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The m ethod that made you rich.    google

good morning sir i like to know how this work i want you to administer me on it works and how you got where you are today, thanks.

  (95.133.182.*) wrote

Good broker

Don't often trade with the broker. Prefer to trade on forex, but when my instrument is in the flat - for a while switch to trading options. It's perfect for trading in the flat. Withdraws the money.

  (82.145.222.*) wrote

Binary Options    IQ options

Thanks for enlightening me with this great binary options

  (197.211.63.*) wrote

Currency differntiation    not yet registered

am from Nigeria. so please specify the amount on Nigeria currencies. or sent me the amount to start with on Nigeria currency

  (2001:0e68:442a:b83e:38a4:1048:fe) wrote

Binary is good but apart from bad brokers    no comment

I have trade in Binary option but its important that you have a good software then yes you can make money. constant profit. 60 sec trade not recommand the best is 30 min time frame Its important to have a good brokers

  (154.66.35.*) wrote

I am a novice and i don't have any idea about this. Can i get someone that can enlight me ? Please    I do not have any website and I do not trade anywh

Thank you for this privilege. May GOD continue to bless you and your family

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Money making opportunity

Good day I would like to know more about this opportunity please. Kind Regards Suretha Erasmus-Falgate

  (197.211.63.*) wrote

Teach Me How To Fish    24Option |

I funded my 24Option account for about 4 months now; yet i haven't started trading; Please guide me to succeed in the stock / binary options market. Thank you

  (2405:0205:2081:6835:6cf9:391d:68) wrote


hi , my name is apurv bhushan sharma and i am from india i need your help that how can make good amount of money. this is the only thing i want to know. plz guide me.

  (49.245.107.*) wrote


Hi, I would like to seek some guidance from you and your experiences that you been through in such stocks market and trading. I would like to get more helpful solid information in regards to this trend.

  (88.103.252.*) wrote


How does this actually work i have a regular bank account can i use it for deposits and withdrawals?

  (122.160.213.*) wrote

Re: account - Peter    Option Trade

Yes you can use your bank account via bank wire to make deposits and withdrawals.

  (185.15.111.*) wrote

I'm dumb

Hello, I'm not really sure how but somehow I ended up on your website while browsing the internet. I must point out that I don't have a desire to become a millionaire. I just want to be financially independent, I don't have the highest salary but it's still above the average. The thing that's killing me is my mortgage. An additional 500€ per month would help a lot. I would try out the thing you explain here to the others but after reading the entire article, I didn't understand it much. Would it be possible to explain for dummies? I'm employed but I have relatively enough free time for this.

  (37.48.51.*) wrote


So how about taxing the profits(obviously i mean big profits) when i get them on my bank account?

  (176.222.228.*) wrote

I don't understand it can you send me a video how it works.

  (92.61.85.*) wrote


Hello, I'm also a complete beginner in this stuff and I was wondering if there's anyone who would be willing to help me in the beginning.

  (188.75.144.*) wrote

Re: Question - MogulJon

As far as I know the lowest deposit is required at where the minimum is 100$ or about 80€.

  (193.179.141.*) wrote

Please    Nikde

I want to start doing what you do. I don't have any experience with htis. So I just wanted to ask if there is a website with a lower deposit? Thanks for the answer.

  (31.31.228.*) wrote

advice me

Anyone can advice on beginnings with

  (217.66.182.*) wrote

information    I dont trade yeta

Hello, can you please tell me one thing, i want to try it out on a dry run in a demo version?can i deposit a lower amount 100euros,100dollars,i dont have any experience whatsoever, so im looking for more information,how to tax the winnings.when i register is there a walkthrough available?

  (83.240.12.*) wrote

hlp me    options.traderush

Hi everyone, do you have experience with some local (not english) web that offers investing?

  (86.61.239.*) wrote


I really appreciate this website, thanks a lot for this guide! Do you also consider creating a video walkthrough? Thank you for the info.

