I became rich using this method and now I make over $10,000 monthly. 2017 - Frequently asked questions
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Is the method safe and legal?

Yes, the method is perfectly legal and everyone can use it. It is safe to use on audited and licenced websites (see here for a list of them). I use them for a long time and never had any problems

How can I deposit the initial investment?

There are many deposit methods and I explained all of them on this subpage. It is most convenient to use credit card or an internet waller (Skrill or Neteller). If your card doesn't work, you can also deposit by a bank transfer (which you make in your online banking).

How much should I deposit?

I recommend to deposit at least 200€ so that you can really use my method. If you do not deposit enough, the method may be risky and it may not work. You also get an initial bonus to your first deposit which works as a "top-up". For example when you deposit 400€, you will most often get a 400€ bonus so that you can start making money with a 800€ deposit.

How are withdrawals made? how often should I withdraw?

I generally recommend to withdraw one time per month. One withdrawal per month is free, if you wanted to withdraw more often, there is usually an associated fee. When you want to withdraw, simply click the WITHDRAW button in your account, you will then be asked to enter your bank account details. After that, the money will arrive usually in 24-48 hours.

Where should I play?

I have to stress out that the method only works in audited and licenced websites, such as here. I play there without any problems, the method works there and they pay out the winnings on time.

Can I use the method in multiple places? How often should I play?

Yes, that is exactly what I recommend, you can register in two websites, deposit enough in each of them and start earning. I would recommend to spend maximally 30 minutes per day on each site. If you tried to spend for example 8 hours per day on one website, it could be suspicious (and it would also be boring!)

Can I contact you on Skype or on Facebook?

I created this website to share my knowledge with the others. I would love to but unfortunately I cannot spend hours explaining the method personally to everyone.
You can contact me via email and I will probably reply even though it may take me a few days.

The method is published here for free and everyone can take it. You can read it, make sure you understand it and then start using it. I showed you the opportunity but I cannot force you or do everything for you.

If you are still unsure, then maybe this method is not ideal for you. My method is for smart people who know what they want, for some people a regular 9-to-5 job may be better.

I read the text but I still don't understand it. Do you have a simplified step-by-step version?

I understand that the whole thing can be confusing for beginners so I made a simplified short version of my method. You can find it by clicking here. However I still recommend to read the complete text and also the comments of other people at the bottom of the website.

Do I have to download the software or can I play online?

Some websites offer a client which you can download and then earn money with that. However it is not necessary and you can always play directly in your website browser. The downloaded version is only for your comfort and it is identical to the browser version.

I tried to access the websites but they do not load or they are blocked. What should I do?

It is true that some websites may be blocked in some countries. First try registering in all of them. If really none of them work, it means that your country's IP address is blocked. In that case, try downloading a tool called VPN. It can change your IP address to a different country. The best free VPN tool is called TunnelBear.

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Make money in three easy steps!

My method cannot be used everywhere. Most banks and traders do not know what this method is about. And even when they do know about it, they would never, under any conditions, provide it to ordinary people. That's why it's very important to choose a reliable licensed broker who will allow you to make money. These are my two favourite brokers. Register with one of them - or even both of them. They both offer advice, video tutorials and a personal adviser - absolutely free.

Try out the strategy with a demoversion:


Binatexia Ltd
A broker perfect for beginners. They offer low minimum deposit and a free demo account
My quick tip: Try the free demo account and when making your first deposit, use the offered bonus
Minimum deposit: 10$


Tiburo Corporation Ltd
A modern broker with a small minimum required deposit
My quick tip: The broker allows nonstop trading including the weekend with trades from as little as $1
Minimum deposit: $10

  Ali haider (196.195.212.*) wrote

how to start this I could not understand these plz explain

how to start this I could not understand these plz explain

  Bianca Parker (2607:fb90:5316:a9ef:c63c:16c1:6e) wrote


Do I have to pay for this program?

  Vivian Jerono (82.145.221.*) wrote

binary betting

kindly explain to me how it works is it applicable here in Kenya

  Christinah (41.48.16.*) wrote


Hi. I read your article andvi have tried son many things online and lost money.
Now I just want you to help me with a job please.

  buthelezi simphiwe (196.21.157.*) wrote

interesting in starting to trade for the first time    none

iam simphiwe buthelezi from south africa 20 years of age and i recently heard about trading not so long ago at school a lot of people a doing and those who are good at it dont want to share their methods ,but iam glad you did and i must say you make it sound quite simple and easy to try ....thanks

  Maitreya (2405:204:728f:3d3:db14:b0ce:eb97) wrote

Money Making method.

In this article related to you , what type of profession are you doing after immigrating NZ ?
And what's the method to earn above nz$10,000/- per month and that too in an expensive country like NZ?
Eager for your reply
Thanking you.
Yours sincerely.
(Engineering student, Mumbai,India).

  Tee (199.7.157.*) wrote

Compatibility & Pricing    Markets world

Hi Scott,

Can you tell me the cost (if any) for your indicator?

  thanni abdrasaq (105.112.36.*) wrote


I am a Nigerian and I am very interested in trading currencies but there is very little educational material about currencies because we are a developing country and I really want to accumulate wealth and save a lot of people from povert. Can you please share you strategies with me or any further assistant in any way.thanks.

  Daouda (160.120.53.*) wrote

Demande de partenariat

Bonjour, je vous écris ce message afin de mieux vous connaître et échanger sur votre business car je souhaite devenir comme vous. Merci pour réponse.


  Khwezi (137.158.114.*) wrote

Please share your secret of making money with me    Markets.com

I am a South African and I am very interested in trading currencies but there is very little educational material about currencies because we are a developing country and I really want to accumulate wealth and save a lot of people from povert. Can you please share you strategies with me

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