is encouraging all traders to try his software and claims that they will make actual profit in short interval of time. We have personaly tested Copy Buffett and we can assure you it is genuine software which actually works!

    Features of Copy Buffett:

    Many people like to try the software first, and see if they find it useful. With this in mind, Jeremy made a free 30-day trial option. Once your trial period is over you have to share 5% of your revenue with Copy Buffett which sounds like a good deal. Customer Support is one of the things which you can usually use to distinguish fake softwares from genuine ones. Copy Buffet provides you with 24/7 customer support team which is there to answer all your questions regarding their software. This system is the only one which can provide you with 400-500 signals per day and thus help you earn 2000$ in a few days.

    Why Copy Buffett Is Not a Scam Software?

    Unlike most of scam softwares, Copy Buffett didn\'t recieve any negative reviews or feedback. You can check that claim by visiting the most popular sites and blogs regarding binary options trading. Not a single fake claim was made on their website. Also, 85% ITM rate seems genuine too. We have tried this system for 1 week and didn\'t lose any money at all.

    Pricing and How to Join?

    This original and genuine software is available to users all across the world except those in Nigeria and Uganda. Soon it will be available in these two countries too. Signing up for Copy Buffett is very easy. You go to their website -, enter your personal information, select a regulated broker, fund your account with deposit of 250$ and finally, start the system by clicking on Auto Trade button.

    Pricing and How to Join?

    Copy Buffett is already declared as the best auto trading system od 2016. We have tested it ourselves and we didn\'t find anything wrong or against Copy Buffett team\'s claims. At the very end, we can gladly recommend this software to our readers.

    online scams,binary options trading,trading software,frauds,copy buffet,best trading software,trading software 2016,jeremy fin
    08.10. 2016 14:53  | 

    Fast Cash Club is a SCAM! Review Exposed!!

    Fast Cash Club is another classic online scam. It\'s alleged owner is Aaron Martin. It is a very dangerous system which is made by the same people who made last year\'s scam called Profit Magnet. If you have recieved any invitation email do not fall for it until you read this whole honest review. This software\'s owner, Aaron is, according to their story, a successful binarty options trader who became multimillionaire thanks to his trading skills and tactics. He has allegedly changed lives of 97 random people from all around the world. He claims that they have become millionaires like himself. Another nonsense said by Aaron is that anyone who decides to sign up for this system will make at least 3000$ a day, which is simply impossible. You can\'t just sit there and watch an automadet robot earn you 3000$ per day, this isn\'t how it goes in real life. Aaron Martin is not a real person. He was also alleged owner of The Profit Magnet - last year\'s online scam. One more interesting fact is that the promotional video is copied from The Profit Magnet. It\'s the same story about 97 random people who became millionaires. When we talk about nonsense, we have another one. \"100% risk free\" software? There isn\'t such a thing. Especialy in binary options trading. No one can maintain success rate of over 90% for a long period of time so then, the question is - how is it 100% risk free??

    The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

    The Fast Cash Club is just another online fraud. It\'s maker didn\'t even try to be inovative. Instead, they\'ve copied the story from their previous scam. They just kept talking nonsense and using pull strategies to make new people eager and willing to sign up for this fake software. We strongly recommend not to reply to any of their invitation mails. Stay out of this system, it\'s nothing more than a money stealing scheme.

    online scams,binary options trading,trading software,frauds,hoax,fast cash,cash club,Fast Cash Club,Aaron Martin,Profit Magnet,cash magnet
    08.10. 2016 13:40  | 

    Is BinaDroid 2.0 Software a SCAM? BinaBot V2 Results Review!

    After a few months of using initial version of BinaDroid software created by Troy Everett all we wanted was it\'s new, improved version - 2.0. It is a new generation auto trader which had great reviews on the first 3 pages of Google search results. In this review we will be revealing all the information regarding BinaDroid and also some tips to help you maximaze your daily revenue. Troy Everett has decided to show us his real identity instead of using paid actor like the previous time. He claims that there are some major improvements in the latest version of BinaDroid which are supposed to help traders control their actions, income and so on. It is also newbie friendly so if you don\'t have any knowledge in financial market you can use this trusted system to do the hard work for you. BinaDroid 2.0 is based on a preicse algorithm and on Android technology. There are two parts to the input of BinaDroid 2.0. Number one: The first part of the algorithm explores market\'s sentiment using advanced social media tools. It is very important because it is people\'s behavior which directs market\'s further movement. When you know what people think and love, you are ahead of other traders. Number two: The second type of data BinaDroid uses are signals. By calculating past performance, risk factors and ranking systems it can filter the most accurate signals on the web. BinaBot can also use it\'s fully automated feature to predict winning trades and maintain over 90% success rate. You can also use manual trading mode if you like, but it is recommended for the use of experts only. New version also has two new features unlike the previous one, and those are Economic Calendar and the Reverse Button. When the trader uses Reverse button, bot will do exactly opposite trading to what it would usually do. Unfortunately, anyone who has registered for BinaBot 1 few months ago will not get the new version for free. Instead, he or she has to open a new account and deposit a minimum amount of 250$ in order to use new features.

    The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

    To be honest, BinaDroid is not a scam. It is trusted software which can help both newbies and experts with their trading strategies and maximize their revenues. Features of the newest version are highly recommended in order to help traders execute trades on complete automated mode.

    online scams,binary options trading,trading software,frauds,honest review,automated trading,BinaDroid,BinaBot,Troy Everett
    08.10. 2016 13:00  | 

    Millionaire Trader System is typical online scam. A money stealing pattern. It is supposed to turn your life upside-down once you start using it but it is all one big lie and it will steal your money instead. Read this review and we will provide you with solid evidence to back up our claims.

    The Millionaire Trader Scam Review! Why you should avoid this so called “money generating system”!

    Presentation video and the website of this system are full of deceptive content. For example their claim that this software is available only for 50 people. This is just a typical pull strategy which is supposed to make new traders eager and convince them into signing up.

    How the software works?

    According to the story, this is a anonymous trading service based in Moscow, Russia. It is supposed to maintain a 85% success rate, which is simply impossible for a longer period of time. Another suspicious thing is that there is no more information about algorithms behind this software. This is a feature of many lousy online scams. They skip the important part.

    How the presenter Oliver Miller got his hand on the Millionaire Trader Software?

    Allegedly Oliver had a client named Max while he was working at a bank. One day, Max cam to Oliver\'s office and asked him for a favor. He wanted Oliver to help him with an 8 figure wire transfer and Oliver did it. As a gift, Max gave Oliver a flash drive and told him not to open it until one month passes. This is how Oliver was introduced to this magical system. Now, this story is fictious and anyone with common sense will agree. Another things wich proves this claim is that Oliver said this trading system made him over 8 million pounds in profits in the past 4 years. How can this be possible since domain is registered in 2016?

    Actually who is Oliver Miller?

    After some research we weren\'t able to prove Oliver is a paid actor. However you can notice that all the presentation and the testimonials are made with green screen. Only a paid actor will pretend to be on a yacht while it\'s obviously a green screen.

    What about the testimonials?

    As we mentioned above, testimonials are made with the green screen too. There is no reason for a day trader to use the green screen if he just want\'s to support some software or share his experience with others.

    Millionaire Trader Scam Review: The Conclusion!

    This software can be given as an example of a classic scam. It has all the basic elements which we pointed at in the review above. It is a money stealing scheme and it won\'t make you millions in just a few months or years, instead it will drain all the money from your account if you sign up for it and deposit a certain amount.

    online scams,binary options trading,trading software,frauds,hoax,Oliver, Max,Millionaire Trade System,millionaire trader
    06.10. 2016 23:50  | 

    Modern Profit Professor Review – MPP Software Scam Exposed!!

    It is advised to stay away from Modern Profit Professor software and not reply to emails in which you are invited to sign up for this system. Creators of this service were a bit inovative and tried a bit harder to trick traders than most of other fraudulent trading softwares. But at the end, we will prove to you that it is nothing more than just another online scam.

    Modern Profit Professor aka MPP Software Video: Scripted Story!

    When you visit you will see a video wich automaticaly starts to play, and you will hear a voice asking questions about life and how difficult it is. A bit later you are adressed by \"Marco Adessi\", a person whose father moved from Italy to USA in search for a better job and thus better life. But, unfortunately he got a low paid job and that is why \"Marco\" didn\'t have an opportunity to go to college. Long story short, Marco met a man called Harrison Glass and he introduced him to trading. Because he is so generous Marco wanted to help other people become millionaires like he did, so he came up with this brand new trading software. However, he didn\'t explain how it works at all, and at the end of the video he said that every trader who signs up will be able to contact their Customer Support Team, but that option doesn\'t appear on the website. On both website and in the video the team behind this software claims that anyone who uses it can make over 800$ per day in the first week! For everyone with at least a bit of common sense it is obvious that this claim cannot possibly be true. Another interesting thing is that there is a counter on the website, it represents number of free spots for the software, and it drops down constantly, but, when in drops down to 1 it stays constant even if you stay on the website for 2-3 hours. According to Marco, his software is free and it is supposed to help people. Another suspicious thing is that nor Marco nor the website appear on any of social media platforms, instead, they use email marketing.

    Who is Marco Adessi?

    The person who claims to be a millionaire, alleged owner of the software - Marco Adessi, doesn\'t actually exist in real life. If you search all social media you won\'t be able to find him. Even if you Google him, you won\'t be able to find any decent results. This leads us to a conclusion, he is a paid actor, like the other two people appearing in the video.

    Fake testimonials!

    At the bottom of the website you can find 4 testimonials video and for someone new those can sound very real and interesting. You will be shocked to know that those people are nothing more than another paid actors. You can find tons of them on They charge around 10$ for making such videos. Another fake feature are comments. They are designed to look like facebook comments but anyone with a bit of knowledge in web design can see that these are fake.

    Final thoughts

    After all the evidence we put out above, it is only fair to say Modern Profit Professor is just another online scam. No transparancy, information about minimum/maximum deposit accounts, withdrawal methods, information about the owner, information about what their Customer Support Team offers and so on. Profits of 800$-1000$ dollars a day at the beggining are also a huge nonsense. I hope this review helped you, and strongly recommend that you always do a bit of research if you recieve any kind of binary trading promotion emails before you move ahead.

    online scams,binary options trading,trading software,frauds,hoax,Marco Adessi,Modern Profit Professor,profit proffesor
    06.10. 2016 21:55  | 

    Cash Improve Scam or Profitable? True Software Review!

    Cash Improve is just another scam in the field of binary options trading. Owners of this software claim that last year this service created 827 new millionaires. However, with this review we aim to prevent you from using this fraudulent system.

    How the Cash Improve Software Work?

    In the presentation video, alleged owner of the software James Miller didn\'t explain how his system works. It can mean only two things, he don\'t know how it works nor how to explain it, or his system doesn\'t work at all. Another fact which proves this system is a fraud is that the official domain is registered only few months ago, so how did it make 827 millionaires last year?

    Who is James Miller – the creator of the Cash Improve Scam?

    According to the story James Miller is a succesful investor who throws millions here and there but in reality he is just an actor hired on

    What about all the Testimonials!?

    The promotional video of this software is 90% based on the testimonials of different people who allegedly used it, and they are all fake. All these people, even the family with two kids can be found on after 5 minutes of research. For example, search for Marc who is supposed to be millionaire, and you\'ll find that he is just an actor who is doing all kinds of spokesperson, doctor, teacher or trainer videos for 5$.

    Are there any Reputed Endorsements?

    We never put any software on our black list if we are not sure it deserves it. We did a vast social media and Google research about Cash Improve system and all we found were bad reviews and statements that it is nothing more than a scam. This is why we wouldn\'t recommend using this software to anyone.

    online scams,binary options trading,trading software,frauds,hoax,cashimprove,Cash Improve,James Miller
    03.10. 2016 15:05  | 

    The Centument Project 2.0 the Disastrous Scam

    No luck with binary options trading? Want to figure out better techniques? Here is The Centument Project 2.0, new entry in our list of scammers.

    This software is a perfect example of a scam, so we highly recommend avoiding it by all means. It would be good for you if you read the whole review and see the details we will expose about this scam system.

    Centument 2.0: A complete overview about this scam

    When the investor looks at the website od this sytem for the first time he might feel excited but he is in for an unpleasan surprise. There are many interesting claims on this website but unfortunately most of them are not true at all. One of the claims is that this trading bot is completely free. This is nothing more that just a tactic to pull new traders into the trap. This software is not free at all, in order to use it you first have to deposit certain amount of money. Once you do this, your money is gone. There is no way some magic bot will earn unreal sums of cash for you and make you a millionare while you sit at home and do nothing. You have to be smart and never let systems like these fool you.

    Another false statement from the creators of this system is that investor (trader) doesn\'t need to have any experience in trading at all. This is just nonsence. If you want to make profits and be a successful trader you need to have a set of skills and traits in order to thrive. Trading bot can help you a bit, yes, but it cannot do your job as a skillful trader.

    The Centument Project 2.0 team says they have a 24/7 available customer support, but this isn\'t true, again. They only have support for the best brokers whose names they didn\'t reveal. It is one of hundred suspicious things, and this is why this system is very unreliable.

    Among all the useless information on the website, we can\'t seem to find any information about the algorithm behind this software. How can you trust a system with your money if you don\'t know how it works? Investor is also able to see various testimonials on the website. This is one of the popular scam elements because you can see that testimonials were given by low paid actors. No trial at all, which is why it is hard to explore the sytem and no proffesional design on website - another two negative elements. One of the major setback of this system is that you can\'t find any email address on the website, so how do they forward any questions and queries to their support team?

    Verdict about The Centument Projcet 2.0

    We have exposed only a few out of dozens of facts which prove that this system is nothing more than a hoax. Good, verified trading bots don\'t give any reason for the trader to be doubtful. Nothing is kept in dark, everything is transparent and revealed to the trader. We can\'t find any of these features in The Centument Project 2.0, and that is why you need to think 10 times before you make your choice. Smart decisions in the beginning can secure your future.

    online scams,binary options trading,trading software,frauds,hoax,The Centument Project,disastrous scam
    03.10. 2016 13:50  | 

    Blazing Trader App is a SCAM!! $20k Daily Profits in Your Dream!

    At first you might think that Blazing Trader App is a good tool for you to make money but it is nothing more than another online scam and we will prove it to you in this honest review! We will provide you with all the information we have regarding this system and hopefully help you to make your decision easier. Allegedly this new software created and owned by Johan Strand is supposed to make over 20k$ profit daily for you. I can assure you that all it does is drain money from your account as soon as you deposit!