  (93.153.20.*) wrote


how can i start and how much should i deposit to the account to trade someone wroote 250 eur but i dont have that much can i use less? thanks

  (80.188.122.*) wrote

začátečník    not yet but want to try

I just need to know what is the minimum amount so I can start.I'm retired and I'm trying to make some money on the internet but it doesn't seem to work well so far.Thanks Eva

  (93.91.149.*) wrote


Thanks a lot for the walkthrough, it's very helpful. Do you have to tax the winnings? And what's the minimum amount to trade with? I don't have much money at the moment so I'd like to know the minimum that you have to deposit.

  (93.174.180.*) wrote

Help in the beginning    None

Could someone please help me in the beginnings and show mw how to do it? I'm on Skype and on Facebook. Where can I deposit the lowest amount possible, and what should I do then? How should I divide the deposit? I have never tried anything similar before.Thanks.

  (82.100.7.*) wrote    nowhere yet

Hello everyone.Does anyone have experience with the platform.I also consider trading with options.Thanks

  (88.102.143.*) wrote


During the registration I see many trading websites, is it enough to register on one of them or is a registration in multiple places better? I quite understand the trading part of it but I don't know if it matters where I actually register. Or can I register anywhere? And what's the best thing to start trading with, stock, currencies etc. and which specific?

  (94.199.199.*) wrote

Taxation    Stockpair

I'm a complete beginner and I have a question. I want to withdraw the money I won. Should it be somehow taxed?

  (89.173.212.*) wrote

start    nowhere yet

i'm afraid to start tradint please help me someone

  (195.113.242.*) wrote

Re: start - laco    24Option

I was also quite scared in the beginning and I didn't know what and how to do it... First I registered on Stockpair which is a bit more complicated for beginners and only in English. Then I registered on 24Option where it's extremely easy and they also have phone and email support in many languages so they've helped me with everything and explained the principles.

  (84.242.87.*) wrote

where to invest the profits    Opteck

i was wondering where do you invest the money you made ;-) i made 3500€ in the first month if i remember correctly. So i went on a vacation with my girlfriend, a cruise in the mediterranean. :-) so that was nice but now I realize when I make relatively enough money, I don't know what to do with it. until recently i never had anything left from my salary at the end of the month, now i have extra money and i don't know how to spend it... i thought about buying a garage in the city center and then renting it, basically a passive income but i'm not sure if it is a good idea.

  (37.115.87.*) wrote

Where to trade

Hiya, i wanted to ask if all of you trade on these two recommended websites. I asked in my bank whether they offer this... and they do not, actually they had no idea what this is. So it's really something which is not offered to normal clients by the banks (and I'm not surprised!)

  (48.65.25.*) wrote

Daily winnings    24Option

Hey! So I registered today and deposited 250€. I traded for about 3 hours in total, of course with breaks when I made a trade, then I watched some TV show and after 30 minutes I cashed in the profits. This evening I have 369€ in my account so that's 119€ profit. Is that a lot or a little?

  (37.188.155.*) wrote

Re: Daily winnings - Uberlord

I'm also trying this out for about two weeks and experimenting a bit... i did some stupid things so for a while i lost most of my investment but in average i also make about 100€ a day. Regarding the time you spend with this, it is annoying that the option always takes a while so there are two solutions:

1) trade the 60 second options
2) trade the 30 minute options when you're let's say travelling somewhere, on your phone

They also have a mobile app but first you have to register FROM A COMPUTER. After that when your account is created I really recommend to download the application. I personally can't sit at the computer from morning to evening and I make money solely thanks to the application.

  (101.21.59.*) wrote

Let's do this    24Option

So I'm going to try this out! The walkthrough looks really simple, the most complicated thing was probably the registration, so many fields and data haha :D I deposited 200€ with a card, no problems with that so I'm going to make my first trade wish me luck :D :D :D :D

  (74.51.214.*) wrote

Deposit with Skrill    Stockpair

Just a small tip for traders-beginners :-) When you want to deposit they also offer wire transfer but that is an international bank transfer. My bank charges 20€ for an international transfer in addition to the standard fees.

A good option is to use Skrill... Not many people know them and originally they were called Moneybookers but basically they are an internet bank and international transfers are for free - the fees are paid by the recipient. Also Skrill has many local bank accounts (in Germany, France and like 40 other countries), so if you want to avoid the bank fees, just use Skrill!!