    Our first encounter with the Blazing Trader software was few hours ago through one of our subscribers who said he got two suspicious invitations to two separated email addresses he owns. Accoring to this we can assume that this is just another system which is supposed to go viral in a few days or hours, with the help of email marketers, social media ads and so on. Alleged owner of this software Johan Strand claims that he is a self-made millionaire and a professor at the department of applied mathematics at the National Institute of Technology in Switzerland. Beside that, he says that he did a lot of important work as a professor including projects with Princeton University and even with NASA!

    Johan also mentioned that he was working on algorithms which are designed to minimaze Boolean functions. To spare you the details, he claimed he was working on inventing new ways of computer search which are whole lot faster than ones we have today. Those new principles were supposed to handle large amounts of data much easier and proccess them faster. At that time his brother Lars was working in the binary options industry and he developed an automated system that allows him to spot emerging patterns in the stock Markets.

    According to Strand\'s statements, after a full year of intensive development, research and improvements they are honored to offer this new software, Blazing Trader App to 100 lucky random people from all over the world. Allegedly, every trader who decides to invest a minimal amount of money in his account will earn over a 20 thousand dollars every day for the rest of his life. Beside this nonsense we have been told that the Blazing Trader App is completely risk free which means you cannot lose your money ever! But, on the other hand, this software has 93% accuracy, so, the questions is, how is it 100% risk free then?

    Now let\'s be real, there is no software which is \"100% risk free\". Beside that, nothing can maintain trading accuracy of over 90% for a long period of time. In financial market everybody loses sometimes, it is completely normal.

    If you do some simple math yourself you will see that their claims are totally unreasonable. How can an applied mathematics expert like Johan Strand make such a mistake? According to their statements it is 93% accurate software. This simply means that out of 100 trades you win 93. But, don\'t forget that you lose 7. So how is it a 100% risk free??

    One more thing before we jump to a final conclusion. In the promotional presentation of Blazing Trader App, it\'s owner, Johan Strand said that everyone who decides to use this software will be able to withdraw his money each and every day and recieve that money the following day. This is nothing more than just another lie. Everyone with at least minimum experience in trading knows that after every withdrawal from you account you have to wait 3-5 bussines days to recieve your money.


    Main character who\'s supposed to be the owner of the app is just an actor who has been paid a few bucks for talking nonsence in front of the camera. Beisde that, after all the facts and details we provided above which prove the fact that almost all the information Blazing Trader App provides you with is unreliable and incorrect, we can only say - don\'t use this software, it is made to take your money from you.

    online scams,binary options trading,trading software,frauds,Blazing Trader App,Johan Strand,blazing trader
    30.09. 2016 22:10  | 

    Auto Money Maker is a SCAM! Within this in-depth review we`ll expose solid evidence!

    Auto Money Marker is a new full autopilot system witch is allegedly created by Arthur McCool who claims that this new easy to use software will change our lives once we start using it. Apparently sums of over 2.700$ in bank accouts will become something perfectly normal for all the new investors who sign up for this system. Now I will bring you back to the reality and explain why this system is nothing more than money stealing scheme.

    Auto Money Maker Scam Review – Why we must avoid this trading app?

    The story hasn\'t changed at all. It\'s a typical science fiction opportunity for those who start using this software, they\'re all supposed to earn exaggerated sums of money in a short period of time and so on. For those who have any experience in this kind of things it is obvious that all the typical scam elements are present. However for those who are new to this I\'ll expose some of the dubios details.

    How the service works?

    As always the promotional video is made to make you eager and excited. According to the voice actor it is a type of copy trading system. Allegedly he is a top notch trader and the software\'s algorithm is supposed to mimic his trading skills and strategies. The truth is there are some similar setups but not exactly the same so how can we be sure this algorithm will work in reality?

    Estimated profits and Accuracy, are they realistic?

    Without a question we can say that those sums are totally unreal! No trader nor any software can maintain over 90% accuracy for a long time period. In reality investment of 250$ cannot posibly generate over 2700$ profit in 24 hours. Even if you use authorized and authentic trading tool you can maybe earn 100$ per day with a 250$ investment.

    Testimonials and endorses!

    We can see some real, everyday people in the Auto Money Maker\'s promotional video and that is one of the things which is supposed to win you over. But, I have to dissapoint you, they are all just a bunch of low paid actors from It is an online marketplace where you can find and hire people to do various jobs for you. The members area of Auto Money Maker\'s website is nothing more than some stock photos attached to fabricated names.

    Who is Arthur McCool, and can we trust him?

    According to the story, Arthur is a successful trader and the inventor of Auto Money Maker. That is why it is crucial for us to make a decision whether to trust this person or not. At first look we can see that here he is hidden behind voice over acting. Another thing is, if he is so successful as they present him, why hasn\'t anyone ever heard of him? All this evidence and all these questions lead to one thing - we cannot trust him with our money! And, if you are still in doubt let me provide you with one more irrefutable proof. Auto Money Maker\'s presentation along with it\'s fake character \"Arthur McCool\" were already used in an old fraud called Auto Money Machine! Even the name is very similar.

    Auto Money Maker Scam Review – The Conclusion!

    As you have seen above, we provided you with undeniable evidence which proves that this service is nothing more than another dangerous online fraud. Even the social media and search engines are flooded with various warnings against this application. This is why I simply wouldn\'t recommend using this software to anyone!

    Review Verdict: Auto Money Maker is a SCAM! Beware and don’t trust!

    online scams,binary options trading,trading software,frauds,auto money maker, auto money machine,money maker
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    The Trader App Review - Scam Or Not? Find Out!

    Speaking of new online scams, I have discovered another one - The Trader App. It is supposed to be a new automated trading app with a unique software according to it\'s promotional video and it\'s website, but unfortunately it seems to be nothing more than another online scam.

    After it\'s initial release, traders around the world have shown some interest in this trading application. If you\'re thinking about using it, I recommend you read this review first and decide yourself wether this app is worth your time and money.

    Website:Nothing Special!

    It seems that people behind all this are experienced, however I can\'t seem to find any evidence of how accurate this software is. First look at the website can trick you because at first it all seems genuine and trustworthy. But don\'t be fooled easly! This is exactly what creators of systems like this one want you to think, it is their job to make you believe in their story! I will point out some details to clear your doubt.

    Promotional Video

    And again, video of alleged owner of the app talking about his life story and how he got tricked by scamers many times in the past... Something we have all seen already. This is a classic scam story and since there is no evidence to support his claims and no proof that his software is better that others, it is clear that he is just trying to get new traders to believe him and use his application.

    Who are Brian Wen and Howard Davis?

    One more interesting thing about this app is that in it\'s promotional video we see two individuals who claim to be experts in binary options trading. Well, that\'s perfectly fine and normal, nothing interesting about that, right? But! When I did some research online, I coulnd\'t find any of those two individuals! This is proof that they are nothing more than actors who have been paid to act in this video.

    Algorithm behind the software

    The Trader App software is presented as a revolutionary tool that will change your life once you start using it. The software has been mentioned as having a combination of 32 algorithms which he tried and failed. These 32 algorithms make the software a powerful tool but since those weren\'t successful how can we be sure that those bogus algorithms will work?

    Is it free?

    \"Brian\" is being too straightfoward about his claim that the software won\'t be given for free. We can see that he is trying too hard to be honest here and make people believe that this is not a fraud. We all know that for binary options trading you always have to invest some money first, so technicaly it isn\'t free at all. And yet again, at the very end \"Brian\" claims that he will give the software for free. With this he just went too far with his nonsense.

    The Testimonials cannot be Trusted!

    We can learn a lot about The Trader App\'s authenticity from the testimonials section. First, it is obvious that the photos were stolen and second, the posts along with photos have been fabricated. If you do a little bit of research you will find these photos yourself on stock photos. Everything about this section is fabricated, it is obvious that it is fake.

    Are there any Endorsements for this software?

    When I made an investigation about this software I couldn\'t find any positive reviews about it. Everything about The Trader App is negative and this just makes it even more clear that it is just another online scam.

    Verdict: Just ignore The Trader App!

    After everything I pointed out, there is no chance I would recommend this app to anyone. This is nothing more but a perfect example of another fraud which at first seems genuine and authentic but if you use common sense you can see that clearly everything about it is fake, plus there is no evidence to support their claims whatsoever. I recommend you to ignore all the email and invitations that ask you to join The Trader App.

    online scams,binary options trading,trading software,frauds
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    A binary option trading often refers to investment or financial option over the asset, where the payoff would be on a fixed rate or none. In literal, binary trading method is pretty easy to determine as the profit & loss would be always fixed. For traders it is quite natural about getting involved in risk factors, he might get money or nothing during trading. When compared with other trading methods, binary trading option is far better and simple to access.

    Speciality of Binary Trading Option

    When it comes to trading, it is quite important for traders to be aware when to buy and when to sell the assets. The flexible nature of binary trading option gives traders more opportunities where they can perform trading without any hassles. The unique binary options strategy allows traders to keep track things like news, current events and so in a much easier form while compared with all other existing trading methods.

    It is important for new traders and beginners for keeping best trading strategies to keep things sharp and to tract & aware of what currently happenings in the trading market. Here are the top 5 binary option trading strategies which can be highly useful to be successive in the trading world.

    1. Technical Analysis:

      In general, it’s a tool which helps to analysis the trends followed in history prices in order to predict the future pricing trend. The data’s which are obtained using technical analysis tools would predict the flow of the trading market and it would literally changes the game of traders in the market.

    2. Statistical Analysis:

      It also referred as Daily Market Analysis method. Though, it may seem to be a complex and savvy process, by keep tracking the information and reports released by market professionals on a daily basis would help to understand the aspects carried in market. The report would cover overall performances of an asset in the market.

    3. Money Management:

      As trading always features with a risk factor, it will wise for traders not to invest all their money in the market. By doing so, it will help them to fall back if any losses happen. The percentage of investment would depend upon how much risk traders willing to take.

    4. Analyzing Country’s Economic Factors:

      Economic factors like GDP, political environment, ratio of employment and population, latest nation’s financial trends in the market and so, would predict or create a vital impact over the prices of country’s/ nation’s assets. So it’s advisable for investors to keep track on economic condition of the nation before starts investing.

    5. Learn to be Patience:

      The binary trading option typically involves with time frames that often long last for several hours, days and even for weeks. So investors need to wait and keep track the current events of the market instead of acting in a rush. It would be wise for investors to fix their own time frame for being active in the trading market.


    The above listed handy strategies of binary option trading would help traders to reduce the risk factors. However, traders are highly appreciated to develop their own system based strategies for being successful in the trading world.

    Binary Trading Option, binary trading method, binary options strategy
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    Handling trading market is not a simple task like many people think. There are a number of risk factors involved in the market, which users must be familiar with. In most of the cases, what happens is that investors in the forex market will find it difficult to pull out from their trading as they will be in a fix every time hoping for better profit in their trading.

    Necessity of binary trading:

    It is not a simple task for people to just take out forex analyzing the current situation and the ongoing trends. It is a hard necessity for people to make sure that they are getting a better hand in forex trading that can help them in the process of quick decision making. It is now possible with the help of binary trading. With the help of demo version of binary trading, any person interested in investing in forex market can do it without any assistance of experts in the field.

    Simple decision making process:

    Many people often think that their shares in the forex market will increase in its value to a great extent if they are keeping their investment for a long period of time. If they do so, they will be freezing their money in a format that they cannot make use of it. Even when the value of the forex shares has increased, people will continue to keep their investment even when they can end up with a profit. If they do so, they cannot explore any more opportunities that may come in their way. To make sure that such things are not taking place, people can try out demo account free of cost. People who are interested in binary trading can try out the demo account and see how they can make profit on their investment. It is not like gambling or some other sort of casino stuff. It is the suggestions and solutions from experts in the field. It will be helpful in a number of aspects for those people who have no idea about what they will be doing with their investments.

    Free of cost investment:

    The striking advantage of free demo account is that there is no need to pay deposit or money when opening the account. Only basic info is enough to open an account. There is no way users will be focused towards a particular investment option in the account page. All possibilities that can work out in binary trading will be put forward for users. It is the choice of users to select which option they are going to go for. The concept of binary trading will be applicable for most of the trading formats, no matter whether it is bullion or share or forex. It is only the interest of people that matters. Trading option through free demo account is made as easy as it could be to ensure that new users can easily get required info within a short span of time and without any necessity to learn something in advance.

    binary trading,demo version,demo account
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    The evolution of online has provided a lot of lucrative options for people to earn handsome money by taking freelancing jobs. The most highlighting fact about those freelancing jobs is that, they can be work from home or from any places. All it requires is just a computer with internet connections, in fact, many freelancing jobs doesn’t requires facial or vocal contacts in-between employers and employees.

    People who looks for extra cash and housewife prefers to work on the computer to earn from their home. Below listed are popular 5 successful methods by using people makes money.

    1. Writing Articles

      If you are good at your language and have strong writing skills than writing makes you to earn a lot. Being a Writerpreneur in online is the most successive and assured way of making money in online. Often these kinds of work available as a freelance job, but there are companies which hire employees as full time online writers for their concerns and pays handsomely. Also, there are so many websites which act like an intermediate platform where writers and employers get engaged.

    2. Selling Skills on Fiverr for $5

      Fiverr – A leading online based marketplace where creative and professional services are done by professional skilled people based on the fixed pay rate offered by the respective authority. Usually, fiverr pay rate starts from $5 and raises according to the work complexity. Often freelancers across the globe make use of this opportunity to earn money by completing the task within assigned deadlines. All you need to do is to create an account in fiverr and start selling your skills.

    3. Online Tutoring

      If you’re from teaching profession or expertise in a certain subject than online tutoring would be the best way to earn some handsome money. Many students across the globe seeking a suitable professional guide for their academic studies, students from schooling to colleges are in need of tutors. Fix time mutually for conducting the online tutoring session. To be frank, if you from teach profession, online tutoring would provide satisfaction which can’t be obtained from teaching in the classrooms.

    4. Become a slogan Writer for Top Companies

      If you have good creative skills, try about writing slogans for top companies. Writing slogan would seem like a simple task as it can be achieved by summing up the products of a company in a sentence, but the real hardness is it should be more attractive and cache for readers. There are many broker sites like Slogan Slingers, Get a Slogan, Freelancer and so, offers clients from top companies who often seek cache taglines, advertising slogans for creating stickers. You will be paid handsomely if your writing managed to attract clients.

    5. Become a Website Tester

      Well, becoming a website tester would be new to many and they might wonder whether it really exists. Yes! A Lot of companies prefer real users to test their site’s user-friendliness, sites like User Testing gives such wonder opportunities. The whole process would take near about 15 to 20 minutes, after testing need to report how it’s confusing when compared with others. It’s really cool to get paid for being so critic isn’t it?

    Also, one can find lots of similar kind of opportunities for online earning.

    freelancing,work on the computer,work from home
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    The Site developed by Forex trading companies is an online-based corporation or in literal can be mentioned as an organization, where several trading groups and individuals perform their trading operations. For the past 20 years, iforex experience notable trading successes in the trading world and traders feel more secured in involved in trading activities with iForex. Being an international currency trading organization’s official site offers easiness for its customers or traders to bid or place bets on various currencies in easy manner which makes them to yield profits in quick session.

    Traders from all over the world well aware of the fact that trading is the game of luck and chance, and they ready to get involved in such risky matters. Just like that iForex also requires the necessity of the luck factor. The iforex opinion helps investors or traders to invest on any global currency, which many rise or fall at anytime. It’s purely the game of luck and change where there’s no real or true winner in trading world.

    Here are the some analyses of iForex’s functions in trading world.

    iForex Signups and Offers

    As Forex’s popularity gets increasing on daily basis, it’s hard for many people to find the legitimate place to sign-up and where to trade, similarly, it became much harder for many to find websites which are offering best and true forex bonuses. To be frank, visiting their official site would be the best and apt way to find all legitimate news about Forex trading. The biggest advantage of new customers is they can able to get sign up bonus with fx trading options when they deposit their money first time. For newbie, fx trading offers wide variety of bonus and promotional offers, it’s wise to contact legitimate fx brokers or responsible personal managers to avail those benefits.

    Tips to get regular Forex Bonus

    • The first thing to do for getting regular bonus is to find the good/legitimate forex trader
    • In order to get regular bonus, it’s necessary to hire broker to carry all your transaction in trading market, instead of dealing those in person. Brokers uses fixed network where they can get best deals.
    • Also, regular upgrading user’s trading account to silver or gold is necessary to receiver regular Forex bonuses.

    Best way to earn money in online

    It is proven fact that, in order to be successive in forex trading using best forex tools and automatic forex signals would boost your earnings in forex trading world especially if you are about to earn from online. Tools would helps traders to predict currency pair using customizable graphs and charts. If offers traders easy to access and predict the success mantra in trading. Also, these tools come with great trial offers which includes 60 days money back guarantee.


    With the usage of appropriate tools and automatic forex signals, would makes forex trading a simple and risk free one. Also, it’s mandatory for traders to get their trading accounts from legitimate sites in order to avail best and regular forex bonuses. Review,iForex Signup,iForex offers,iforex experience
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    The Site IQ option definitely appeals to the binary option traders who look to perform their trading operations in online. With its simplicity and eye catching design, the site iqoption experience the growth in its users accounts. As of now, IQ option managed to achieve more than 11,000,000 active accounts and those active users are performing more than 1,500,000 trades in online on a daily basis. Andreas Matas, the CEO of IQ option have earned so many awards and received several credits in the forex industry says “The company is provided with Thomson Reuters quotes. What is more, it ensures the credibility of the broker concerning quotes’ correctness of assets and currencies. Here the quotes can be used not only at expires, but also during the transaction time”. Iqoption broker opinions provide necessary security and protection for their investments, by which traders can earn about 92% of their investment without any hassles.

    Here are the some analyses of IQ option’s in trading world.

    IQ Option, a specialized broker works with their own custom mode of binary options trading methods. The most highlighting fact about binary trading mode is traders can able to get increments for every short time about 5 minutes, also binary options platforms offers traders to experience such increments for about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

    Facts of IQ option:

    IQ Option starts its trading operation in 2012, ever since they came to scene they facing steady increase in their investors’ numbers. Some of the basic information’s about IQ option are listed below.

    • IQ Options Started their online trading from 2013
    • Minimum Deposited required from the traders or depositors is $10
    • Trader’s minimum Investment in IQ option is $1, it is the smallest minimum ever seen in trading market
    • The highlighting fact of IQ option is traders can able to get Maximum 91% of returns. In literal, it is considered as the excellent one, when compared with many other existing trading modes in trading market
    • IQ Option gives the bonus up to 50% for their traders/customers
    • Traders and consumers are allowed to open demo accounts from their official site of

    IQ Option Bonuses

    Availing bonuses from IQ-Option trading options is not a difficult task. The IQ option innovative web based trading broker offers too many bonuses to their customers, as their customer’s hits certain fixed milestones in trading, they can able to receive unexpected sudden bonuses in form of extra money.

    Also, every new trader joins in their official website able to receive 100% signup bonus, which is high when compared with all other exiting trading brokers. In addition, unlike other brokerage sites, IQ option offers generous bonuses up to 80% for all their account holders even their low level accounts holders too eligible to receive such high bonuses. Traders able to receive up to 45% of cash back from their REAL IQ option accounts that too with minimum of 10$ deposit. And for VIP IQ option account holders able to receive 60% cash back bonus with the initial deposit of $1000.


    With unique strategies and generous bonuses, IQ option never failed to grab attention of traders worldwide. Their customer base keeps on increasing year by year. Review,IQ Option Signup,IQ Option experience
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    The Benefits of Choosing Online Forex Trading

    The Forex trading or Currency market is the biggest of the existing trading options in the Markets. Daily activities of forex trading often exceed four billion dollars a day. There are so many traders who consider that it is easier and handier to earn money in foreign currency than by any habitual types of investment. With the wide spread of online trading platforms, currency trading has become increasingly more popular among traders worldwide. Forex trading provides excellent investment possibilities to those who want to broaden their profile.

    Forex, the target market

    Forex is a clear industry, its operation, requires a huge investment of sources so that adjustment can practically decide out. In addition, access to news from all measures that can alter its charge and way are offered to everyone.

    Forex is one of the biggest of its kind globally. It is characterized by being an area where customers exchange currencies occur on their own, as do the big international corporations and other companies that tend to pay remuneration and invest in the areas where their product is sold.

    Here are the some benefits for forex is listed which might be useful for forex for beginners.

    Benefit of trading in the forex market

    • High Liquidity

      The excellent assets of this industry are due to the big volume of currency traded all over the globe. Liquidity is the capability of an asset to be converted into cash quickly. Since the Forex trading industry functions 24 / 7 and five days in a week, traders can take advantage of trading possibilities as they happen rather than waiting for the industry to start the next day.

    • It\'s the most global industry that goes round the clock!

      Forex industry is a decentralized over-the-counter industry. This means there\'s no somewhere it has entire control over the industry as the industry goes around the hour according to market hours. So unlike trading stocks where the local industry usually ends at 3pm in the afternoon, traders can do forex trading online irrelevant to region based timing.

    • It Costs Low for Transaction

      In today’s world almost all brokers perform trading options without any commission fee. Only existing cost is the transaction, often referred as the difference between the buy and sell prices. Forex trading allows traders to do such transaction at low cost when compared with all other existing trading options.

    • Specialized Trading

      Forex trading online is a hassle free option for all traders across the globe. Since, the forex market requires low capital and the liquidity of the forex market always focuses just on currency pairs as main investments, it allows traders to understand a lot easier and helps them to monitor anytime from anywhere.


    Above mentioned few advantages make forex trading as attractive for investors and traders across the world. Those who are interested in Forex trading needs to aware of the fact that trading in the market might be notorious, however, in order to make it as successful trading it requires a lot of education, patience and discipline. That’s the secret mantra to get succeed in forex trading.

    forex,forex for beginners,forex trading online
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    Binary options involves trading commodities, stocks, foreign exchange and indices at various global Markets. Though these options have been categorized as exotics, but they are extremely easy to use, only when handled in a proficient manner. Now, the question that arises here is how to make the most of binary options trading, especially when you are beginner who has just made his/her way into this vast trading world. In such cases, there are 5 simple steps that you must follow and they are

    1. Discover A Remarkable Broker

    The first and perhaps the most important step to succeed in binary options trading, is to have the credibility and expertise of a reliable broker by your side. This the reason why you need to discover a reputable option that delivers excellent trading features and is even trustworthy too. Hence, take optimal time to research about the different aspects of the broker such as their

    • Regulation: Before relying on any broker you must realize whether they are regulated by a certified organization or not.

    • Features: There are several tools and techniques required for performing binary trading to perfection and for this your broker must support the same.

    • Reviews: The reviews by experts or testimonials mentioned by previous customers can help you know more about both the positive and negative sides of the broker.

    • Affordability: Make sure you choose a dedicated and affordable broker that comes up with great services at value for money prices.

    2. Learn From The Educational Features of Broker

    The next simple step is to learn as much as you can about binary options from the educational resources provided by the broker. Such features can be a boon in disguise for novice traders, who will not only be aware of each and every element of trading but at the same time be able to implement them through their live trading account. The more you are going to learn, the better will be the chances of becoming a successful trader.

    3. Find A Suitable Trading Strategy Once you are aware of the basics of binary options the next step is to explore the best trading strategy. Do remember that there is a sense of risk in this step, but the same is even their in case of trading, therefore learn to accept it and select the one that best suits your trading skills.

    4. Examine The Chosen Trading Methods After you have shortlisted a few binary options trading methods the next step is to analyze their performance and understand how well they have been in the market. For this you can take help of historical data, graphs and even consult with experienced traders who have already utilized the particular trading strategy before.

    5. Demo Test & Then Implement For Successful Results

    When you have the trading strategy but are not sure whether it will work for you or not, then just demo test it using a demo trading account. This can help you in realizing the effectiveness of the strategy before investing money on it. And if it works, then you are destined to become succeed in the world of binary options trading.

    binary options, trading, Binary Options Trading
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    The premise behind binary options trading is a relatively simple one. Trades are made based on a prediction of how the price of an asset will move.

    Contracts are purchased based on whether a price will go up or down, hit a certain level, stay within a range of prices or move outside that range. One thing that traders appreciate about the market is that they know before the trade how much money is being risked and how much profit will be made should they make the correct prediction. Recently signals have come into place to help traders make these kinds of predictions. A providing service can help traders make consistently successful trades.

    Basically, binary options signals are recommendations. But these recommendations are based on computerised analysis that uses a specific algorithm and careful monitoring of the financial market. Once the analysis is complete and a suggested trade is generated an automated message is sent to the trader who can follow the suggestion or ignore it. Many experienced traders make use of binary options signals to save time as well as obtain improved results. Receiving market signals can save the trader many hours of monitoring the market and trying to analyse all the possible movements and outcomes. It can save them from spending hour after hour researching assets. Novices can use binary options signals to help them learn how the market works and how trades are chosen and made.

    Each binary options trading system made available today has automatic trading as its most prominent feature. An effective system will do all the online trading work for you, even if your computer is nowhere nearby. According to observers, the automation\'s most important attribute is the elimination of human emotion-often cited as one of the major obstacles to investing wisely-from the decision-making process. This is especially true in the case of income shortfalls wherein inexperienced investors, having become distraught with their losses, resort to mere guesswork in a hasty yet futile effort to get themselves \"out of the red.\"

    Guesswork could result in greater losses whereas informed decisions have a greater chance of earning profit, especially if such decisions are made all the time. When making the choice of signals, you need to keep in mind that it is effective depending on its accuracy and timeliness.

    As the binary options market keeps changing at regular intervals, it does not take long for a favorable trading opportunity to becoming an unfavorable one and you may lose the ability to trade successfully if you are unable to time your trade in an effective manner.

    You need to check the formats that the signals may be sent before making the choice. With the advent of technology, most traders prefer to get these signals on their mobile devices.

    You should check to see whether the service provider is capable of sending it on your mobile, email or any other format you prefer. When you make a good choice of advanced binary options signals, you may be able to get consistent profits on your investments.

    binary options signals, profitable trades, winning system, advanced binary options signals
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    A penny stock is basically a stock that trades at a relatively low price and market capitalization. It is usually outside the major market exchanges. These kinds of stocks are principally considered to be highly speculative and at high risk as there is lack of liquidity, small capitalization, limited following and disclosure.

    One of the basic rules of buying a stock is its value and not its price. But when the starting point is price you are actually committing one of the fundamental investment mistakes. Despite knowing the risks involved in penny stocks, the lure of hitting a jackpot is just irresistible. Going by the risk reward ratio, the odds in penny stocks are heavily at stake and against the common investor.

    Invest nominal amount in penny stocks

    Low priced shares appear to be a relatively easy way of making money. You should never forget that if it is easy to make profit, it is equally easy to lose money. Hence, do not invest more that 3-5 percent of your corpus in penny stocks.

    Extensive involvement

    One problem that is noteworthy with penny stocks is the lack of information that is reliable. In the absence of credible facts about the company, its operational numbers and its management it becomes difficult to make an informed judgement. In such a case choosing a penny stock is like looking for a needle in a haystack. You need to really hunt for the stocks that are undervalues. With lakhs of investors and thousands of analysts it is very difficult for a good scrip to remain cheap for long. You may have to hence study 20-30 companies before you find something promising.

    Penny stocks are usually illiquid

    A large portion of shareholding is owned by promoters who readily are willing to be sellers. But when it comes to buyer, you will not find many. The fact that you tend to buy more quantity since the price is cheap compounds the problem. Selling large quantities of shares is difficult or sometimes virtually impossible. It would be prudent to hence study the trading volume very closely for about 6 months to check whether it is consistently high. Uneven spurts in volume could be signs of manipulation and not high liquidity

    Easy to manipulate

    Unlike big stock, penny stocks are much prone to manipulation. Given the fact that most of us buy merely on word of mouth or recommendations the job of unscrupulous dealers becomes quite simple. Do not get carried away by media reports that are hyped. Do not also go by casual remarks in the office or at parties. Do your thorough research, think twice and make sure about the company. Do not believe in any tips when it comes to penny stocks.


    It is always a temptation to invest in stock prices. We tend to believe that it cannot go any lower which is not always true. If the company is facing serious business problems the promoters or manipulators would have already made their money and the stock price would never recover again. Therefore work with a strict stop loss target. Investing in penny stocks without proper knowledge about it may be injurious to your financial health and it would be good to keep away from them instead.

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    Almost everybody must be aware of the terms stocks and shares, they are related to investment in companies. It’s as simple as this is where you invest a certain amount of money in a company and wait for the outcome. Now this could take time and the result can be in your favor or turnout otherwise too. It’s a known fact that people have made their fortune and lost it too while investing in stocks and shares. There are different types of stocks that are traded in the market.

    Let’s talk about growth stocks - in financial terms it means that these stocks generate considerable cash flow and their income is anticipated to grow at a very swift rate than the growth that happens in a normal company. A growing company is bound to have an edge over the other companies that allow it to fend off the competition. Growth stocks usually pay less dividends when compared to other stocks as the capital is reinvested in other ventures. A stock can be called a growth stock when it fetches a return on its equity of 15% or more. This is done to create capital for the new venture and let stock grow in its value to fetch a better face value when traded in the open market.

    In the open market, value stock is rated higher than growth stock, but not necessarily all over the world. This could differ from one place to another depending on certain factors like the nature of trading. Over a period of time value stocks trade at higher rates than the growth stocks because their value grows over a period of time. This is entirely related to the performance of the company. The value stock also gives you dividends at the end of every financial year.