  (12.49.62.*) wrote

Beginner    24Option


I'd like to try out all of this so that I can make some money and improve my financial situation. But it sounds very complicated to me, I don't understand trading, I have never traded before and all I know about stocks is that they do exist. Also I have no idea what binary options are, it's a foreign word to me. Would you be willing to advice me and consult my progress with me?

  (142.211.54.*) wrote

Bank account in Switzerland

Hello everyone,

does anyone here have experience with applying for a bank account in Switzerland? I have about 190000 euros on my trading account and I'd need to withdraw it. I'm getting a divorce (both of us cheated) and I'm worried that when I withdraw the money to my local account, my wife will find out.

So I'd like to withdraw it to some place where she cannot track it. I think Switzerland would be ideal but from what I researched, I cannot open a Swiss account because I'm not a citizen of Switzerland. I'd also like to live long term in Switzerland in the future. Do you anyone have experience with a similar situation? Thanks, Bob

  (46.238.141.*) wrote

Re: Bank account in Switzerland - Robert Mooren

As with the bank account in Switzerland that should be possible without problems. Within the European union it is possible in every bank. I have an overseas account in BNP Paribas.

  (46.23.49.*) wrote

Re: Bank account in Switzerland - Robert Mooren    Empireoption

this sounds awesome :D this is how i imagine myself in a few weeks, it works for me but i still make only about 1000 € monthly. I'd like to register at multiple places and make a bigger deposit in each of them. did you play in one place or multiple? and how much did you deposit?

  (95.24.117.*) wrote


hidoes it still work or is it not working? i need to make money fast if possible, thanks.

  (144.215.144.*) wrote

When will GROWTH and DECLINE come

Hey guys,

just wanted to say something about the "growth and decline" section of the text a bit higher. You ABSOLUTELY do not need that if you don't plan to make millions per month. Well if you really want to maximize your profits it can be useful.

But I personally make about 4000-5000€ monthly and I don't use the advice at all. I only follow the two rules at the very top (CALL a PUT), so basically I always check the graph at IQoption and depending on that I click one of the buttons. My every trade is 10€ and my deposit was 500€.

The point is that if you deposit more and you will really dedicate some time to that, you will logically earn much more. I don't need that at the moment and I'm happy with what I make... but once I have more time I definitely plan to use the advanced tactics as well.

  (43.124.214.*) wrote

How to (not) tax the profits    Opteck

Good morning everyone!

I would have a delicate question for you! I've already made a pretty nice sum of money and I withdrew it to my bank account. Should I report this to the tax office as an income, or do you recommend me to say that it is some heritage?

I already withdrew three larger 5-digit sums (in euros) because I didn't want to raise attention by a 6-digit sum.

Thanks a lot and good luck in making some serious dough!

  (124.21.8.*) wrote

questions    Opteck

i need to know when i register what is zip code i entered xxx so i dont know if its correct or not, then how much should i deposit and how to deposit i dont have a credit card only a debit one so will that work? and what is a reference number where should i put it in the bank transfer in case i pay with¨ a bank transfer. i want it to be quick and without fees. then when i withdraw money i want to get them directly to my account i mean in a bank.

  (21.42.122.*) wrote

Money widthdrawal

Hi do you recomend to withdraw the winnings every day ornot?

  (48.21.125.*) wrote

what about the provider

all this is nice and pretty but what's in it for the provider or the broker or how you call it. when i will keep making money then where does the money come from???

  (45.208.15.*) wrote

Re: what about the provider - manana

The trader you registered with makes profit when you make a profit. So of course they have an interest in you to be as profitable as possible. That's the reason why they offer many instructional videos, walkthroughs and a personal advisor. :-) All of that is for free.

The money is taken out of the market - you get them from people who don't have any strategy and they don't understand it. For example some employee of Google or Facebook gets shares of his company as a remuneration. He has no idea what to do with them so he just keeps them and doesn't do anything. However at the same time during that you can earn a decent amount both when their price rises and when it falls.

  (145.25.34.*) wrote

How to pay with a card

Hey, the form wants some CSC card code and I have no goddamn idea what that is. I cannot find it anywhere. And when I picked the card up in my bank, they told me that online transactions are turned off. How can I turn it on or what should I do with this?