    With the growth stock this does not happen- dividends are not paid, you invest your money and wait for a long period of time for your returns. Growth stocks are a brilliant idea for future investment. Invest in growth stock but don’t expect any returns immediately. Growth stocks are known to yield good profits over a long period of time. Growth stocks are known to be ideal form of investment when you are expecting good returns but the only drawback here is the time period that you have to wait.

    It is obvious that one invests in something for gain, likewise in stocks too, when you invest in stocks it’s a bit deceptive, it can either make you or break you. If you are sensible and smart then pick a nice and profitable company and invest: all you have to do is wait for a long period of time for your profits to come. If you are willing to take chances with your money then you have a lot of options in the market where you can take a gamble with your money. Buy and sell on regular basis is the best thing you can do but this can make you or break you too.

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    Looking for ways to save money and get more for each penny you spend? While value shopping may just give you pictures of clipping grocery coupons or anticipation of clearance sales of your favourite clothing brand, it is highly important that you remember that the fluctuations in the stock market also represent attractive values for investors like you who savvy enough to know where to look out. Here are some basics that you need to know about value stock and to find ways to put them to work earning great profits for your portfolio.

    Value stock is a stock that tends to trade at a lesser price while compared to its fundamentals such as dividends, sales and earnings. In simple terms it is one that is traded at a price that is lower than it should be when viewed in the context of its fundamental attributes. Investors usually buy these stocks in anticipation of increase in the value of these stocks when the broader market recognises their full potential, which would result in raising the prices of shares.

    Valuation is the principle to be a successful investor and to make sure that you are able to determine the fair value of stocks. While investors come across stock that has strong potential, but is being traded at a price not reflecting this strength, it is then considered to be undervalued.

    In case you are interested in adding value stocks to your portfolio it is essential that you know some of the common signs to look for. A few characteristics of undervalued value stocks include a low price to book ratio, low price to earnings ratio and high dividends yield. Although analysts argue that the market is capable of adjusting its prices to account for fundamental influences, it is quite imperative to realize that there are certain cases wherein the Markets are not always efficient. This inefficiency provides a good opportunity for investors to pick up shares of a stock and trade for less than they are eventually worth. Value investing is a single minded, highly disciplined approach wherein value investors make their investment decisions based on hard core facts and not on hypes, trends and human emotions.

    Finding value stock might not always be very easy and simple as it sounds to be. For new investors it is a radical struggle to learn the way around indices and stock market charts. However, one trick that stock market experts commonly recommend is to utilize something called ‘Dogs of the Dow’ investing strategy. This practice involves buying one or two of the high dividend yielding stocks that are usually listed at the start of every trading year and adjusting it to the account for listing changes in the years to come.

    In case you are interested in finding out value stocks it is always recommended to join an online community of experienced investors or look for stock picks ready to breakout.

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    One of the major glitches met by a new investor is that the world of finance is full of terminologies. One such verbiage is “Dividend stocks”. Hopefully, we’ll be able to explain the fundamental concepts of investing in dividend stocks in a simpler way.

    ‘Stock’ is a certificate of ownership of any company and ‘share’ is certificate of ownership in a particular company. If an investor says he own stocks, it generally refers to his ownership in one or more companies. Dividend is a profit shared by the company for its shareholders. Simply put, you get paid for owning the stocks! The more stocks you own, the more you get paid.

    What are Dividend Stocks?

    Dividend stocks are balanced distribution of additional shares to its shareholders by a company. That means, an investors receives additional shares from the company’s stock when it announces stock dividend.

    How are Dividends paid?

    Dividends are either paid in cash or through dividend reinvestment. If you are looking for regular income, go for cash payment. Else, choose automatic dividend reinvestment for long term capital growth. In this, you can purchase additional shares from the cash paid by the company.

    To get the dividend paid, there are 4 important dates to be remembered by an investor: Date of Declaration: is the date, when the Board of Directors broadcasts their plan to pay a dividend. Record Date: is the date, when the company examines its record to determine who exactly its shareholders are.

    Ex-Dividend Date: is the most important date to consider. This date is generally set for stocks 2 business before the record date. If an investor purchases stocks on or after ex-dividend date, he will not receive the dividend.

    Date of Payment: is the date, when the company actually gives the dividend.

    When are Dividends paid?

    There are no particular rules dictating the payments of dividends. That being said, most of the companies follow the tradition, of paying the dividends to its shareholders on quarterly basis which brings into line with the legal obligations to make a statement of earnings on a quarterly basis. Some corporations pay either annually or semi-annually.

    Advantages of Dividend Stocks

    The obvious advantage is that you simply get paid for owning the stocks. As explained, these are generally paid out quarterly, which can be used as income or reinvestment purpose. In the US, dividend income is taxed at lower rate currently than any other forms, so there is a major benefits for high tax payers. For cautious investors, it can be a good sign, if the company is able to declare consistently and pay out dividends.

    Disadvantages of Dividend Stocks

    Though dividend stocks are less risky, they might not hold sufficient potential of rewards for some investors. Companies, generally look for less price appreciation than growth. Tax rates can increase, making dividend stocks less attractive for both the company and investors. Companies can eliminate or slash the payments for any reason and you are at the receiving end when payments are cut as shareholder. With this basic knowledge, your dividend stock selection will be much simpler!

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    Entering the world of investing and brokerage could be confusing for most people. Even setting up a broker account could represent a real challenge. And it should be exactly that, a challenge.

    In order to successfully create a broker account for binary options, the first step is not the one most people imagine. With an extremely wide array of broker alternatives out there, takes time to choose the most reliable one that could be compatible with our needs and desires. Also, security is something to have in mind.

    Before talking about the pretty simple steps to follow in order to open a broker account and setting it up properly to start investing in binary options, we must dedicate a few words to the best online brokers. Knowing the enough information about the convenient alternatives, can help you to take the right decision.

    Amazing Brokers to Open an Account

    The following online brokers for binary options are well-known on the Internet and have a solid base of customers and investors working with them every day. Let’s take a look.

    IQoption is a good alternative for those first-time investors looking for a broker account. It has a solid feedback online from a great amount of users and a minimum trade of $20, along with a minimum deposit of $200. Another amazing and popular alternative is 24Option. This online broker for binary options offers a slightly higher minimum deposit at $250 with a minimum trade of $24.

    One last recommendation for the first-time investors reading this, is 10trade. With a minimum trade of $10 and a mandatory deposit of $200, this online platform has really good references and reviews from the specialized media within the financial industry. All of these recommended brokers do offer amazing bonuses to new users, encouraging the active use of the platform.

    Opening a Broker Account

    After you choose the right online broker according to your personal preferences and needs, it’s time to open an account and configuring it properly. Fortunately, most brokers make things easy for the newcomers. In their websites, is easy to spot the big “Open an Account” links to start the process. At this point, you will be able to create either a demo account or a fully-functional one. The online broker will request the relevant personal information like your full name, email address, phone number, home address, country, and several others. Once you provide this personal information, you will have to choose a username and a password.

    The totality of the online brokers will demand their users to be 18 years old or more and agreeing their terms of use and conditions. This step is mandatory and we encourage you to read these terms. Remember that online brokers are offering finance services, so you should know their legal terms. Finally, after you submit all the requested information and agree their terms of use, you will need to connect a credit card or an e-wallet service to your new broker account. Using services like PayPal, Skrill or Payoneer are always smarter choices because you will be protecting your sensitive information. When you set up the payment method, you will need to deposit the minimum mandatory unless you are configuring your broker account to be a demo one.

    The Bottom Line

    That’s it. After you connect your payment method and deposit the minimum established by the online broker, you are ready to go. Investing in binary options is one of the most interesting and accessible ways to profit online. Read enough about binary options and the online brokers offering the service. With this, you will be able to invest properly and safe, avoiding silly risks common among beginners.

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    All kinds of investors, both beginners and professionals, should know about the good and bad things in every investing trend. Finances are complex but once you investigate from reliable sources, you will be able to understand what you should do and what not.

    In terms of binary options, there are a few things to know. These little bits of knowledge can make the difference once you decide to invest in this type of options. We are going to expose the advantages and disadvantages of investing in binary options these days.

    As you could expect, the following advantages and disadvantages are pretty much relative, due the great variety of online brokers available right now. Let’s take a further look.


    • - Binary options offer a minimum grade of complexity. Among all the amazing and highly profitable alternatives to investing online, binary options are pretty simple and easy to operate properly. There is a small set of decisions to make, which simplifies everything for most people. Investors should limit themselves to choose the asset class, the expiration point, and the amount of the position. Of course, advanced decision-making for complex investing strategies is available as well but isn’t mandatory.
    • - Binary options allow progressive learning from scratch to pro. In this investing branch, we found that most online brokers deliver a full suite of features integrated with user-friendly mechanisms. The whole point of this is that the newcomers get the chance to upgrade progressively their knowledge in the subject while using the platform. When the investor decides to use more advanced tools, they will be available along with all the detailed explanation for proper use.
    • - Binary options offer a quick payoff to all the investors. For most experienced investors, a quick payoff represents a valuable aspect to have in mind. The range of the payoff will greatly vary among all the online brokers out there but what is truly interesting is the chance of having your money back, including the profit of your operations, in hours or even minutes.
    • - Binary options do not have deadly fees and commissions. But, you might wonder how the brokers are making money. Inside the payoff/rebate structure, all the operative costs of the online brokers will be included. Thanks to this, many investors choose binary options to earn the maximum possible by avoiding huge fees at their transactions.


    • - Binary options could be risky if the payoff is high. As expected, you cannot earn a lot if you don’t risk the mandatory minimum. At any branch of investing industry, there are going to be risks. If you aim to a huge payoff in short timeframes, it could be difficult and risky to make a profit of it.
    • - Binary options may be short of useful analytical tools. When we mention the low complexity of online brokers as an advantage, this includes the lack of highly technical tools to diagnose the Markets. This same simplicity could lead some investors to lose their money if they don’t outsource their research.
    • - Binary options are riskier today than before. The apparition of new online brokers are really frequent, making things harder in terms of branding competition and marketing. These new brokers have to get customers and they achieve this by offering more than they can actually afford. This is translated into higher costs at the mid-term and more difficult transactions.

    If you are planning to invest in binary options, you should dedicate several hours to proper research and analysis of all the resources available online. Fortunately, these resources are abundant and many of them are even free. Choose wisely your online broker and exploit the advantages without getting affected by the cons.

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    Forex Robot is a software used by foreign exchange traders to automate their trading decisions. The great thing about Forex robot is the fact that every one interested enough can enter the trade and realize the potential of making huge income by purchasing a robot. Even people that have no previous experience on Forex trading can easily participate without the need of learning complicated market patterns and confusing currency algorithms.

    Most developer actually create Forex robot for dummies, the software easy enough to be learned even by average mind. They create easy to use applications that are able to handle complicated trading strategies without human intervention. This robot works like a virtual autopilot broker; it works 24/7 with the sole purpose of maximizing your investment and cutting down your losses.

    Forex robot for dummies provides step by step guide on how to install your robot and set-up your account. Once the robot has been fully installed the user can now start trading currencies by relying to the skills that the robot possesses. Robot works on autopilot; it watch the movement of the market , read the signals that these movements are emitting using its pre-programmed analytical skills and calculates the best trading strategies to be made. Although a novice trader can’t beat the strategies of expert traders, using a Forex robot enables newbie to have a good chance of entering the trade and maximizing the profits at the end of the day.

    To be able to get the best of the software, robot dummies should take time to optimize their robots by updating or tweaking it when needed. Since the currency market shifts in respond to every single market factors the ability of the robot to create objective decisions will be affected in the long run so it’s important the a user eventually learn when to modify or alter the program of the robot he’s using.

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    If you want to be a successful investor, you should know candle graphs and understand them properly. Studying and analyzing all the data generated by the Markets’ operations will be elemental to realize what to do, how to do it, and when to do it, all in order to profit from stocks, commodities, or binary options.

    Those who don’t read or understand candle graphs are reducing their chance to profit from the Markets’ movements. Blind investment leads to only one situation: losing everything. That’s why reading candle graphs and the rest of analytical tools available is a fundamental part of being a successful investor.

    But, what are candle graphs? Also known as candlesticks, this type of charts expose a wide array of useful data for investors to properly understand the market’s tendency and behavior. The sectors of this “candlestick” will represent the high, low, opening, and closing prices in a one-day timeline.

    Structure of the Candle Graphs

    The great perk of the candle graphs is the wide array of practical information it can provide with the minimum effort. Let’s get familiar with its appearance and how to interpret the data.

    First, the top, thin end of the graph represents the highest price for the day. Below this line, we found the top of the “candlestick” body itself, representing the open or closing price of the option. Meanwhile, the whole body color could vary, depending the circumstances. A black or red body represents if the stock or option closed lower. If the body is painted in white or green, it means that the option closed higher. The bottom of the body represents the open or closing price as well. Finally, the end of the thin line indicates the lowest price for the day.

    This way, the investor can have highly valuable information in one single graph without unnecessary fragmentation of the financial data. Most modern online brokers and financial media portals offer this kind of visual tool to transmit usable data about the Markets. This interesting and useful tool comes from Japan. Back to the 18th century, rice farmers and traders designed the candle graphs we know today in order to manage properly the commerce of this commodity. After realizing the potential of this tool to understand deeply the market’s behavior, including the weight of investors’ emotions, the candlestick spread to North America, becoming a mandatory element of financial analysis.

    The Bottom Line

    If an investor is planning to go pro, being a master of candle graphs is a must. Among all the powerful tools available for investors and traders to create a reliable panorama of the Markets, the candlesticks are one of the best alternatives. Remember that this visual tool gives a lot of importance to emotions and it’s highly comprehensive about their impact on the trade.

    In the meanwhile, most data charts ignore the emotion factor, which is crucial to determine a possible scenario in terms of finances. And this is where most investors lose their money: by making misleading predictions about a market they don’t understand.

    Start now to study and understand deeply how the candle graphs work. If you achieve to use it properly, possibilities are quite positive for you. While isn’t a sure way to predict every single movement of an option, more accurate diagnoses are possible. If you want to gauge the investors’ sentiment, candle graphs are the way to go for most professional traders, no matter the market in question.

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    Every time we decide to invest in binary options, stocks, commodities or any other medium available, there is a risk to lose our money. That’s a harsh reality many people refuse to understand. A proof of this popular mistake is the huge amount of first-time investors going directly to online brokers and putting their money in the first stock they see attractive.

    The lack of knowledge and experience are clear reasons why many people are losing their money and never going back to investing. While binary options is an amazing way to profit through online brokers, you will need some experience to understand the charts and read the financial data properly.

    Again, you don’t need to be a Wall Street veteran. With the right amount of knowledge and experience, most people will be fine and totally ready to make some profits with binary options. But many wonder how they can get useful, valuable trading experience. First, forget internships.

    Fortunately for all those beginners in the investing world, there is the possibility of trading with binary options on demo accounts. Most online brokers available are offering fully-operating demo platforms for those who don’t want to spend a single dollar without practicing first.

    Gaining some confidence is crucial as well. Investors with no experience often let themselves be controlled by fear and other dangerous emotions. Practicing on a demo account with zero risk of losing money can give you a useful amount of confidence for future trades with real funds.

    Another perk of these demo accounts is that they are free. In most cases, you don’t need to spend money or transferring funds in order to make use of a demo platform. So, they are truly safe and one-hundred percent free of charges. This encourages thousands of wannabe-investors every day to practice until they feel ready to join the real game.

    Why are Demo Accounts Important?

    Binary options allow the investment of smaller amounts of money if we compare it with stocks and other securities. But this doesn’t mean that you should invest your money without worrying about what you are doing.

    Investing with a certain degree of knowledge and experience at your side can be useful to achieve positive results. On the other hand, playing blind could lead you to the disaster. And that’s exactly the real value of demo accounts.

    If you are starting in the binary options’ world, there is a high chance that you don’t know what you are doing exactly. Maybe you have some useful knowledge, but you don’t enjoy of a solid experience aiding you when things get stressful. You don’t know how to control emotions when everything goes up and down.

    Using a demo account for a season will help you to understand dramatic movements of the market and how to handle them. If everything goes wrong, you will lose nothing. The other way around, you will be learning a lot. If you lose your money on real trading without the proper experience, you probably will lose your mind instead of learning anything. Learn to understand both the successful and unsuccessful trades in a demo account and save your money for another time. Know yourself and how you react in times of crisis. If you are losing all your money on a demo account, the risks are hard to tell.

    Take advantage of all the things the demo accounts have to offer, no matter if you are a beginner or a hardened investor. Binary options are equally profitable and hard to master. Practice.

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    As any type of investing option these days, there are a series of regulations that ensure the safety of the platforms for the users. These regulations aim to protect the investors from scams and fraudulent transactions.

    Having regulators and legal entities taking care of this, is a valuable thing to appreciate. Sometimes, big brokers want to play and gamble with investors’ money and there is nothing users can do. It is the job of the powerful, international regulators out there.

    Of course, in order to invest safely and without the risk of being scammed, you don’t need to know deeply about these complex laws and regulations. What you actually need to know is about which online brokers are properly regulated and by whom. First, let’s get familiar with the regulating entities working at global scale.


    Each major economy in the world has its own regulator to watch out the financial Markets and avoid violations of the legal framework. In the case of the European Union, a broker is properly regulated to operate in the entire EU when it has the certification of a regulator from any of the country members, making things simpler. The United States has the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission doing this work. The UK has the Financial Conduct Authority, also known as FCA, taking care of the regulating duty. In Germany, the BaFin is the institution responsive for this task.

    Another regulator in a major economy is the Monetary Authority of Singapore, which is regulating the brokers in this country. Also, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission is the main regulator in this country and one of the most important in the entire European Union.

    France has the Banque de France and Russia the Financial Market Relations Regulation Center (FMRCC). Several other major economies around the world have their own regulators but these are among the most known ones, being a solid example of reliable regulation.

    Regulations’ Trails

    When a binary options broker is properly regulated by a major institution, there are certain characteristics and features you could notice. Needless to say, you must always look for a regulated broker and avoid, at all cost, the companies that offer trading and investment products without proper certification.

    First, a properly regulated binary options broker will not establish limits about how much a user can profit with every single transaction. The same for establishing limits in terms of cashing out the funds, product of a successful trade. If you see any restricted limits about this matters, there is a big possibility that you are dealing with a non-regulated broker.

    As a new user on a recently known binary options broker, you will have to make you first, mandatory deposit to start operating and trading. This transference of funds from your bank account or e-wallet to your broker account should be possible through a wide array of payment options. If you notice that the online broker isn’t offering more than one or two methods to transfer funds both ways, maybe it isn’t regulated.

    The investor has the right to choose among a decent number of alternatives when the time of cashing the profits comes. That’s why regulators force online brokers to establish a great variety of payment methods.

    Finally, one important characteristic of the regulated binary options brokers is that they offer a good range of purchasing limits. No matter if you are starting from scratch and all you want is to trade a few bucks, aim to those online brokers with huge ranges. Bigger the range, better the chances of getting a quality service.

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    The best thing about Forex robot is the fact that it’s programmed to predict market situation and analyze currency movement based on historical data. If you’re a novice trader, you’ll find these robots to be a life-saver. If you have the robot you won’t need an expert knowledge about Forex trading to be able to enter the trade and hold a position, your robot can do that for you.

    The Forex robot works for you tirelessly, if you’re too lazy to intervene or have a strategy that needs no human to be implemented with, then your Forex robot can be programmed to do the job by its own. However you must realize that although a robot works on autopilot, it cannot be left unmanaged for a long period of time. Perhaps the most common mistake that novice traders do is to buy a robot and let it do all the work then expect strings of profit at the end of the trade.

    Do not be fooled by companies or individuals claiming their robots to be an autopilot money making machine. Marketers usually fool people in to thinking that their robots are one of the best get-rich-quick software in the market, so when an uneducated trader believes them and purchase the robot he usually ends up frustrated and dissatisfied.

    Forex robots can be left to automatically trade for you, it can predict market movements and enters and exits the trade using several programmed analysis but once the market shifts uncontrollably the robot cannot be expected to still function for your advantage. Like any other software it needs to be updated or reprogrammed so it can function according to your will.

    Another thing that you must understand is the fact the Forex robots are designed to make trading life easier, it does not guarantee steady stream of profit every time. The Forex market has a very erratic behaviour so even if your robot generates great income in the past there’s no assurance that it will continuously earn for you.

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    Everyone would definitely love to get hold of the best expert adviser that would help them enter the world of Forex trading without the immediate pressure of learning every aspect of the business. This reality presented big opportunity for software experts to create and market different Forex robots. At present there are more than a hundred released robots in the market, each claiming to have the best program that could bring easy wealth to everyone.

    But while most of them fail to deliver what they promise there are few that stay true to their claim. Among the good ones were Fap Turbo, Forex Megadroid and Ivybot, below is a short review of the top 3 good Forex robot in the market today.

    Fap Turbo

    Fap Turbo is no doubt one of the best Forex Robot ever made; it works best using the Metatrader 4 platform which most Forex brokers use nowadays. It works on complete autopilot leaving you with nothing to do but sit back, relax, and watch your investment grow. Many Forex traders favour Fap Turbo over other Forex robots because of its excellent thinking and accurate forecasting ability.

    Forex Megadroid

    The Forex Megadroid is a very convenient software; it can work on any broker and can start trading efficiently regardless of the amount you want. The developer provides a comprehensive guide that could help the user from installation to tweaking. As long as you have a good connection to the internet this software can be downloaded and installed in as little as 3 minutes. Since its release, the Forex Megadroid stayed true to its 96% accuracy claim thus achieving favourable reviews from different Forex experts.


    Since its release in 2009 Ivybot gradually became one of the most talked robots in the Forex industry. Unlike other Forex robots the developers of Ivybot continuously update the software to conform to every market shift so you have nothing to worry about being left behind at the course of your trade.

    Like other EA Ivybot runs in a Metatrader 4, it expertly trades USD/EUR pair. Using a scalping strategy on the other hand, it trades several currency pairs such as CHF/EUR, USD/CAD, GBP/CHF, and EUR/GBP. It has an excellent stop loss factor of 500 to 100.

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    With the success of currency trading, more and more companies and individuals offer different Forex trading robot to help traders get better advantage in foreign exchange. These robots work in autopilot, using a predetermined statistics to predict the best time to enter and exit the trade. In short, the Forex robot trader helps inexperienced traders by getting the job off their hands.

    As good as they can be each of these Forex robot trader is different from one another so make sure you pick up the best in order to utilize its full potential. One way to determine if you were able to get the best Forex robot trader is to ensure that you purchase a program that offers refund for unsatisfied clients. Remember that good and legitimate software can afford to offer money back guarantee to clients. If the seller can afford refund it means that his software is legit and you’re not in danger of getting scammed in the process.

    Most of the robot sellers offer demo account so make sure you try the robot first before purchasing it. Using a demo of a Forex robot trader also gives you the chance to familiarize yourself with the software and do practice trading without having to buy or invest anything first.

    Although most of the robots being offered by sellers can be customize to your own preferences, not all of them are as flexible as the others so make sure you pick the one that you can fully shape to your own likings. One thing that you should ensure before getting the robot is the ability of the seller to provide you with full customer support. It should have a dedicated line to assist you in case a query or trouble arises. A good customer support must have a fast response, whether through email or phone it should not let the customer waiting impatiently for the answer.

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    If you’re a Forex newbie you might have thought that Forex Megadroid is one of many toy robots for kids, something that people who have no knowledge about Forex robots will usually think about. But Forex Megadroid is far from being a toy robot; it is one of the many EA software that’s currently taking the market by storm. Released in the late 2009, this software easily rises to top most favourites by Forex experts and guru all over the world.

    Like any other Forex robot for dummies, Forex Megadroid uses advanced forecasting strategies to predict market movements, its sophisticated mathematical ability enables the robot to read economic variables and precisely calculate the best time to enter the trade. The software monitors the market 24/7 so user can take his rest or do other things while his investment is properly taken care of.

    This expert adviser uses a conservative trading technique and only trades currency in one pair, the USD/EUR currencies. While expert traders think that they are missing the chance of trading more currencies using Megadroid, trading using only one currency pair is quite useful for beginners especially if they want to minimize the risk involve in the trade.

    The Forex Megadroid offers comprehensive tutorial guide in video and pdf formats, this downloadable lesson will teach everything you need to know about Forex robot for dummies and how you can tweak the software when needed. If you have doubts about Forex Megadroid and you want to see it in action before deciding whether or not you will buy it, you can opt to try it first, the robot’s developer offers a risk-free trial for people who want to experience the robot’s actual performance before the actual purchase. Grabbing the trial version of this Forex robot also gives you the chance to see if the program satisfies your expectations.

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    If you’re a novice in Forex trading you may have already consider getting your own Forex robot, well why not? Forex robot could help you ease your burden, it’s dedicated and well equipped to enter the trade for you and eventually make you a lot of money without you needing to analyze and stress yourself about complicated trading patterns and market movements. Needless to say Forex robot could be your handy-dandy tool dedicated to help you every step of the way.

    Unfortunately Forex robot comes in an expensive package, as wonderful as it can be it comes in a very hefty price which made people sometimes think twice about purchasing it. It’s a good thing that nowadays developers offer free Forex robot for people who want to try the product first.

    Free Forex robot is the same as the paid one; it just serves as the trial version to help users familiarize themselves to the software and eventually test its effectiveness. Although some developers charge you with a small fee that serves as a membership before you can try their robot, most of them offers free Forex robot with no string attached. Once the trial period ends you can opt to purchase the full version or completely refuse the offer.

    The best thing about free Forex robot is the fact that you can try several software before deciding which of them works best for you. With free trial you can simultaneously try different software, observe, and compare the result with one another. Unlike when you purchase a robot without free trial, you can’t easily back out in case it fails to satisfy you.

    Sadly with robots popularity and usefulness in Forex trading some people take advantage of the situation by creating their own robot, labeling it as one of the best, and offering it for free for a long period then charge a fee afterwards. There’s no problem with this system aside from the fact that inexperienced trader actually believe their claim, test their free Forex robot, and eventually get unfavourable results because the software was not created by expert group of professionals. To avoid this you should remember that even if they were offered free you still have to choose the best one to get the good result.

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    Getting the good Forex robot software is one way of ensuring your position in the Forex market, although the human mind works great nothing can beat the mathematical and objective analysis that a robot can do for your investment. With a lot of choice however it’s really confusing to pick the robot that could work best in maximizing your profit especially if each of them claims to be superior from the other.

    Robot selection is a really confusing task so in order to save yourself from headache in the future; you might want to consider some of these tips before buying your own autopilot software.

    The first thing you should consider is not to be fooled by pricey software, remember that the best Forex robot software does not necessarily need to be very expensive. If you want to be sure that you’ve got the best robot you should check the credibility of the developer and see for yourself how this robot works real time. Although good developer usually charge more than others, sometimes even if you purchase from the top developer if the robot does not meet your expectation it will still lead you to frustration.

    To save yourself from being ripped off it is advisable to test the robot first by getting a free trial, that way you can experience how the robot works real time and decide if it suits your trading style before buying it. With hundreds of Forex robot software in the market, most of the sellers allow free trial so it won’t be hard to choose one or two to try.

    Of course you should look for a Forex robot software that offers full money back guarantee if your wishes were not satisfied, that way you can be sure that the money you spent will be returned with no questions asked once you decide that the software is not what you wanted. Offering refund is also another way of ensuring that you’re dealing with a genuine seller dedicated to provide quality software.

    The next thing that you have to consider is the security protocol applied to the robot, Forex trading involves large sum of money so you should be confident with your chosen robot to safeguard your investment 24/7. Your robot should be able to combat spyware and hackers from stealing financial and personal information out of your system. You should be able to trust that your robot works for you alone even if you’re not on guard.

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    With the boom of the Forex industry a lot of people started to realize the possibilities of making huge money by trading currencies. More and more people with the hope of earning big invest in Forex trading even if they have no prior knowledge about the business, they purchase a Forex robot and rely on the software to do all the trading decisions for them. This strategy is actually good, however the newbie should understand that the success of his trading life does not solely depend on the robot it should be a combination of correct attitude, proper trading knowledge and good autopilot software to be able to stay long in the business.

    Qualities of a Good Forex Robot

    Every Forex robot newbie should find the following qualities before thinking of purchasing the software.

    Good developer’s reputation: A good Forex robot comes from a credible source so make sure you’ve done a thorough research about the seller’s reputation before getting the robot.

    Dedicated customer support: Every Forex robot newbie must realize the importance of having a good after sales support to help them in case a problem happens. The software developer must provide a dedicated email or phone support to handle complaints and questions 24 hours a day.

    The software should come with a tutorial: a tutorial either in PDF or in video form should be provided to the customer the moment they purchase the Forex robot. This tutorial also serves as your guide from installation to customizing the robot at a later time.

    Despite the following qualities of a good software system every Forex robot newbie should be aware that the currency market involves a great deal of loses day by day. Even if you have a good autopilot software the possibility of winning would not always be a hundred percent especially if you don’t have the slightest clue on how the trading works. No software will give you the perfect deal so don’t believe the claim of self proclaimed gurus about their software having a sure success in Forex trading.