  (49.50.245.*) wrote

Re: How to pay with a card - Jonáš ZT

This code is sometimes also called CVV or CVN and you will find it on the back side of your card. When you turn over the card, you will see a stripe for the signature and to the right of it there will be three digits. That is the security code. If you see more numbers, use only the three last ones. If you don't have any numbers there, unfortunately your card cannot be used to pay online.

Some banks also have online transactions turned off by default. Sometimes you just have to login to your online banking and when you're there, activate online card payments. If you still have with that, they will help you at the closest branch.

Fortunately there are multiple deposit options and if you don't want to use a card, you can try out e.g. Skrill. Skrill works always and reliably. :-)

  (74.92.214.*) wrote

Trades with gold

Hello everyone,

me and my boyfriend use this method to trade gold. In the beginning I didn't understand it but my bf explained everything, that for example you cannot make any money on the so called "investment" jewellry and on the other hand, you can make money on options. I had some free money on my savings account and I wanted to buy gold jewelry as an investment.

My boyfriend explained me that when I buy the necklace I will never sell it for a higher price than it was before because the gold content is always low and you actually pay for the artistic value. The same applies for investment coins.

When you trade binary options, you trade directly and there is no merchant or an intermediary. Also I don't have to actually own the gold and hide it somewhere at home. :-) The price of gold was pretty crazy in the last three months but I made about 3200€ on it anyways and I didn't even focus on it much. If I made some would-be investment into gold or jewellry, I would have less money today. But with binary options I made 4200€ from my 1000€ deposit (so 3200€ total profit).

  (35.43.142.*) wrote

Re: Trades with gold - Diana Wlach    Optionweb

wow youre really making rocket science out of this?? gold jewellry thats bullshit. i trade on Optionweb, i registered, deposited 500€ and i dont give a fuck what stupid thing im trading... gold dollar bitcoin i couldnt care less. i just check the graph and when i see on the left that call is over 50% then i click on call, and when put is over 50% i click on put. oh and by the way i already made more money than you, it was 8000 euros the first month, now im starting my second month. i guess thats it.

  (142.24.65.*) wrote


i confirm it works. i registered and deposited 500€ then they have me a bonus 250€ so i started with 750€. i mostly just trade bitcoin coz you can make really big money on that right now.

the bitcoin rate is like the best thing for this. you just watch the news and notice how some bitoin exchange was hacked. always when i notice such message, i log in and place a few binary options. most of the times it is absolutely clear coz the PUT trend is over 70% so i just bet on decrease.

thanks mate, i now make 100-200€ a day depending on how well it goes. before this i used to make money on ebay just selling some stuff but it's absolutely uncomparable!! now i make like ten times more money in half the time. so absolutely great, way better than my job!!!!!!!

  (47.21.158.*) wrote

Re: working - jomamin

Hello guys, I also trade with bitcoin and so far so good. :D Just there's one great advantage of bitcoin, you can trade even during weekends when the regular stock Markets are closed. I couldn't find anything else that can be traded on a weekend, does anyone have some other tips?

I'm trying to expand my activities as much as I can - I have a trading account on three websites and usually I make 5 trades a day on each of them. Now I want to go big so I'm investigating what's the best asset to trade with. I always do bitcoin, gold and oil. It would be probably enough to trade just one of them and I would make the same amount of money, but somehow I started to have fun trading with more things.

  (74.24.15.*) wrote

fees how much    Stockpair

Are there any fees for deposit or withdrawal?? I don't want to pay any thing extra and where is the best place to trade???

  (49.50.245.*) wrote

Re: fees how much - richard

Dobrý den,

na místech která doporučuju jsou vklady i výběr samozřejmě bezplatné. Vkládat můžete jak často jen chcete, výběr je vždy minimálně jeden měsíčně zdarma. Pokud byste chtěl vybírat třeba padesátkrát měsíčně, asi by tam nějaké poplatky byly. Takže doporučuji prostě jednou za měsíc ty vydělané peníze vybrat. Můžete vybírat přímo na bankovní účet nebo na Skrill. Ještě něco může účtovat banka za příchozí platbu, ale to většinou teď už bývá vždycky zdarma. :-)

  (94.229.89.*) wrote

Identity verification    Opteck

So I made around 3000€ and I want to withdraw the money. They wrote me that they need to verify my identity and I should send them a scan of my ID or passport. Should I really send it to them??? I don't really want to do that, why do they need to know such a thing??