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    If you’re thinking of buying a Forex robot to help you enter Forex trading and earn tremendous profit you should realize that simply buying the most expensive does not guarantee sure results. Sure all Forex robot for dummies works on its own to automate trading on your behalf but you should understand that not all EA works the same.

    If you want positive result you have to make sure that your chosen robot can deliver what is expected. It should be well tested and backed by a full money guarantee in case it fails to satisfy your demands. The developer should also provide you full support including a detailed installation guide and other necessary instructions. Whether it’s a video, audio or written manual it doesn’t matter as long as it contains everything about Forex robot for dummies.

    Make sure you’ve done your research before buying the software. Check reviews and recommendations from Forex experts and satisfied clients, a good robot software will have a lot of it to support their claims.

    Even if you have an already good robot that works according to your will it’s still important that you learn how to trade yourself without relying on the software. The knowledge that you will acquire using a Forex trading course will come in handy especially if you want to take more aggressive positions.

    A good trading course should teach you how to actually trade currencies; it should not focus on the basic terminologies on Forex trading which you can learn for yourself without paying. Everything about Forex robot for dummies should be covered by the course including what to expect and other things like how to enter the trade yourself and take position and how to exit swiftly to avoid losses. The course should also teach you how to read and interpret market data, although it takes a lot of time learning how to accurately read market indicators and predict currency movements in the future it would take less time if you know what to look for.

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    Foreign currency trading is not as easy as 123 or as the other people think. It takes a lot of time and effort to learn the basics alone. Foreign currency trading basics have various areas that every foreign currency trading wannabes should know, learn and live with. One of the most important things a forex trader should learn to is the discipline. No matter how well he or she knows the strategies, and no matter how effective his or her trading system is.

    The first thing that a FOREX trader should learn is the process of understanding currency exchange basics. First, they must know what Foreign Currency Trading is and what are being traded in this kind of trading market. It is important to know the basics of FOREX before jumping up into trading.

    The most basic knowledge a FOREX trader should learn is to know what is FOREX. What is FOREX by the way? Foreign Exchange market or FOREX is the largest market in the world with a volume of over $4 trillion a day. Others call it as Retail Forex, or FX, or Spot FX, or just simply SPOT.

    After knowing what is FOREX or Foreign Exchange, it is now time for him or her to know what is FOREX trading and what is being traded? In the FOREX trading world, we are talking about money here. This is what is traded in FOREX. FOREX trading is the process wherein one currency is bought while selling the other partner currency. This process can be done through a FROEX broker. If you wonder why when you buy one currency, one currency should be sold, it is an automatic rendition when trading in FOREX. Currencies are always traded in pairs. One Sample of a currency pair is a EU or EUR/USD which means the Euro dollar paired with the US dollars. Another sample pair is the GJ or GBP/JPY or the British pound and the Japanese Yen. Always remember that a currency\'s abbreviations are always according to their country\'s initials first followed by the currency\'s initials.

    Understanding the FX trading basics is not hard at all especially if one has the interest of learning it. Trading with FOREX does not need any college degree to be successful. All you need is enough knowledge about the subject matter and you must have the plenty amount of patience and perseverance in order to win.

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    If you want to get the best Forex robot download you should take time going through extensive product reviews given by satisfied and frustrated customers of the software. A lot of reviews can be found on the web, these will help you in deciding which to download and which to avoid. Keep in mind though that reviews are only one of the several deciding factors in getting the most excellent Forex robot download, in the end your decision should rely on your good judgment not on those reviews.

    Forex robot download takes only minutes, depending on your internet connection the most you will take to download and install the software would be 20 minutes. There are also more advanced option if you want faster downloads. However, you must check the robot’s system requirements and make sure that your computer’s hardware can accommodate the installation before beginning the download process. Once the download and installation is done you can immediately test the software and see how it works real time.

    To be able to get the best benefit out of your recent Forex robot download you should have at least the most basic knowledge on how it operates. You cannot expect the robot to be installed and work on its own all the time, although a Forex robot generally works on autopilot it still need human intervention once in a while especially when there’s a sudden shift in the economic environment. Since the robot’s decision depends on the pre-programmed knowledge you sometimes have to tweak its program to get the most out of it.

    Forex robot works for your advantage but only when used intelligently, if you want to succeed in Forex trading you should not let all the decisions be done by your robot. The currency market behaves erratically, it shifts in respond to the smallest shift in the economy so it’s important that you learn the proper technique, that when mixed with a good Forex robot will surely set you into success.

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    Did you know that most new forex traders have no technique how to place a perfect stop-loss point for their trades? Actually, many of these traders don’t worry with stop-loss point at all and if you are one of these forex traders, I am going to tell you that might as well be offering your money to your brokerage company.

    So what is a stop-loss point?

    A stop-loss point is just a point in which you are willing to stop your trade and decrease your losses. Generally, it is the stage where the trader will think that the market is expected to continue going in the opposite way that they were forecasting. For a moment, in the event that the dealer is scalping trades, it is extremely little.

    How to decide where to locate the stop-loss point for your forex trade?

    Most new forex traders will accidentally decide a stop-loss where they realize that they cannot defeat anymore. This is exactly a bad idea and I am going to describe why the more professional traders job out a system where the stop-loss points are definite and defined. Just randomly placing a stop loss point is not a best forex technique.

    Here is a small list to support you plan your stop loss technique effectively

    They have an obvious knowledge of Pivot Points – Pivot points are generally an average guess of where the forex buy and sell place may be in the next day stand on last outcomes. It is no luck that tends of market to track trends or tendencies. While Pivot points are not called as “slam dunks”, they are excellent indicator to track and can be used to decide a right stop-loss technique.

    They know help and struggle points – Best rule is that follow simple trends, and are betting the market will go up, then deciding a stop-loss point below the stage of help would be a best bet.

    They decide their stop-loss points at a point that is well below a likely retracement – if you have ever deal with forex, I can just visualize the frustration you will feel when your stop loss get activated and then begins to climb back into the way that you actually though it was going to go. Some persons claim that this is manipulated by those larger corporations who have more at stake and can exactly move the market. I am not getting into this type of conspiracy theory but I will say that it is peculiar that it occurs so often.

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    In easy words, forex traders as a full can be categorized into two separate group, long term traders and short term traders. When selecting the style of trading that top fits you, knowing the difference between the 2 is advantageous. Knowing the right aspects and conversely the harmful to a trading style is extremely vital as well.

    To begin we examine the positive aspect of little term trading. The initial and most evident draw to short term ideas is the quick passed action. Scalping or day trading the forex market can be an extremely exciting career once you become profitable. The allure of quick fast money is something that draws most fresh comers to the market, and thus to some type of forex scalping idea. Now that allure of fast money is not only a dream but actually once you are skillful at scalping, becomes a reality.

    Now let’s look at some negatives. Most important is the top stress situation of trading little term. Generally, most traders fresh to the forex market think they can fly in head first. Without a right forex trading education most fresh short term traders will down to realize how to manage the forces involved with day trading. The quick passed price action of scalping is something that can just be conquered with big amounts of time behind the display, or what is most perfect, watching a scalper that is already gainful trade live.

    Long term forex trading is more of the purchase and hold type idea. Unlike little term trading, Location traders look to capitalize on the full direction of the forex market and could care less about individuals says unpredictability. More often than not locations are located based on principal direction of currency, unlike little term traders where technical analysis generally takes the spotlight. Long term traders also called as location traders may only place one or two traders a year.

    A few disadvantages to long term trading are first and foremost the deficiency of action. If you are an energetic investor, waiting months for a forex trade to grow is definitely not an option. Further to that trades, once entered, are in the market all time. Globe events and other unexpected situations can effect that location at all times, right stops losses are compulsory. Location trading in the forex market also opens you up to something known as swap. When you purchase a currency pair you are selling the next currency in the pair. If the primacy countries currency does not have a superior interest rate you will be charged interest, otherwise called as swap.

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    As in any other market, futures contracts deal with a spread. The spread is the difference between the price at which you may sell and price at which you may buy. The buy price is forever senior than the sell price at any given moment. This means that if you purchase a futures contract then quickly sell it, you will bank a defeat equal to the spread.

    Guess that at this moment the bid size is 250, which means that there are buyers prepared to purchase a total 250 contracts at the price of 1,985. Further, upon examining the figure of sellers, we judge that the ask size was 19, meaning there are sellers prepared to sell a full of 19 at the price of 1,990. The spread is the difference between these 2 prices. In this case the spread is only one lowest price tick or increment and this is generally the case for any liquid future contract. If you were looking at price quotes for currency or stock, anyway, then there would almost forever be a broad spread, with a larger number of prices between the lowest ask and the highest bid.

    For over-the-counter derivatives Markets such as Contracts for Difference or Forex the person you purchase or sell is forever your broker, and by decreasing the price at which they will purchase from you or increasing the price at which they will sell to you, they are capable to manage the spread. For such money instruments, the spread can be broadened at the broker’s discretion. In this way the broker is capable to profit from the spread.

    Futures Markets are fully different. The counter-party to your deal is not your broker, but another trader. All that your future exchange and future broker do is to match your order with that of another trade only like yourself. There is no motivation for the broker to extend spreads in the futures forex Markets.

    This means that spreads in futures are extremely narrow matched to most other kind of tools such as Forex. Typically, they are as narrow as it is easy for them to be: just a one price tick or increment. Hard spreads means that your costs to exit or enter a position in futures are decreased, potentially making it simple to revenue from trading in these Markets. A future broker makes their finance not via the spread but via a commission, which is a flat fee per trade.

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    The foreign exchange sell place is one of the strongest Markets in the globe. It is full time market that is functional for 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Before joining the globe of Forex and becoming a forex trader, it is vital that you find out all there is to understand about trading currency pairs.

    Trading currency pairs is extremely famous in the Forex marketplace. Forex trading entails the real-time buying of one currency and selling of another. A pair of currency is considered a tool that is sold or bought.

    By purchasing a currency pair, this means you are purchasing the “base” currency and selling the “quote” currency. The “base” currency shows the primary currency stated in the currency pair while the “quote” currency shows the second currency. On the other hand, when you sell the pair of currency, this represents you are selling the “base” currency and getting the “quote” currency.

    Every pair currency has an exchange rate with “ask” and “bid” price. The “bid price is the rate that the broker will pay for the pair currency while the “ask” price is the rate that the broker will sell the pair currency. It is important that all traders learn which currency pairs are traded most generally. Most famous Forex currencies are known as “Majors” They include:

    • British Pound (GBP)
    • Yen (JPY)
    • US Dollar (USD)
    • Euro (EUR)

    Every currency has its special nickname and symbol. These nicknames and symbols support traders know actually which currency they are trading it comes to ask/bid quote. Below is a table that shows the currency, symbol and nickname for a few famous currencies.

    • Currency Nickname Symbol Country
    • Franc Swissy CHF Swizerland
    • Canadian Dollar Loonie CAD Canada
    • Australia Dollar Aussie AUD Australia

    Big Forex pairs favor to big currencies that are linked with the United States Dollars. For example, if the Great British Pound is paired with the United States Dollar, the quote mechanically becomes a big pair. This therefore clarifies that United States Dollar is indeed the most reliable, stable and therefore famous currency in the globe. For an extremely long time, the USD has been the most famous currency to trade and most currencies are paired with the USD for this factor. One of the most famous pairs to trade is the Euro and US dollar. It is most liquid currency pair and it provides very low ask-bid spreads. The pair is also rather volatile, which is a further benefit for traders as it gives them an opportunity to capitalize and earn money from any quick change.

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    Right now, something new and exciting has hit the market. You may or may not have heard of something called Binary Options Robots, but if you have ever tried trading in any way, then you would understand how complicated trading could be. You would have to pay attention to every shift in the market, and you would have to be up to date with the current happenings all around the world. Your analysis needs to be careful and spot on, and it seems like you are obliged to be able to predict every happening in the market and react accordingly. If you fail to react in time, you are in for a great loss. It all seems very complicated, and it does not seem like something that one human should be able to handle.

    Perhaps this is the reason why many people prefer to deposit their money instead of trading it, because although the profit you could gain from trading money is much higher than you would be able to if you deposit your money, trading requires you to be willing to sacrifice plenty of time and effort—as well as a headache—in order to be able to work.

    Because of that, the ever-changing technology and every-growing scientific world have come up with something extraordinary that is designed to help you with the matter of trading, and that something is called a Binary Options Robots. This is an auto trading software that is designed to be able to do complicated analysis and forecasting, and once it has reached a conclusion, the Binary Options Robots would immediately take action and trade your money for you in order to earn you the biggest amount of profit. Of course, nothing can predict the workings of the market one hundred percent, and because of that, many previous versions of the auto trading software have been scrapped and updated in order to create a more appropriate and accurate version, and Binary Options Robots is the latest and the best one. Binary Options Robots has the capability of predicting the flow of the market much more accurately than any human could because the robot has the capacity to analyze the historic data of the market over a very long period of time.

    The Best Features of Binary Options Robots

    Binary Options Robots is an auto trading software with many benefits, and amongst them, several of the best features of the Binary Options Robots according to the users would be:

    Multiple Brokers

    Of course, you would want to work only with the best brokers in order to bring out the full potential of your money, and not all brokers are willing to work with automated trade software, and this is one of the reasons why the previous versions of Binary Options Robots have failed to become the norm. But the creators have taken that into account and crafted a collaboration with many brokers. Their input is analyzed and appreciated, and in the creation of Binary Options Robots, the opinion of the major and famous brokers are taken into account. A result is a software that is accepted by many major brokers, and this is a huge advantage that would allow you to work with just about any broker you have in mind. This would also put your worries to rest because if Binary Options Robots has been approved by even the most seasoned brokers, then it is indisputable proof that the software is capable of working as it should.

    Customized Asset

    You are capable of selecting which assets you wish to trade with for a certain period of time using Binary Options Robots. Of course, a savvy trader would have a portfolio that encompasses many types of assets, and although you can technically entrust all your assets to the Binary Options Robots’ judgment, it does not mean that you have to do so. If you have several important assets that you wish to keep first and not sell just yet, then you can tell the Binary Options Robots to do just that. This level of customization is something that no other versions have been able to achieve.

    Customized Trade Size

    If you are uncomfortable about trading too big in one day, then you can always tell the Binary Options Robots about the maximum limit that it should trade with. This would allow you to take control of the situation, and you would be able to trade your money within your comfort zone. You can technically surrender everything to the Binary Options Robots’ good judgment, but there is a limit to how much a human mind and heart can take in one period, and that is that.

    Losses Limiter

    It does not matter how good and experienced a trader you are. There comes a time when you would experience losses. But a savvy trader knows how to experience losses today in order to win handsomely another day, but there should be a limit to how many losses you are willing to suffer for a period of time. You can limit the amount of losses that the Binary Options Robots is allowed to make in a period of time in order to make sure that the trading would not get out of control. The Binary Options Robots is designed to be able to take calculated risks, but if it feels like it is getting out of hand to you, you can put it off.

    Trade Number Limiter

    This is another feature that allows you to customize the way Binary Options Robots works. By limiting the number of trades allowed per day, the Binary Options Robots would prioritize and make the most important trades first.

    Various Forex Pairs

    You can select which Forex pair you would want to trade with using Binary Options Robots, and there are more than twenty-five choices.

    All in all, the Binary Options Robots is an excellent and dependable software that is designed to help traders all around the world make better and more informed decisions. You would be able to earn more profit with less headache using Binary Options Robots.

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    There are many currency pair trading via binary options, and it is important for a trader to be able to tell which ones are going to be profitable and which ones are not. A trader faces many choices throughout his or her career. First, there is the option of which type of investment they would like to trade with. At first a trader would have a certain amount of money, and it would not do to let that money just sit around gathering dust, so there is the option of using the money in order to make it multiply. There are several ways to do this. You can purchase gold as an investment, deposit the money, start a business using that money, purchase bonds, and lastly, you can also purchase Forex using that money. Among the many options, Forex is the one that needs the keenest analysis, because there are so many currency pairs to choose from. Each Forex trading currency pair would have a different trend and a different way of handling it, so it is important for you to figure out which pair of choice you would like to trade in before you actually jump into the fray. You can, technically, trade in all of the Forex trading currency pair options if you have enough money, but the most realistic option would be to choose one of two pairs that would bring you the biggest amount of profit possible.

    Basically, there are endless possibilities for Forex trading currency pairs, but only several are really important for you to know about because they are the most important currencies and most-traded. They are your best bet if you have a limited amount of capital.

    Beginner traders would usually use the currency that they are already familiar with or have at hand. For example, if the trader lives in Singapore and is paid using Singapore Dollars, then the trader would most likely only trade using Singapore Dollars. But if that is the only Forex trading currency pair that you are considering, then you would be seriously missing out. There are endless possibilities and endless ways to make a profit from Forex trading currency pair, and you need to be able to make a keen analysis based on the most popular pairs in order to make the biggest amount of profit possible. Your money would multiply before you know it, and there would be no need for you to work for your money anymore because your money would work for you.

    Most Popular Forex Trading Currency Pair

    Several of the most popular Forex trading currency pair that you would have to know about so that you would be able to consider all your options and make an informed decision would include:


    The world’s superpowers’ currencies would most definitely take the spotlight, and that is true in this case. USD is the currency of the United States of America, and this is the basis for all currency trades nowadays. Many say that there would never be a dark day for USD, and although the rate for USD can still go down at times, it would get back up as soon as the market stabilized. USD has been holding top position for quite some time now, and it does not seem like it is going to relent any time soon. On the other hand, the currency that is used simultaneously by many countries would be the EUR, and it is the currency that is capable of putting up a good fight to the USD.

    These two currencies are amongst the most stable currencies available, and even though the rest of the world should fall into economic ruin, the USD and EUR are said to be the last currencies standing. Because of that, this Forex trading currency pair is perfect for those who are risk averse or those who are just learning about how to trade. This Forex trading currency pair would lend you security, and although the changes are often slow, this Forex trading currency pair could potentially earn you quite a lot of money. EUR/USD is the most popular currency pair to trade with currently, and there is a perfectly good reason for that.


    The USD and JPY are another two of the most popular currencies to trade with. The relationship between this Forex trading currency pair has always been rather predictable because the Japanese government is always running interventions in order to make their own currency worth more. Because of that, although there would be down times at times, you can expect stability from this Forex trading currency pair. Also, because JPY is so cheap, you would be able to purchase a hell of a lot of them. Once the value rises—even if it rises just a little bit—you would be able to gain a lot of profit by using the sheer strength of quantity. Many savvy traders prefer to use this Forex trading currency pair, and there is a reason for that too.


    It is said that the relationship between USD and CHF is also rather predictable, in that you only have to watch the ebb and flow of EUR/USD in order to be able to tell where the USD/CHF would go, which is always in the opposite direction of EUR/USD. Thus, if you are contemplating about trading USD and CHF, you would have two bases of analysis, and that would be the trend of USD/CHF itself as well as the trend of EUR/USD.


    This is another Forex trading currency pair that is said to be able to give the investors a whole lot of profit due to interference from the government. The United Kingdom is always ready to drive this pair further, and you would be able to gain stability as well as more money from that fact.

    Although you can trade with any currency pair you want, if you are a beginner who is just learning the ropes, your best bet would be to trade using stable and popular currencies, because if you are not careful with the less stable ones, you could end up losing a lot.

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    Prior to the year 2013, the binary options brokers were able to run wild and manage their business the way they want to without having to be held responsible to anything. Anyone can become a binary options brokers, as there was no firm licensing and regulation process that they would have to pass through before they could become a valid binary options brokers. They were able to attract customers and make dealings freely, and this time was quite chaotic because customers would have to figure out if the binary options brokers they are dealing with is the real deal or not themselves.

    There are many amateur binary options brokers that mingle with the professionals, and it could be quite hard at times to tell the difference between the two. As a result, many customers who think they can earn more money with the capital they have by way of entrusting their asset to the binary options brokers end up going bankrupt instead because the binary options brokers they left their asset to did not really know what they were doing. Fortunately, in the year 2013, one of the most prominent organizations in the area of brokers and trading put a foot down and declared that all binary options brokers need to get a CIF License before they would be allowed to have their business up and running. That organization was the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).

    CySEC has now become a massive department whose duty is to keep an eye on the binary options brokers to make sure that they are qualified for the job and would be able to trade fairly and equally. CySEC’s base of operation is in Cyprus, so it means that only the binary options brokers who operate under CySEC’s jurisdiction would have to actually follow the rules, but many other organizations have adopted this way of operating, and now most of the binary options brokers all over the world cannot operate without at least having a license beforehand. In the United States, for example, the organization that is responsible for keeping an eye on the brokers would be the CFTC.

    It does not necessarily mean that if you choose only binary options brokers that have been approved by CySEC that you would be able to deal without risks. Risks would always exist, and it is simply not possible to trade without risks. No risks, no gain. However, it does mean that the brokers under the jurisdiction of CySEC that you have entrusted your asset to have passed the qualification required to get an official license as a binary options brokers, and would be able to do their job appropriately. Losses would inevitably occur, but the type of losses that can be prevented would be prevented if you only deal with licensed binary options brokers. Also, one of CySEC’s main goals is to prevent scams and frauds among binary options brokers. If no one was there to regulate, then the binary options brokers would be able to trick innocent people to their heart’s content. It is CySEC’s responsibility to maintain and monitor all the binary options brokers under its jurisdiction to make sure that none has crossed over to the dark side. The initial pruning is meant to weed out unfit binary options brokers that deal with ill intent in mind.

    How the Licensing and Regulation of Binary Options Brokers Work

    Although CySEC is based in Cyprus, its area of jurisdiction is actually much larger than that. Because CySEC is a member of the MiFID provisions, CySEC actually has control over all the binary options brokers operating under the flag of European Union. This is very effective in making sure that all binary options brokers under the flag of European Union would follow only one licensing and regulation organization in order to make sure that no future confusion would occur. The binary options brokers would know exactly who to look for if they are trying to obtain a CIF License so that they can get down to business.

    Also, all the binary options brokers operating outside of the jurisdiction of CySEC need to collaborate with the organization if they wish to do business with binary options brokers under the jurisdiction to CySEC. CySEC promotes a good and sound trading environment that would provide protection for the customers, and in order to be able to do that, CySEC would not allow the binary options brokers under its jurisdiction to make dealings with shady outside operatives. The binary options brokers under CySEC’s jurisdiction are also not allowed to make dealings with the binary options brokers operating in the United States unless that have made prior arrangements and collaborations with the SEC or CFTC regulations that rule over the dependability of binary options brokers in the United States of America.

    Therefore, it can be surmised that CySEC is a major organization that works tirelessly in order to make sure that all binary options brokers are able to deal cleanly and without any hidden intents. This would ensure that only the market has the capability of influencing the flow of the trade, and there would not be any unsavory interference by human hand. Also, even though CySEC does not spread its wings to the rest of the world, CySEC managed to take into account that most binary options brokers would probably have dealings with binary options brokers from other countries, and so CySEC has made the necessary adjustments in order to manage that. In order to protect the trading from all kinds of potential frauds and scams, CySEC has made sure that all the binary options brokers that wish to make dealings in its jurisdiction have checked out and are accounted for.

    There are many binary options brokers that have been approved by CySEC, and they are allowed to make trading for customers. You need to be aware and pay attention to the license of any binary options brokers you are contemplating, because although CySEC is very strict indeed, there are always those who manage to slip through the net. Do not deal with binary options brokers without the proper licensing.

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    The deposit methods for binary options brokers is one of the most important things that you need to pay attention to before you choose any certain broker because it would play a great part in your future business. If you have selected a random broker without checking them out firsthand, you could end up with a binary options broker that does not accept the type of payment that you can give. Some brokers only accept certain kinds of deposit methods for binary options brokers, while other brokers—mostly major ones—are capable of dealing with just about any kind of payment method. It would be safer for you to choose the binary options broker that is capable of dealing with just about any kind of payment methods because time is of the essence when it comes to trading. Imagine what would happen if you see an investment that would win you a lot of money, but you cannot access it because you have not paid enough money to your binary options brokers.

    You would need to immediately send an extra deposit, but if the broker only accepts a deposit method for binary options brokers that would involve you having to jump through loops, it would take up precious time that you cannot afford to waste. Before you know it, the rate of the Forex currency pair has changed, and you would not be able to purchase what you want at the rate that you should be able to if you have managed to make your deposit sooner. Because of that, you would want to only deal with a broker that accepts easy and convenient method of payment.

    In reality, it is said that paying your binary options brokers should be a very easy matter because there are more than one hundred methods of payment available, but most binary options brokers only accept a limited number of deposit methods, and the payment methods they prefer could differ one from another. One of the things that you use to pay for a lot of your online dealings would undoubtedly be PayPal. You may think that PayPal is something that can be used to pay for just about anything, including deposits for binary options brokers, but that is sadly incorrect because most binary options brokers are extremely picky and do not accept PayPal as a valid method of payment. So what is the best method of payment that would be accepted by most if not all binary options brokers?

    The Best Deposit Methods for Binary Options

    Several best methods of payment that is would be accepted by most if not all binary options brokers would include:

    Bank Wire Transfer

    The binary options brokers more often than not would treasure straightforwardness amongst all others, so it would benefit you if you stick to the traditional way of paying, and that is by using bank wire transfer. Most binary options brokers have trouble dealing with the many methods of payments which are available because there are simply too many options. Imagine having to arrange payments using more than one hundred different types of payment methods that have sprung up as a result of the development of information technology. PayPal may seem like such a convenient way of paying, but because it is rather new, many binary options brokers think that it is rather undependable, and they doubt the security and privacy that PayPal is able to provide.

    Because binary options brokers deal with a huge amount of money every day, it could be troublesome if the channel they use to wire payments is not safe and secure. Because of that, most of them prefer the straightforward use of bank wire transfer that would not ask too many questions about the personal information of those who are involved in the transaction. On the other hand, it is not like bank wire transfer has no downside. This way of paying takes a much longer time to process than any other method, so you may want to have some time margin or you may also want to hedge your funds firsthand.

    Credit Cards

    Nowadays, no one can live without owning a credit card. This handy thing is something that can be used for just about anything. Even if you are traveling abroad, you would be able to utilize the credit card you have to pay your way through anything. Credit cards are one of the most secure and private ways to pay, and that is indeed what the binary options brokers seek. Most binary options brokers would happily accept payments by credit cards, and this is one of the fastest ways to ensure that your transaction is able to process smoothly. Unfortunately, there is also a downside to using credit cards to pay for the deposit for binary options brokers, and that is due to the different types of credit cards available.

    You need to make sure that your credit card is something that is issued by a bank that is acknowledged by the international world. Or else, your credit card would not be able to pay for anything. Also, there is one other weakness to paying the binary options brokers using credit cards. If you can usually withdraw the amount you have deposited if you pay using any other type of payment methods, this is an option that would be taken from you if you use credit cards, because the bank would essentially be paying for you, so that cannot be considered as your own money.


    One of the best eWallets services that are mostly acknowledged by binary options brokers as a valid payment method would be Skrill. Not even PayPal is an acknowledged payment method. There are many benefits to using eWallets, one of which being that the administration cost of paying would be much lower than any other method. The three payment methods listed above are the most common and important payment methods for binary options brokers that would be accepted by most brokers. Just make sure that your transaction is dealt with a trustworthy establishment, and you should be fine.

    deposit methods,credit card,ewallet,skrill,neteller,bank transfer,deposit,withdrawal
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    You may have heard of something called Turbo Binary Options. Basically, this is the turbo version of the usual binary options trading. It is a super-fast trading option because the result of your trading would be determined within the next fifteen seconds to five minutes. For example, you are capable of predicting that the EUR/USD currency rate would go up in the next fifteen seconds, so you would have to buy that currency right now, and hope that your prediction would become reality. If your prediction truly comes true, then you would be able to claim a huge amount of profit. On the other hand, if during the Turbo Binary Options period the rate goes down instead, then you would be losing out. Turbo Binary Options is something that is used often by professional traders because they are able to get instantaneous results.

    Although the increase in the currency rate might not be significant, a professional trader is capable of taking part in a Turbo Binary Options numerous times a day, and the profit could become very significant if you are able to predict the flow of the currency rate correctly each time. This instant result is one of the many reasons why professional traders who are feeling confident would opt for Turbo Binary Options instead of the usual binary options trading. With binary options trading, you would normally have to wait days if not weeks or months before your profit would become significant enough that you would consider selling your investment.

    That is if your investment does not go down in value instead. The waiting game is not something that all professional traders have the patience for, so many would prefer to use Turbo Binary Options. However, beginners are not advised to take part in Turbo Binary Options, because the trader needs to be able to predict the flow of the currency rate very accurately and in a timely manner. This is only possible for those who have been paying close attention to the ups and down of the currency market for a long period of time. One would develop a sense for it. Also, professional traders would normally make careful and detailed analysis before going in for the kill. If not, then it would be not much different than gambling.

    How Turbo Binary Options Works

    Basically, if you wish to participate in a Turbo Binary Options, you would have to gamble a bit by predicting what would happen to the market in the next few minutes. There would be no taking it back, so you would not have a second chance to call it off if you somehow decide that maybe Turbo Binary Options is not for you after all. There are those that feel like they have mastered the trick to figuring out Turbo Binary Options, and it could be really profitable if you could really do that because you would be able to make numerous strikes a day.