  (143.27.106.*) wrote

Re: Identity verification -

Don't worry about this in the least, the point is that they operate as a bank. They have a licence and must follow certain laws and regulations, so they are required to verify that you're a real person.

It is exactly the same when you for example want to open an account in a bank, they also want to see at least one of two of your identification documents! And it's the same when you lease a car or you get a mortgage for an apartment, just an identity verification. It's also good to know that you're allowed to have only one account with each broker. Usually the broker company offers welcome bonuses but obviously it wants to give it only one time to everyone. So in this way they also check that you're not creating ten accounts with them. :-) To be honest I also thought about this :)

  (147.214.32.*) wrote

How to register    nowhere yet

G'day, what would you recommend as an initial deposit and where should I register? I'd really like to try it as well, a friend recommended this site to me mentioning that he makes money this way.

  (146.24.59.*) wrote

Re: How to register - turog38

Well I'm not the admin but let me answer this. I would recommend a deposit of about 250-500€ in order to make a good profit. In the beginning you really have to try it out and you may burn yourself a little. I personally deposited only 100€ in the beginning and I made large trades (for 50€) so only two unsuccessful trades were enough and I ended up with no money. I have to say that I didn't follow the walkthrough and I was making really stupid things... but anyways. The second time I deposited 400€ and I make only 10€ trades and it works brilliantly.

It's like everything in life - you have to try it out a few times in the beginning. Noone is born an expert who knows everything.

  (46.24.105.*) wrote

New Zealand    24Option

I was just wondering why you decided for New Zealand and to actually live abroad? I also consider this when I'll have money and I'll be able to live anywhere, so I'm just thinking what's the best place.

  (75.21.54.*) wrote

money withdrawal

hi, what would you recommend as a withdrawal method? Bank account or a credit card or some Paypal? How can I withdraw money to a credit card? That doesn't make sense. thanks a lot Berger Lutz

  (49.50.245.*) wrote

Re: money withdrawal - Lutz Berger


withdrawing money every day is nonsense. You must realize that at any time you must have some money in your trading account so that you're actually able to trade. You cannot trade with nothing.

So I would recommend to withdraw your winnings once per month, for example you deposit 500€ and once every month you withdraw the amount over 500€ (so that you have at least 500€ will always remain to trade with).

When you trade, the money in your trading account will make you more money. When you withdraw it to your bank account, it will not make any more money.

  (214.91.147.*) wrote

Re: Re: money withdrawal - Lutz Berger    24Option

Just a quick tip on this :-) When you're creating the trading account, it is better to choose EUROS (not dollars) and then you can withdraw money to a bank account in euros. You will save the currency conversion fees which are usually 1-2%.

  (114.21.19.*) wrote

Re: money withdrawal - Lutz Berger    AnyOption

Hi, I usually withdraw simply to my bank account and it takes 3-4 days before the bank processes the transfer. When I need money immediately, I have it sent to my credit card.

This is a bit unusually but the amount is first added to the card (so you can pay with it) and after about 2 days it appears on the bank account as well. When you withdraw money to a card, the only difference is that basically you can use the money on your card a bit earlier before they are "validated" and added to your account.

Paypal or Skrill are usually not necessary but of course they are still a possibility.

  (41.54.124.*) wrote

paypal or paxum

him, can i use paypal or paxum to deposit? i dont want to enter my card details on the intrenet i think its dangerous

  (142.51.59.*) wrote

how often do you trade?

Every day I usually trade for about 2 hours and then my daily profit is around 100€. I know that it's not much so I wanted to ask if it is better to make short trades that last a few dozen of minutes - or long trades that last several hours. For example I want to make 20 trades per day so should I make five 30-minute trades every half an hour, or should I make five 10-minute trades every 10 minutes? And what about making five 60-second trades every 10 minutes?


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