    There are several tips that you can follow in order to make your Turbo Binary Options a successful venture. Basically, many argue that over the fifteen seconds to five minutes time interval, your best bet would be the sixty seconds Turbo Binary Options, because this is the period during which the currency rate would change, but it would not normally change in a very volatile way. In fact, the sixty seconds Turbo Binary Options is often considered to be pretty predictable, and even if the currency rate should go down against your expectations, it would not go down so much that you would suffer a huge loss. Also, many professional traders claim that in order to be able to maximize the opportunity that a sixty seconds Turbo Binary Options could give you, you would want to purchase your currency set in an interval that is around ten to twenty seconds apart. You would want to purchase the currency three times, with the same amount every time. This would allow you to minimize risk, as even if during the first set you lose money, you could regain what you have lost during the second set. And the flow of the third set would usually follow the second set, so if in the second set you gain profit, you would gain more in the third set.

    Although this method has been proven to work, you should also depend on your analysis skill before making any major decision. Remember, the currency market is very unpredictable, so you would want to observe the trend for quite some time in order to get a feel for it. The volatility of the currency rate would determine the interval that you would use before purchasing the three sets. Even though it is said that the most optimum way is to purchase the same amount over a ten seconds interval, you could technically stretch that ten seconds depending on the volatility of the market. If the market is especially volatile, you would be better off purchasing at a twenty seconds or more interval, but you should never exceed the thirty seconds mark because the whole length of the Turbo Binary Options amounts to no more than five minutes, so if you exceed the thirty seconds, you would not have much time left for the currency to go up and down.

    This method of gaining profit from Turbo Binary Options is by no means foolproof, and you may have to adjust the method a bit depending on the conditions of the market. In the end, it would still depend upon your ability as a trader. You would have to have a keen eye that would be able to analyze the market trend and see the direction a particular currency pair is going. If you are not comfortable about doing a little bit of gambling, then Turbo Binary Options may not be for you, because no matter how good you are at analysis, there is always an unpredictable factor that could change the tides in an instant. You would have to face risks if you wish to claim a profit. The bigger the risk is, the more your profit is going to be.

    turbo binary options,turbo options,fast binary options,short term investing,60 second binary options
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    Binary options are an option approach to play the outside cash (forex) market for traders. In spite of the fact that they are a generally lavish approach to trade forex contrasted and the utilized spot forex exchanging offered by a developing number of handles, the way that the greatest potential misfortune is topped and known ahead of time is a noteworthy focal point of binary options.

    Binary Options

    Anyhow initially, what are binary options? They are options with a binary result, i.e., they either settle at a foreordained quality (by and large $100) or $0. This settlement quality relies on upon whether the cost of the benefit hidden the binary option is exchanging above or underneath the strike cost by termination.

    Binary options can be utilized to estimate on the results of different circumstances, for example, will the S&P 500 ascent over a certain level by tomorrow or one week from now, will the current week\'s jobless cases be higher than the business sector expects, or will the euro or yen decrease against the US dollar today?

    Purchasers and Sellers of Binary Options For the purchaser of a binary option, the expense of the option is the cost at which the option is exchanging. For the dealer of a binary option, the expense is the distinction somewhere around 100 and the option cost and 100. From the purchaser\'s point of view, the cost of a binary option can be viewed as the likelihood that the trade will be fruitful. Accordingly, the higher the binary option value, the more prominent the apparent likelihood of the advantage value climbing over the strike. From the vender\'s point of view, the likelihood is 100 less the option cost.

    Binary Options on Forex

    Binary options on forex are accessible from trades like Nadex, which offers them on the most famous matches and also on various other generally traded coin sets. These options are offered with closes extending from intraday to day by day and week by week. The tick estimate on spot forex pairs from Nadex is 1, and the tick quality is 1 dollar.

    In the excited universe of forex, how is the termination worth figured? For forex contracts, Nadex takes the midpoint costs of the last 25 trades in the forex business, disposes of the most noteworthy five and least five costs, and after that takes the number juggling normal of the staying 15 costs. From December 15, 2014, for forex contracts, Nadex has proposed to take the last 10 midpoint costs in the fundamental business sector, evacuate the most elevated three and least three costs, and take the number-crunching normal of the staying four costs. Binary options have a few downsides: the upside or aggregate prize is restricted regardless of the possibility that the benefit value spikes up, and a binary option is a subordinate item with a limited time to close. Then again, binary options have various favorable circumstances that make them particularly helpful in the unstable universe of forex: the danger is constrained (regardless of the possibility that the benefit costs spikes up), security needed is low, and they can be utilized even as a part of level Markets that are not unpredictable. These preferences make forex binary options deserving of thought for the accomplished trader who is looking to trade monetary standards.

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    An option is a contract which gives an individual the freedom but not the duty to buy or sell an underling set at a specified strike price on a specified date in finance. It this type of binary payoff can only take two possible results either some fixed monetary amount of same assets or nothing at all. There are two type of binary: cash-or-nothing binary and the asset nothing binary. The cash or nothing binary allows one to pay some fixed amount of money if the option expires while the assent or nothing binary pays one the value of the underlying security. When one buys the binary option the potential return it offers is certain and known before the purchases are made. It can also be brought on virtually, it can also be brought directly by the trader. The binary options are normally offered against the fixed expiry date. In the binary option the value of a digit option can be expressed as probability of the exceeding a certain value which is the cumulative distribution function. There is difficulty in market makers to hedge the binary options that are very close to strike price around the expiry time.

    1. Non exchange-trade binary options. For many years the binary options have been available over the counters, they were issued direct only by the buyers in person. They are always considered as exotic tool and there aren’t no liquid market for those issuing and during the time of expiration. They are often associated with complex contracts. Many trading option platform- the binary Option websites have been offering a simple version of trade exchange binary option. There are about 90 of these posts that are in operation for the last two years, they have offered over 200 assets which are underlying. Most of these posts offer a standardized platform short term binary option, they are easy to predict because one can estimate the profit or loss to be made. They can’t be liquidated before the expiry date, it can only happen if the platform allows liquidation to happen.

    2. Types of binary platforms One has the freedom to choose if he or she can trade binary option via online or through maximum flexibility of when you can place a trade in a mobile platform that are available today in the market. One has the freedom to trade from any part of the world and at any time. It has made work very easy for these binary option traders, one should seek to know how to use either platform

    3. How to place a binary option trade It is very simple to place a binary trade online, the steps are very simple. One must simplyunderstand the environment, he should understand how the platforms work and operate. It is very easy to know how they work, one can choose the best time to work. It is very good to work at night especially if you have connection problems. It is very easy to place a binary option platform, one should worry but simply follow the basic steps of doing that.

    4. Binary option accounts It is very simple to open a binary option account, there are some platform that offer demo free of charge accounts for its users. One should choose the top rate binary sites available in the market, it is very safe. Binary option sites have different features, one is advised to choose the one that suites him or her and open up an account. After opening a demo account for a short period of time, one should upgrade the account through paying a small fee. One is needed to renew memberships annually or monthly, it is good to go for annual renewal because it is cheaper.

    5. How to make money with binary option today. It is always very good to work online and make moneythat will supplement his or her income. It is always good to seek guide which is going to reveal how one will make a winning beginning. It is not very easy to trade online but if one follows all the guides’ well success is invertible. It is good to be patient and persistent, one should be ready to bear slow start but not to give up.

    6. Tips on how to trade via binary option If one wants to trade via binary options, there are many hints and tips he or she should observe keenly. One should visit online for this tips at various binary option. They are very helpful if one wants to make a lot of money online. It is very good to follow all the regulations, if one breaches them he or she risks making a loss. 7. Binary option trading signal. There are many signals and pointers that one need to check out for especially with respect to the value of any commodity. Change in currency value is another signal that one can check out for, it is t good to trade when the currency has gone down. The most important signal is the change in the value of any commodity, one should choose to sell when the commodity price raises.

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    Binary option refers to an option that is based on choice. In this option, a trader makes a decision for a yes or no. this decision is made after assessing price of the financial asset, that ends up in success or failure. It means that trader gets receives a full or nothing (null) in the form of acquired payoff.

    Binary options are useful if they are used with proper knowledge and understanding. That is why, it is easier to earn through binary options as earning by traditional options in trading.

    Though numerous aspects help us in understanding binary options well but, in some factors are essential than others. In the following section, a brief explanation with important points is being covered in order to provide complete understanding of binary options and how this phenomenon works.

    Cash settlement in Binary Options

    In binary options, also known as Digital options, cash is being settled in the form of European styled options. Though, apparently in case of settle lies in “out of the money” option, trader seems to receive nothing or null. However, this is not the actual case. An expiration date is being settled with certain “in the money” and “out of the money” amount of cash. When date is expired, trader will receive all if his settled option lies in “in the money”, otherwise, he will receive nothing. Nothing actually refers to some amount of cash that is given to the trader even when his settled option lies in “out of the money” at expiration date.

    Differences from Traditional Options

    Binary options are quite different from traditional options because of their nature. It is simple to work with binary or digital options and they are more worth. In binary options, trader is paid full even there is considerable difference between actual strike price and option that was settled.

    Though, understanding the basic phenomenon of binary options is not so hard but, yet it is vital to go through every single aspect and term that is related to these options in order to make a quick and right decision based on financial asset. Following are some most commonly found conditions and scenarios that must be implicit enough for every person who wants to employ binary or digital options in trading.

    Learn about how much Important Binary Options are

    A trader interested in using digital options have to learn about importance of these options and how useful they are as compare to the traditional options that have many limitations and restricted profit opportunities.

    Applying Digital Options in European Exchanges!

    At the same time, a trader has to understand which Markets are viable and most compelling for applying binary options within. For instance, using binary options in European exchanges is just most beneficial. For this purpose, trader has to trade in European exchange being a member of it or by investing in it. It means that digital options are more useful and advantageous to be applied in European exchanges as compare to Asian or other trading Markets/exchanges.

    Learning Outcome Options

    Binary options depend on how well you analyze and predict. It is imperative to analyze recent conditions in financial market to know which will happen in future. Analysis is actual factor that helps in making most precise and correct decision for predicting option between “in the money” and “out of the money”. These choices are known as Put and Call where prediction that reveals price decline is called as “Put”. On the other hand, prediction of price increase is said “Call”. Trader has to predict whether his predicted price will go up or down the actual strike price that influences results on “in the money” and “out of the money”. Better prediction you make, better results you receive in the form of “in the money” outcome.

    Make Precise Decision

    Trading with binary options depends on intelligence and experience. It is important on time and concentration a trade serves towards all above mentioned factors to get most of the desirable outcomes in the end.

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    Binary Options are also known as “Digital options”. It owns a certain importance in the forex market. Those, who know the terms and rules of using these options, are able to make a decent money is this way. Binary Options may offer much or nothing but, nothing is actually not null here. Before going to make use of this innovative money making approach, it is essential to understand how it works and what is the logic behind this.

    Binary options are quite simple, but a useful way as compare to traditional forex trading protocols that help building cash; if required level of sense and knowledge employed. This in fact, implies to the cash amount that is settled. The amount of cash that can be employed or exercised on a particular date or schedule is considered as Binary Options. Huge risk assessment needed in such kind of business activity as at the end, you (buyer or seller) will be gaining a predefined amount of cash (dollar) on options settled. Most of the time, you have to make a quick decision and, that is all based on your intelligence and prediction capabilities. Here are some most probable concepts and approaches that can help you for understanding Binary Options with no trouble.

    The basis of Digital (Binary) Options is predicting two values. Both values are related to price movement and are known as “Put and Call”. Both values are of significance as Put refers to “predict to cost decline” whereas, Call implies prediction for the probable cost increase. Here, you do not need to be aware of scale of prices movement rather, your prediction skills, play a crucial role to foretell most probable cost movement, whether it will be higher or lower than the actual cost (cost at the beginning). As mentioned above, prediction is power in Digital options. If you are a great predictor, you are always gaining much with deciding cash on the expiration date. Analyzing the recent market trends and conditions play a certain critical role to predict whether the price will increase or decrease.

    Learning to predict cost movement is what that improves your forecast to a great extent. Therefore, you must pay a completely devoted attention and give time to understand and learn what cost movement is, and how to guess the best to acquire best settled amount of cash at expiration date. Binary options or digital option is a decent and modern tactic than the rest. What makes you to make rapid and enormous money is your strategy. Because you have to pick up a choice that will resolve your profit or loss. There are some investments that seems massive. The reason behind this is that, it is the rate of profit that makes it bigger than it is. However, you can start with minimum amount as well. Still the buyer or seller can get a handsome amount of profit. The percentage of profit ranges from 60-500%. It totally depends on the strategy that you are going to apply. For this reason, high commissions are the basic and rudimentary for the brokers. That’s why they enter into this field every day in thousands.

    Brokers are the fundamental tools in making huge profits. Because, binary options are a venture in the financial circle. You have to make money by applying right procedure at the right time. Those, who does not consider brokers as the driving force of their business, are at the bottom of fiscal pyramids. And upon them a huge building of profit is standing. I did not know why they do not consider the necessity of financial brokers. As the brokers as highly profit making machine. Therefore, it is always advisable to select a good broker for your business.

    As I told you it is such kind of platform where you are going to make great amount or just waste your precious time. That’s why it is very easy to understand. The most important aspect of binary options is cash settled. In simple words, binary options just can only be worked out on the termination date. Let’s make it simpler. Binary options are not working in a traditional mood. It is the game of a single pip movement. And after doing that, you will gain or lose the money. When you gain some profit than it is called upside. But if you lose your money, you will go downside. Binary options are the game of risk. However, your strategy leads to your goal. Now let’s move towards the most important use of binary options. Binary options are known as “digital options” in the world of forex exchange marketing.

    Now I am going to take the most serious and rudimentary options of digital options. Actually, every moderator has to suppose the track of the move of assets. This is the choice given at the time of expiration. This is also familiar with the words “Put” and “Call” in the general terms of digital marketing. Some people might think about the scale of the movement. But this is not a traditional working form. You have to just expect the movement of the original asset. The option “Call” stands for the estimate of the rate of the price increment. While “Put” represents the other way round. It prophesies decrement in the price. You have to go for one option that will decide his/her decent revenue.

    In the light of above mentioned rule of binary options, you have to guess the future of an asset. You must be properly and skillfully be able to predict the rise or fall of price. For that purpose, you have to be fully equipped about the present-day condition of the market. Particularly, with all those aspects that surrounds your targeted asset. Make sharpen your eyesight that it cannot see when it is opened. However, there are unlimited ways to discover the reasons behind the expectation of an asset. If you do not toil yourself then it is not the mistake of binary options. But it is only you that will be responsible on the expiration date. Therefore, you have to make sure that whether you are in a position to guess properly or not. If you have confirmed first, then go for it.

    binary options, digital options
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